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Bitterly disappointed with the quality of our video, and even worse was the customer service    
In a nutshell:

- The videographer (named Sergey) failed to introduce himself to me (the bride) all day, or congratulate us on our marriage
- The videographer missed half of my bridesmaids' speech because he was eating his dinner. He later blamed everyone under the sun - including me, the father of the bride, the waiting staff, and the catering staff
- In my brother's speech, the camera was pointing in a totally random direction, with no visual of my brother at all
- The video footage was jerky, blurry, and the audio was bad at times
- When I complained, I have received nothing but grief. After aggressive replies, he adopted a tried-and-tested intimidation technique of telling me to speak to his lawyer.

Obviously, I gave up. But we are bitterly disappointed with our video. I hope no one else has to have the same experience we did.
Stacey - 12/07/2016
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