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Address: TipTop Photography
  199 Warstone Lane,
  West Midlands
  B18 6JR
Tel: 0121 448 3732
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First class    
TipTop Photography photographed my wedding; I was recommended to them by 2 other friends who had also used their services.

Steve and Trevor were just brilliant on the day of the wedding, nothing was too much trouble for them.

The images we have had back (about 300) are just amazing, infact they made me cry into my wine they are that beautiful. My husband and I are so in love with the photographs. Thank you to everyone at TipTop Photography.
Davina Reeves - 27/03/2017
Studio is nice but the staff are very unprofessional. They will con you for your money. When I booked the studio with them they asked for 50% deposit I agreed and gave them my bank details, next thing I know they had taken the full amount without my consent.
When I called them about this, they sounded surprised and said we will refund you any amount of money for hours not used at the studio but they didn't. I booked the studio for 6 hours and only used it for 3 and they agreed to pay me back. Now it's been a month and they have not refunded and now ignore my calls.
M. Ash - 07/06/2016
Amazing service lovely people    
I've finally come down to earth to write my review of Tiptop. We had the most amazing wedding day and Tiptop captured it all. We booked them a year in advance of our wedding, we paid in full at the time and was offered a choice of photobooth or Wedding album on top of the package we had selected. Coning close to the wedding I spoke to Deb a few times to confirm things and responses were always quick. Deb arranged to meet us at the church for the rehearsal and we went over do's and do not's and all the arrangements. Deb and Steve made everything so personal.

When it came to the day they arrived early to set up and took some of the most amazing pictures without being intrusive or bossy. it was like they were not even there during the ceremony and yet managed to capture the best moments.

Am so glad we had the photobooth as it managed to capture a different side to our guests and all of the guests couldn't say a bad word about Deb and Steve. I met them as photographers and left the studio with my pictures in hand (in a gorgeous USB) as friends x Thank you Deb and Steve, you have captured so many of my memories in pictures for me to remember forever xx

Jo Cox - 12/07/2015
fabulous wedding service    
Both Deb and Steve were fantastic both before, during and after our wedding. We met with them to discuss what photos we wanted captured and what our requirements were. They photographed exactly what we wanted and much more. I was that impressed I recommended them to 2 other friends who were getting married.
anon - 06/03/2015
Absolutely appalling people who are just out for the money. Cant believe I trusted them with my pictures or personal details. They committed fraud on my card of £700 and it took over two months just to get the money back with constantly having to chase them up and I had to deal with excuses made left right and centre from them (when they decided to reply to my emails). In the end I had to go down myself and get the remaining money as they refused and denied that they owed me any more. They promised all sorts of compensation which they never acted upon and Deb also had an argument with me over the phone and personally insulted me which was completely out of order coming from a director of a company. I I will never do business with this company again. Stay well away. Don't believe the few good reviews on here, they must have wrote them themselves.
Unknown - 03/02/2015
Tiptop photography has been the biggest mistake we ever made.    
We came across them at a wedding fayre in West Bromwich where there sales pitch was quite forthcoming and attractive. They seemed to be very friendly and eager to make the wedding memorable. We took there details and carried on.
When it came to looking at booking a photographer we sent over details to a few local photographers of which Tiptop replied almost instantly at 9:30pm at night. There replies were instant and it seemed they were eager to book us in, we arranged to meet at their studio the next day.
The meeting went really well and after Deb's fantastic sales pitch we decided to book up and agreed to pay the deposit by PayPal.
We sent an email the following day asking for the link to make the payment, their reply was no instant which was a bit of a surprise following how instant they had been previously. We thought nothing of it. A few days later we chased again and they sent the link as promised.
Deposit paid, happy that the photographers had been sorted.
There was then no word from Tiptop until a few months later when we received an email from Debbie.
It started off promising, asking how the plans were going etc.. Then we get to the section around payment! the payment wasn't due until 4 weeks before the wedding but they were offering a discount if we would pay the full balance up early....
It started to ring alarm bells that they were desperate for money and not interested in our plans despite the well laid email template.
We replied, the next day - no response, the day after that - no response. 5 days later we sent an email saying we were starting to get a little concerned as we hadn't heard anything. They replied instantly saying they had been away all week on a photo shoot and today was email catch up time, they promised to reply the same morning.
Well they were able to send an email about payment that very same week and additional their email signature was "sent from my iphone 6".. The iphone 6 does not exist..
That morning there was no other reply to our email, no details to arrange pre wedding shoot as they had suggested. NOTHING.

We sent an email 2 days later stating we no longer required there service.
They responded asking the reason why?
If they really valued our custom then surely a phone call would have been more sufficient to apologise we had concerns and reassure us.

Tiptop are only interested in MONEY, had we have paid up as they want im pretty certain that they would have replied to our emails.

Avoid at all costs. We have lost our deposit, don't fall into the same trap as us.

Read the reviews, they are all posted on the same day, suggesting they have posted these themselves.
Tony Wakefield - 19/10/2013
One out of five is too generous.     
I wanted to write a review so all couples looking for a wedding photographer will avoid this company at all costs.My husband and I came across Tip Top Photography at a wedding fayre in Birmingham in October of 2011 to photograph our wedding in August of 2012. After a fantastic and friendly sales pitch and great deal from both of them, we soon booked with them.The deposit amount on the contract was incorrect so I emailed them who replied to tell me to pay the deposit we agreed and she would resend a new contract. We never did receive that contract (which benefits them) or any communication from her unless I was talking about money. I tried to call many times but all calls and messages were left unanswered.Time passed quickly and I eventually heard from Deb offering a discount if we paid the balance in full early and she also suggested that we should meet at the wedding venue so we could discuss where we would like photos to be taken. We stupidly paid the balance after arranging a time and date to meet. On the day, we were left in the hotel reception for 45min with no word from either of them. I tried calling to see if they had been delayed but of course, no answer. I then received a TEXT to say that they can't make it and would call the following day to rearrange... This did not happen.Eventually we lost all trust in them and decided to cancel... I finally got a response from her saying that I was being too pushy in getting us to meet at the wedding venue when there was still a few months until the big day... I soon pointed out that this was her suggestion... Not mine. Then I emailed to confirm the cancellation and asked for our money back. We didn't receive any money or a response. My husband went to the studio to speak to them face to face and walked away with a handwritten letter telling us that she will pay us back (excluding the deposit) by the end of the month (this is May 2012). We didn't get a penny.This is when we got a solicitor involved, they sent letters, which also went ignored. Then it went to the small claims court and it was then court ordered that she pays us back in full (including the deposit as we did not sign a contract). She told the courts that she didn't have the money to pay us back (so what did she spend our money on... Paying other court fees maybe??) This went on for many months and we even paid for a bailiffs warrant to get our money back. It is now May of 2013 and we have finally received most of the money owed to us.On a good note, we used Elite Photography to photograph our wedding (finding more money as Tip Top were holding onto our money that wasn't theirs to keep) and he was fantastic, everything we could've wished for and more. Big thanks to Elite who captured so many memories of our day.
Hayley Sharp - 08/05/2013
Perfect service    
TipTop Photography photographed our wedding.

They came out to the venue before the day, talked with us about our needs.

On the day they were brilliant. Deb and Steve photographed us, Deb stayed with me at my mums and Steve went to the local pub with Gary.

They photographed the ceremony, groups and speeches.

We love our pictures, they delivered them on time and we have recommended them to other people.

Lovely people, amazing service
Emma Trent - 17/10/2012
Our wedding day    
I don't need to write a lot to show how great our wedding day pictures came out.

We are over the moon with TipTop and would 150% recommend them.

Good value
Quality pictures
Lovely people
Wendy and Martin Gibbs - 17/10/2012
Superb service    
We knew Deb & Steve were the photographers for us when we first met them taking the photos at a friend's wedding. They were so calm and managed a large group photo with such ease; they made coordinating a large group of guests look so easy! At our wedding they were fantastic and we both felt very at ease around them. We are so happy with the end result and couldn't be happier with tje photos.
oliver johnson - 13/10/2012
Tip-Top Photography    
My Husband and I also booked with TTP following meeting Deb and Steve at a wedding fayre. We also selected a package deal that included a pre wedding shoot at their studio and then two photographers for the entire day up until just after the first dance. Also to include a CD and a storybook.

We received emails from TTP only up until the deposit had been paid by ourselves and then again asking if we would like to clear the remainder of the balance this was approx 12 months prior to our wedding and they offered a reduced rate. We felt a little uncomfortable with this and wondered if they were in financial difficulties therefore we did not opt to pay at the time. We did pay the balance approx 4 months prior to the wedding, after paying I did not receive any correspondence acknowledging the payment nor a receipt which I requested numerous times.

In the months coming up to our wedding in August 2012 we repeatedly phoned/emailed/attended their studio however were unable to make contact for over 8 weeks. When Deb finally emailed me back I found her rude and hostile considering how we had been treated.

On our wedding day Steve attended with his Father. The service on the day was brilliant. I found them to be personable very pleasant and to put everyone at ease.

We were promised our photos within around 2 weeks. Following the wedding the correspondence appeared to have improved as we were sent over three photos just a couple of days after the wedding.

Sadly after this we lost communication again. We emailed on two occasions asking when our photos would be ready for us to view on-line and had to wait 4 weeks. After seeing the photos I emailed asking for a particular photo to be emailed to be without the TTP logo so we could use it for thank you cards. This was almost three weeks ago and I am yet to have a reply I have also emailed requesting a price list for family and friends and to know how many photos we need to pick for our storybook again no response.

To summarise,we did not receive our pre wedding shoot and when my husband tried to arrange a shoot for our puppy as a surprise for me Deb called and cancelled on the day. The actual service on the day was great and I couldn't fault the photographers.

TTP main issue is their business sense. They do respond to emails, or answer/return calls. I also found their responses to be rude when they did reply.

I think that if TTP were to hire a full-time administrator to manage speaking with their clients and keeping them happy and stress free then they could offer a great service. Sadly at present they do not offer a reliable service.

Alexandra LIncoln - 13/10/2012
DO NOT TRUST THIS 'COMPANY' FOR EITHER BUSINESS OR PERSONAL USE. Debbie Underhill contacted my company about ourselves printing some leaflets, as they had been 'let down' by a previous printer. An order was placed for the sum of £85 back in April, which to this day they have not paid for, with an online court claim currently in process to retrieve the funds. They ignore phone calls, emails and letters, and after finally getting through to someone (by withholding my number) they had a range of excuses ranging, from blaming an apprentice, changes in management, even claiming to have paid the amount numerous times. They even asked to order more leaflets at one point, which was met politely with a no. After numerous further attempts I was then sent the following excuse via text from Debbie. "Basically we are having financial troubles as you have guessed. We have my husbands redundancy money on 28th August. I will pay you then. I'm Really sorry." I responded explaining as the delay had gone on for a number of months, if it was not paid on that day, then court claim will be issued. Unsurprisingly the amount was not paid, which then triggered my submission of the online court claim. I just want to warn any business, bride, or anyone else who chooses to work (or is currently working) with this rude, deceitful 'company', to make sure that they receive any payment upfront. If Debbie, or anyone else at TipTop Photography, disagree, or would like to dispute anything that I have said above, please reply, and I will submit evidence put together over the last few month.
Mark - 09/10/2012
TipTop Photography wedding service is terrible    
Review of TipTop Photography

"TipTop Photography: Wedding Service is terrible!!!!!"

My wife and I booked with TipTop Photography (TTP) for them to photograph our 28th April 2012 wedding.

My wife attended an Wedding Fayre and met Deb and Steve (the people behind TTP) and was pleasantly surprised by the packages they provided. We then decided to go ahead with TTP and went to their studio located in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

We met with Deb and she went through all the different options and I can say the packages they offered were a lot better/cheaper than other photographers we had met with. We decided to go with a package that included a Pre-Wedding shoot in their studio, a basic storybook album, a CD with a selection of images and 2 photographers (1 with bride, 1 with groom) to shoot up until the first dance with the option to upgrade the albums. We walked away confident we had made the right decision.

This frame of mind soon changed after we had paid our deposit via PayPal. We sent an email to ask for confirmation they had received the payment. We did not receive a reply. We called, no answer. After my wife had sent a few emails only to get no reply, I decided to send and email basically saying we wanted the deposit back, that I felt as if we had been scammed and that I would be paying them a visit. Surprise, surprise, I got a reply stating that the payment had been received and they had been really busy and unable to reply. We gave them the benefit of the doubt (wish we hadn't).

Over the next few months, we sent more emails to arrange our Pre-Wedding shoot and to organize the details for the big day. Same again we had no response from them at all. After another strong worded email, we got a response saying they had been on holiday (for a month, business must be good.)

We searched for reviews on the net, only to find no reviews at all, so we assumed everything was ok (no news is good news).

A week before the wedding, we had still not been contacted by TTP to arrange the running of the day. We had to contact them and it was only days before they actually got back to us to tell us what was happening. We confirmed all the times and location etc etc

So the big day is upon us, and the photographers turn up as arranged. Only problem was, they were not Deb or Steve (as we were told it would be) but Steve's Dad and another random guy. Obviously this threw us a little but had bigger things to think about.

The day ran smoothly and I forgot the photographers were there until the wedding breakfast when we were approached by the Wedding co-ordinator (WC) asking where the photographers were to be seated. When we attended the meeting with Deb, we were told they wouldn't need any food and would go away to grab something to eat and come back in time for the speeches. The WC told the photographers this and we saw them pull their faces and moan. At this point I was starting to get annoyed but we still arranged for them to eat in the restaurant downstairs (out of our own pocket).

The time then came for the speeches and we asked the WC to get the photographers to take pictures. She came back to tell us they were just having a cigarette outside and would be up in a moment. We then had to wait 10-15 minutes for them to turn up before I could start my speech.

We went down to the bar whilst the room was being changed over for the evening reception. We were there for about an hour (none of the pictures available to select were from this time, so I don't know what they did at this point).

We went back into the reception room around 7pm. The photographers asked at what time we would be having our first dance (even though these details had already been confirmed with Deb) and I replied 9pm. At this point they pulled a face and said they have to be somewhere else at 9pm. Obviously we said that wasn't really our problem as all of this was confirmed prior to the day and they should be able to schedule their plans accordingly. We carried on enjoying the party when my wife pointed out the fact the photographers were just standing still, leaning on the wall, chatting to each other. We watched them for watched them for at least 20 minutes before my wife went over and told them to take pictures of the room/people, only to get the reply "we are getting them, don't worry". I was gonna flip but did not want it to spoil our day, so kept calm.

The first dance came and went. So did the photographers, without even saying anything, they just slipped out.

A hectic next day (booking a last minute honeymoon)and a few weeks pass by.

We check our emails to find no correspondence from TTP. We contacted them to ask when the images will be ready to view. Guess what. No reply.

An email was then sent asking the same question but with us also asking about upgrading our package (no intention of doing so) and we received a reply the next day.

It took 5 weeks to receive the proof photos. We sent our selection back to them and was told the CD would be with us within 2 weeks and the Album with 4 weeks. Great :)

No so great :(

4 weeks later no CD. We called to chase it up. The call was answered by someone who sounded like Deb (but said she wasn't there lol). We said the CD had not arrived and gave our name. She said someone will get back to us asap. A few days later, the CD arrived (still no call to say what was happening/reason for delay). We opened up the package (which had the wrong surname on) eager to see our wedding CD in it's custom printed case. That's not what we got :(

It was a plain grey CD sleeve with a cheap Memorex plain CD inside. Oh well we thought, at least the pictures are on there for us to look at. Yeah they were, with the inclusion of ones we didn't even pick, and some of the ones we did, not even being on the disc.

It's been nearly 19 weeks since our wedding and we still have not received our wedding album. A email was sent again Wednesday 5th September but we still have no reply :(

My advice to anyone planning on booking with them, save a bit more money and use someone else, you won't regret it like we have.

We recently found out a family member used TTP for his Wedding day and is still yet to receive hi album nearly 12 months later.
Darren Jackson - 11/09/2012
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