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Do not buy from this company    
I bought a bridesmaid dress. It arrived late( to be fair not there fault shipping company lost the dress)but now I have tried to contact THEM THEY DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY EMAILS....DONT EVEN TRY GET A PASSWORD RESET....FIVE DAYS LATER STILL NO RESPONSE. appalling customer service!!!!!
Sam - 27/06/2017
keep away, I tried to return an item that did not fit and they refused. terrible company.
Bozena Haluszczak - 13/04/2017
Keep well away    
Do not risk spending any of your money with this seller, unless you are absolutely sure you will like it on you, as they will not give any refunds if they have sent the right size and colour you ordered. When I tried to return the dress I bought on the basis of the photo online, I was told their Returns Policy said that I had no right to a refund if they had sent what was asked for, even if it then did not suit. I searched through the relevant page on their website and could not find the statement that they claimed was there. So my advice would be keep well away from this seller and stick with a UK supplier that has to conform to the laws of distance selling, as this company clearly doesn’t.
Very Angry - 13/03/2017
Nice dress! Great customer service!    
I have to say Millybridal is a reliable store. I have ordered totally ten bridesmaid dresses from them. The first one was great in quality and looks really beautiful, so I ordered more. My satisfaction rise after receiving all the other dresses I bought there. They also offered me a great discount. I am so happy with that. Among the nine dresses, only one did not that fit. I contacted the customer service and they replied really fast. They just gave two options. And either of the option is really helpful and sweet. They paid that alteration fee for me. As I have got such perfect dresses and nice customer service, I really want to let all others know how great they are.
Ashley Claus - 10/02/2017
Returns & Refunds from Milly Bridal / UKMilly    
Have any customers recently requested to return items and request a refund? I am currently discussing such a situation and ukmilly do not appear to be following their own returns poliicy and i would be grateful to hear of your experiences - my conversations to date are shown below;

-------- Original message --------
From: rramsey aroberts
Date:17/06/2015 03:05(GMT+00:00) 
To: ukmilly  
Subject: Re: Re: Return of item and refund

Hello ukmilly,

Im afriad 30% is unacceptable, despite the fact that you earlier offered 50% earlier in this conversation (see message below dated 11/06/2015) - i get the impression that your policy regarding returns is being made up as we go along, what you seem to be saying certainly does not resemble what you state on your website.

I would be grateful if you could forward me the contact details of your boss or ukmillys complaints department if there is one, in the meantime i will look for further advice on forums that you conduct business on and see what service other customers have received when returning goods to yourself as i am sure you policy is clear on what we are both required to do and what we both may expect to happen.

Once again i thank you for your time and look forward to your reply with further contact details,

Best regards,

Mr A Roberts.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: ukmilly  
Date:15/06/2015 04:09(GMT+00:00) 
To: rramsey aroberts
Subject: Re: Re: Return of item and refund 

Hello dear

If you insist to return,full refund is unacceptable.

If you keep the dress,we can offer 30% of the dress price.




From: rramsey aroberts

Date: 2015-06-12 19:10

To: ukmilly

Subject: Re: Re: Return of item and refund

Hello ukmilly,

Once again thank you for your reply. 

I would like a refund as i have purchased another dress; my grandaughter became upset and worried as though the worst disaster ever had occurred when she saw the milly dress had the problem on the seam - however i would like a 100% refund; i understand that you have overheads such as wages, materials etc but the fact is i paid ukmilly in full, prior to receiving any goods, for a brand new, as described, perfect and ready to wear garment which is not what you delivered - and although i dont believe this was your intention unfortunately this was the case. It is ukmilly that has failed to deliver on its part of the bargain, not i, and therefore i dont believe i should be paying you 50% of the cost in an effort to offset a mistake/failure on your part - to be quite honest, i am disappointed that you have suggested such a scenario and there is certainly no mention of such a procedure in your returns policy.

I look forward to your reply and thank you for your time,

Best regards

Mr A Roberts

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: ukmilly  
Date:11/06/2015 02:38(GMT+00:00) 
To: rramsey aroberts
Subject: Re: Re: Return of item and refund 

Hello dear

Thank you for your message.

If you insist to return,we can't accept full refund,we'll charge 50% restocking fee for the material and worker,plz understand.

Even the dress is in standard size,it is made to order,if you return,it is useless for us,the material can't be reused as well.

Best regards!




From: rramsey aroberts

Date: 2015-06-11 04:48

To: ukmilly

Subject: Re: Return of item and refund

Hello ukmilly,

Firstly, thank you for your reply and your offer of compensation, however i would prefer to take advantage of your stated policy for 'Damaged, Defective, Lost or Mis-Shapen Items' and return the item in exchange for a refund as i believe the dress falls in to the above catergory; your website states:

"Defective, Damaged, Lost or Mis-Shipped Items.
You are qualified to get a full refund if your items are damaged or mis-shipped"

I have also given photographs of the damage/defect and evidence of the shipping number as stated in the same policy.

I understand you must have a rigorous quality control program, assessing the items before you ship them to customers and i agree the photographs you have sent me do not show any visible defects, however the defect can be seen in my pictures on the seam and you might imagine that this may not be visible, certainly in the low resolution pictures sent to me, or even in high resolution pictures that you may have. As for your pre-despatch inspection/quality control i cannot offer an explanation as to how the dress got through as i am unfamiliar with the process.

In the end the above is academic, the goods have arrived with a defect, the dress is unworn except the occasion when the defect was noticed, when my grandaughter unwrapped it to try it on - her actual Prom' night is not for another 2 weeks. The item is in its 'original condition, unworn, unwashed, and smoke-free'. 

I have followed the policy stated on your website and would be grateful for instructions as to what steps to take next and the issue of the relevant 'return & exchange form'.

Thank you very much for your time and effort,

Best Regards

Mr A Roberts

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

-------- Original message --------
From: ukmilly  
Date:09/06/2015 03:10(GMT+00:00) 
To: aroberts
Subject: Re: Return of item and refund 

Hello dear

Thank you for your photos.

But before shippment,we've checked the dress by many times,it is in good conditions,we can't send damaged dress to our customers.

You can see that the dress is beautiful and fit our model well.

Could you mind to alter it in your local?We can offer some compensation for that.

Best regards!



From: aroberts

Date: 2015-06-09 09:44

To: ukmilly

CC: Station Office

Subject: Return of item and refund

Hello Milly Bridal,

I sent you the mail shown below on the 29th May at 21:20hrs to the ukmilly@milly-bridal.comemail address –


'Hello Customer Services

I wonder could you help me or put me in touch with someone who could? I am looking to return a Prom' dress purchased from yourself, by myself, on or about April 31st and would be grateful to know further details on how i go about this.

The dress arrived on Tuesday 26th May in an undamaged soft bag, my granddaughter returned from a school trip to Spain this morning and unpacked it to try it on but unfortunately there is a problem with the seam between the bodice and the lower part of the dress, specifically the stitching has come away or has not been finished, im unsure which of the two is correct however there is a gap between the two parts.

I can provide photographs of the problem upon request and with the provision of a suitable email address along with photographs of the deliver documents etc.

I look forward to your reply,

Best Regards

Alan Roberts

The mail was sent from 'rramsey@' however I have not received any confirmation or reply to either that email address or my milly account. Could you please advise on the next steps regarding a refund of monies and how to return the item etc.

Thank you very much for your time,


Alan Roberts
Mr Alan Roberts - 17/06/2015
Fake / copy company

This is a copy of another company.

They copy the dresses so they are "not eexactly like the one on the website" as they said to me hence my dress arrived with significant differences.

After days of correspondence through the website contact page they refused to let me send it back and refused a refund, after some pushing I managed to get a 40% value of the dress compensation.

Customer service (which doesn't seem to exist, just a person responding to emails) were unhelpful and deflected all of my references to their returns policy, even asking me if it was "fair" to give me the refund when they'd paid out materials and labour costs to make it!

It would seem that is the real website. I corresponded with Alibaba customer services who were extremely helpful and professional, this is how I found out about the deception of the other website.

Go through a website that has full contact details and use a credit card as this gives you greater rights to getting your money back.
Beth McDaniel - 27/05/2015
where do i start..

I ordered my dress for my 18th which is in a few weeks, i was all excited to receive it. When it came it was nothing like the picture at all, the quality of the material was really poor, it wasn't the same colour, they sent the wrong size it was massive on me. I then emailed to asked for a refund and they are now trying to argue their way out of it and blame this all on me. They are telling me the only thing they will do is send me £20 'for any inconvenience' although i paid around £120 for it and they are telling me to resell it myself. NO ONE WILL BUY THIS DRESS FROM ME IF I SEEN THE STATE OF IT!!
Sarajane Caffrey - 15/04/2015
Can't be beat for the price    
It took MANY MANY Emails between myself and the company but they made the dress of my wedding dress of my dreams for $100 and I can't complain about that.

You have to be prepared to spend a lot of time Emailing back and forth with all the details, and then again to CLARIFY those details. Milly created a dress basically from a few 'inspiration pictures' I sent them. Make sure you tell them your measurements are a bit bigger than normal because that way you can get it altered. If they make it too small, you'll have no recourse.
Sarah - 29/04/2014
Don't do it    
I ordered a dress from Milly Bridal for my daughter. She is making her debut. We ordered through them as she'd found a dress she liked (from a bridal boutique in Sydney, Australia) and when we searched on the net, Milly Bridal showed up as making this dress. The original was a 2010 design and no longer made by the original boutique. I had a dress maker measure my daughter and she added a couple of inches to the hem to allow for heals.

The dress was made and arrived quickly. It is terrible. Poor quality fabric, exposed seams and around 5 inches too long. It's not just a matter of taking the hem up, the actual bodice is 5 inches too long. The lace used on the dress is nothing like the picture. The pearls on the dress have been replaced with silver sequins and cheap clear beads, the rouched bodice is pleated.

I've emailed them requesting an address to return the dress and asking for a refund as per their returns policy. Nancy has been quick to respond telling me that their designers have been innovating, more colour (I presume the sequins) looks better and that lace is in fashion this summer as it is hot. No return address, no response to my request for a refund.

I'm having the dressmaker make another dress. I am fortnate enough to be able to afford it, but please, if you are short on time and working to a budget, don't take the risk.
Disappointed mum - 15/04/2014
Absolutely terrible! Don't use!!!    
Soooo many problems!
1/ wrong style
2/ wrong colour
3/ terrible fabric used
4/ dress smells awful
5/ fit is nothing like it should be.

And now no response from the company despite several emails.
Nickie - 25/03/2014
Just received my dress today absolutely stunning fits perfectly after worrying about bad reviews can honestly say I'm so glad I bought from them fits perfectly all correspondence was answered straight away could not be happier!!
Maz - 26/02/2014
Mermaid vneck satin court wedding dress    
Ordered this dress on the 5/10/13 and received it today and I must say I'm not disappointed , it's absolutely gorgeous , just like the picture, can't wait to wear it, thank you millybridal, I will certainly recommend you.
nita king - 23/10/2013
♡ beautiful dress    
Finaly I got my beautful dress from I received good service and they always got back to me when i asked them something. The dress is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you milly bridal ♡
Jen Macleod - 09/10/2013
Exactly what I wanted    
I knew the dress I wanted, but was unable to purchase it from a boutique due to the high prices. I was wary of buying a dress online, especially from a website/company based in China. I had read a lot of reviews and did SO much research. I chose to go with Millybridal because they had been around the longest, so I knew it wasn't a scam that just took your money and disappeared. I emailed them before I placed an order because I wanted to add a bubble hem to the dress. Christy was the one I was in contact with the most. She was so helpful, and they added the hem at no extra cost. I placed my order on August 7th, and received the dress on August 19th. Very quick! It is gorgeous, well made, and definitely worth the money I spent. I highly suggest using Millybridal if you are thinking about ordering your dress online. I am a very happy bride-to-be!
SoupintheMaking - 22/08/2013
Feeling lucky!    
After reading reviews I decided to take the gamble, I ordered an empire chiffon lace up beach type dress in ivory (custom made) on 7th July and received the dress on the 16th July!
As expected, in a small jiffy bag type package but no problem to me, I'll get the creases out. The dress is exactly as the picture, pretty well made and fits fabulously. In my experience I am extremely happy with the outcome!
Ellie - 16/07/2013
Buyer beware!    
Ordered 3 dresses to try on but was unable to return the remaining 2 dresses. Tried to return dresses but still have not heard back, despite numerous emails and still waiting. Difficult to contact the company and there seemed to be no one to complain or any come back.
Catherine Hayter - 11/06/2013
Terrible, 3 months later and no dresses as yet!     
Ordered 3 months ago and paid. Had contact from company once to tell me I had not paid. I verified payment but 2 months later and no dress. Gutted as now need to look for 5 more bridesmaids dresses.
Fiona Brown - 25/05/2013
Good News at    
I have just received my wedding dress today from 8/10/12 having ordered it on 25/09/12. I was told it would be four weeks plus shipping time, so I did not expect it until the 24th December. I cannot believe my luck, the dress is beautiful, well made and I keep saying to myself oh my god. I had done my research via internet reviews on several internet bridal sites from china and MillyBride shop seamed to come out best, I think it is a bit of a lottery and on this occasion I won. I was so stressed having read negative reviews and some really excellent ones, so what do you do? In my case I thought the dress I really wanted was out of my price range to buy from a shop, but I can afford to buy the dress of my dreams from china and if it doesn,t work out, I will get a wedding dress from ebay. With shipping my dress has cost �$ 279.00 and it is brilliant. I hope every bride is as successful as mine has been. Good luck.
Kate - 20/04/2013
Ordered my prom dress on Monday 4th March. It was quite a simple design - but I had asked for the beads to be a specific colour and it in black fabric on ordering. Was a bit unsure of measurements so sent them a few emails about this and to ensure they could do the few alterations. Their replies were swift and helpful - helped boost my confidence in ordering online! I chose the expedite shipping choice. I said that the latest I needed the dress by was 10th April - a month before my actual prom date - just to be safe! On the website it said my order was Processing - this didn't change for weeks - so I sent them an email asking if everything was okay etc.. but they never replied. However, as I had a lot of time I wasn't worried. The date by which the dress should've arrived by past and the order was still Processing - not 'Dispatched'. It did arrive on 3rd April - so around a month after ordering. It was in a teeny tiny plastic envelope - so I got the dress out and hung it up. Apart from travel creases it was PERFECT! The beading and colour was brilliant - just what I'd asked for! On further inspection a few seams were a tad dodgy - where they had sown the lining to the actual inside of the dress. The zip didn't close all the way (fixed with a hook n' eye). I'm taking it to a seamstress for a few tweaks in sizing but it fits gorgeously otherwise! :D so pleased!
So in conclusion...!
Plan + order WAY before date of event
Don't check the website for your order status - means nothing!
Have a good seamstress on hand for any tweaks after arrival
Have patience (lots of)
Remember it was only £80!
Thanks MillyBridal! :]
Jodie - 06/04/2013
excellent and quick service    
I ordered my dress from Milly Bridal and I cannot fault them. I went to a tailor in Central London to be properly measured and sent them pictures of the wedding dress that I wanted. They sent me regualr updates and pictures of my dress as it was being made so that I could make slight changes to the design.

My dress cost £250 instead of £2000 and came on time as I paid for a quicker service. Yes it is a gamble but it paid off for me. I have recommended them.
Natalie - 15/03/2013
Good News at online shop    
I have just received my wedding dress today from 8/10/12 having ordered it on 25/09/12. I was told it would be four weeks plus shipping time, so I did not expect it until the 24th December. I cannot believe my luck, the dress is beautiful, well made and I keep saying to myself oh my god. I had done my research via internet reviews on several internet bridal sites from china and Milly Bridal seamed to come out best, I think it is a bit of a lottery and on this occasion I won. I was so stressed having read negative reviews and some really excellent ones, so what do you do? In my case I thought the dress I really wanted was out of my price range to buy from a shop, but I can afford to buy the dress of my dreams from china and if it doesn,t work out, I will get a wedding dress from ebay. With shipping my dress has cost �179.00 and it is brilliant. I hope every bride is as successful as mine has been. Good luck.
Emma - 25/12/2012
MillyBride is a not responsible company - RATE 0    
I bought my dress in and the dress did not look like the dress in the picture that he shown in the web page. The dress was a worse. I can not recommend this company.

- I receive a white dress, and the dress in the picture is ivory, like the original Rosa Clara collection and the picture shown in the web page.

- I can appreciate a lot of threads showing a bad seam all around the dress.

- One of the things that i don't like of a dress is the fabric brighness, and I select this Rosa Clara model because this dress does not have this brightness in fabrics. The original fabric of this dress is a delicate tulle and I receive a dress made of something like organza, with a lot of bright.

- The dress in the picture have the same color and fabric in the ribbon horizontal lines and the rest of the dress, and I receive a dress with diferent fabrics (one could be organza and the other one could be something like silk ribbon, which look like a different brightness an a more strong color)

- The horizontal ribbons of lace, have some applications (like sequins or spangle, or things like that) and the original picture does not have, because only have lace). Another Example: in the bust, it have a silk ribbon and it have some things like pearls in the bow, and the original picture doesn't have this things that suppouse to be pearls.

I feel so sad and dissapointed, i cried too much since i open the package because my dress doesn't look like the dress i ordered from the picture.

The dress was a worse. I can not recommend this company.
Carol Tor - 29/06/2012
China dress review    
I looked at Millybridal for a long time and almost buy my dress from them,I gave up my thought after read so many negative reviews though I think Millybridal have professional and beautiful website.I finally bought my dress from which recommended by my friend, it looks very nice and well made!

Besides me,I do know quite a few people that have ordered from china manufacturers like perfectweddingforever,lightinthebox for their wedding dresses and have got them come and were very satisfied. Most do advertise that its a designer replica and not the actual brand. Now it does take 4-8 weeks to get it in most cases as they have to custom make it and then send it. I also know a girl that went to a local seamstress got measurements of all 5 of her girls and sent it and just got all their dresses come last week with no complaints. But again it all depends on you and what you want. If you want the fanciness at a fraction of the cost then go for it ..if money isnt an option for you then maybe not.
Michelle Edwards - 08/09/2011
Patience is a Virtue    
Every year, I attend a black tie ball in September.

And for the past 5 years, Milly Bridal has made my dress. I am in the middle of order #5 from them.

Everytime, it has been generally the same. After they get their money, contact DOES slow down a bit but I still always got a reply eventually.

The thing is, one has to be VERY patient with them. You also need to be able to be plain with your instructions - their english is not the greatest and a big wall of super detailed text describing what you want will only get lost in translation.

I have found that knowing a few basic sewing terms and being able to provide VISUAL instructions without words has helped me the most. I can give them a complete breakdown, front, back, side - all sketched out with as many details as possible. It seems to be the best.

If you are not artistically inclined, perhaps a a photo collage of your gown is a good way to go. Say you like the beadwork on this gown, and the neckline on this other gown, but the skirt needs to be like this other gown here? Just crop the parts you like on each gown and assemble them into a collage - they can figure it out from there.

I'm not a moron, every time I have ordered from them, no matter what, I order AT LEAST 6-8 months in advance. ALWAYS give them a wedding/due date a month before your ACTUAL date.

And if you stay patient and courteous to them, they will be courteous to you. I have always gotten exactly what I wanted year after year and I am treated like a princess. Albeit a spoiled one.
J. Wistoft - 17/05/2011
My Milly Bridal wedding dress    
I ordered my dress 6th July which was a 'homage' to Ian Stuart's 'Seville'. The dress was made out of silk & cost £400 which was a bit nicer than the £2,025 of the original. I paid extra for 200 swarovski crystals & also for the rush order service.

I received an email the dress had been shipped last Wednesday & DHL had attempted to deliver it on the Friday! I have to say I'm gobsmacked at how beautiful the dress is. The detailing is perfect and it is very very well made. The sizing is fab too but I'm gonna have to get it tweaked by a seamstress because I ordered everything an inch bigger (better to be safe than sorry, hey?)

I know reviews of Milly Bridal have been very up and down but I thought they deserved a write-up based on my experience. I was really worried when I ordered my dress because I then started seeing all the bad reviews which gave me serious doubts whether I've done the right thing. I persevered & was willing to buy the original on a credit card if this gamble didn't pay off.

I have saved £1,600, have a really really beautiful dress that no one else has (my dress has some bits of lace on it which the original didn't) & I really really couldn't be happier. Got enough money to order my Kurt Geiger shoes now! :D

Words of advice for people considering ordering from Milly Bridal -
* give yourself plenty of time & order well in advance (maybe around a year or so if you have it)
* maybe order an inch too big on all measurements- dresses can always be taken in but it's much more tricky
to let them out
* if you're going for a copy of a designer dress, find as many pics as you can & give very clear instructions
about what you want
* be patient & friendly with them!

Hope this helps someone a bit :)
Carol - 06/10/2010
Avoid millybridal at all costs    
Millybridal is a scam.I ordered a dress from millybridal on Feb 21,2010 and even paid the extra $50.00 for express delivery(I'm in Vancouver,Canada)Up until I paid the money,"Annie"at millybridal was very quick to answer my emails.We submitted measurements,paid,and the money was paid to Feng Yu that day.Since then,Nothing.The tracking number can't be entered,none of my e-mails have been answered,and the phone numbers on the site are not in service.They have an ebay shop called Cinderella bridal so I tried contacting them through that,to no avail.My daughter's wedding is June 5,2010 and now we're scrambling to find a dress.I wouldn't even give a 1 out of 5 if I had another choice.Avoid like the plague,ladies!!!
Elizabeth Pooley - 24/04/2010
The worst wedding experience ever!     
I don't know how to condense this short enough to fit in this box, but basically after them being 6 weeks delayed on my dress and messing up several times and having to remake it (and I was NOT being picky, this was for things like beading the entire dress with beads they just picked out without giving me the choices for beading that I had asked to see for 2 months..I kept getting promise after promise that I would see beading samples soon and then one day wake up to an email...TaDa..your dres beading is DONE!. Really? Because I was still waiting to see what my options were! That's just one of many issues...but after all the mistakes and finally thinking the dress is somewhat acceptable it gets shipped to me 8 inches too long, with stains on the front that look like maybe coffee, a workers FOOTPRINT on the train, frayed fabric showing up on the OUTSIDE of the skirt down the back of the train and seams that literally have holes ripped in them.
TOTAL piece of CRAP! Don't take the chance on this place, they are terrible.
Pi$$ed off Bride - 11/02/2010
Fantastic dresses at unbelievable prices!    
I recently ordered my wedding dress from Milly Bridal, having heard lots about them and how good their service is. I decided to order a dress which was displayed on their website, a gorgeous satin gown with lace overlay, lace train and sequin/pearl detail to the bust and train. I ordered the dress and paid via Paypal, which was extremely easy. As the dress was custom made, I enlisted the help of a friend to take my measurements and entered them onto the order. I also selected the express service to get the dress 'fast tracked'.
I logged onto the website daily to check the progress of my gown, and the day after it was started. Only 4 days later, my gown was completed and despatched! I received notification that the gown had been despatched and also a tracking number to keep an eye on the delivery. Only 4 days later the dress arrived, it took no time at all to arrive from China. When the dress arrived it was in quite a small bag. When I opened it up it was in perfect condition, and I was amazed at the fantastic quality of the dress. It was beautiful, the material was of the highest quality, the beading/sequins was perfect and it was just wonderful, the quality of workmanship is impeccable. It also fit pefectly too and needed no alterations! Everyone commented on the dress when I got married and everyone was amazed that it only cost £100! Would definately recommend Milly Bridal, you will not be disappointed.
E Roberts - 03/11/2008
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