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Address: Blooming Gorgeous
  Old Diary, Hallworthy
  PL32 9SH
Web: blooming gorgeous
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Afte seeing the beautiful artificial flowers on blooming gorgeous website,(autumn kisses) i was so exicted and decided that i should have one and the boutique also matched my colour theme. I sent an e-mail to a Laura Miller middle July 2010 and she replied and stated that she was able to make my bridal boutique and send it within 5 days. I paid 85.00 for and true to her words, it was send within the agreed time. The flowers were delivred in an opened box and i mentioned this to Laura and she appeared disappointed and surprised. I was not bothered because they were in tact and looked lovely. I mentioned to Laura that i wanted a big and fuller boutique and she suggested that i sent to back to her, which i did. A week later she still had not received it. 3 weeks later i decided to order another one as i was getting desperate only left with 5 days to the wedding. I corresponded with a Mellisa Nichol. I paid another 85.00. My wedding was on the 7th August 2010, to this day, i have not received anything. I had to make do with a home made boutique which my family put together on the day of the wedding. I wanted the artificial boutique to be given to my mother, as she was not able to attend the wedding. I have written countless e-mails and made telephone calls no response. This needs to be taken up. Does any one want to join me in taking legal action against this company??. I have never done anything like this but believe me there is a first time for everything. Prisca - Essex
Prisca - 02/09/2010
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