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Address: Landy Bridal
  uilding 2,No.156 Xuqing Rd.,Xuguan Industrial Park
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Costly mistake...    
I chose a very simple wedding dress that was meant to be understated but elegant. I got a flimsy parcel which had me bawling my eyes out on seeing the incredibly cheap material that couldn't hold the style that was used...and the netting used for my bolero was so harsh and scratchy, I couldn't wear it. I complained to Landy Bridal and was told as both were made to measure, I couldn't have a refund...3 weeks to the wedding! Needless to say, I had to get a sale dress pronto from a bridal store for more money.
Ebu - 12/11/2014
Yes I am very fussy...    
I am a woman who knows what she wants - having had 4 friends recently married who used Landy I decided to give them a try. I tried on a few dresses in bridal shops in UK and knew I wanted a hybrid of 3/4 dresses I had seen. Yolane (fantastic!!) dealt with me. I sent her a Word document (with images) with specific instructions about every part of the dress. I got a seamstress to take my measurements (very important - rubbish in = rubbish out). To ensure that she knew what I was visualising I got her to send me a mock up pic of what she thought I was saying which was perfect and helped me to relax. I requested pictures before the dress was shipped and was able to ask for further adjustments. Because of the great stuff they did with my dress I asked them to make 2 bridesmaid dresses for me also. From the feedback I had read I knew it was crucial to get both dresses from the same roll of material. You have to be very specific, patient, send lots of pics and descriptions. I have received all dresses now and am very happy. I will pay for some minor adjustments but hey - I've saved at least £1000. Material quality good - I also paid $15 for them to send material swatches just to be sure before I placed my order. Work with them and hopefully you will also have a good outcome. Again I dealt with Yolane- I can't speak for anyone else there.
Adelle - 26/12/2013
Extremely difficult experience    
I definitely wouldn't recommend Landy Bridal.
I ordered 3 bridesmaids’ dresses from them. 2 were fine. The third was in entirely the wrong fabric. I complained but they still made me pay for the shipping for a new one. This was after me arguing with them for a long time to get them to take some responsibility for the situation. They were extremely stubborn, unhelpful and unsympathetic. They finally re-sent the third one after making me pay an extra rush fee to get it in time for my wedding. However, they did this incorrectly too. I had asked them to make the dress without a train which they said they would do. When it arrived, it had the train. I have asked them at the very least to give me some money for the alteration fee to get this train removed. They have refused to do this and only instead offered a discount on another item in the future, or for me to send the dress back to them – of course they have not offered to pay for the shipping either way. The whole experience has been extremely difficult, stressful and expensive. If you are on a budget and need to stick to a timescale then Landy are not for you. I’d really like other brides to not experience this kind of stress in the run up to their wedding.
nearlymarried - 17/07/2012
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