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Address: www.beautiful
  18 Parson Street Hendon London NW4 1QB Tel: 0208 616 7702 Mobile: 07960 251 351
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This shop was featured on the tv programme “The Sheriffs are Coming”.

When a customer hadn’t received the dresses she’d ordered and paid for, in time for the events she needed them for, she’d had to buy them elsewhere, which was a problem money-wise. Although she’d tried to cancel the order and get a refund from Beautiful Dresses, none was issued and two of the three dresses were later sent out anyway and neither of them were the size ordered. The customer returned the dresses, but shop owner, Ms Soni, still didn’t issue the refund.

Despite a High Court Writ being issued, she still refused to pay anything off the £1658 owed and she attacked the Sheriff, punching him in the head when he turned his back, and had to be dragged off by the police who’d been called to keep the peace. The Sheriff was visibly shocked having never been physically attacked before in 26 years of doing the job.
A Thompson - 30/03/2017
Do not buy anything off of this website. They are scam artists who will take your money and no dress.... Refused to give me a tracking number, promised my wedding dress would be delivered within 7 weeks, failed to deliver and now refusing to refund my money, wont answer phone calls. When I told her would report her to authorities if I didn't get my money back, she responded "You are very stupid"... I do feel stupid having fallen for this website in the first place...
L - 20/06/2016
Out and out con merchant    
If there a rating of 0 out of 5 that's what this shop would get. Appalling, failed to deliver on time despite knowing the date I needed the dress for. When it was delivered it was the wrong size. Told I'd get a refund but weeks later nothing received at all.

Avoid like the plague.
Annabel Hirschel - 04/05/2016
Ordered a dress for my wedding. I had to wait a bit longer but i like the dress. Quality and a very helpful owner
Anita Grove - 08/03/2016
BiG Warning!!!    
I ordered two dresses from Beautiful Dresses company after speaking with Lilian the owner a few times. The dresses were suppose to arrive in 4 - 6 weeks... hmmm... they never did. Thank god my wedding was 5 months later. After months of begging I got one (but this was not the one I was to wear at my wedding). So still was hoping to get the other one, but it never came. Every day I would call, but Lilian blocked my number, wouldn't answer email. However, she would answer the phone right away if I called from a different number... She would give me empty promises until a week to my wedding when she texted me that the dress didn't arrive and if I want a refund. I answered, yes please. Thought refund would come soon as she asked if I wanted a refund a few times before. Unfortunately, the refund was not coming. Despite many phone calls and many emails it did not appear on my bank account. Lilian's excuse was that her card machine was not working and that she cannot do a refund. She even promised to do direct transfer from her bank account but it also never happened... She asked me to contact my bank and that the bank can get it back for me. First I thought this was a joke but called my bank, the bank said that this is not what they are suppose to do but finally the bank agreed to put my claim to the investigation department and that went very fast. (here I have to add that it took 3 weeks for the bank to agree this and many many phone calls) I had to fill out lots of documents and this is where I advise you to keep all records of all your correspondence with this company. I supplied all records I had, with the proof of order and payment and the bank took the money out of her account in 10 day. I came out clear money speaking but I never had my dream wedding dress. How much stress I went through is impossible to describe but at least I got the money back. I would never ever buy anything from this shop... Please do not buy there anything...
My dress is in my dreams - 06/02/2016
Stay away. Terrible service.     
Spent £400 on a dress which was late. When I rang the woman she was very rude. The dress came in the wrong size and a note saying"dress larger than requested so get it took in. " I emailed saying the dress was for an occasion and dont have time for it to be" took in". If the size I wanted was not in stock I should have been informed! I kept dress as did not want to risk returning it and not getting a refund as she doesnt give refunds even if she sends wrong dress! Least I had a dress to sell. Stay away.
Anonymous - 19/11/2015
I agree with everything that has been written in the last 2 reviews. I ordered 2 dresses costing over £1000 in total. Lily agreed that I could order 2 in different sizes and return the one that didn't fit. Three weeks after payment was made I still hadn't received my dresses. I emailed and Lily told me they would be with me the following week, dresses didn't appear. The same thing happened for the next 2 weeks and she lied several times. Eventually the dresses arrived and I kept one. I sent the other one back and 2 months later have not received my refund. She won't answer my emails and hangs up when I call. I am going to take this as far as I can as I'm determined not to let her away with it. It's such a shame because the dresses are gorgeous but please do not shop with this lady. She is a liar and a thief.
Dawn - 27/03/2015
no refund no dress    
wish Id seen this before...I ordered a ball dress and never received it or my refund £366.50. I recieved no tracking details as promised by lilian. I telephoned lilian and she told me shed posted the dress and it would be with me the next day, still no dress. My mum phoned her and she said I was lying and she meant the dress would be with me in 2days. still no dress. She was rude on phone and shouted at me and even hung up the phone on me when i asked where my dress was and ignored my calls. Eventully my dad phoned her and she told him there never was a dress. She admitted it the day before my ball and i got an email from her saying no dress sorry for inconvienience. She promised a refund in 2 working days, still 2 months later no refund. Shes still trading now on . DO NOT BUY FROM HER dont touch this company with a barge pole.
amelia - 15/06/2014
Con artist & robber!     
I would under no circumstances advise anyone to do business online with this website. At first look it appears professional however once you have ordered and paid, that's it! Don't expect to see any dresses being delivered. 'Lily' takes your money and never gets around to delivering any goods. She also ignores your emails and calls so there doesn't seem to be any hope of a refund. Absolute con artist and money thief! If only I had been so wise as to check website reviews before paying money. Don't order from! The closest you will get to any of the dresses on there is looking at the pictures!
Janet - 09/04/2014
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