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Address: Terrington Burchett Ltd - Dress Cleaners
  5 Withambrook Park
  NG31 9ST
Tel: 01476 574446
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Wow! What a fantastic service!    
I cannot believe what a fantastic job Terrington Burchett did in cleaning and boxing my dress. It unfortunately suffered badly on the day with more than the usual grime due to an unfortunate spillage whilst at the restaurant (which fortunately I was able to hide for the last of my photo's). I really did think that the marks would not be removed but all of them were and the dress looks like brand new! Also, the way the dress has been put into the box i.e. it has been mounted on a mannequin and the dress lays around this so it looks beautiful through the clear viewing panel. Amazing and I would certainly highly recommend them!
Sandra Bernstein - 21/09/2010
Like Christmas - Seeing the Dress I love again!     
I'll be the first to admit that by the end of our big day my Amanda Wyatt satin and chiffon number with delicate beading was a bit of a state. Muddy hems, smudge on the bodice - possibly chocolate. Heck! What's a girl to do before she stores her wedding dress.

Having had a bad experience with Johnsons in the past and their too good to be true prices, I avoided them and the other high st cleaners.

I contacted Amanda Wyatt and she told me about Terrington Burchett. She and other designers always use them - and their Baptiste process. No clue what it does - but it works a dream!

Simple process - print off form from website and complete - put in box with dress and your cheque. Seal it - call to have it collected. It's collected and 3-4 weeks later it's returned to you.

The results are fab, the box it comes in.... well I was in tears ... and it felt like my wedding day and Christmas wrapped into one. A large Ivory acid free box, with a big sage ribbon bow (as I requested) and when opened revealed my dress so clean and vibrant like new, and packed with love and attention to detail.

My ivory satin shoes were packed separately and are clean again to be used on special occasions.

As well as the process being simple and the results being fab, the communication from the Terrington Burchett Team was impeccable. They called to check the day it was to be collected. They called to say when it arrived (so had piece of mind), they called last week to say there was a small stain still on the bodice and they wanted to have another go at it (which worked), and they called to say when It would be delivered...and it was spot on!

I really cannot fault them. Yes the prices are high - but for results like this and a service and company which clearly cares and has a strong reputation in the wedding dress world it's all worth it.

It seems a shame to put the lovely box and it's contents into the loft now. All too stunning!

CN - 26/11/2008
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