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Address: Sarah's flowers
  Unit 2 Rovex Business Park
  Birmingham Area
  B11 2AU
Tel: 0121 7074699
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Flowers arrived and they were just awful, completely fake looking and not something you would want at any wedding! Customer services were extremely hard to get in touch with and when I eventually spoke to someone she was rude, unhelpful and refused to take them back!

Reported to trading standards!!!
Vicki Palmer - 05/06/2015
Really bad service staff member was a cheeky cow over the phone the ribbons were plastic.

Poundshop quality avoid this company
. - 11/07/2013
Don't Use    
Really bad service and quality is embarrasing. Avoid this company!
Jennifer Hewitt - 19/08/2012
Poor Quality Flowers    
I bought my flowers from Sarahs flowers was so excited to get them. Got them and they were nothing what i expected.

They were cheap poor quality and qrapped in plastic ribbon. Not what I wanted for my wedding day.

Would not recommend to any blushing bride as they are worth more than that.

Review sarahs flowers - Rubbish, overpriced, plastic ribbons!.
Claire - 23/02/2011
Sarahs Flowers Ripoff Florist!!!    
I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered from this business. I searched for a florist in Birmingham as my wedding was there, and that's why I just went with Sarahs Flowers Florist. I shouldn't have been so hasty.

Sarah's Flowers ruined my wedding! We spent extra money so that our center pieces would stand out. They made promises and it was agreed what it should look like and that is was to be a high floral arrangement. When the arrangements came the flowers were all lopsided and with no height eventhough we paid extra for more flowers. It looked liked someone just threw the flowers together with no care of arranging them properly.

I had to physicaly go myself to the tables and try to fix them because they were so poorly done. Not only that but the flowers were really cheap looking and nothing at all like the ones I expected. They were like Pound Land flowers.

They were well over priced and they were extremely rude when we voiced how disappointed we were and would not return our calls or answer their emails.

In my opinion they got paid and really could not care less if they had fulfilled their promise.

I would NEVER recommend this florist to anyone!!!!
Leah - 21/09/2010
Sarah's Flowers (Truly Weddings)    
I recently received my order of silk flowers, consisting of a top table arrangement, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 5 button holes and 1 corsage. The flowers are amazing (hardly notice that they are silk) the service is outstanding and delivery was very prompt. I would definately recommend Sarah's Flowers (Truly Weddings)to any bride wanting artificial arrangements.
Cheryl Sutclliffe - 21/03/2009    
Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you about my amazing flowers ordered from

The website was amazingly easy to use and i would say it took me about half an hour to find exactly what i wanted! This included amazing silk flowers for me, my bridesmaids and a selection of 30 button-holes.

Then to my horror i realised that i had left it a bit late to place my order, just one email to and they were with me 2 days later.

You cant get better service than that.
Louise Ranson - 12/02/2009
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