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Address: A Class Brides
  67 Sandy Park Road, Brislington
  Avon & Somerset
  BS4 3PQ
Tel: 0117 9193007
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When we walked into the shop we was greated by lovely staff members, but that soon changed when the shop owner Nicki came over..... WOW how rude and unpleasent can one person be, one way to spoil what is suppose to be a lovely experience, You are not allowed to express your wedding plans with out the manager disagreeing and given her own opinion.

She became very defensive when i mentioned i didnt like a style dress my bridemaid had on saying 'What is wrong with that dress' simple answer i just dont like it, not what i am looking for, which got her back up, Nicki ensured she put in negitive comments about everything i said. which lead to a quick exit. Most certainly will not be returing or recommanding this shop.

if i was a mystery shopper i would recommand Nickki to go to a managers course or allow the staff to do there job which would result in more positive feedback and custom.
l and m - 09/04/2016
Rude and obnoxious owner     
Nice range of dresses but the owner is extremely rude, unprofessional and unpleasant. I have not experienced such poor customer service elsewhere in as long as I can remember. It's a shame as the other members of staff are quite pleasant. Avoid at all costs
Miss H - 14/11/2015
Wonderful Experience    
Excellent experience. I was very apprehensive about looking for a wedding dress, but Nicki and her staff made me feel very at ease and gave me the confidence to try dresses I really didn't think would suit me. As it happens I bought a dress that was not what I had in mind to begin with and enjoyed every second wearing it on my wedding day.

I may also like to add that Nicki and Abigail (seamstress) were very accommodating on many occaisions and really helped with what could have been a stressful situation.

Many thanks to them all.
Amelia Hadi - 19/03/2014
Could be great ....    
This is a lovely bridal shop with some lovely dresses and Nicky definitely knows her stuff when it comes to what suits your body shape etc. My first experience in there was brilliant and all the staff were very helpful.

What I did find extremely off putting however was Nicky's attitude towards certain things. Obviously it's her business and she needs to make a living out of it but she can be extremely rude and opinionated. It's her way or the highway! I enjoyed the service from her other members of staff as they made me feel much more at ease and able to be myself. One girl in particular was lovely and would disagree with some of Nicky's opinions and funny enough next time I visited she was no longer working there (most likely she was sacked)

If Nicky chilled out a bit and realised that what brides wanted then her shop could be fantastic. I've spoken to a few people that have dealt with her and they have all said the same. I took my 3 bridesmaids in one time and just because we decided to buy our dresses from high street stores she wasn't interested and was extremely rude to my girls. All we wanted to do was have a browse!! She needs to understand that weddings are bloody expensive and everyone is always trying to find ways to cut costs!

Lucy - 01/03/2014
Don't Make your mined up reading the reviews    
I visited A-Class brides in September 2012, it was number 7 in bridal shops, on entering I was seen and treated wonderfully and I can tell you other Bridal shops where the staff have no clue what so ever and try putting you in dresses that you would not even look at let alone suit you. Nikki and her staff were first class my dress was ready by the stated time and when I had my first fitting and found the dress didn't fit due to stressed weight loss the brilliant seamstress was there on hand to alter my dress in one go didn't need any other alterations. My option go and take a look the dresses are fab in there and I have recommended the shop to two other brides to be.
Sharon Parker - 13/11/2013
No Refund Explained     
I've seen a dress at A Class Brides and put a Deposit down. Then a month later due to unforeseen Circumstances I didn't buy the dress. When I tried to get my Deposit back Nicky the Manager refused to refund me the money as she said Deposits are non Refundable. It was a large deposit and a lot of money. The Manager didn't explain this to me at the point of Sale. And the dress was still in the shop. When I ask for my money back she was Rude and shouting at me. DO NOT Vist A Class Brides.. And Nicky the manager couldn't even Add up.....
Michelle - 08/11/2013
Avoid at all costs    
On first viewing shop looked sweet and pleasant, until ringing the bell! Staff were clueless and seem to be lead by a manager/ owner who is rude and about as unwelcoming as can be. She was pushy and rude and made my bridesmaid feel rather uncomfortable, not very proffesional in my opionion. The dresses are over priced and the service was a shambles. I would not visit again, and I would not recommend. This shop has the inability to run a dress viewing/fitting so can imagine the business being ran better by a monkey!
Emily - 12/09/2013
Highly Reccomended    
I was recommended to A Class Brides by a few friends of mine who had there wedding/bridesmaid dresses from Nikki.

I have to say i am so pleased with the service, the attention to detail and nothing was too much trouble and of course I love my dress and cant wait to wear it on my wedding day.

To any bride to be myself and friends would recommend you make Nikki your 1st and last shop if you want a truly amazing experience from start to finish.
Natalie - 25/02/2013
Same shop??    
I had an amazing experience here, Nikki and her staff treated me like a princess from begining to end.
They really did make buying my dream dress a breeze, they had such great attention to detail to make sure it fitted perfectly, and had the accessories to finish the look.
They were never pushy to buy there or anything I wasn't happy with, I simply got the dress & bits I loved and they ensured that it fitted and was with me in plenty of time for my big day.
Overall I didn't experience any negative treatment and highly reccommend this shop, and there was nothing to drop their rating
Thank you again Nikki
MrsP 2011 - 04/07/2011
Initally I had a lovely first and second visit. I ordered my bridesmaid dresses and was told they would arrive at the begining of April - They ended up coming in the begining of May! When ordering they advised all of my bridesmaid to order a size larger than we were happy with due to 'manufactuers sizing' even though other sample of same design fitted perfectly in the smaller size. They even wanted to order one of my bridesmaids a dress 2 sizes larger - luckily I put my foot down otherwise I dread to think how big it would of been. Surprise surprise they all came in a size too big - oh and the alterations deadline was the day after the fitting! Funny that! Ended up with a extortionate price for taking them all in and hems. The take-ins could of so easily been avoided! They seemed to use the 'manufactures guide' as a excuse and profit from it. Any normal person can see what fits properly. Needless to say I took the dresses elsewhere. It was a real shame as they stock a lovely range - unfortunately they have other motive! A friend of mine had a similar experiance with her wedding dress. AVOID
R H - 19/05/2011
Awful experience. They tell many fibs to cover up their inability to run the business properly. They can't work to a deadline or provide an acceptable service. Funnily enough everything comes in needing altering, which they get commission on. Avoid.
Alex - 16/07/2010
Amazing customer service    
I received amazing service from Nicky and the other girls, I was really impressed how they made me feel so special and nothing was too much for them.

The dress I choose was beautiful and Everyone said how great I looked.

I felt amazing and like a princess, how every Bride should feel on their big day

Thanks to A Class Brides x
Lucy Lou - 02/10/2008
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