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Didn't care at all    
My husband is Norwegian and I am Nigerian and we live in Scotland. We wanted to make it easy for our guests who were travelling from all over, so we decided to get married in London on the 6th of July 2012. We chose a venue called Cavendish banqueting in North London. They sourced the DJ for us.

We had spent 4 years putting a list of songs we wanted played at the wedding, everything from Chart, Norwegian and Nigerian pop, oldies for our parents,etc. We had over 80 songs amounting to about 6 hours of playtime.

All the suppliers went out of their way to get to know us a couple. The DJ however seemed very elusive. When we got Arjun's number and email address, we sent the list of songs directly to him. We tried to arrange a phone consultation with him as we were in Scotland, but when we called he always seemed busy and would promise to call us back. The week before the wedding I sent him the list again and an itinerary of the day. I then telephoned and he said he'd read it and get back to me if he had any queries.

On the day he arrived in time to set up, but he did not test his equipment. He was supposed to play music while the guests were seated before the ceremony, but he did not do this. When i was ready to walk down the aisle, his equipment apparently failed. We waited for almost 10 minutes. Eventually we walked down without any music.

At the canape reception he played music we not only did not ask for but did not even like. His excuse was that we had not given him enough songs! It was clear that he had not even read our list and had not tried to familiarise himself with any of our music, especially the Nigerian pop music.

At our entrance into the reception, he played the music at almost half speed. He also played our first dance (Annie's song by John Denver), a waltz we had practised for 3 months, at almost half speed.

He continued to play a lot of the music at half speed and i had to go to him to tell him to speed the music up. The list was supposed to give us peace of mind, but we and some of our guests continued to go up to him to request songs that were already on the list. These requests often had to made several times.

We made the best of the night by dancing to the music that was played. It was towards the end of the night that he seemed to wake up and play the songs on the list. By this time most of the guests had gone.

The music was the most important part of this wedding for us. The dancing was what i looked forward to the most. I tried to make the best of it on the night, but I must admit that I broke down in tears the next day as i was so upset. I demanded an apology from the DJ through the wedding coordinator. 10 days later i still have not received a single phone call or email from him.

An amateur with an i pod would have done a far better job.
We were naive to think things would go well because he was a professional. His attitude and behaviour was completely unprofessional though.

I know there are more important things in life like wars and natural disasters and so on. But this was the most important day of my life, which i can never get back again, and it was ruined by an unprepared, callous and arrogant man who did not even have the courtesy to apologize to us.

Please do not ever use him!
AMINA ADAMU - 16/07/2012
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