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Address: All that glitters Bridal
  155 Hartfield Road
Tel: 020 8540 4241
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Lost order (no glitter here!)     
when we stepped into the shop we were kindly welcomed and given some refreshments. We enjoyed trying on a wide range of bridesmaids dresses and and we were fitted for alterations , and were told the dresses would have to be sent elsewhere for the alterations to be made.(We wanted 4 identical bridesmaid dresses in different sizes). We paid extra for the dresses to arrive earlier. We went on holiday and came back and called to see what state of the dresses were in - and they said all was well. (This is 2 weeks before the wedding). We later went to pick up the dresses a week before the wedding , and we were told the order had never been put through! Can you believe it?! An absolute nightmare!! Due to other family commitments this left us with 1 morning to find replacement dresses. ( we got them from John Lewis in the end).
Unhappy customer - 10/08/2015
Huge disappointment     
Just avoid this shop, although as I found out the fourth time I called to chase up my wedding dress, they are closing soon.

I was strongly advised not to order the dress in the size I'd tried on (which needed pinning at the back) and instead was persuaded despite my protests to order the size up.

When it eventually arrived it was far, far too big for me and the seamstress (who I had to arrange and travel to myself as was told they could no longer accommodate my alterations in the store) didn't have time before my wedding date to correct it fully.

I did not feel special on my wedding day or comfortable in the dress that didn't fit me at all well and I truly believe I should have had the size I tried on and asked for.

No one answers the phone or replies to emails or voicemails - very poor service and as a result I didn't feel as I should have done on my wedding day.

Give this place a miss!
Charlotte - 13/06/2015
Awful Experience     
I purchased my wedding dress with no problems at all. The issues started when I was passed over to the seamstress to have alterations to the dress.

It was a terrible experience, she was incredibly rude but also very disorganised.

After the first session of having my dress pinned so that it would be taken in at this hips we arranged a date when this would be completed and I would come in to try it on.
When I came in for the arranged appointment I put on the dress only to find no work had been completed on the dress.
I asked what had happened as we had arranged it would be taken in?
The seamstress very rudely asked me why I would think that and if she had agreed to take it in the dress would be pinned.
I pointed to the pins in the dress and explained this is where it had been pinned at the last appointment where I was told it would be taken in. I asked to see the manager at this point, as I was so concerned at the situation. She refused and said I needed to learn how to deal with her.
I explained to her I was concerned that the communication didn't seem to be working and I wanted the manager in the room with me. Again she refused. She then re-arranged another appointment and said she would have it taken in at this date.

On my next appointment the dress had been taken in so the length then could be taken up. When I went in to collect my dress 2 days before my wedding it had not fully completed. The manager in the shop, Lizzy, had to 'grab' another seamstress to finish off the job. The bottom off the dress was very rushed with threads hanging off which i had to ask them to cut, despite them saying 'no-one would see it'.
This whole situation was so upsetting and caused so much stress. Buying your wedding dress is meant to be a magical and exciting experience and it was completely ruined by this store. On a site not Lizzy is very lovely, she is just not equipped to be managing this store.
Laura - 12/05/2015
First Appointment Trying on Wedding Dresses    
I booked an appointment at All That Glitters and then read some of the reviews of the shop on this website. So suffice to say i had low expectations of the service i would receive. My sister and my future sister-in-law all went along on a sunday morning a few weeks ago and I could not have been happier with the service. Vanessa was welcoming and friendly and she could not have done more to help me. She helped me to pick out dresses and then she went away to pick out more dresses that she thought i might like based on what i had already tried on. It's a shame there are so many poor reviews for this shop- i would definitely go back and buy from this shop but i would probably specifically request vanessa.
Laura - 07/04/2015
One of the least special experiences    
Going to try on dresses here couldn't have been any further away from my vision of a special and personal experience.

We turned up and were ushered into the 'bland' village hall type trying on area. There was nothing special or inviting about it. It was worn, cheap and needed a major revamp.
Despite this I was excited to try on the lovely gowns I had seen on their website. I told the lady that I had made a list of the ones I would love to try. Her reply was 'lists are pointless as you don't know until you see the dresses'. She then went and sat at the desk and told us to look around. I then realised that NONE of the dresses I had picked out on the website were actually stocked in their shop!!

So the trying on began. Despite being sent a reminder for my 90 min appointment I was told it was 1hr, 'because we shut at 5'. I couldn't have been made to feel any more unwelcome. It was clear the lady assisting me couldn't wait to leave. I felt like one big inconvienience and hassel for her. I wasn't even offered any shoes to try on with the dresses! Other appointments I have been to shoes are a basic offering and also various veils and tiaras are offered to try.

The dresses were in a sorry state. Trying to picture myself wearing one of these when the one I had on had stained yellow armpits and tattered lace was difficult to say the least. Not to mention standing in the mirror (in my bare feet!) looking at it and having the shop assistant standing on the lace train at the back. It was one of the most uncomfortable and horrendous experiences I have ever had. Even if I had seen a nice dress here I would not want to buy from them.

The shop assistant supposedly meant to be helping me was of no use whatsovever. She was wearing her coat thoughtout my session as if she was ready to shoot out the door at the earliest opportunity. She was pretty rude to us on a number of occasions and numerous times I was being 'told' what I might want to buy/not buy. I left without even a slip of paper with the nicest ones written down for me to remember. The main thing on that assistants mind was us leaving and not causing her any more inconvienience by 'being there'.

What should be an enjoyable and pleasant, not to mention exciting, experience couldn't have been any further from that at this store.

Word of advice.....don't even bother.

If you want to go to a bridal shop in London then head to London Bride Couture near Victoria. This was the first shop I went to. The experience was a million miles apart from that today at 'All that glitters'. They were helpful, polite and very accommodating. We were offered a glass of prosecco and they knew their stock like the back of their hand. Following today's experience at All that glitters I am truly sure I will be going back to London Bride Couture and I will feel sure that my money is being spend at the right place. They have got the whole experience down to perfection.

'All that glitters'....there is absolutely nothing that glitters about your store.
Emma Grisdale - 15/03/2015
Horrible service- AVOID AT ANY COSTS    
I have never posted any review before. But my recent experience with 'All that Glitters Bridal' in Wimbledon was so stressful that I want to warn all brides and bridesmaids to be...
Where do I start? Myself and 2 bridesmaids went to the store mid October to try bridesmaids dresses. The dresses were not in very good condition and they couldn't even try some of them because the zip was stuck in the middle. At the end of appointment we chose the dress and I paid deposit for 2 dresses.
I was told that the dresses should be delivered at the end of January. My wedding date is last wknd of February and because is abroad - we needed the dresses to be delivered and altered by 21st February.
I called the store last week of January, I was told that they are expecting big delivery from US in first week of February. I called the store again on 5th February, only to find out that my dresses were not delivered and no one knew why. One store assistant said that she will leave notes for her colleague to call US supplier next day to find out what happened. When no one called me next day, I called them again only to find out that other assistant didn't know anything about my order, because she couldn't read her colleague handwriting. Long story short- after many phone calls and intervention from one of my bridesmaids, we found that that supplier never received my order so the dresses wont be delivered on time. Trust me, that's not what you want 3 weeks before your wedding.
I found the whole process of talking to the store very frustrating, I heard million excuses and at the end we decided to cancel our order and buy dresses from High street retailer.
I would never ever want to deal with these people again.
The only positive thing is that I haven't ordered my bridal dress from them, as that would definitely ruin my wedding day.
Andrea - 12/02/2015
I am shocked with these reviews.

I have been visiting the shop a few times recently with trying on choosing and picking up my dress and at no point did I have any concerns or disappointment with the service.

The owner of the shop had so much time for me and had his staff running around offering me so much help and advice.

I think on these sites everyone rights the bad, so I am glad I can come on here and say this shop was fantastic and obviously not everyone can be pleased but personal choice I recommend them 100%
Sarah J - 09/10/2014
Avoid this store    
We used the All that Glitters alterations service for our bridesmaid dresses and had our fittings at the store in Wimbledon. We were very disappointed with the quality of the alterations and encountered a number of problems on two of the dresses, whose alterations were conducted by two separate people. I was told I didn’t need a second fitting as mine was a simple change to the bust of the dress. Another bridesmaid therefore picked up my dress and kept it at her house until the morning of the wedding. I was charged £55 for the alteration of my dress.
On the morning of the wedding I tried to put my dress on and it was far too small for me. I have not changed in weight since the fitting and I struggled to do the zip up. It looked terrible, did not hang correctly and was unwearable. I had to swap dresses with one of the other bridesmaids who had also had various issues with her alterations leaving her with a dress that was too big. On the day, neither of us had dresses that fitted very well.
We complained in May but were told that it was nothing to do with the store as the tailors are independent. However they were recommended by All that Glitters and all of the alternations were done in their store so I feel they clearly have responsibility here. It took three months of emailing and telephone calls (most of which were not answered) to get a proper response to our complaint. We were asked to send photographs of the dresses altered for us and the ones we wore on the day so they could look. We were told they thought they looked fine and that we’d likely accidently switched dresses at some point before the wedding which was the source of the issue. This was not possible, there was never an opportunity for that to happen and they ones we wore on the day did not look okay, I almost fell out of the bust of my dress a number of times and the other bridesmaid struggled to sit down most of the day because the dress was too tight – definitely not what you’d expect from a dress tailored to you. All that Glitters have said it is the responsibility of the fitters and would not give us a refund. The fitters say they think the alterations are fine. We are left with 2 poorly fitting dresses that we will not use again. I’ve been extremely disappointed with the customer service throughout out complaint. I will never use All that Glitters again and I suggest you do not either.
KC - 30/08/2014
Don't know why I walked in there!    
I went to view bridesmaid dresses as I heard that they had nice stock. So I booked online via their website as every time I phoned there was no answer. When I heard nothing back from my email request for my appointment, I decided to phone them. I left 3 messages to book an appointment and no response! So I tried again and a guy answered. I asked if I could call in and look/ try on dresses and he said yes and to call in at 4pm that day and someone would be able to assist.
I made that call at 2pm and was in the shop by 4 pm that day.
I went in with my sister, gave my name and the sales assistant (there were two at the counter) said oh we were expecting you at 1.30pm!! Then I explained about all the messages I left and that when I phoned at 2pm I was told to be there for 4pm!

I was then told that no one could assist us with the dresses as both assistants had clients coming in so I was told to "work away myself"! At this point I was annoyed because they offered no apology with all the mix ups and basically shrugged their shoulders! I told them I spoke to a man on the phone and said oh he's gone for the day! So my sister and I proceeded to look at bridesmaid dresses. 20 mins in one of the assistants walks over as if to say " how long more will you be"! Asked what colours i like and then sat back down in her chair staring out the window!
It was bizzare! And to top it all off no client came in! Do it was just two sales assistants twiddling their thumbs and my sister and I!!
Appalling service, they really don't give a crap! So do yourself a favour avoid this place!! - 09/04/2014
I don’t normally write reviews, but I had such an awful experience at this shop that I really wanted to warn any future brides about it.
This was my first ever time shopping and trying on wedding dresses, I was really nervous and had booked an appointment. When we got there 8 other people went in before us and were seen to, we were not even acknowledged. It took the shop assistant about 10 minutes to even register that we were in the shop and I was immediately told that I should have asked for an hour and a half booking as they only had me in for an hour. When I told her I had booked an hour and a half she said she had another appointment and that we should hurry up.
I tried to show her pictures of the sort of dresses I liked and she wasn’t interested and just told me to go around and choose 6 that I wanted to try on.
I won’t go into all the details of what added up to be such a horrible experience but comments from her such as ‘well what is it that you now don’t like about this one’ and ‘come on there’s no point in staying in a dress that you obviously don’t like’ when I was trying to look at one of the dresses, she was rude and gave us no customer service at all (at times leaving us alone to go and chat to other customers). In the end they did give me an hour and a half appointment so I guess that was something.
Also, after reading some of the other reviews of this place, I guess I am lucky that she spent the time pinning every dress that I tried on (I didn’t realise that was special treatment in a bridal shop!).
I was really nervous about trying on wedding dresses and was really really looking forward to this being a fun experience I could share with my Mum and Aunt. We all left the shop feeling very deflated and a little upset about the whole thing.
I just want to warn any future bride DO NOT USE THIS SHOP!!!
TB Bride - 07/04/2014
Zero service    
I had a very disappointing visit to this bridal shop when looking for bridesmaid dresses. There were several reasons for this. 1) I booked an appointment several weeks in advance, but despite this my appointment time was intentionally double booked because they were busy that day. As a result one assistant had to go between 2 groups. No apology was made for this. 2) the assistant provided zero service- she spent very little time with us, did not offer any opinion on dresses and when asked to pin the dresses she refused saying they don't go that here and you just have to hold the dress yourself! 3) I checked before booking the appointment that my dresses could be delivered before my wedding day and was told on 2 separate occasions that there would be no problem. When I arrived for the appointment I was told they would only arrive on time if I paid an additional £75 per dress for a rush order! This was not mentioned on the phone at all. 4) the majority of the dresses seem to be a size 6-10 so if you are bigger than that, you are unable to try any dresses.

If I brought 3 dresses here, I would have spent almost £1000. Considering they knew this, I would have expected some service but we might as well have been minna clothes shop trying on clothes for ourselves. What should have been an enjoyable experience was very stressful and disappointing. I would not recommend going here.
Laura Huseyin - 26/02/2014
Wonderful people, Wonderful time, Wonderful Dress.    
Im not exactly the big girly girl or bridezilla but going into see and try on dresses can be kind of scary as well as fun.
I have been to others and never got the feeling I got from All That Glitters Bridal. The staff (must mention Lizzy) and the owner and the other two girls made me feel so welcome and were so kind to me and my sister in law to be. They helped me find "THE" dress that i otherwise may never have found. But most of all I enjoyed the experience and that was down to all the lovely people. I am now soo excited that i have found my dress and cannot wait for it to arrive. I will endeavour to tell all my friends, newly engaged, yet to be engaged, that if they truly want an amazing wedding dress experience to make a trip to the lovely town of Wimbledon in London to visit All That Glitters Bridal.
Olivia - 20/11/2013
If only I could give 0 out of 5...    
Horrendous experience from start to finish - TERRIBLE, non-existent customer service - the dresses were ordered in the wrong sizes and were of very poor quality - in my opinion Dessy dresses are certainly not worth the extra investment. ZERO communication when issues arose and generally a very sad state of affairs that a shop that is meant to offer brides to be one of the best experiences of their lives and wedding planning experience gets away with making people so miserable, upset and out of pocket! Shops like this shouldn't be allowed to trade! AVOID AT ALL COSTS
k Wenbourne - 25/10/2013
'All that Glitters' is assuredly not gold    
We ordered x2 Dessy bridesmaid's dresses from All That Glitters; when the time came to pick them up, they were hugely baggy & unsightly. We were not encouraged to try them on the shop. The bride ended up having to fork out £45 on EACH dress to have it fitted! On top of £160 for a supposedly fitted dress! Would have been less stressful & better value for money to have just gone to a high street store & had dresses altered (it's a formal wedding, the dresses need to be very fitted). The owner, John, is rude, dismissive & I believe deliberately leaves getting products in to the last minute, leaving his customers to panic & be forced into making last minute (more expensive) decisions than need be, to maximise his profits. Horrible shop, bad man, do not give them your hard earned money or allow them to be associated with your wonderful day.
Ann - 08/10/2013
Terrible experience    
My dress arrived and they had ordered it in a size 10 when clearly they should have ordered a 12 as my hip measurement was dead on and the dress was satin so it had no give. I would have expected a bridal shop to know the right size. I was asked to come in to be re measured a truly humiliating degrading experience as if I had gotten fatter. When they realised I hadn't changed they apologised, but not before the fitting lady had advised me to lose weight and it would be ok on the day. I ended up with a different dress which didn't fit me perfectly. It ruined the whole experience for me.
Rebecca - 14/09/2013
Awful customer service & cheap plastic bags    
Despite starting out relatively well... it all fell apart soon after I placed the order for the dress. Ordering in May I was assured that my dress would be fine for the September wedding date.. I was told July would be the month that it arrived- July came and no word- so I called to chase. "It will be here on the 16th- do you want to make an appointment for your fitting- of course that weekend would be great" Friday of that week- i ring to confirm the appointment. "Oh your dress hasn't arrived (5pm on a Friday evening) right were you going to tell me before I bought everyone to the fitting on the sunday.. .errrrr... right you chase it for me. Saturday no word so I call back- nothing. Not helpful- call to speak to the owner/manager John "of course you'll be compensated for this.." fine.

Go for the fitting- wait 45 minutes despite having an appointment- "some girls like to admire themselves" wow thanks for the insight... rushed fitting.. EXTORTIONATE fitting pricing for a couple of bits... no mention of the compensation. Shocking.

The last nail in the coffin- went to collect the dress which is in excess of £1k and it is put in a cheap nasty white plastic suit carrrier. No apologies- no offer of anything.

Do not bother. Go somewhere that will treat you well and put a smile on your face. Downright rude and a waste of time.
Bride to be - 30/08/2013
Amazing people!    
I went to all that glitters the afternoon after i had been to teokath in the morning. the women at teokath were snobby and made me feel uncomfortable, and wouldnt even let me take photos. but the girls at all that glitters were really lovely. they let us take as many photos as we wanted and didnt get upset when i kept changing my mind about the kind of dress i wanted. i tried on at least 8 and narrowed it down to 2 dresses that i really like. i havent got my dress yet but ive booked another appointment for a few weeks time at all that glitters. i decided this morning that teokath will NOT be getting my money!
Caz - 07/07/2013
Appalling customer service    
I ordered 4 x Dessy bridesmaid dresses through them. We ordered them in November and they were due to arrive at the end of January. When we rang in January to check they were still on track to arrive, we discovered the shop had completely failed to place the order. We therefore had to wait another 2 months with the dresses eventually arriving in mid March. They were not forthcoming with any form of compensation or discount but did eventually agree to send us a swatch of fabric and agreed to courier one of the dresses over to Ireland as soon as it arrived. When the dresses did arrive, I went to pick them up & pay the remaining balance. I left one dress with them on the basis they had agreed to courier it over to Ireland. I gave them full address details & they assured me it would be sent first thing on the Monday morning by Fed Ex for a 24 / 48 hour delivery. 10 days later the dress still hadn't arrived in Ireland. We spoke to the shop several times & every time they came up with a different story in terms of when the dress was sent & by what method. It was infuriating that they just would not tell us the truth! The dress eventually arrived in Ireland 2 whole weeks later! To add fire to the situation, the swatch of fabric was also "apparently" posted at the same time as the dress but still hasn't arrived. The girls at the shop could not have been nicer & more understanding - it was the male owner of the shop who was absolutely infuriating to deal with. It seems as soon as he has your money he just doesn't care what happens to the dresses or customer service.
C Clayton - 22/03/2013
awful service all that glitters bridal wimbledon    
unbelievably badly treated by all that glitters bridal in Wimbledon. They promised back in September to have my dress in end of Nov, first week Dec. Came in second week Dec which was ok, but then they cancelled on the day that I had a first fitting booked, just like that, very inflexible to reschedule. Rescheduled to 10 days later. When I got there, didn't know I had ordered shoes too while I had reminded them only the week before. Also the seamstress was constantly on the phone talking to her friends, pushed me out after 20 mins, I wasn't even allowed to try on some of the accessories I wanted to check with my dress. Pushed out and reminded I had to pay the bill straight away. Awful service. Then booked for 2nd fitting, could only do 4 days before my wedding while they knew I had to be scheduled in months beforehand! Then they called to say shoes were there, very impolite, I said, I'm coming in two weeks when I have second fitting. For them to realise I wasn't put on the booking schedule for that day!!! Like 4 days before my wedding, and by luck I found out that they hadn't put me on the books .. I have no idea what happened to this shop since I was there in September, very kind lady Jackie back then .. now all rude impolite awful service .. I never write any reviews, but had to for this one as my special day, my special dress, has become a bit of a joke as a result of their behaviour ..
Ruth - 27/12/2012
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