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Stoked! Stunning!    
I was very eager ordering my wedding dress online but I am so glad I did. It is absolutely perfect! I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. Thanks MillyBridal for all your help.
grace84 - 01/12/2017
I am speaking honestly and truthfully from my heart, for the first time buying a custom made dress online, this experience has been a negative let down, and whoever reads this please be careful I was told my dress has been shipped but when I phoned the delivery services it turns out my dress hasn't even moved, don't trust this js express company (really unreliable), as I had to translate the website from mandarin to English because it contained more detail in mandarin than in English, then I contacted these services and they told me it was on the way and nothing to worry about, again another lie. Yes the online chat is helpful and informative however I anxiously asked if it would come in time, as I read so many reviews talking bad about the company delivering the dress, then again I stupidly believed them, in my opinion this whole procedure was stressful and not needed, it was only until the day of my prom (16th June), I called another company as the website said it was already in Dun stead, I called dpd and they truthfully told me the dress hadn't even arrived or came out of China (Hong Kong was were it was being tailored). Unimpressed and extremely annoyed as I had to buy another dress which wasn't really what I wanted, in the mean time don't follow my same mistake and order your dress from here as I only ordered it because the website said it would come the 12th of June, so please please don't get anything from here at least buy a dress from the shops, it would be guaranteed to suit your likes thus I can't stress enough please get whatever you want from somewhere more reliable, please don't ignore this I am speaking truth otherwise you to will have this terrible experience, I'm not saying this for revenge or anything I have nothing against online shopping but make sure you inform yourselves and be careful my loves. xxx

From a disappointed customer whose dress still hasn't even come!!!!!m
Kelly - 19/06/2017
MillyBridal Review    
Simply required 3 bridesmaid dresses with individual sizing, and fabric samples to check the colour (20 to send to me)

I never got the fabric samples and the customer service from MillyBridal is so non existant I was forced to go elsewhere after wasting a month attempting to communicate with this company.

Clearly not interested in business.
Priscilla - 13/05/2013
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