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Address: Weddings Coevered
  Unit C Trent Industrial Estate, Duchess Street
  Manchester Area
  OL2 7UT
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Don't buy from Weddings Covered    
I just want to share our bad experience that we had with Tony and his company "Weddings Covered" so future couples don't get conned or upset by them...

They're based in Oldham, Manchester....

What happened to us was Tony quoted a list of items, which he promised to fulfil and will set up on the eve of our wedding. He made it sound like it was a great offer and throwing a lot of freebies. We felt it was quite expensive but as it was recommended to us by someone we knew we thought they would be ok.

Anyway they had all the chair covers set up and fish bowls with the gel balls inside but they didn't set out the tea lights, LED lights and didn't even bother setting up on the top table. We didn't have any decoration on the top table.

When we tried calling after the wedding he would pick up and say he's busy and he'll get back to us but he never does. We've tried emailing him but he never replies.

My advice is stay away from this company. It seems like he does it to all his clients. Once he's taken your money he will only serve half what he has promised and do a runner!!!!
Pjones - 21/11/2012
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