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Address: Heart Brides
  Holiday Inn
Tel: 01353 698374
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I first met Zoie & the girls from Heart Brides 18 months ago when I brought my wedding dress. From the minute I walked through the door zoie & the girls could not do enough for me in helping me find my dream dress for my wedding in 10 weeks. Nothing was two much trouble for them and they were always so helpful if I needed to ask any questions or if I was worried about my dress. I had my last fitting & brought my dream dress home last Monday and I can't thank Zoie and the girls enough for all they did for me i highly recommend them if you are on the hunt for a wedding dress. Friendly happy amazing ladies x
Kerry Lewis - 08/03/2016
Wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.    
I went to a Hearts Brides show two years before I was due to get married just to get an idea of what sort of dress I would like. I was so impressed with the selection available and the friendly atmosphere created by Peter, Zoe and team and ended up falling in love with a dress there and then. I put a deposit on it and also four bridesmaids dresses which my girls instantly fell in love with. I was able to view the dresses whenever I wished and it felt amazing to know that my dress was an original design and would make my day even more special.
Peter and Zoe were extremely helpful and there was no hesitation when I asked for cravats and handkerchiefs to be made to match the bridesmaids dresses. When it came to fittings Peter was very accommodating to suit when I was able to get everyone together and I was thrilled when we collected our dresses.
My wedding day was perfect and I felt like a princess in my dress which I didn't want to ever take off!!
Hearts brides are fantastic and I can't praise them enough for the quality, design and service given. My girls have already said that they want to get their dresses from here when they get married.
Amanda Gibson - 30/08/2012
Totally Amazing!    
I visited Heart Brides in 2007 from a recommendation from my cousin who had brought her dress from them. Mum and I walked in and was greeted by Pete and Zoie, they made us feel very welcomed, Pete explained all the dress prices and said I could try on any style I like. Pete does have an eye for everything and would immediately tell you if he thought you looked good or maybe a few adjusments were needed etc. I am a large lady and I didn't feel at all out of place or embarrassed and I found my perfect dress! I paid for it and took my dress away. However unforseen circumstances meant that I had to postpone my wedding for good reasons I might add. In January 2012 I contacted Zoie and explained that 4 years later we are back on track and the wedding is in July 2012. What I can't believe is that Zoie remembered me and our sitution and was delighted for us. The only problem that I had is that the dress was too small for me, Zoie said no problem come in and see us and we will sort. That they did! I was embarrassed that I had put weight on but Pete reassured me and said we will make it better, I began to lose some weight but had a steep mountain to climb, eventually the dress fitted with the enormous help from Pete and the gang!! I was overjoyed! I think Pete was too after having to endure seeing me every week for about six weeks! but this is what I cannot believe the amount of time and help Pete and Zoie gave me was tremondous and only having to pay a one off alteration fee was perfect considering all that had to be altered. All Pete's team were amazng they had to put up with my emotions, from crying to laughing, I actually miss going to see them all!. So what I am really trying to say here is that I have never felt so comfortable and at ease when trying on dresses, the service is impeccable much more than the high street shops, you are always remembered and they give their upmost to help you. I cannot thank Pete and Zoie enough, so a MASSIVE thank you Pete and Zoie xx Lots of love PETTITT! xxxx
Kelly Pettitt - 29/08/2012
I got my dress and after thinking it was perfect purchased it,
I then got home and had a panick I had made the wrong decision so I called in and spoke to Zoe and she said not to worry just look at the other dresses they have incase theirs one their I prefer :-) luckily their wasn't so I tried on my dress on and must have been a nightmare bride!!
asking them to make changes to this and that part, add some bits here and making it more 'puffy' !!! they done this beautifully and I now get married next week! at the start of buying my dress but after they had finished I absolutely love it and can't wait to show it off!!! would recommend to anyone :-)
sharlie - 10/08/2012
Amazing people amazing dresses    
I can not rate these people enough, Peter, Zoie and the team are so friendly and helpful you can't feel anything but comfortable in their company. I went to the Priory Hotel in Bury St Edmunds after trying on so many dresses I finally decided (or so I thought) on a dress from a shop in Newmarket. I went to Heart brides on a recommendation from a friend just to make sure I'd made the right choice and I'm so glad I did. I tried on quite a few dresses which I quickly dismissed until I tried on the most amazing duchess satin fishtail dress which I would never have tried on anywhere else but Peter encouraged me to give it a go and I completely fell in love with the dress and how it made me feel. I have never felt so amazing and had so many complements as I did on my wedding day last Friday. I am so glad I went to see Heart brides and didn't settle for a dress that 10 other brides could be wearing on the same day, I know my dress is a one off original and I can't thank Peter enough for that. I also have the most stunning veil and tiara as part of the package such fantastic value. THANK YOU x
Sarah O - 30/05/2012
Excellent Service    
I have just got married and brought my wedding dress and 6 bridesmaid dresses from heart brides , I was thrilled with the service and kindness that was provided by them , my dear dad had only just passed away and peter even made a silk pocket in the hem of my dress so that a photo of him could be with me on my special day . I was recommended by a friend to go along and look at there dresses and was thrilled , I would recommend anybody to buy a dress from , wonderful people , wonderful service . Thank you peter and zoie
anthea hall - 19/05/2012
My daughter Laura's wedding dress    
I would just like to thank both you Peter and Zoie for your personal touch and first class service that my daughter Laura and I recieved. She had your 950 package deal. Peter the changes and alterations that you made to her dress were just as she requested and its beautiful, she loves that you've also given her boobs. The veil you made was also just as she had requested and with the tiara its perfect. She is going to look out of this world on her wedding day( 8th june 2012 ) You did'nt know this Peter but laura's partner Neil was blown up in Afganastan and lost a leg. The past 2 years have been very tough on both of them but I know when Neil see's her walk down the aisle in that dress he'll feel as good as she looks. Can't wait to see his face. Laura is my second daughter that you both have fitted for a wedding dress. My first daughter Donna you's fitted 6 years ago and it was your personal touch and first class service that brought us back you's. Sadly I have no more daughters, but I will whole heartly recommend you both to any bride looking for the personal touch and first class service that you's give. I can't thank you's enough for all you have done for both my daughters
Mrs Louise Burton - 16/05/2012
I cannot fault the service I received on arrival at the hotel I had the pricing explained a full fitting service provided and full choice of vail/tiara I even swapped the tiara several times on viewing my dress as kept changing my mind, both Zoie and Peter were lovely I went several times to look through the collection but even though I tried lots of dresses on I stuck with my original. I was married in this country but had blessing in Greece where my husband is from and they cleaned pressed and packed my dress for travel with in four days and delivered it back to me so I could take it to Greece and wear it at the blessing saving me buying two dresses - big thank you will be highly recommending you to all friends and family!!!!
Jill, Ipswich - 16/05/2012
Highly reccomended!!!!    
I went to the Priory hotel, welcomed by zoie and peter, looked at lots of dresses but decided on the first one I had tried on!.
All the dresses were beautiful, and of high quality and great discounted prices!

I paid for my dress in full, which intitled me to a piece of jewellery or tiara and a veil!
I was contacted for my first fitting and date arranged.
I arrived for my fitting and was welcomed warmly by all staff, throughly enjoyed the whole experience, peter even made 6 veil's for me to choose from to make sure I was happy it matched my dress, the dress fitted perfectly!!
I would highly recommend Heart Brides.
Again thankyou for a lovely and professional expierence!!!
Tessa Buxton - 15/05/2012
Let me start buy saying Please Please DO NOT use these people....I was a very unconfident bride and was not enjoying the experience of dress shopping :o( At first Zoie and Peter come across as lovely down to earth people who cant do enough for you, until you scratch the Surface and realise they are after one thing!!(MONEY)

I Brought a dress from the 2012 Range and was talked into buying it outright so that i could get a mathcing Tiara and Veil made especially for me. As soon as my money was handed over it was game over. No friendly service and no matching accesories. They also advise that if you change your mind regarding the dress you pick you can have any other dress you like or PETER Can design one for you.....JOKE!!!!!!!

Anyway after Buying my dress I soon realised that it was two different dresses that had been put back together and although innitially it looked lovely...after further inspection it was just cheap CRAP and it was 950

I told HEART BRIDES that I has changed my mind on the dress and my reasons why...but there was no mention of another dress to replace it or my matching accesories or any apology for the fact that it was sold as new but yet it had stains on it ( barely noticable..but still there)

I REALLY COULD GO ON AND ON........Go to a Bridal shop and get NEW DESIGNER DRESSES for the same price or less in the sale.
Gumbo - 18/04/2012
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