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  Mango photograph
  Avon & Somerset
Tel: 01173308699
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Mango photograph     
Leading up to the wedding chris was nice and came across
Very organised but on the day sadly was not the same first he turned up at my mother in laws house and then said to he's sorry I know I was ment to go to the venue I don't no why I came hear then at the wedding after being late the pitchers were nice we did ask for a photo that he dint do but he said he did not have time after the wedding we were going to look at the photos at his house but with less than five minuets to go almost out side his house he rang saying the pictures were not ready ok so we can not see them for the rest of that week because he was just to busy so we had to see them the following week the pictures are great and we bought the pictures on cd and for the price we paided we got a DVD in with the set price. I put the dvd on when i got home and half way through all the pictures start mixing three photos in one then two mix in to one and the sound was a mix of music and White noise I then rang again he said I was the first ever customer ever to have that problem i did ask him if he checked the discs before he gave them to his customers and he said he was to busy to do that which i feel is unacceptable as i have had to pay him up front I feel that if he was payed after the job he would of had a different attitude. His photos are beautiful but customer service could do with some work and needs to be more organised and you don't say after every problem it's the first time this has ever happend because no one is that unlucky !!
Ryan probert - 21/09/2011
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