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Address: Wedding Atelier London
  22 Craven Terrace
  W2 3QH
Tel: 0207 402 5685
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positive experience    
I read the above review and felt I had to comment to add perspective. I had two appointments at the shop and have no complaints to make. The shop owner I found to be very friendly and helpful. Yes, she gives you flowers to clip to the dresses to mark the ones you like and want to try on. I found that helpful. She was knowledgeable about the designers and suggested certain dresses she thought would suit me. I've got no complaints whatsoever to make about the dressing area - its a small shop but the changing space is ample and there's a decent sized viewing area with plenty of space for friends and family. Overall, I had a good experience here and would recommend it.
LJM - 24/01/2015
If only i could score them 0!    
This has to be THE WORST bridal shop I have come across! Actually it's the worst wedding related shop/retailer I have dealt with in the 9 months I have been organising our wedding!
So our appointment was at 5pm on a Saturday. We arrived 10 minutes late and went to make our apologies but was cut off and told to take our shoes off. No problem with this at all.
I was then given 5 tacky rose clips to clip the dresses I wanted to try on. The woman 'helping' us made no more to offer any help at all. She disappeared in the back while I was looking. When she finally reappeared she showed everyone to their seats and pulled around the curtains to create the tiniest little changing area you've ever seen.
She then proceeded to grab the first dress she saw a clip on and shove it on me. There was no offer of a hoop or veil or anything! Not even shoes. I'm normally a size 14 and although I am slightly on the bigger size for sample dress' they do always do up. Guess what... She made no effort to do the dress up at all and I was left stood in front of my bridesmaids and aunt like an absolute mess! The dresses were left absolutely gaping on me!
My aunt hadn't been to a bridal shop before and went to take a photo. The sales assistant informed her she couldn't and my aunt asked why, she replied with no bridal shops allow you to. Fair enough, we had no problem with this at all. I then tried to explain to her a dress then I had tried on previously by a designer they carried too. She had absolutely no idea what I was going on about and the atmosphere was getting a little tense. My aunt interjected and said that she had a picture of the dress to try and help us and made a joke saying 'But am I allowed to show you' to the sales woman to try and lift the mood, This went down like a led balloon and the sales woman snapped back with 'I don't not want to see it anyway'. We were all in utter shock! I have never had a sales assistant talk back to me or anyone like that. She then picked up the next dress and turned to me and said, 'we will try this one next. Its one of our bigger dresses'. Honestly, this woman was the same size and build as me.
I wish I had walked out then...
So the second dress is now on and again I am stood in front of my girls looking a mess. Merits to them though as they knew I was upset and they still tried to make the most of it. By this time the sales assistant had lost all interest in us or anything we was saying so the second dress was over within about 2 minutes!
So the third dress is on, again, looking like a dogs dinner. We was still comparing the dress' to the one we had a photo of and she finally piped up and said that there is no point looking still if you think you already know what you want... As if we are wasting her time. She was then actually quite helpful and told me that she had seen a dress very similar to what I was describing! then followed with 'I cannot remember when or where I saw it though'. I suppose at least she tried. I then tried to talk to her about different styles and tried to explain to my maids that bigger dresses look better with a hoop etc. And looked to the sales woman to help me along or advise, or do anything to be honest, and she just looked at me like I was speaking another language! It crossed my mind that I probably know more about the dresses then what she does!
After this there was no effort made towards the other dresses I had picked out, I was just rushed out of the shop like a bad smell! We were all in absolute silence walking down the road trying to wrap our heads around what had just happened!!
Being a London bridal shop I expected a lot more from this company! Their dresses are very overpriced so surely they should provide a good customer service? We got the feeling that unless you are paying 5,000.00 then they really do not have time for you!
Id avoid this one at all costs! if they do not care about you and the point of sales then id dread to think how the treat you when they actually have your money!
Sophie - 17/10/2014
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