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they are not bankrupt     
I can see I am not the only person who has been badly let down by Lamara. Its a total rip off. No one can claim there money back through PayPal as she had a 16 week lead time, and the letter they sent out to some customers claiming bankruptcy is fraudulent as I have checked with trading standards and they have not applied for insolvency. I have also heard rumours this is not the first Tim they have done this. I am taking this to watchdog and local papers so if anyone else has had issues please contact me. Email is
Louise - 19/09/2014
Thankfully I didn't go with Lamara's boutique for my wedding dress, I only ordered some accessories for my bridesmaids.

I paid her in full via paypal for these back in April after chatting over facebook, wedding wasn't until October so just left it for a while.
I wanted to change someone about my order so found our old emails, to see she had deleted her business account on facebook, I emailed her with the email address attached to paypal, called the number attached to the PayPal and got no reply. I found her personal facebook account so contacted her on that only to be blocked.
I am now 79 out of pocket with no explanation and no attempt to respond to me emails and calls.

Don't waste your time and money with her.
Tina Thomas - 16/09/2014
Now Bankrupt    
This is not so much a review but a plea for help! Has anyone had their money back for the dresses Lamaras failed to deliver? I cant claim through paypal as it was out of the 45 days since I paid for the dress. I was wondering if any of her other customers have filed legally against her?
Louise Howard - 30/07/2014
awful, avoid!    
Absolutely terrible service! 5 dresses, 3 bridesmaid and 2 flower girls, never showed before the 24th of may, the wedding day! after asking for a refund, contact was cut off and i was blocked on facebook, been speaking to other ladies who are having these same issues and are taking her to court, broke our hearts having to buy 5 other dresses and being 400 out of pocket 5 days before the wedding.
claire brown - 04/06/2014
Ordered a dress promised it would be like what I asked for when I received pictures of it it was nothing like what I asked or showed pictures of. Then they wouldn't refund and wanted a second go at it which because they wouldn't refund I let them have another go. To then have this happen again to me I asked for my money back yet again for them to say no. So I took it to a small claims court and won received my full payment back and court costs.

(Only rate them as 1 as wouldn't let me put 0)
Nat - 16/04/2014
Can't fault them    
I feel in love with a dress completely out of my league and even though I tried more on my heart was set on this particular one and I thought I would have to settle for 2nd best but came across Lamaras and was spectical about it as the cost was unbelievable compared to original.
But after lots of correspondance and photos back and forth I was comfortable to go ahead and SO glad I did.
The dress was stunning and just everything I dreamed it could be. I was a princess on my big day and got lots of comments.
Their service from begining to end was outstanding and nothing but polite, really cn't believe the reviews but guess not everytone can be pleased no company can but trust me they got it 100% perfect for me and can't fault in any way.
Jane - 25/10/2013
Am awaiting a refund from lamara for dresses which haven't been made , have to wait 30 days for a refund inline with there policy which is ok but now 30 days are up she won't reply to email or inbox messages on Facebook have now written a letter requesting money asap or I will be going to small claims court and I will be reporting her to the appropriate authorities

only rated a 1 as 0 wasn't available
Very annoyed - 22/10/2013
Fairly poor    
I ordered my dress last year with Lamara. To be honest, although the dress was good quality and pretty, it was far too big on the top half & it was too late for it to be amended as delivery took far longer than normal, the annoying part is my measurements were precise. The quality of the hoop was absolutely horrendous, and i didn't wear it but chucked it straight in the bin. She informed me that the dress i chosen did require a hoop, i dont know looked much better without (thankfully!), i also had to keep messaging and waiting for a response regarding my veil, which got delivered two days before i got wed'. That too, was shoddy quality and is now in my child's dressing up box. If you have a look at her photo's of dresses with lace, sashes, or beads, they're usually wonky. I was fairly disappointed, it's okay for those on a tight budget or bridesmaids maybe, but not for a wedding dress. Go somewhere else.
Mrs.A - 11/10/2013
Couldn't be more impressed.     
I ordered my wedding dress from Lamara, and I couldn't be any happier! As a plus size girl I found it difficult to find a dress at a reasonable cost, but Lamara made this so much easier for me! I get married in two weeks time, and I cannot wait to feel beautiful on my special day! My dress was made to my exact measurements, and I've had my family and friends round on numerous occassions to try the dress on, and every single person was astonished at the quality and beauty of my dress.

I have a couple of friends who are geting martried in the next two years and I will be reccommending Lamara to all of them!!

Thank you Lamara!
Susan - 13/09/2013
I am a current bride to be, I have a VERY particular vision in mind for my dress and, despite finding similar ones, I have not found THE dress....Until I found Lamaras!!
My cousin, recently married, had a beautiful dress from Lamara & could not wait to recommend her enough. I can't wait till its time for me to order my dress. I have 100% complete faith in Lamara & her work.
Tashaa Wade - 10/09/2013
Impressed already and not even received my dress!!    
I have nothing but good things to say about Lamara. She's has been so helpful and lovely and patient with my demands for my custom made dress. She has sent me numerous pics for ideas for colours and shape and style. From the pics of the dresses that she has made for other ladies I am more then excited to get my dress next year. I am not at all worried by what these previous trolls have said and find their comments to be hugely false. I will review again once my dress has arrived.
Genna - 10/09/2013
I brought my wedding dress a d 6 bridesmaids dresses and they were brilliant , exactly what I wanted from colour to style my dress was perfect made brilliant for my size my pictures are on lamaras fb page my bridesmaids dresses In teal was the colour I asked for ty lamara for all ur help and making me look beautiful ony big day xxxxxx
Madeline Maddison - 10/09/2013
Lamaras Boutique    
awful terrible customer service no response when your interested in purchasing. the dresses are from china the quality from them are not as good as buying from a wedding shop also beware they have neighbour problems
Georgina Howards - 21/08/2013
Avoid Lamaras Boutique on Facebook     
Awful lady, terrible customer service when you have paid your money in full. Dresses are made in China, that why the waiting time is 16 weeks. Shoody, dirty, wrong colour and wrong sizes sent.

**Please avoid buying dresses from them as you wil be very disappointed!!!!!**

Please note that they are going to change the name of the FB page is going to change, as she had quite a few hacked off customers!!!!!!
Louise Carter - 15/08/2013
My designer wedding dress made to my budget    
I ordered a bespoke wedding dress from Lamara after trying on an expensive Eternity Art Couture dress in my local bridal shop and falling in love with it. There was no way i could pay for the original as it was way out of my budget. So I messaged Lamara when i got home and sent her several pictures of me wearing the dress and to my amazement she said she could get it made for me at 1/3 the cost! I was worried that it wouldn't be copied like the designer dress but she assured me that the changes will only be minor and if i wasn't happy with the dress i could return it. And i had no reason to doubt her as my dress arrived yesterday and its perfect just like the original! I'll be passing on her recommendation to all my friends that are engaged as I'm sure people will ask me on my big day where my dress was from. Thank you Lamara for giving me my dream dress that i could afford and putting my mind at ease whilst i was waiting for it to be made. I wish you all the best xxx
Lauren Angell - 21/06/2012
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