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Lots of dresses
Allow children (I took my 3 year old and they were very accommodating)

The bridal consultant didnít listen at all to what I was looking for from the dress style, shape, and accessories. She got it all wrong and it was very frustrating.
Felt she was quite pushy and salesy.
Emma - 05/12/2017
There are not strong enough words to decribe just how truly shocking this shop is.
Utterly the worst experience.
Never met such rude, unhelpful and obnoxious staff any where. It is as if they are doing you a massive favour allowing you the time to try a dress on and as soon as they get a deposit from you they no longer want to know and will not accommodate allowing a second try on.
There are so much better places near by, there is no reason to waste your time and money here.
All they care about is securing a despoit and then zero service thereafter.
Shocking to think they act this way with what is meant to be one of your most special purchases.
The stock is out of date with a small range any way so it's not as if they're offering something that can't be obtained elsewhere.
Laura - 06/06/2017
Easily fooled....    
I purchased my dress from here as it was the only local place to me which had it in stock. I had heard bad stories and experiences but thought I'd go with it.

Appointment booked, and I knew what dress I wanted so went straight for that. Whilst standing there in the dress, I was given a veil, tiara, necklace, the lot, and expected to buy it all. They are very very sales orientated, which is awful as they do not concentrate on what you want as a bride.

After standing in the dress for 40 minutes, with the sales lady trying to convince me to buy it, even though I was explaining that I want my Mum to see it before I bought the dress, she said 'you can still buy it and we won't tell your Mum you've bought it'. What a cheek!!
However, then another sales lady spoke up and said they'd give me a discount if I went to the wedding fair at bluewater and bought the dress then, so I thought that would be the best thing to do.

The wedding fair at bluewater came, which was a nightmare, it was an awful rush, no room to get ready and you felt like a piece of cattle in a herd! However, as I knew it was the dress I bought it. She messured me and insisted I should have a size bigger because she was worried about my hips. My response was 'you don't need to worry about my hips, I do not need a size bigger!' Then she mentioned a wedding bag and will I need one, I said, no, I won't need a bag for the day, she said, no its a bag to put the wedding dress in, not realising, I said yes of course, which was £15 on top of the cost, I was disgusted! But didn't realise, so if its one tip I could give anyone, if any shop trys to sell you a bag for your dress, its DON'T BUY IT, take a duvet with you as thats what your dress will end up in anyway!!

The saga continues. Bell' Amour state on their website about paying monthly and interest free and she also mentioned this to me when I was paying for it. However, this is all very well, but when you can only pay by cheque, which they do not cash in for over 8 weeks or more, you may as well save the money up yourself and pay it off in one go when you collect! I had a complete nightmare paying for it they kept one cheque for three months and when I called up to ask when they were going to cash it in they said 'we don't do much banking!' What a joke!

Because of the horror stories I heard about them, and because I didn't want to pay them any more money I was taking the dress staight away and getting the alterations done by someone else. When I went to collect the dress, twice I was asked it if was a cancelled or post-boned wedding, which I was very surpised at because what the hell has it got to do with them, but all I can think of was it was to do with me not having my alterations with them.

I had told them that my auntie was altering the dress just to keep them quiet thinking that they wouldn't say anymore, however they proceeded to tell me what my auntie should do and how she should alter the dress and no matter how many times I said she is a seemstress and has actually made wedding dresses so she knows what she is doing, they still went on and on.

I was so glad to get out of there and get my dress away from them. They are rude and arrogant, and I would not recommend the shop to anyone. I honestly do not actually know how they are still there and selling dresses.

Leanne Jowsey - 03/09/2012
No problems....However I think it does depend on what kind of person you are....    
I actually refused to even go to this shop after all the stories I had heard from friends and family.

However I had narrowed my serch down to dreses at 2 different shops and as they had both I booked an appointment to try them on "one after the other" with no intention of buying from there.

While there I actually spotted another Justin Alexander dress which I eventually went with.

No I had a choice as Bride and Groom in Bromley said they could get the dress in from me or just purchase it from Bell Amour. Due to my parents living in Bexleyheath it was easier to get it from here.

However I explained in no uncertain terms was I to deal with anyone other than Lyn and tols them all of the stories I had heard and that I will not be putting up with being rude to. I also told them to sign today they would also have to match the 15% discount that Bride and Groom were offering that weekend which they eventually agreed to.

All in all I didnt have any problems but I did start as i meant to go on. Lyn was fantastic lovely lovely lady and I didnt have a problem with alterations etc either. In fact I thought due to the amount of detail on my dress it was a fair price.

I did look here for bridemaids dresses but I would recommend Special Occasions in Standford Le Hope - You dont need an appointment, they are really friend, not sizeist and they are cheaper than in other dress shop ive been to.
Katie Learmouth - 01/09/2012
Belle Amour Bexleyheath Bad service!    
We brought 2 bridesmaids dresss in Belle Amour in Bexleyheath and initial reacion, beautiful shop fantastic dresses.

The initial showing was brilaant friendly and helpful.

However dont let that fool you, once we handed over the cash the rudeness started. One of the bridesmaids was asked to sign to 'promise' she wont gain any weight! (how rude!)

We were not informed when the dresses arrived and went into the shop mid june (wedding august) to find out what was happening we were abrutly told 'you will get a call when they come in so I cant chek now!' We explained we were concerned we ordered them the previous october and heard nothing. to which the lady on the desk begrudginly looked. she told us that we had arranged a fiting in April to which we said that we wouldnt of because I (bridesmaid) was due to have a baby on April the 4th!! When she later investigated she discovered we were not contacted and a member of staff had booked us in willy nilly! We recieved no apology for this.

They will only do fittings tues, wed, thurs in the middle of the day, we (bridesmaids) both have small children (myself 3 month old baby and my SIL a 15 month old) So we asked if there was any chance of a fitting in the late afternoon (4pm) where the bride could attend to help with with the babies (aswell as seeing the dressess he was buying!) or better still a saturday or sunday appt where the dads could look after the babies. we were told this was certainly not an option and as the bride is a teacher who cannot take time off school she will miss seeing the dresses

When we finally got ot attend a fitting we were asked (in a rather unplesant tone of voice) if the children were 'good' and it wasnt 'ideal' they were there! (as you can see for above reasons we had no child care and we were well aware it wasnt ideal!)

We were todl we brought the wrong strapless bra (dispite being told just wear the one that we will wear on the day) but it will 'do'

The alterations were expensive for what they did and we felt we couldnt take the dresses else where.

When picking the dresses up one of the bridesmaids went with a recipet form the bride and was told with out photographic ID they wont hand them over! They couldnt get hold of the bride and phoned me when I said OFC a bridesmaid could have the dresses and im preety sure shes the right person!

All in all the dresses are beautiful and the alterations done well but were they worth the hassle definatly not, and they certinaly wernt worth being spoken down on either!

Advoid at all costs unless you have no children, dont work and can drop everything and like being spoken down to!...oh and stay away from the cakes!
Maxine Lawson - 01/08/2012
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