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Address: Maids to Measure
  Unit C2, The Depot, The Gasworks, 2 Michael Road
  SW6 2AD
Tel: 02077513097
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High price point for low quality and service level    
We chose maids to measure because we were looking for high-quality dresses and needed a diverse range of sizing that most high street shops couldn't cater for. We wanted to buy something a bit special and was hoping to have a nice shopping experience with the bridesmaids and immediate relatives.
The shopping experience was non-essential to finding the right dress, although I will note that the Maids-to-Measure shop ‘experience’ is not something to bring all the relatives to. The shop is on an industrial estate and the changing facility, I kid you not, is a screen in front of an unlocked door. I wouldn’t describe myself as the type of person who strolls around the gym changing room in the nude, I would say I’m a more of a towel shuffler. The expectation in maids-to-measure was for all maids to jump behind the screen and get changed at the same time. If like me you would not opt for that approach, be aware that it’s slow-going with only one “changing room”.
The staff are very friendly but don't put much stock in the things that matter to the customer – the changing facilities are a prime example. The shop itself could be cleaner. A number of the dresses to try on had bust zips and/or make-up stains, but we had travelled all the way to Fulham, so we carried on in the spirit of things. However two were particularly bad, which I pointed out to the staff, she advised I should try it on anyway! Needless to say I didn't try it on and she put it back in the hanger for the next person.
Unfortunately Maids-to-Measure have a real monopoly on diverse sizing in bridesmaid dresses, it came down to a choice between Maids-to-Measure and Debenhams. The end result from Maids-to-Measure is better than the equivalent dress in Debenhams. Debenhams I found set the bar low with several visible sewing errors on the dresses I tried on, Debenhams price point is about £150.
Maids-to-Measure advertise that you can purchase the dresses off their website for a reasonable ~£250, or £350~ if you want the full made-to-measure service. After the shop experience, we opted for off-the-shelf service which is called Maids Online and thought we’ll get the changes made elsewhere. It’s good that we left time to have the dresses altered elsewhere, because when the dress arrived in the standard length, it required taking up by a total of 1.5" (this is surprising because I'm 5'4" which is the average height of UK woman and will be wearing 4” heels on the day, couldn’t get more standard) so this is a considerable alteration to make the dress wearable. The dress was also missing a hook and eye so the zip didn’t stay closed at the top. I also chose to have the liner cut out because it's a summer wedding and my almost £300 dress came lined with that thick sweat-inducing polyester fabric that you find in very cheap clothes. I felt quite ripped-off by the standard of lining fabric that had been used, given the price point Maids-to-Measure pitch at. In summation when you consider the alterations into the price of the dress, it’s just not special enough for £300+ and the hassle of alterations, you could easily find a dress on the high street at a fraction of that cost that would come with a hook and eye and higher quality fabric… and a better shopping experience to boot.
Dee - 02/07/2015
Bridesmaid dresses that don't fit!    
Maids to Measure sounds like the perfect answer for providing reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses at that are made to measure. However, from my experience with them these dresses are most certainly not made to measure as they didn't fit! In particular one of my bridemaid's dresses was too small at the first fitting and I was assured that they could let it out (this is a slim girl who had definately not changed shape since being measured). However, on picking up the altered dresses, which were only ready 10 days before the wedding, we discovered it was still way too small to the point that the seams were splitting. Also each dress came with a sash and each sash had a seam down the middle at the front! Maids to Measure said they would rectify the situation and would make up a new dress with just 1 week to go. They re-measured my bridesmaid but the dress arrived 2 days before the wedding and it was far too big and about 4 inches too long. The sashes arrived a foot shorter than the original ones and an inch wider which looked ridiculous on grown up bridesmaids. They re-sent the sashes again after recieving exact measurements from me but they turned up the day before the wedding 1 metre too long!! They all had to be wrapped around each girl several times and bridesmaid with the dress which was now far too big had to have 2 rows of safety pins down her back!! These dresses cost me £225 each and they have now put their prices up to £255. Personally I think this is way over the odds for dresses that are not made to measure. I am not the only person who has had this problem, and I would advise people to be very careful about using this company (have an emergency dressmaker on hand!) as it was an extrememly stressful experience, the only stressful experience in the build up to my wedding.
Millie Mitchell - 07/12/2012
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