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I spent $500+ US dollars for specially made shoes and clutch bag my 30th party from The size I got was completely wrong, although I used the recommended size chart. I got them way later than I was told I would and when I politely reminded whomever I was emailimg back and fourth, they were very unprofessional about it. I returned the shoes and clutch express mail, to stay within their return policy time frame. Once they got their shoes, Charlie co shoe fell off the map. No returned funds, emails, or any type or correspondence. Please if your entire event or wardrobe relys on Charlie London Shoes, your expecting to be disappointed.
Very upset 30yo - 10/03/2016
Very disappointed in customer service    
Ordered shoes July 8 2015. The site says 2 to 3 weeks production time. On week 5 no shoes and no response from company. Thank you for the posting about the company closing. Atleast now I know that I'm not the only person who is being treated this way. I filed a dispute on my credit card and I received my money back. The owner should have been honest if they couldn't accept any more jobs.
Angie Couch - 25/09/2015
Owner is closing due to personal issues    
I just wanted to warn everyone not to put any orders in for shoes here. I've been waiting 2 months for my order and it is yet to turn up.

She asked for an extra 2 weeks for my shoes and it has now been 3 weeks and still no shoes.

In her message she told me she has been experiencing "disabling stress" and would be closing her company in the next few weeks.

When she eventually got back to me there was no apology for the lack of response and no responsibility taken for her actions.

I would urge anyone not to go into business if you are not prepared to take the stress and responsibility that goes with it, it's not something to be taken lightly, and I have my own business so I know how hard it is.

I hope I get my money back from Paypal. I'm so glad that I booked it with them and not on a card or bank transfer.
Vikki Taylor - 22/09/2015
Bad Customer service and poor quality shoes    
Last year I bought a pair of Charlie Co shoes for my wedding this year.
I had real trouble with customer service as my shoes arrived late, were not to the specification I asked for (despite paying etc) and I got no response from them when I complained. I put a review of them on a website explaining what happened to me and they requested the company remove it!
Anyway- my wedding is this month and I have only worn my heels once, when trying on my dress, so today I got them out of the box to try on and 6 crystals have literally fallen off from touching them. The shoes cost nearly £500 and I may have to buy new ones for my wedding as they are falling apart. Absolutely gutted and can't believe how much trouble this shoes have been.
Dougie - 09/08/2015
Disappointed and very unhappy    
I ordered my vintage trim crystal shoes back at the beginning of July 2015 and on top of paying an extraordinary amount I also paid for express shipping. To date: I received an email after my inquiry a couple weeks ago saying my shoes would arrive 2 weeks ago on a Thursday. They did not and they still have not arrived. I have made numerous phone calls and left messages asking someone from their company to call me back; they have not called me back once. I sent another email through their contact website; still have yet to receive an email response back from them. They have not provided me with a tracking number or the courrier they have sent them with.
It is my contention that this is not the way to operate an international business. This is extremely unprofessional in the approach they have taken towards myself. I do hope that someone will call me back and I receive my shoes soon as I will not be buying from the company again, and if this is how they choose to conduct their business, I urge others to not waste their time on them.
Jen McClure - 04/08/2015
Ruby slippers    
Excellent replicas. The crystals in place of the sequins really elevates the sparkle to how the ruby slippers would be in real life if they existed.
When it comes to quality and inspiring re production, their ruby slippers are the best on the market.

Also, I've just ordered the sequin version which in excited about because of their burgundy colour being more like the originals.
Floresg - 16/05/2015
mary jane shoes    
Very pleased with shoes when they eventually arrived .however for the price would have expected a nice box or bag to store them in. They arrived in bubble wrap in plain cardboard box. Presentation goes a long way!
zoe luchesa - 15/04/2015
Better than anticipated.    
After ordering from another company and being totally let down, I was hesitant to order yet again online. After finding Charlie co shoes I needed the pink shoes with the bows, NEEDED!!! They arrived perfectly and quickly as I ordered a rush order. So so happy I could cry! Definitely recommended.
Dana Polopoutis - 25/03/2015
Best shoes I ever bought    
Hi ladies!
I ordered from this company and got my shoes today, I am over the moon! They're better in person than in the photos on the website. So glad I found them!
Zoe - 16/03/2015
Really sparkly!!    
Ordered my pair 2 weeks ago, just got them in the mail this morning and they're gorgeous!! I wasn't expecting them to be quite this sparkly. Love them!!
Chasey Katsoulis - 17/02/2015
Very pleased    
I ordered a tiara from Charlie co shoes on behalf of a friend, and while it was absolutely gorgeous it was missing some gems.
I contacted customer service and spoke to Jenna who sounded genuinely horrified by my claims, and offered an I educate refund. I told her it was still wanted, and asked for spare gems to be sent. Well she wet above and beyond and sent a brand new tiara and told me to keep the old one as "spare parts".
Amazing product but even better customer service.
Tom - 17/02/2015
Disgusting customer service    
My shoes arrived 3 weeks later after being promised that they were being delivered 3 times, when they came there was crystals missing and they were made to a very bad standard, I sent the shoes back recorded delivery the following day. I requested a refund but have heard nothing back from the company and have sent numerous emails , it has now been 2 weeks since the shoes were returned and no sign of a refund. My solicitor will be in touch!
rebecca mcdonald - 09/12/2014
Not Happy    
I'm not very happy to be honest, and I don't really tend to write negative reviews for things. I ordered the ruby slipper replicas for my wedding and have only tried them on twice, once at my wedding dress fitting, and the sequins, ( they don't really look like crystals) have already started to fall off. I'm probably going to have to get a new pair of shoes for my wedding now which is annoying because they were almost £150 with delivery I think.
Lisa - 04/11/2014
HAPPY :D    
I wish I could win the lottery and buy them all!! My pair came today and I'm wearing them in my PJ's!!! They're amazing so inlove :D:D:D
Kirsty<3 - 12/04/2013
Do not hesitate to get your shoes here!
Mine came and they were slightly too big (But I thought that would be the case as I am a half size so I chose the full size above).
They exchanged for me and I had the new pair within the same week, perfect fit and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
Tracy83 - 02/11/2012
Trops Belle    
les chaussures les plus beaux que j'ai jamais posť les yeux. merveilleux service
Dufour - 16/08/2012
wedding shoes    
Takes a few weeks but totally worth the wait for the shoes. Very accommodating
Stripesandbows - 13/11/2011
Ice Crystal Shoes from Charlie Co. Shoes    
I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from this company and they arrived yesterday, very satisfied thank you!
Highly recommended
Jellybelly1984 - 06/08/2011
Crystal Slippers from Charlie Co.    
Hi Ladies,

I bought my wedding shoes from Charlie Co. Shoes and truly believe they are the most eye popping shoes I've ever laid eyes on. I highly recommend this company if you want affordable crystal shoes.

the website is

I bought the Ice Crystal Slippers and they arrived in perfect packaging, tissue paper and a beautiful box, and the lady Jenna who I dealt with was very very helpful and consistently communicating with me over the 2 short weeks it took for them to be made. Brilliant! Get on it girlies!

Kellmarie - 30/05/2011
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