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Just a quick review as I used these for my wedding and wasn't 100% happy with them.

Paul Cullen is an excellent salesman and promised us all of our personal touches and made us feel that they really cared about what was important to us. Unfortunately this was sales talk.

They ignored my table plan which had a space for the dancefloor. I specifically said I didn't want tables being moved during the evening and that is what happened. I spent 100 on lilac uplighters to go with our colour scheme and they just brought white ones and did not reduce or refund for this error. We purchased extra canapes so that some could be had late in the evening. These disappeared. We brought our own cheese hamper which they hid and did not get out for our guests. We were promised Stottie Cake which we put on our menu but this never materialised. We also chose what items would be served with our chocolate fountain but these choices were ignored.

With regard to money just be careful as we were never informed until payements had to be made that a 20% carriage charge was being added to our bill. VAT was then added onto that so we actually paid 38% more than the price we were quoted.

We were asked to pay for a rounded up maximum number of guests so that there would be some spare cash if we wanted to make any last minute additions. When the extra was refunded it was refunded less the VAT and carriage charge which we found very unfair.

Anyway, I hope that this helps others to know a couple of things to look out for when dealing with caterers.

Heather - 01/09/2009
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