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Con Artist!    
Took my money and did a runner!!!
She sold her company and ran leaving me and a lot of other unhappy brides behind her then started the same company with a different name!!!!
How many more special days will she ruin!!!
Oll - 08/11/2010
Gone missing!    
I used Blooming Gorgeous for my wedding in May of this year. I am only now writing this review as I went to look on the site again (sent Laura some pictures for the Bridal section) and cant find it anywhere! (anyone know what thats all about? Heard it had been taken over but cant even get onto the sie)

I have seen some really harsh reviews and in a way Im glad I didnt see them before I ordered my flowers as I probably never would have ordered them in the first place!

I mailed Laura after searching on other artificial flower sites with no luck finding what I wanted. She got back to me straight away with 2 or 3 suggestions and also some pics to give me an idea of what they'd look like.

I wanted hot pink gerberas but she didnt have any in the silk (I couldnt afford the 'real touch' ones) She tried dying white ones for me but it just wasnt working. So she mailed me and told me she'd done them in the real touch flowers but as it was her fault only charged me the original price (92.50 for my bouquet, bridesmaid posy, flower girl wand and 8 button holes!)

When they arrived, I have to admit, I was a bit surprised at the packaging. In an old walkers crisp box but they were padded with bubble wrap and tissue paper and there was nothing wrong with them at all so it didnt bother me.

All in all I was really happy with the service Laura provided and everyone comments on how beautiful my flowers are (still have them obviously!) Really bright and really well put together. I remember Laura was also busy but that was due to how popular BG had become. I would (and did) recommend using BG for wedding flowers.
Sally - 25/10/2010
Come and Gone     
When I ordered my bridal bouquet and bridesmaids posy's last year October 2009 Blooming Gorgeous were great. Laura was very helpful and I received my flowers and they were gorgeous. So I decided to go back to BG to order my Groomsmens button holes and mothers corsages. I placed the order with plenty of time before my wedding (what I was told anyway as delivery would be 2 weeks)this was in June 2010. I had also placed an order for organza which I received but no buttonholes or corsages.... I contacted BG and was told they were sent separately as the flowers were delicate and they didn't want to squash them - I waited a week - two weeks - three weeks - four weeks - five weeks and nothing not even a response from Laura even though I emailed every second day to begin with then once I realised time was running out everyday I even tried calling 3/4 times a day at different times even but nothing... I had a destination wedding so have been and gone. The wedding went ahead without the buttonholes and corsages. I am back now but still no flowers and no returned emails either. My husband tried to contact them as a new customer and got a call straight back but since that contact yet again there is silence.... So if you have an order with them find an alternative or you will have to do what I did and go with out.... We are now trying to get a refund for the non-delivery of our goods and guess what - we can't get in contact with anyone. We will be taking this further as this is unacceptable there is enough stress when you are arranging your wedding day without this added extra... so take my advise don't order from this company... you will be dissapointed... very sad as their flowers are actually gorgeous (judging from the ones I did receive last year)....
Tracey - 26/08/2010
Problem flowers    
I placed an order back in feb and was told they would book me in for a slot on the 6th july. That date came and went and I didn''t receive any pictures of the flowers as promised. So I chased on the 22/07 and got a quick reply back from laura at saying they had sent them over on the 6/07 and were waiting my approval. I then received the pics and the flowers looked fantastic, I replied stating this but got nothing back! I then noticed the sign on the website stating they were changing management and got a bit worried as still hadn't got my actual flowers! I then got a reply back on the 30/07 from Melissa Nichol who said that would be despatched wed at latest (04/08). I received my flowers on the fri (06/08) and they are gorgeous. But I didn't received all my order I'm missing the flower girls wand and seven buttonholes (diff types) in total. I am getting no reply off the company at all, and I'm worried by all the reviews I'm now seeing. I have emailed them everyday so far, and I have already started looking for alternative (wedding is 4th sept). I have been lucky as I've got my 3 x bridesmaid, 1 x brides posy and a table posy which are all fantastic but Im so annoyed about extra items. I am looking to take it further if I do not get a reply from them as I want a refund for these items. I am also lucky as my sister job is dealing with this exact thing!
Kirsty - 09/08/2010
Two weeks to go and I'm not hopeful...    
I placed an order with blooming gorgeous in March and Laura was fab, answered all my questions and was willing to do exactly what I wanted. She had one 'free slot' the middle of June and not wanting to miss out on my dream flowers I made my payment without hesitation. I have since received 1 e-mail picture of my bridal bouquet and no pictures of my button holes/bridesmaid bouquets. But more importantly my wedding is just over two weeks away and I have received no flowers!! I have sent countless emails with no response. They now have a message on their website that blooming gorgeous is closed from 30.07.10-14/08/10 due to a 'change of management'. I have now accepted that I will not receive my flowers for my wedding and am in the process of making alternative arrangements. I cannot make a dispute through paypal as they only investigate disputes made within 45 days of purchase. I'm unsure how to try to claim my money back but am thinking along the lines of trading standards/citizens advice bureau. Please if you are thinking of placing an order with this company, don't!! You will end up stressed disappointed and out of pocket.
Pamela - 04/08/2010
Save yourself the hassle - don't go there    
I ordered flowers from BG, at first Laura was lovely, replying to emails immediately. As soon as she had received payment the emails stopped, I was constantly emailing for photos, the delivery date passed & in total it took 8 months for the full delivery to be made (had been tld 12 weeks). You will hear every excuse in the book if you order flowers from her & she reviews her own company on alot of the wedding forums, slating other businesses to make her own look better.
abroadbride - 02/08/2010
Beautiful Flowers    
I was perfectly happy with my flowers and the service I recieved. I ordered in January and was given a delivery date of May, they were made and email pics forwarded to me on the agreed date, and when I decided I didn't really like the way my bouquet looked, it was completely remade with no bother whatsoever. & when I added a buttonhole to my order at the last minute, this was made free of charge.
Laura answered any queries I had. A couple of times I resent emails that hadn't been replied to within a couple of days, but they were ALWAYS replied to.
Several of my wedding guests thought they were fresh flowers, they do look so real.
Based on the experience I had, I would definately recommend Bloominggorgeous flowers. There has been a lot of debate on wedding forums about Blooming gorgeous' service, but as with any important purchase, I suggest you do your research and make an informed decision based on that.
Some disgruntled customers seem hellbent on preaching on any website they can find and this is a shame. Every company, no matter how good, has complaints. Unfortunately, we as customers are more likely to act upon poor service than we are to praise a good experience.
Michelle Clark - 01/08/2010
Thanks Helen for acting on this.

Perhaps if more forum owners and mods on the wedding forums put a stop to the shilling and scamming, there would not be so many unhappy customers.
disappointed customer - 30/07/2010
As the owner of weddingsuncovered......    
I would like to add that I have now taken off the 2 suspected reviews these comments talk about.

Unfortunately we are unable to tell if reviews are from the company themselves so rely on our users to inform us of anything suspect.

This site is not for suppliers to fly their own kite or slander any other supplies, so thank you all for bringing this to my attention and for sharing your experiences with other B2B on this site.

Love Helen x
Helen Clarke - 29/07/2010
Dont go there....    
After looking at the website for sometime i knew i was going to order from there. However after looking one day i noticed in bold across the top of the page to 'order quickly to avoid dissapointment' and to email to see if she could fit you in. I emailed as i had my eye on one of the bouquets and she emailed me back stating 'she could fit me in' apparently, according to her she only had two slots in november left, so i ordered...Paying out 105.00. Im normally pretty carefull about who i order from and who with for that matter but i guess i got caught in the moment!...i guess this is what she preys on..Anyhow after receiving confirmation from paypal etc.. i found i had received no confirmation from her, to be honest i never thought nothing of it at first, untill that is reading some reviews. I emailed her asking her to confirm she had received my payment and when i should expect to receive reply!....i sent a further email explaining this time 'i had' received paypal receipt and this time i got a reply stating that everything was confirmed and that my order would be dispatched on the monday.......I have yet to receive anything. I have however sent another email today explaining my concerns etc and that im not happy at all, lets see if she replies this time. Do not use, the customer service is terrible and the only time she replies to your email is when she is taking your money....BEWARE....
Jane - 29/07/2010
Seeking legal advice    
I am currently in the process of taking action against this comapany with trading standards over my order, contact is hit and miss via email, no telephone contact given ( not legal )when running a business.

Flowers are not what they seem when they arrive, who ever is making these is NOT a trained person, my daughter could do better, a total rip off, with the most dreadful customer service EVER, please i urge you do not use this company or any other company related to her, ive read that she ( Laura ) has set up another silk flower company as she is having such problems/complaints with Blooming Gorgeous, save your money ladies as this company is nothing bur BLOOMING DREADFUL !
Rachel - 28/07/2010
Avoid at all costs    
The service was appalling. Flowers never received and emails asking where flowers are remain unanswered. Don't trust any 'reviews' on You and Your Wedding Forum about this woman and her flowers.
Sarah - 26/07/2010
I and many many other brides have been left stranded with no flowers and no refund, Laura has told so many lies to get out of orders its unbelievable, have a look on You & Your Wedding forum ! she is trying to set up a new company under the name of blossonandmay so beware !
Gemma - 22/07/2010
Disgusting firm to deal with    
Many, many of the raving reviews this company receives are from Laura Miller and her partner Ashley Speller "shilling" on the wedding forums.
They are owners of BG.
I found this out after having major problems with my daugher's flowers and looking more closely at this company
There are many dissatisfied customers having the same problems. BG have NO contact details on their website.This is illegal.
Even on this site BG receive a glowing review from a Laura Speller!Not very original.
Please, avoid, and save yourself some heart-ache.

disgusted customer - 22/07/2010
Outstanding quality    
I ordered my flowers from Blooming Gorgeous and I have to say they are by far the best quality I have ever seen. I ordered samples from numerous companies and none came close in quality comparison.

Blooming Gorgeous have a friendly team and I have always received quick emails and friendly chat.

Very pleased we chose artificial.
Kylie - 19/07/2010
Blooming Gorgeous Artificial Bridal Flowers    
After many rave reviews we opted to order our flowers from Laura at Blooming Gorgeous. She uses 'real touch' flowers and honestly you cannot tell that they are fake.

We then met Laura at the national wedding show, she was really friendly and remembered our order even though we had only conversed by email.

Her flowers at the show were stunning, people sniffed them and said how lovely they were completely unaware that they were fake which shows how realistic they are.

The service so far has been fabulous, always a cheerful reply to numerous bride-zilla type emails and it is a bespoke service so she will make flowers to specific requirements.

I am happy we chose artificial flowers so we can keep our bouquets forever after the wedding
Katy - 03/07/2010
The best artificial flowers ever    
So so happy with my stunning flowers, quality is above other companies and I LOVE the fact that everything is bespoke and handmade, the best flowers
Isobelle Thorn - 02/12/2009
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