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Amazing Experience (Zoe)    
I visited Confetti and Lace yesterday for my first experience of bridal shopping with my mum and sister. From the moment we walked in we were treated with genuine care and enthusiasm. I was a bit nervous at first but Zoe completely put me at ease and made me feel really special. She listened to everything we said and was able to find me my perfect dress. I was expecting finding a dress quite difficult but Zoe was amazing and found me 'the one'. I said 'yes to the dress' and I couldn't be happier! I can't thank Zoe enough and I couldn't have done it without her!
Hannah Thompson - 09/04/2017
I'd just like to thank Gill for being so patient and she made me feel so welcome. She knew all her dresses and her knowledge was exactly what I needed as I didn't have a clue what I wanted or suited me.

Thank Gikl
Yvonne Mitchell - 27/03/2016
Saturday 12th March    
I had such a lovely time at your shop on Saturday, and I really want to thank Danielle for making it such an amazing experience.
You met us with a smile, and was still smiling till the end! Couldn't have wanted anyone else to help my best friend pick her dress. And what a dress you helped her pick, absolutely stunning!!!
You were so genuine with your approach, and gentle and the screaming baby didn't faze you in the slightest. Thank you Danielle, and well done Confetti and Lace, you have a very special worker on your team! Fantastic customer service!
Will come for my own dress one day! Lots of love always x
Jules - 14/03/2016
Impeccable Service     
Yesterday I was privileged to be with my Granddaughter Charlotte when she went to Confetti & Lace to show me the wedding dress that was "the one" Sarah her fitter made me welcome and included giving advice and help. Nothing was too much trouble and any questions answered including calling Maxine the seamstress through. All staff welcomed us and refreshments provided. Gill the manager also checked all was ok , Gill your staff are a credit Thankyou
Terry O'Connell - 24/02/2016
Thank you so much!     
My bridesmaids and I went to Confetti and Lace on Wednesday evening and I cannot thank Devon enough for such s fantastic service. We were twenty minutes late for a 7:30pm appointment because of the traffic but Devon could not have been more helpful. My bridesmaids felt so comfortable just trying on the different dresses that were brought in for them to try and Devon was not at all phased with the speed at which the girls were making their decisions about the dresses!

She made us all feel extremely welcome and comfortable and took the comments that the bridesmaids were making, my mum and I were making on board about colour, styles, fabric etc.

If you want a comfortable and fun experience for bridesmaid dress shopping then go to Devon!

Cannot wait now for the dresses to come now.

Thanks again.

Emma Heath - 20/09/2015
Devon was brilliant    
Devon at Confetti and Lace was fantastic. She was patient, kind, professional and insightful. She took time and listened to our requirements and allowed us to try any dress we wanted. She also picked some she felt would suit my daughter and it was the perfect dress. She found solutions to concerns eg. We didn't like the beading on an otherwise perfect dress. Brilliant all round.
Julie keeler - 12/09/2015
Wedding dress shopping    
Thank you so much to Lisa at Confetti and Lace! Today I went with a friend to try on wedding dresses and the experience far exceeded my expectations! Not only did I find the most amazing dress, all thanks to Lisa, but her service was second to non. Welcoming, friendly and extremely helpful from start to finish. Thank you Lisa for making a special shopping trip completely amazing x x x
Jackie Bentley - 12/08/2015
I had an amazing experience at Confetti and Lace trying on wedding dresses and found my perfect dress. Kim Penny was absolutely amazing - so enthusiastic, friendly and genuinely helpful. She picked out a variety of dresses for me to try once she knew the kind of style I was looking for and thanks to her I have purchased an exquisite dress that is perfect for me. The whole experience there was fantastic from start to finish and i would highly recommend it to any bride-to-be.
I look forward to going back for my fitting next year.
Sophie Hart - 26/05/2015
Wedding Dress First Trial    
I had an appointment with Alesha for my first time ever trying on wedding dresses and bought one there and then on the day!

Alesha was both professional and relaxed and as I went with my mum, sisters and cousins etc she jjoined in with us all and really felt like she was part of it.

I explained what it was I was looking for and what I didn't like and like about some of the dresses I had been trying on to which she said hang on I think I have something you may like....which has now ended up being my dress!!! I fell in love with it the minute I put it on and strangely enough saw it on the hanger when originally choosing dresses to try on in the beginning and didn't think it was what I was looking for! If it wasn't for Alesha's professionalism in understanding what it was I was looking for I still may be searching! They also brought us out a glass of bubbly to which I thought was a lovely touch!

Over all the day was fantastic and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I cannot recommend Alesha or the rest of the girls highly enough and want to thank all of them for making my day a special one to remember!
Jenni - 12/03/2015
Where to begin?! Amazing shop, lovely staff and beautiful gowns.
My experience at Confetti and Lace can be summed up in one word and that is Kim! From the moment I walked in the door she made me feel so special and relaxed. Nothing was too much trouble. She understood me from the start and showed me exactly what I wanted. Gave me her honest opinion. Excelled expectations. I didn't think I'd buy my dress today- but I did.
Thank you so much for a lovely morning.
Highly recommended. Wish I could rate Kim and the store higher.
Alexia Zenonos - 11/10/2014
amazing service    
I turned up at the lakeside shop today without an appointment. I was just having a look at styles. I was greeted instantly with a smile. Was asked when my wedding was and was put at ease so much that I was trying on dresses before I knew it! Kmowleagble helpful polite and freindly staff. It was a great stmosphere and I felt special. I loved 2 dresses but having tried them on twice listened to the honest advice I was guided towards the less expensive one. Thst was revealing. I was not pushed to buy the most costly judt helped with patience to get the best dress for me. I left the shop on cloud nine. I cant praise them enough. Thank you ladies. We even were given tea. First time we had been offered refreshments in 5 shops. My fitting room was spotless too.
gill barrett - 27/09/2014
100% customer service    
Today I visited confetti and lace lakeside. It is the second bridal shop I visited. I walked in the time of my apointment and was greeted by sue Patterson. She was my personal assistant, she asked me questions about what style,colour,shape and patterns etc I had thought of from that she walked around the shop and showed me particular ones that matched what I asked I also picked my own. I was assisted through the whole appointment and advised I found the most beautiful wedding dress. It was in the fantastic sale and I fell in love with it. Thank you to all the staff and assistance especially sue
Donna chambers - 28/08/2014
Unbelievable service.. so bad it bordered on comical    
Rated this 1 out of 5 but that is overrating it.

I have never once written a review about anything, but the service I had at Confetti and Lace was so bad I have felt compelled to let others know they should definitely avoid this shop. My friend had initially said she had heard bad reviews of the shop but when I found the dress I loved I got carried away and bought the dress. Service was fine at this point.. as I was handing over my deposit.

Warning bells should have first rung when I was umming and arring about whether to buy the dress as my mum wasn't with me. She lives over 300 miles away so they reassured me that when she comes down we can try the dress on and make it just as special so she can see me in it. So the day came when I made an appointment to try that specific dress on with my mum, only to arrive in the store and be told that they had sold that dress that morning and it was in the back so would not be allowed to try the dress on. I explained that I had already tried that sample gown on and that being as it had not been dry cleaned I could not see why my mum could not see me in it, but there was no way they were going to let me try it on despite my mum travelling specifically to see it. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and put it down to just bad luck and a genuine mistake on their part for selling the dress that they knew I was scheduled to come in and try on.

Next issue was constant phone calls to see whether my dress had been delivered and I only once got a phone call back, and that was only because I was forced to get a bit irate on the phone - which is not like me at all - but it seems this is the only response they recognise. Dress finally arrived despite it being late, and not being kept in the loop at all about due dates, expected delivery time etc.

By this point I had already decided I did not want anything more to do with the shop so had booked in with an external seamstress. Made my appointment to see the dress - the alleged fitting - to be told there were no appointments. This was despite it being almost 2 weeks in advance and again having to arrange it for one weekend that my mum had arranged to come down and FINALLY see me in my dress. I asked if they were sure there weren't any appointments and she reluctantly booked me in for 5pm on the original day I asked for, so there was clearly an appointment available. I was about 10 min late for the appointment so rang to apologise which they said was not a problem. Arrived in the store only to be kept waiting for a further 20 minutes.. you would think as I was the one who was late that the seamstress would already be available to put me in the dress.

Seamstress put me in the dress and then walked off leaving me in it with no 'expert' opinions or suggestions as to options available. Not even any idle chit chat in the changing room like... 'so when is the big day??' The woman put me in the dress, shoved a few pins under my arms, didn't ask me whether it was tight enough or felt secure.. walked off again and left me to my own devices. Service was that bad that I put the dress in the bag MYSELF and could have walked straight out of the store with it.. it was only because I asked whether I needed to sign anything which prompted the woman to say... "that's 195 for the 'fitting'"!! Laughed it off and said I will be getting the alterations done elsewhere and got out of the shop as quick as possible!!

Only advice I can give to future brides is.. if you find a dress you like in this store, take a note of the designer and the style and order it ANYWHERE but there. You would literally get better customer service on eBay!
Amy - 27/01/2014
Not amazing, but not awful either    
I already knew the type of dress I wanted when I started looking and C&L had exactly the dress I was after! The girls were really friendly and helpful. It was only after this that I read the bad reviews and start to worry however it honestly wasn't all that bad.

I did have an issue with the time it took between ordering the dress and having my first fitting; this wasn't C&L's fault though. When I ordered the dress in June 2012 I was given a date for fitting, however every time I called the store to check up on the dress I was given a new later date. I eventually had my first fitting in July 2013 - if only they had told me it would take that long, a year earlier! Looking back I just wish someone had told me that the dress order goes to the designer and it's them who establishes the delivery date by working back from your actual wedding date. It certainly would have saved me stressing and worrying that it wouldn't be ready in time.

One thing to check after ordering your dress is the cost of alterations. My receipt said 'Alterations @ 195' however due to the amount of work my dress needed, they tried to increase it to 260. I refused to pay as my invoice clearly stated a price that wasn't dependent on the amount of changes needed, which they accepted. I had my final fitting last night and the alterations were made perfectly and the dress fit like a glove! They let me walk onto the shop floor and look in the large mirror, all the while receiving many compliments which made the experience that bit better!
Sophie - 30/08/2013
They need closing down    
I am currently helping a friend with the awful service she recieved form Confetti and Lace. Why they have still been allowed to continue in business is beyond me. The owner Christine is a law unto herself and needs bringing down a peg or two. She flatly refused to alter a dress that was 2 sizes to big for my friend. Who I might add was measured for it. The seamstress said she was given strict instructions NOT to take on any alterarions for her. Yhe manager (of 5 weeks and never been in this industry) told my friend to cut her loses and take the dress after paying the balance which was 700.00p a total of just under 2000.00p was spent. She also said on 2 occassions that she understood how my freind felt as she too was getting married a week later. But she also for what ever reason said that she had no bidget for her dress, what she wanted was what she got. Not sure why she felt she had to mention this. She apparently phoned Chrisitne the owner in Canada on the day we went to collect the dress. We were told absolutley no refund no alterations and we couldn't purchase the sampler dress that fitted perfect. I do hope more dissatisfied brides to be stay clear of this shop. All of you that have had similar situations please please please make a stand and take them to court.
lyn goodhead - 26/11/2012
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