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Amazing !!    
A must place to go and look for ideas, chat and support.
Yes, some comments are bitchy, but hey thats life - ignore it !

On the whole an amazingly helpful site - with tonnes of ideas !!
july2010 - 20/09/2009
Love chatting to the girls    
As I am just starting to plan my big day and not really knowing where to start is great to find a site where I can talk to girls who are in the same boat as me or just have general advice.
With my parents living abit away from me and OH happy but not wanting to talk weddings 24/7 its nice I can talk away and not bore anyone.

Great site to share x
LucyLou - 09/09/2009
Fantastic Site!    
Absolutely love this site for ideas and support during the wedding planning process.

Definately a must-visit site for all brides!
KJ - 28/01/2009
Intimidating but helpful    
I agree with last poster about some bitchy comments at times but lots of forums can be like that. I have learned a lot and had some good tips and ideas from reading them, but tend to tread a bit carefully when replying. Overall I think its a "must-visit" place for ideas about the wedding.
Sarah - 14/01/2009
Very busy site & forum!!!    
I joined the Y&Y wedding chat but found some comments were coming back really bitchy.

I offered advice but was told off because I recommended this website. Some girl reported me!!! for god sake this site is not a business and I am finding it really helpful and think the creator had a good idea just needs a few more reviews on here and the only way thats going to happen is word of mouth!!!

I just found the site hard to get around and most topics I wrote never get replied too.

I found another forum which is really friendly and like a breathe of fresh air compared to this one!!!

Otherwise the site has some great bits and bobs on it and you can get some good advice/ideas
HC - 09/01/2009
The Best support and advice for any bride to be!    
I joined 2 years ago, and have been given some incredible advice which has saved me money, and has helped me spend the money wisely. It is a great support and place for entertainment and amusement, as well as a great place to make friends.

Since going on there I have met 4 Yayw girls in the flesh, and we are now good friends. I am going to 2 yayw weddings this year and next as a result and once the big day is over you can keep the wedding planning ongoing if you miss it - by helping others.

CN - 30/10/2008
Fab support and advice    
I've had so much help, support and advice whilst planning my wedding - the forums have been so useful.

So many of my ideas and plans were helped by joining the site.

Def recommend them!
Sarah - 19/09/2008
Could not have done without this site!    
This site has been so helpful in planning my wedding - only the forums though.

The brides on the forums are full of quick answers and good ideas to help stretch money further. They are also there for you when you're having a bad time and there are lots of losing weight support threads.

Claire Hunter - 18/09/2008
A useful website, A must for every B2B    
I used this site so much while I was arranging my wedding.

They have useful advice about all aspects about planning your big day.

The forum is a must for any Bride to Be, you can make new friends and share in the excitement of all planning our big day together.

A profile is a must for all, highly recommended website!!
Newlywed2008 - 17/09/2008
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