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Awful, these people will make you cry sad tears!!!    
Would not recommend anyone to use these. What a bunch of bullies. Its all about the money. They do not care about you 1 little bit. If you want a Maggie dress, go to broadstairs or another supplier. Honestly, do not bother. Organising a wedding is stressful enough, without this bunch making you feel like you have been mugged off and left feeling stupid.
No Name - 22/04/2013
Bad customer service    
Wedding World Folkestone seemed like a nice little family run shop On my first visit. Don't be fooled! After trying on my dream dress and wanting to go away to have a think about whether to  place an order that day or wait until payday, the owner of the shop started to be very very pushy and clearly on reflection was not happy with us leaving without a sale. The communication between putting deposit down and delivery was awful and the emails sent back to me were short, blunt and not personal at all. The customer service on the phone was rude and controlling and made it feel that they didn't have time for you. 
When going to try my dress on, it was unwelcoming and as if they just wanted the balance paid off and again seemed as if they had no time for you and you were causing them an inconvenience. The dress was in a dirty dress bag that had clearly been dropped in dirty whilst being transported. My dress had poor stitching and was not a good quality, when I mentioned it got very defensive and confrontational. 
They had no care about my concerns and didn't make me feel special, even though I had already committed myself to the dress. All they cared about was getting me to pay the balance and take the dress away, they were not willing to store it until my alteration appointment. Poor poor customer service and I would not recommend this shop. 
Especially as I went to so many other shops and was made to feel lovely, as you should for your wedding day. Wedding world made me feel like I had found the dream dress and all they then wanted was money, no after care service or loyalty to their customer what so ever. 
Bee buzz - 16/07/2012
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