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Wedding dress    
I would like to say I ordered my wedding dress threw milly bridal I hadn't seen any of the reviews until a few days later I my heart was in my throat due to all the not so good reports I didn't expect my dress to come or if it did I was so worried it would come in the wrong colour size and would be damaged after everything I had read, they kept in constant contact with me none o my emails went unanswered and I was either emailed back straight away or within the day and I was always spoken to nicely I was still a little worried until I got my postal slip yesterday saying my dress had arrived I went to the post office full of nerves expecting the worst I got my dress which was very neatly packaged in two packages I opened it expecting the worst again and it was absolutely gorgeous it was exactly the same as the picture and was beautifully sewn and there is no damage to it whatsoever I sent my measurements threw and the colour when I ordered it and it is exactly what I asked for I actually couldn't believe it due to how many not so good reviews I had seen about the company I am absolutely happy with my wedding dress it also arrived in the exact time they said it would I also read from someone else not to believe the good reviews as they are fake well this isn't fake at all I'm over the moon with my dress its unfortunate that others have experienced trouble with this company and I sympathise with you greatly as everyone should get exactly what they order, I have nothing bad to say about this company as they treated me with the same respect I treated them with this is a uk company and yes the dresses are made in china where most things are made these days when you buy something over the Internet you can never 100% trust your going to get what you asked for but I am so so happy with my wedding dress I absolutely love it :)
Mel - 16/07/2013
I'm so relieved....    
I ordered my prom dress from this website on may 9th. It was only after I had ordered it that I began to look at reviews for the website. That is when I began to panic. Most of the reviews I read were negative. This made me get a little worried. So because of this I got worried that my dress may not come on time for my prom, which is on July 11th. I emailed them and told them that I needed the dress for an earlier date and their replies were quick and they told me they were processing my dress and it will be despatched no later than June 5th. They gave me updates on my dress and I received my tracking number for the dress and I was able to track it. They shipped my dress on the 29th may and it was delivered today.I think their service is great.My dress looks exactly the same as how it did on their web. The fitting is a tad big but than issue can be resolved with a tailor.
Maria - 07/06/2013
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