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Address: Prestige Packages
  60a woodland ave
  Cm13 1JZ
Tel: 01277412304
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Contact info    
I have just went to email this lady to ask where my dresses are and noticed there is not longer a facebook page !! I am fuming !! Does anyone have contact details for this person ??
shauni O'sullivan - 28/03/2015
This lady is absolutely shocking, she took payment for my dress in January and I was told it would arrive within 2/3 weeks, after this period I emailed her to be told because of her moving it hadn't been ordered but would now be with me in 2 weeks. Again this time passed and again I emailed her to hear this time it would be sent out but it never arrived. She's now shut down her website and page and taken thousands off of women, without a thought for their wedding day.
Gemma Keen - 25/03/2015
Unhappy, hurt Bride to be -    
After ordering from Kelly at the begining of January - it has now come to light that no orders have been processed from way before christmas. Hurt and let down is how I am feeling this lady has let down so many people and kept their money its like thousands So sad a a time that it should be enjoyable this has scarred me and taking all the happiness away. Please read reviews before ordering I wish I had.
Unhappy, hurt Bride to be - 23/03/2015
So I've been scammed    
So looks like I've been scammed out of 200 and back to square one with my bridesmaids! It had been a month since I heard from prestige packages so thought I'd send a message only to find out that the Facebook page, website, email and phone number no longer exist. I am absolutely fuming and I will not drop this until I get my money back and this disgusting person pays for what they've done. Weddings are stressful and expensive enough as it is without people like this!!
Emily - 22/03/2015
Shocking stay well clear!!!!!    
I ordered 4 bridesmaids dresses in October 2014 and to this day they have not arrived. At first i was told the delay is due to moving business premises and the dresses will be afew weeks delayed. Then it got to the end of January and still no dresses and again i was assured not to panic and they "work the same as a bridal shop" and my dresses will be shipped any day now. I waiting another 2 weeks that took me to the beginning of March. I messaged again saying I wanted a refund and how much of a joke the whole thing was and had a reply saying they will be shipped anyday. Obviously at this point I knew this was all lies. Went back to message and the facebook page had disappeared. Went to the website and it says there still trading but are having issues, I emailed with no response back. The phone number doesn't work so now I cannot contact her. Stay well clear!!!!! Absolute disgrace to the wedding industry hope they know how many heartbroken brides they must have.
Jen - 18/03/2015
Let down bride     
I ordered bridesmaid dresses in October/November its now March and I still haven't got the dresses and have no way in contacting I have to fork out more money to buy more dresses!
Wish I hadn't ordered from this company
Kirsty mccolm - 18/03/2015
Absolutely disgusted with this company. Shocking quality of clothes. Customer service ha! What customer service, If a complaint is made this woman turns nasty. Vile human being
Sarah - 16/03/2015
took my money and ran!!! do not buy !!!    
i ordered a dress on the 27th of November 2014 which it said orders take 6-8 weeks so now its 15 of march 2015 and no dress deleted off facebook and she has pinched my money !! please beware do not buy !!!
shannon waring - 15/03/2015
1 is an over statement!    
I only emailed this company to ask where the dresses were made.
I had a very nasty and hurtful reply calling me a troll on a witch hunt.
I was then threatened with court before being blocked and then told my name, address and very personal details was posted on her facebook page.
It is not a very professional company and wouldn't recommend this company to anyone!
Amber - 10/03/2015
Bad dresses, poor service, absolutely disgusting attitude.    
After myself & countless other women ordered through this Prestige packages, owner Kelly moomoo/McCoyits now been revealed that months after ordering our purchases are not arriving. So many emails/messages sent and all that was received was tirades of abuse & threats. After requesting a refund I was called all the names under the sun then blocked with no way to contact this vile woman. I'll take it as a lesson learned but STAY CLEAR!!! Avoid at all costs.
A woman scorned - 10/03/2015
wouldn't even give a 1 out of 5     
The whole experience was a disaster and I am left heart broken with a dress that is not fit for purpose. It is too big, too long as come back completely the wrong style. I contacted them to let them know, I sent photos and since have beennblocked and been unable to make contact. Stay cleaR!!
mandy - 18/02/2015
Poor dodgy service!!!!     
After feeling concerned about her dresses being dodgy replicas, I emailed them to ask and had no reply. Also rang the number for information and was greeted by a rude lady who hung up on me after requested a call back!!!!!!!!
Laura - 13/01/2015
Highly Recommend Kelly, went out of her way to help me - exchanged dresses twice! I went on to buy my wedding dress & was really impressed with the quality for the price, will be recommended her to all my single friends!
Tracey Coates - 18/11/2014
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