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Was let down by the guy for good reasons!!!    
I literally asked for hundreds of sample copies from different people but I am so fussy I didn’t like most of them! I eventually found a company called Vive media whose sample DVD was really good. I spoke to him, made up my mind and told him I was putting a cheque in the post to him – all done and dusted I thought. Then I got a call to say he couldn’t do it any more as a family do had come up and he would be going to that instead! Now I appreciate family should always come first but I thought it was a bit off to agree with someone and then cancel to say he would be doing something else. I felt he would have probably know the do was coming up and should have checked before telling me the day was free and his family must know the type of business he is in so I thought things would have been checked first but there you go.
DebbieG - 21/10/2008
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