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Address: Brides & Gowns
  26 The Strand
  DE1 1HZ
Tel: 01332 267000
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Terrible service    
We booked our appointment for bridesmaid dresses, got moaned at for being early, had no help picking dresses, other people came in and was looking through dressed as we were trying on, which wouldn't bother us normally but we were next to our dressing rooms. Staff told us dresses were made to measure, when they arrived none fit, we were then told we needed to pay extra for alterations. We were also told we would need to pay 40 per dress to fast track them, which was a lie. A certain member of their staff was rude throughout the experience. Would not reccomend to anyone, it was a very stressful time for my friend (the bride).
Michelle Wilson - 21/06/2015
Ruined my wedding day    
I travelled 40 mins to try my dream dress on .. The staff seemed lovely when I first went .. I brought a maggie sottero dress and payed a deposit and was told I could pay the rest the following week which I did. After I had payed in full the staffs attitude completely changed and was not hopeful at all. I went for my final fitting and was told I did not have to come back to try on if i didn't want to as they had accurate fitting measurements. I trusted them.. 3 days before my wedding I got a phone call to say my dress had been done if I wanted to try it on I explained what I was told and they said it would be fine!.. Day before the wedding I travelled down to get my dress when I arrived staff again was not helpful I asked If I could quickly try it on so they could show my mum how to tie it up on the day .. I was told they didn't have time for that & was given a leaflet on how to do it, given my dress which the bag was filthy and had holes in.. Day off the wedding an hour before getting married I put my dress on .. But the dress didn't fit! .. They didn't put the right back panel in it took 2 people & 45 minutes to manage to get it on & the bottom of the dress was taken up to high so could see my shoes. I couldn't sit down at my meal and was in pain.. When I arrived home I took the dress off my stomach and back was blistered and burnt where the dress had been to tight and rubbed on me, I complained to the shop sent photos of my stomach, I got a replie blaming me for not going to try it on! I would not recommended this place after all the money I spent there!
Natalie Nelson - 07/09/2014
I have been to at least 10 bridal shops and have had no luck found dresses I like but not love. I ent to one who asked me my budget and sold me a dress 1000 over my budget gutted. When I went to brides and gowns they asked about budget so it was kept with in had a brilliant consultation which gave them an idea of what I wanted. I felt comfortable with the staff but they were professional. I found my dress and have bought it. I truly can not thank them enough. I can not wait to try my dress on again :) thank you one very happy bride
Emily x
Emily drage - 31/07/2014
Amazing sevice     
We had a 2 hr appointment and went over, and still never felt rushed to move on, the sevice was fantastic. And the ladies helped out so much! Thanks to all at brides & gowns.
Sam hickling - 05/07/2014
Excellent Friendly Service    
I had my appointment on 12th May 2014 and we were very warmly greeted by both Eve and the shop owner Michaela. My appointment went so smoothly, everything was described in detail and nothing was too much trouble. The staff are really friendly and very knowledable. I ended up finding the dress of my dreams and I shall definitely be going back for my accessories and bridesmaid dresses.
Absolutely fantastic service!!!!
jennifer snape - 13/05/2014    
I got my wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses from
All of them were gorgeous
I'm very happy with the outcome.

I have a friend, he is doing import trade, he said the dress is very cheap in their country, and there are much wedding dress import from China in our country. so i think christinabridal is a great way to go.
Nancy - 15/02/2014
ditto- awful attitude    
My sister, mum and bridesmaid went into this shop, the owner did not even acknowledge us, at the least we expected a "hello" but did not get one. We picked a dress off the rail to try on, so I had to draw the curtain round for my sister, the lady then came over and told us that my nieces pushchair may get the carpet dirty (it was not dirty) and drew back the curtain! Guess we were not expected to try the dresses on!! Even then we did not get a "hello" or "ill be with you in a mo" SO rude! We thus decided to not part with any money in this shop!
sarah - 27/11/2012
Awful attitude    
When you plan on spending a large amount on your dress the last thing you expect is for the service you receive to be rotten. The owners manner is horrible, i wouldn't talk to a dog like it, so why a bride?
Lauren - 14/03/2012
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