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This company has conned over 100 brides out of money for wedding photography & videography services! Avoid!

Notice most of the good reviews are for the booking process, not their actual videography!

Darkhouse Pictures has supposedly "gone bust" but not refunded any of the brides who have booked him (myself included!)
Hannah - 11/08/2012
Recording the best day of my life    
I found darkhouse through bridal forum on facebook, videography was a luxery I had thought we wouldn't be able to afford in our wedding, and after asking for money for Christmas and my birthday I still couldn't afford the package I wanted from anyone I found! When I saw the gold package for 99 I thought it was too good to be true but knowing I wouldn't be able to reccomend anything else I took a chance and booked it! The level of service I recieved overwhelmed me and I trusted in phils ability to do a great job from the word go! I recieved a comprehensive welcome pack within a week of paying, which told me everything that was included in my package, and also prompted to make my music choices for the DVD. Nearer to the wedding I had a meeting with darkhouse about what sort of style I would like, how I would like Phil to dress, whether in a suit or his uniform, I was also told I would have two videographers on the day and the times for them to arrive were arranged! During the next week I emailed Phil all of mine and my finances growing up photos to add into the DVD as these and honeymoon photos are also included. Darkhouse team came with me to visit me reception venue where we talked about lots of different ideas for the DVD and then they further attended my wedding rehearsal! Throughout the hole process I felt safe in their hands and excited by the energy that Phil was putting into capturing our special day! When the day itself arrived whilst Phil was at the church capturing guests arriving another team member was filming my bridal prep ( and running around doing all the things we'd forgotten ) . Throughout the day I never felt as if they were in the way, they got on with their job quietly and efficiently. Several of my guests commented on how fantastic they were and my niece even booked them for her wedding. My day would not have been complete without them! After the wedding darkhouse and my photographer worked together to share photos of the day to put into the DVD . Phil new that I was extremely excited about my wedding trailer and as I was going on my honeymoon 4 days after the wedding he worked really hard to ensure it was completed before I went! It was everything I wanted an more! I can't thank darkhouse enough for everything they did off me in the run up and during the wedding, they really did make it a fantastic day!!
Kerry bentley - 22/06/2012
Lovely Company     
I am getting married in 2014 and I have booked this company for my wedding videography. they have been prompt with any qyestions/queries i have had and have been professional kind and oatient with all my questions. i am so so excited to have them at my wedding. cant wait.
steph - 22/06/2012
I had darkhouse video my wedding for me on easter sunday and all i can say is him and his wife were fantastic from start to finish. I felt very comfortable and my guests were also very comfortable. Thank you so much for being part of my big day x
stacey - 22/06/2012
Fantastic Company    
I would just like to say how fantastic Phil and the team are at Darkhouse pictures. When I booked I had a million and one questions which Phil answered no problem. I was a bit worried that there was a catch with the 99 deal he was running but he put my mind at rest. I am so pleased with his work. I will definitley recommend him to other brides.
Stephanie Broughton - 22/06/2012
Great work     
Always kept on good contact. There was a few Issues but all strightned out in the end. Fantastic company! X
Cydney Davis - 22/06/2012
no complaints as yet from me!    
I too,found these on a forum and got in contact.Twice I missed the deadline for the 99 video offer and was quoted 600 for same package which was still cheaper then most!I emailed just after the offer ended but they were kind enough to honour the offer for me.They have been quick to answer all emails and explained in detail any queries I had.They quickly posted me the paperwork which was I had no problem with.I queried one thing re travel expenses but was assured by email there would be no travel added so I have it in writing if I needed it which I very much doubt!They have been cheerful,helpful and professional in my opinion. Only seen this 'one' bad review,rest are all good so Im happy and looking forward to their part in my wedding.
ceeshaw - 22/06/2012
i was in talks with this so company about a video for my wedding - after talking to family they just thought it was a very weird ran company - the more i spoke to someone on there facebook account the more i wanted to book as it sounded amazing! i said i would book them but unluckily they were already booked but the next day they werent - good or bad? however i decided not too book looking at pics etc i kept seeing the jumpers saying crew which would have been good for a tv set but surly not a wedding? id advice get shirts with a small print of crew if that is what floats your boat. also felt like i was getting pushed too pay deposit before i had any proof of terms and cons - so i decided not to go with this although customer service was great - this stuff on facebook im so glad i never booked - company should handle this alot better!
N/A - 22/06/2012
Please guys please stay away from this bully! He is nothing but a nasty piece of work who thinks he can make a living by conning people all over the UK! Mr Phil Johnson is taking people's money and not giving them any service! They didn't turn up to many weddings and they are refusing to refund. Please call Trading standards and ask about this company, they had a big numbers of people complaining about them and they are currently investigating them. In the mean time please do not be fooled by their amazing prices. All you going to do is loose money and then get grief and abuse as well as threats from this bully and his wife and friends. Please protect yourself and your special day.
Dessy - 21/06/2012
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