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Very good service    
I chose our florist pretty early on and liked her so didn’t see any others! I went to a wedding fair and there was a company there called ‘occassions’ They did all sorts of decorations but she ran a florist so I think this was her main thing. I chose her originally because I liked the centre pieces she did – tall vases with flowers cascading over the edges. We went to her home for the run through before I booked and she was really nice – I took along a load of pictures of the types of things I liked and a swatch of material from the bridesmaid dresses and she did the rest – told me all the different flowers that would be out in may and which had the right tones for what my colour scheme. She also told me which flowers would smell nice together and when I said I liked roses she suggested using a mixture of roses and another flower that looked similar but was a lot cheaper so we could bulk out the bouquet without spending a fortune. Same with the flower girls, I wanted balls of roses on a string and she suggested something similar that would be cheaper but just as nice. However, I could have had whatever I wanted; she was only making suggestions and listened to my ideas too which was nice. I worried a bit on the lead up because when I phoned her she sounded a bit off on the phone but I soon realised she just wasn’t a phone person because whenever we met she was fantastic and very friendly. The flowers arrived on time on the day and although a couple of things weren’t how I had imagined, I still absolutely loved them. Also, her starring moment was when she phoned me from the venue saying she had arrived to do the centre pieces and they were insisting there were 11 tables when I had told her 10! I had ‘upped’ the tables the night before the wedding as I though it would give the guests more space but completely forgot to tell her! Serious panic but she said she had enough flowers to rush home, make another and bring it to the venue in time which she did and I could tell which the extra one was! Very good service and an absolute life saver especially as she lived some distance from the venue
DebbieG - 17/10/2008
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