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zero return policy    
dress my daughter ordered just did not suit her when she put it on , tried to contact milly bridal to return , but got no reply from numerous emails sent.
just so hard to get in touch with them.
so basically she has lost a fortune for something she will never wear,i would never buy or recommend
anyone to buy anything from them.

neil macleod - 28/07/2017
Absolute Scam. Honestly. is a TOTAL SCAM.

In a the beginning (before I paid) email response were quick and they will say YES to everything you want. Super pushy, telling you to confirm and pay asap at the bottle of every single reply.

Eventually I was stupid enough to believe them, and paid 500usd for a Pronovias copy.

The dress arrived in good time, but it was absolutely horror in a bag. It basically looked like a frayed, roughly cut jagged edges and sewn together cheap curtain. You would find better things at a thrift store. The sizing was way off.

After I contacted them about the situation and asked for a compensation they fell off the face of the earth and never replied again.

Just FYI...even if you pay with Paypal, you're not safe because by the time it arrives it would have been over 45days already. You won't get your money back.
Gee - 15/11/2013
Delightfully Surprised    
My wedding is not until April 2014, but I placed my order with Milly Bridal at the start of June 2013 because of all the reviews I had read saying once ordered, expect your dresses to take months to arrive. I was apprehensive about buying my bridesmaid dresses from Milly the reviews I had read seemed very hit or miss, but from the outset I received excellent customer service and couldn't be happier.

I bought 2 dresses with custom sizes and wanted to make sure Milly received the sizing ok. I e-mailed to enquire and they responded to me almost instantly, despite most reviews I had read saying Milly were impossible to get a hold of after they had your money. Whats more, 10 days after placing my order, I received an e-mail saying my dresses had been despatched via express delivery and would be with me in the next 3 days. I was completely shocked that they had been made so quickly and was convinced that I was going to receive poor quality dresses as a result, but when they arrived I have found they have been made to my exact specifications and are of a beautiful quality.

In short, don't believe all the bad reviews!!! I decided that the low cost dresses were worth the chance, and this is one gamble I'm delighted to have taken.
Laura P - 01/07/2013
So disappointed :(    
Hi, I just thought I would share my experience. My partner and I decided pretty last minute to set a date got our wedding (we have ourselves 12 weeks to organise it) so I appreciate time wasn't on our side but I ordered my wedding dress from milly bridal based on the guidelines on their website of how long it would take to produce and ship the dress. When I ordered the dress I asked for a standard size and I didn't request any extras or any changes to the dress as I didn't want to delay the process. When the date that I expected the dress passed I started to worry. I emailed them a few times which I received no reply to. I learned that the only way to get any kind of response from them was to use the question and answer section on the website. All responses were very genetic, basically that the dress had not been despatched yet. I kept asking for approx times for when the dress would be ready and even asked for a photo to see what stage it was at, which received the same response, your dress has not been despatched yet. I then got an email from them a few days ago to say that they AIM to have the dress ready at the end of April. Given that the estimated delivery time is 5-8 days my dress could potentially arrive on 8th may. My wedding is on the 11th may. I am now in a position 2 weeks from my wedding where I need to start from scratch and go dress shopping in the hope that I find a dress off the rack which fits perfectly as I'm running out of time for alterations. When the dress does finally arrive I imagine that it will probably be gorgeous, I can't comment on their workmanship or tailoring as I haven't seen it yet but it wouldn't make up for the worry that's been caused. I'm just sharing my story in the hope that I can save another bride the heartache, worry and stress that's been caused to me by this company. As other people have stated, if you have plenty time on your hands I guess you could take your chances with milly bridal but my recommendation would be to be very wary.
Nicola Gibson - 23/04/2013
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