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Poor quality & poor communication    
I contacted Lisa Warrington in 2011 because I was getting married abroad & wanted the toppers before I flew out. I sent photos, as requested, of my dress/hair style/bouquet etc. 3 weeks after I send the pics, I still hadn't received anything to say she had them, & was worried they wouldn't be ready before I flew aboard. I emailed & heard nothing. Finally I got a very snooty reply, saying she was on holiday & had spent money at an internet café just to reply to my email! If she had told me she would be away, or at least acknowledge receipt of the pics, I wouldn't have bothered emailing.
The toppers did arrive on time- BUT, were dreadful. Finger prints all over it, my pink/white bouquet pic was made into green flowers, 1 breast was escaping from the dress, there were brown flecks of clay all over the brides face, my dress was a dirty grey, beads used in the tiara were different colours & generally it was a very crude job.
Lisa did offer to 'correct' it if I posted them back, but if she was happy to post them off in that way, her attention to detail isn't the same as mine (or most brides).
From afar, the toppers were passable, but nearer, they looked awful. Certainly not what you want on a wedding cake or in life long pictures of the day! She did give some money back when I complained. The most expensive, useless lumps of dirty clay I'll ever own!
Sienna Tier - 15/02/2014
do not use this company!!     
i won an ebay auction ladt oct for a wedding topper from lisa warrington. she contacted me through ebay to to say she would be in touch nearer the time as didnt need it till may 2013. in jan i tried to cobtact het through ebay and email but she just kept ignoring me. my boyfriend dropped the photos she required off at her house beginning of feb but was met by a very rude and abrupt man. she did nessage me to say the pics were great. niw my wedding is 2 weeks away and have sent her numerous messages and emails in last week but she keeps ignoring me. dont think the topper will show up now????? thanks for RUINING my WEDDING DAY!!!! this company/ person must be a fraud and are just taking innocent peoples money. DO NOT USE!! thanks
les - 23/04/2013
Avoid ordering from The Wedding topper workshop    
I ordered a cake topper from this lady back in October 2012, at the beginning her contact was good then she did not answer any emails and ebay gave me her contact details and i called many times, eventually her husband answered the phone and took my contact details and told me she would call me back later which she didn't. I contacted ebay and i was told they can do nothing about it as it is outwith the 45 days in which you can make a claim. This woman has to be stopped taking peoples money and not providing the item. I recently received an email from her telling me she was sorry but she could not make my topper and i would receive a full refund i'm still waiting.
Suzie - 06/04/2013
Cake Topper    
I have also ordered a topper from Lisa, I have emailed and tried to call her but am getting no reply, I purchased through ebay and paypal but as transaction is over 90 days have no comeback. I am tempted to go to the address as it is not far from where I live.
Susie Smith - 03/04/2013
Where is my cake topper?!    
I purchased and paid for a personalised cake topper from Lisa Warrington of 'The Wedding Topper Workshop' from Ebay in August 2012. In the beginning her contact with me was excellent. She sent me a list of photographs she would need to work from and always replied quickly to any ideas or enquiries I had. In September I sent her the photographs which she was very happy with. It is now March 2013 and I haven't heard from her for over 6 months! Our wedding is in New Zealand in July and I am very concerned the cake topper which cost me almost NZ$150 will not arrive on time or at all! I will continue to email her every month until I hear from her. Wish me luck!
Emma Lindsey - 10/03/2013
Don't order from!    
I ordered a pair of wedding toppers from this website mainly because in the gallery there was a topper with the same dress as the one I would be wearing so I could see exactly how the topper would turn out.
4 days before the wedding she emailed me to say she hadn't received a picture of the groom (although one had been sent 5 months before and I'd asked if the photos had been ok)
We received the toppers the day before the wedding. The quality of mine was very poor - it certainly didn't have the detail that the one shown in her gallery had and was missing the veil.
Jenny - 15/03/2012
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