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still waiting on my shoes...    
Please don't order from this company. I wish I had read the reviews. I have spent over 100 on nothing but worry. Unfortunately because of the long delivery, Paypal dispute time has passed, and I can't get the money back. I honestly think this company must be a scam. By the way, any phone number for Rachel Hardwick is out of service, her facebook page is closed, and the address for the company looks like a housing estate on Google street view. I thought I wouldn't be able to find similar shoes and it had to be these ones or none at all. Be careful brides!!
Rosie Gal - 20/03/2013
Lovely shoes, horrible experience    
In fairness, I should start by saying that the shoes were both beautiful, and comfortable, when they arrived.
However, the whole experience of waiting for them was ghastly. The customer service team (such as they are) at BBD are lacking in even the most rudimentary communication skills. I ordered my shoes some months before my wedding. No-one let me know that there was any problem with the delivery, I was simply left waiting. I contacted them, and was told that there were problems and that they would arrive in the next shipment. This did not happen. Neither was I told that it had not happened. I contacted them again. This routine was repeated a further two times, each time involving a tactic that appeared to substitute over-familiarity for actual service (seriously, who on earth puts emoticons in a reply to an obviously anxious customer?). My shoes appeared very, very close to my wedding day, and after my last dress fitting, by which time I had spent another 200 on another pair of shoes, as I had lost any faith at all in the possibility of them arriving in time.
I would not recommend this crew to anyone who is likely to be experiencing stress, or working to a deadline. Brides-to-be, for example...
Sarah Vine - 13/07/2012
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