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Still waiting...    
If you like prompt communication that tells you what's going on with your wedding photos, then go somewhere else. Our photos are lovely, Camille was lovely on the day and the walk through was fine; however, communication is poor. It seemed to take an age for our thank you cards to arrive and now we're waiting for our album which we've already paid for. I send a lot of emails, some get replies, some don't, but I'm still no closer to having our album in my hands. It's upsetting and I'm not sure what to do next. I just want my album!
Sarah Bennett - 11/07/2014
breach of contract    
in reference to 'cj's' response - the facts about me and my husbands experience have always been the same - she turned up to our wedding and after great difficulty we eventually got the memory stick - however she has still left us without our photos as she was supposed to deliver 2 albums, 150 prints, on line album. it has been over a year since our wedding and she was and is still uncontactable and it has nothing to do with a name change - she has not informed us of this and as apparantly d bankrupcy under the name photographsbycamille but is clearly still trading just under another name. I take offence to the comment you made about couples who booked under photographsbycamille being less classy or upmarket this is not your exact quote - this comment is very similar to ones 'kitty l'wren' has made in her blogs...hmmm interesting...
Amanda Chibber - 13/09/2010
Wedding photographer and con artist Camille Waring / Kitty L'Wren    
I want to draw everyone’s attention to a woman trading under both of the above names (and possibly others) hopefully before even more innocent people are conned in the manner that we were.

She will almost certainly have changed her name again by now, so please be aware. She is aged about 34, 5’9” tall, slim build and speaks with an Australian accent. When we met her she had long dark brown curly hair, which she often wears tied back. She also uses Nikon camera equipment and has a fascination with burlesque and French/Paris styles – this may help to identify her if you come across her.

She was chosen and contracted to take my daughter’s wedding photographs, here in the UK last April. We gave her an initial deposit with the full balance being paid 3 months before the wedding. We have since found out that other customers were offered a 10% discount if the full fee is paid straight away.

One month before the event she contacted another photographer and sub-contracted the job to them, although technically we still had a contract with Camille Waring. We were only informed of this change a few days before the actual wedding, but fortunately the alternative photographer turned up on time and did a great job. They had been told that the fee that we had originally paid to Camille Waring would be forwarded to them to cover their services, but this never happened. Camille Waring lied to the new photographer and told them the amount we had paid her was less than the actual figure. But only a small amount of this lower amount has ever been paid to the new photographer, with the result that they are reluctant to supply the high-resolution images of the wedding to us until they have been fully paid. Our option now is to have to pay twice in order to obtain our treasured memories of the wedding day.

From our own investigations it appears this is a stunt Camille Waring has pulled numerous times. Worse still, it appears on some occasions, apart from not turning up herself to take the wedding photographs, she even failed to provide a stand-in photographer or notify the bride and groom. One can only imagine the distress and heartache this must have caused to the couples getting married. Not only did they lose their money, but ended up without any professional images of their wedding day. Camille Waring started posting comments on her blog calling these Brides, ‘Bridezillas’ – all because they got upset and were warning others on a complaints board at having lost money and had no photographer on their wedding day which they had paid for in advance – as if somehow they were the ones to blame!

Soon after our own experience Camille Waring flew to Australia where it would appear she was still attempting to lure potential victims, not only here in the UK, but also in Australia, France and Ireland. She then flew back again to the UK where she advertised her wedding services on Gumtree in the UK & Ireland. She also claimed to be filing for bankruptcy with the Insolvency Agency in the UK, using the email address for her (currently defunct) website: to both ourselves and our new photographer.

Her credentials and web links all looked very credible at the time and she is (or at least was) listed on Redbubble, SWPP, BPPA, SITTP, Facebook, Wedding Ideas Magazine, Confetti Wedding Forum, Linkedin, Melbourne Wedding & Bride, London.Craigslist, Qype, Off Beat Brides and no doubt others. Her contract claimed she was covered by insurance if she is not able to do the wedding – but we have had no information on this or received any refund.

We have contacted the UK police but as an individual case we can only approach it through civil law. This means the small claims court – which we have to pay for. However, without knowing which country she is currently in (and whether indeed Camille Waring is her real name) it’s not likely to come to anything. We have also contacted Consumer Direct, and Trading Standards – other victims have contacted Watch Dog

It appears she may be currently in the UK (August 2010) so we are attempting to establish her whereabouts.

Our new photographer also contacted the UK police but they didn’t consider the circumstances a crime so they won't be taking any further action but have linked that complaint to the numerous others by couples whose circumstances are considered criminal cases. Trading Standards are building a profile on her and are looking for any other people who have suffered under her misconduct. They can then build a case on her and pursue criminal law under the enterprise act for consistent pieces of civil legislation (those are the proper terms which means she has had several cases that are civil law misconducts and breeches of contract).

As an individual case she can appear to look like a poor photographer who cannot afford to pay her fee back – its only when you start looking at the whole picture do you see how manipulative she has been and how she is conning people left right and centre!

We know of at least 10 other couples that have been conned by her and feel sure there must be others we have yet to hear about. She is a master of making excuses and run-arounds; is very manipulative; and is obviously very used to tricking people.

Be warned!

David Coasby
David Coasby - 26/08/2010
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