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House of Brides - Liars, and bad at that!    
I'd give them 0 out of 5 if I could!

This company is a joke, do not order from them! I've JUST found out my order was cancelled on 1st August! I made an order on 31st July 2011 for 3 bridesmaid dresses. I contacted them via email during August and again in September 2011 to get an eta on delivery as I'd paid for rush delivery (I live abroad and was visiting home in Kent so was hoping they'd arrive in time). I called 4 times and emailed once to ask someone to either email back or call me with an update, only to get an email back saying my account would be credited within 30 days!! Obviously I was in shock and called immediately to find out what was going on. No one in the call centre had a clue and said they would get someone in the orders dept to call me (they didn't!!). I then got ANOTHER email from Joan in accounts, saying my account had been fully refunded! I emailed her back straight away to find out what was going on and she emailed me back to say my order was cancelled on 1st August 2011!! Obviously this was a complete shock to me and I demanded an explanation and evidence of this. On 3rd October 2011 I get an email from Karen who 'forwarded' me an email apparently sent on 1st August to say my date given could not be met and my order had been cancelled. The email Karen sent me had no to: receipient, no subject and the date and time was in a completely different format to the one she sent me on 3rd October!! So, my verdict - completely incompetent liars, she tried covering her tracks and failed miserably!! An absolute mockery of a company and I'd advise any future bride to steer well clear of them if you want the build up to your wedding to be a happy one.
Vicky - 04/10/2011
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