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Address: Lipstick and Curls
  125 Brookdale Road
  SE6 4JN
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Very stressful preparations    
After an amazing trial, I booked Lipstick and Curls for my wedding, there were many things with their service that caused a lot of stress and unhappiness on my wedding day.

On the morning, the make up artist went to the wedding venue instead of the hotel that we were at. In the end we called her and she had also been given the wrong telephone number for me. This was a bit stressful but it only put us back by about 20 minutes.

Once the artist arrived she seemed quite annoyed with me, complained of the worse morning ever and went out of her way to blame me to the people in the room, showing her booking form and saying it was not possible for them to make the two mistakes as they copy my form into it.
I explained that I definitely gave the hotel details to Richard (who is the owners husband and does the admin) but they continued to blame their customer for going to the wrong place and having the wrong number for me.

This then set the tone for the day. When the photographers said my fiancé’s telephone number was not working (he had just changed jobs) the artist quipped 'that seems to be the theme of the day'. She also later said it's like picadilly cirus when the photographers came back in the room. A horrible atmosphere was created during my wedding preparations.

The next day I checked my booking form and I had provided the right telephone number and said I was staying in a hotel near the venue and once it was booked had emailed twice where we were going to be getting ready.

Lipstick and curl’s plan had 40 mins for each of the two bridesmaids. The artist then spent double that just doing the first bridesmaids hair in curlers and base. We were very worried we were running out of time and our repeated concerns over this were ignored, in the end I had to ask her to stop doing the first bridesmaid so my sister could be started.

Taking double the amount of time planned to get the first bridesmaid half ready caused me to be very rushed, once I had a chance to properly check at the venue my finishing was well below the standard I had at my trial.

This also meant that when I left, my sister’s hair was still in curlers with just base applied, which was obviously a big worry. We were all supposed to be leaving at the same time. Even the wedding venue were getting very worried with us still missing a bridesmaid when the ceremony was due to start. On our cars invoices the first bridesmaid left 15 mins late and my sister 25 mins. Lipstick and Curls caused my wedding ceremony to start late.

I provided professionally toned feedback to the owner of Lipstick and Curls (Amanda), they responded by personally attacking their customer, saying I was a cold person on my wedding day (understandably I was a lot quieter than usual but was always polite) and that I was generally an unpleasant person. They also twisted something my bridesmaid had said when I was out the room and implied that my own bridesmaid didn't even like me.
I re sent through my booking form, the two location emails, photos of my bun and trial, but they denied any of it (basically accusing their customer of lying), and tried to blame us, saying I still had made the two booking form mistakes and that my sister was late because she had a daughter.(She was being looked after by a childminder on another floor). She also said that this freelancer was their most experienced and they had worked together for years.

I wish that I had looked beyond just make up ability and professional photos of brides finished on their website and knew that the main wedding review websites only show positive reviews as suppliers veto them. After being filed as dissolved in 2016 they now also trade under WHAM Artists.

At 41 this is the first time I have ever fed back anything negative on a service. Lipstick and Curls’ service caused me and my bridesmaids a huge amount of stress and upset on my wedding day, enough to ruin a significant part of the day and how they dealt with feedback after was shocking.
Melissa - 13/09/2017
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