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Address: Jus Cakes
  293 Bethnal Green Road , Bethnal Green
  E2 6AH
Tel: 0207 739 1179
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Got my fairytale cake     
I had been up and down a few cake shops in East London trying to pick something I liked out of their brochures. I knew exactly what I wanted but was getting ridiculous quotes from everyone, I stumbled across Jus Cakes with the help of my caterers and visited them, had a consultation, designed my cake with Kamal and secured my booking that same day. I love how Jus Cakes bought my vision to reality and kept me updated all throughout the process of making and decorating my cake. They went the extra mile of recommending me the different types of sponges they do and gave me an amazing three tiered, red - velvet, chocolate and vanilla cake! It was something uniquely beautiful for sure! Amazing tasting cake and lovely customer service. Well done to the Jus Cakes team for exceeding expectations as always. I'll be back very, very soon!
Ms Ali - 11/01/2016
Outstanding service served with delicious cake!!!     
I got married in Sept 2014 and contacted the owner (Kamal) of juscakes following a recommendation. I initially contacted Kamal in February 2014 to discuss a very specific type of cake I wanted. I hate to admit it but I was very much a bridezilla and was very specific in what I did and didn't want. Kamal was nothing but patient with me throughout our many consultations meetings and phone calls. Nothing was too much effort and what meant most was the personal touch I received from Kamal with a number of inspirational ideas for my big day. My experience with juscakes was made even bigger when i received so many compliments on my wedding day about the look and taste of the cake. Kamal thank you so much for your hard work and completing my big day... I will certainly be coming back to you again and again...!!!
Sobia Iqbal - 06/10/2015
The worst customer service received anywhere so far. Very upset and disappointed as the cake ordered did not resemble the cake produced. Received so many promises from the owner Kamal and only received about of quarter of what was promised: Was promised I would have diamante on the flowers, would received engraved knives, fresh roses would be between every tier of cake, was promised I would have two layers of cream within each cake tier, was promised would have fresh flower petals to decorate the cake table, was most importantly promised I would be able to check the cake before my wedding day...... these single promise were broken and received very rude customer service when complaining about it as though it was my own fault that I did not get it and because they were too busy to keep any of these promises. Disgraceful and upsetting that they ruined my wedding cake. Please DO NOT order from them as you will not get what you want and will regret it.
Shumayea - 13/07/2015
Great wedding cakes    
Thankyou sooooo much juscakes my wedding cake was perfect I will not hesitate in recommending you infact my friend has already contacted you for her wedding cake for June juscakes you are the best thankyou again.sumi
Sumi Mangera - 18/01/2015
I ordered a 1st Birthday cake for my daughter for £120 (30 inch) and was given a very basic average cake I could have got for less than fraction the price.

Mr Kamal is all talk. He makes out he is a master cake maker. All mouth. He shows interest in you but more eager how to get the money off you.

His cake design are basic and not the money paid. Kamal talks a lot crap. He says hygiene is the utmost important. On the day of collecting the birthday cake on a windy day, his thug like baker and decorator were not willing to give a cake box cover. I had to take the cake all exposed to the air. I had to buy a cling film and cover the cake to prevent bacteria getting into the cake and giving my 150 guests food poison.

Also he gave all mouth about creating an "extraordinary" cake design for my daughters 1st birthday, he just stuck a digital icing photo of my child with a very basic design that even my 1 year old could've done it herself.

Kamal and his cake store is a rip off. Don't believe a lot of what he says. This shop should be shut down. I have read other reviews and they echo along the same words.
Juntao Tang - 12/01/2015
Sub standard cake nothing wow and nothing speacial     
Very upset amd cery disapointed this brother kamal is all talk and no action he chats soo much bollox and always self praising himself i know he is very busy amd he is makig alot of money bo dout and he has alot of orders from what ive been told amd from what ive seen on facebook but im genuinly annoyed and upset he constantly gossips and back bites and imsults customera openly so loadly and disrespectfully its totaly u beliveble on top the cake is soo standard amd average deapite asking him for what i want he got the money and thats it next thing i know he doesnt even want to know me anymore
Mohammed jahangir kamaly - 28/10/2014
The worst customer service I have witnessed to date. I can't believe how a business like kamals is still functioning. The guy continuously lies and makes all these false promises. The cake we recieved was no way near to what we ordered. When we asked him why? he made all these excuses and offered us another cake for the following day for free. On that day he again gave us the wrong cake and said because it was complimentary we should be great full. At the end of the day he took our money and screwed up our order and then has the nerve to say we should be great full. After our bad experience iv heard countless of other people who have also disliked how they have been dealt with. He ruins peoples big days purely because his a lying miserable man who is greedy for money. If you cant take an order because your busy don't and when people come to you to complain don't behave like a thug. One word "Disgraceful" 
Sean McCoy - 15/09/2014
Talks far too much...more style than substance    
I ordered my cake from Kamal at Jus Cakes for my wedding, engagement and husbands mendhi. Spent nearly £700 in total for these cakes. My engagement cake was ruined as he decided to write our message with a gold felt tip pen which for some reason he thinks is normal! My husbands mendhi cake was fine as it was just a bog standard fresh cream cake. The worst was my wedding cake, I had designed a beautiful vintage lace 4 tier cake with beautiful pink elegant flowers which chatty Kamal said he could make. He talks an incredible amount and is great at convincing you he is able to do the impossible. Anyway wedding day came and my red velvet wedding cake looked cheap and not what I had in mind at all. The 4 tiers were not sturdy and nearly fell apart when me and my husband cut through it, he also did nt decorate the table like he promised he would, the flavour of the cake was not red velvet. Worst of all he used beige pins to secure the lacing on my cake which was white and the lacing looked cheap and tatty. I was really upset as my cake was a big deal for me.
Miah&Begum - 16/10/2013
We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Juscakes for their amazing hard work that went to making my wedding cake into a masterpiece. It was exactly as I imagined and better. People couldn't stop complimenting the design as well as the taste. My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our day look magnificent
Fatma - 18/09/2013
Thought all was good til wedding cake arrived    
Been dealing with kamal from juscakes for a few months now for my wedding cake. He is quiet a character and not in a good way. He bitches about custoners in front of you which is so very umprofessional. He spent majority of meeting talking about himself and how he is an artist and like to design cakes himself even though it was for my wedding. Cake we chose was red velvet. Tastin went well cake was fine. However on wedding day we got a stand we didnt want also cake was sooo dry and certainly not red velvet. He just coloirs a normal medeira sponge brown. That is not red velvet. He lies continuously and is just as fake as his fake red velevet cake. Seriously would not go back there ever again. He also lied and said stand got stolen when in face my friend had seen him take it on hiss way out.
Disgusted by him. Dry cake not edible at all
Starry - 09/07/2013
Excellent customer service and very delicious cakes    
We had a tasting with them about 3 months before the wedding. They listened very closely to us to try to have a better understanding of our taste. They were very good in suggesting ideas to us that we hadn't thought of before.
Excellent customer service and very delicious cakes. We had 4 cakes arranged in a spiral. 2 of the cakes were vanilla sponge, one was a chocolate sponge, and the smallest was a fruit cake.
They arrived on time to display the cake. It was a pleasure working with them. The cake was so beautiful it seemed a shame to have to cut it up.
Amina Adamu - 03/08/2012
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