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Vintage Village Wedding    
We can not fault the service we have received from Camille and her team at the House of Elly Mac.
We got married on June 21st 2014 and since we met her over a year and a half ago she has been nothing but supportive and filled us with confidence. We have met with Elly a few times and discussed exactly what we wanted for our wedding. Elly delivered, it was better than we could ever imagined. The photos are stunning and they tell the story of our day perfectly. Again, a big fat THANK YOU to Camille :) xx

Charlotte and Mark Bennett - 24/07/2014
We used Elly Mac Photography for or London wedding in April 2014 and found the complete service amazing! I found Camille to be punctual, fun, laidback all whilst being super professional. She was early to arrive the morning of the wedding and stayed a little longer than the contracted 8 hours. We wanted a photographer/ wedding photos that would not infringe on us enjoying the whole day (I defiantly did not want to be spending 2 hours away from our guests and the action:) and this is exactly what we got.... often during the day I forgot Camille was there!

I would recommend Elly Mac Photography to anyone. I can not fault the service or of course the FABULOUS PHOTOS!

Thank you for all your hard work Camille x
Carleigh Morris - 22/07/2014
Another bad review for Elly Mac    
I got married in October and we used Elly Mac to photograph our wedding. The whole experience of working with her was very, very stressful - she stood me up on our venue walk-through, I had to chase her for every piece of information, and by the time our wedding came round I had actually lined up a Plan B just in case she didn't turn up! Thankfully we didn't need it - she was there on the day.

Her skills as a photographer were fine - the pictures we got look pretty good. But we still don't have the 'artistic enhancements' that we paid for and I doubt we will ever get them. I've sent Elly a total of 15 emails and countless Facebook messages since the wedding and I'm just giving up now. It's not worth it - I got the unedited images from her after chasing for a few weeks, so I'm happy enough with those.

I would definitely advise against using Elly though - steer clear. It's not worth the hassle.
Nina - 01/04/2014
New name, same old tricks    
Just to warm you all that Camille is back under a new name, Elly Mac, website -

Those of you still chasing refunds might like to try contacting her via he new website. It seems claims she is bankrupt are not true.
Simone - 08/02/2014
Also known as Elly Mac    
And Shooting Paris. Elly Mac is basically Camille backwards - clever, eh? (I worked this outall on my own)
Emma - 09/11/2013
This lady took full payment, and did not deliver - i too get the bankrupcy emails when I try to communicate with her. Please be warned do not take the risk and book with her - I hoped to share my wedding pictures with my children one day...not going to happen now!!
sars - 16/11/2012
Con artist! Be aware!    
Be aware of this con artist out!

For every 10 weddings she cons 2 of them don't be that 2!

There are plenty of photographers who won't con you and steal from you.

just look at this - if this isn't proof what is?

I'm glad I found out about her before she conned me! ( she very nearly did, but i was on guard and never went ahead with her!)
Peri - 25/09/2011
Very happy client    
Having Kitty L’Wren as my wedding photographer was a blessing. She patient with me, the panicky bride-to-be, while I blabbed on about what I wanted, what I liked and what would give me a heart attack. We spoke on a couple of occasions before the wedding, and she always had a comforting reply to one of my midnight emails!

Her photographs told the story of my wonderfully unconventional wedding without any pretexts… just what I had asked for. She delivered the photographs via an online gallery and had the album ready in 3 weeks as promised. We were extremely happy and impressed and have no qualms about recommending her as a wedding photographer
Maya - 06/07/2011
Very Professional    
Hey Kitty, Camille I love your work, your portrait of me looks so amazingly proffesional that I use it all the time on my advertizing and profiles. And the photography you did for my friend Anjelica was gorgeous too!! Thanks for being a true artist, Tyson.
from Tyson hair and make up,

Tyson - 06/07/2011
Priceless and perfect    
Our photographer was Camille Waring and she was invaluable in making our day successful and wonderfully memorable. Her artistic talents and unique style shone through and she was every inch the professional. Her great personality also helped to put us at ease and brought out the best in us. She was a great choice- very high quality at a very affordable price.
Anon - 07/03/2011
Review Camille Waring/Kitty L'Wren    
Camille trading as Kitty L’Wren is, quite simply, amazing. Her approach is completely different to your standard, overly posed wedding photography that sadly has a way of sucking the individuality out of an incredibly personal day. Not so with Camille, whose photojournalistic style captured the raw – and very romantic – emotion of our ceremony. She took great care in taking beautifully composed photos that captured the natural activity of the day – from the chaos of getting ready to the few private moments I had with my mom just before the ceremony to the full range of emotions on our faces and our families faces during the ceremony itself. What I found particularly beautiful was the way Camille captured not just the subject of the photos, but all the spontaneous activity happening in the background.
We’re also so thankful that Camille was able to capture so many meaningful details of the day. My groom’s parents passed away more than a decade ago, and Camille took several close up shots of their photos which I had tied to my remembrance bouquet. This is just one example of a very long list of personal details we included in our day that she documented for us – and it is actually incredible to see so many of these individual touches included in our album.
Having now experienced the intensity of wedding planning, if there is one piece of advice I could give to others out there, its to make sure that you find a photographer who believes in, and understands your ceremony as much as you do. We feel so fortunate to have found that with Camille and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Thank you Camille for these incredibly lovely memories!
- Elizabeth Littlewood
Elizabeth Littlewood - 10/01/2011
Kitty L'Wren    
Camille of Kitty L'Wren made us feel so comfortable on our wedding day, we hardly noticed she was there but she didn't miss a moment. The photo's were candid and beautifully taken, perfectly documenting our wedding day, Camille got the photos back to us really quickly. We now have the most beautiful photos of a perfect day. Thank you so much.
Jacqui & Justin Stewart - 16/12/2010
Also ripped me off    
I too have been ripped off by Camille Waring and can grasp perfectly the concept of name changing. However that doesn't change the fact that I am still owed several hundred GBP by this woman who claims that a power of attorney will be in touch soon as she is filing for bankruptcy in the UK??? I am still waiting Camille - its been a few months now and repeated emails from you stating that this fictional power of attorney will be in touch soon...????
SG - 08/10/2010
We used Camille Waring (now Kitty L'Wren) May 2009
She turned up, took photos but we are yet recieve our album and prints. I guess reading other reviews we were 'lucky' to have soft copies on a memory stick. But she was the only blight on a perfect day.I'd warn everyone not to use her. She doesn't deliver and is not contactable after she has your money. I urge anyone who has suffered the same fate to contact WatchDog.
Trish F - 07/10/2010
She was fantastic!    
I Agree with Emma, I used her and she did a very good job, stayed for 10 hours when we paid for 8 very talented and I loved what she did for us and I have referred her to one of my friends.

We chose her because she is so different, and I can understand why she changed the name from Photographs By Camille to Kitty L'Wren, I can imagine her Kitty L'Wren clients are more sophisticated than those she photographed under Photographs By Camille ( no offence Emma if you booked under Photographs By Camille LOL )

And really, why can't people grasp the concept of a new business name, look at the stores Ted Baker, this will come as a shock, there is no Ted Baker! I've done some research, the domain name for Kitty L'Wren was registered early last year so this pre dates her apparent absconding to Australia.

I have been following all the posts on the internet with interest, and its interesting to note that in this posting Amanda claims not to get her photo's and in another she states that she got the photo's.

Either way, my experience with her was very positive and would happy give a recommendation and get the concept that she works here and she works there. If she was a scam artist why use her real name then change names to something so unique on the internet.

I loved her work and highly recommend.

CJ - 08/09/2010
Emma is shocked?    
All I can say to Emma is that your shock is nothing compared to the shock and distress felt by those brides when Camille failed to turn up to photograph their weddings in the UK (or those who have never received their photos and albums). They are not lying, they have no reason to.
Consider yourself very, very lucky Emma but do spare a thought for those brides whose day was ruined by this woman.
Shelena - 12/08/2010
No problems here    
I used Camille last year and she did a fantastic job for my Wedding and has now been booked to photograph my managers wedding.

We also paid upfront. She arrived early on the day and stayed longer than we'd paid her for.

Yes, she was in Australia for a while and due to unforseen circumstances (i.e. Volcanic Ash) was delayed getting back.

I saw her last week & am now going to do a burlesque/boudoir shoot with her.

She is a talented, creative lady with such a keen eye for a good photo and I can't praise her enough! I am shocked to hear anyone has had problems with her.
Emma - 10/08/2010
did not deliver     
Camille Waring was our photographer and has done the same to us - is uncontactable and has left us without our pictures - she did turn up but i know she hasn't done so to others. DO NOT USE HER - there are other brides that she has done this to over the past few years - her website has changed and she has left the country - her new websire is Kitty L'wren and she is in austrailia
Amanda Chibber - 04/08/2010
Warning - Rogue Photographer    
I didn’t really know where to post this but I want to warn other Brides and also try and find other Brides who I know for a fact have been affected by this person.
I booked Camille Waring (Photographs by Camille) to photograph our wedding on the 17th of July this year. I booked her last March and she offered a 10% Discount to pay upfront. She seemed lovely and genuine when we met her so we weren’t worried and went ahead and booked her and stupidly decided to take advantage of the offer of 10% and paid upfront.
All was ok until about 6 months later when somebody posted on a wedding forum that they had paid her upfront and she didn’t turn up for their wedding. I emailed Camille and she fobbed me off with a bit of a sob story and assured me she would 100% be at our wedding.
Fast-Forward to June this year and she emailed us to arrange a meet up pre-wedding. We suggested a time and place and she said all was fine but she had a dodgy knee so would have to rest it for a while before meeting us. When it came to a day before we were due to meet I emailed her checking she was still on to meet and she replied saying she was laid up in bed with her bad knee and couldn’t make it… I replied asking if she was definitely going to be ok for our wedding and she assured me she was and would bring a 2nd Photographer with her…
In the meantime I was a bit worried so I googled her and discovered she had changed her Company name and re-branded as ‘Kitty L’Wren’ and moved to Australia!! Which explains why I only ever got emails from her at midnight.. I also found out that she had not showed up for 2 other weddings and had done other ones and they had never received photos.
So I sent her all this on an email and she completely ignored it and just said she would be at my wedding at 10:30. I replied to her to clarify a few things and she never replied. Well suffice to say she never turned up on our Wedding Day and now she is un-contactable.
So I firstly wanted to warn all other Brides about her and to ask for any other Brides she has done this to, to contact me as there a few of us that are going to take it further and the more people that report her the stronger case we will have.
So if anybody else has been affected by this woman please email me –

Clare Price - 28/07/2010
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