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Address: Pronuptia, Manchester
  Unit 12, Sevendale House, Lever Street
  Manchester Area
Tel: 0161 228 7506
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Disgusting Service - 2013    
My sister ordered her wedding dress and 6 bridesmaid dresses from this store. The service she received after she placed the order was disgraceful.

The staff were miserable and rude; and there was absolutely no happy atmosphere in the store.

The bridesmaids had their fittings in the menswear department because "there was a bride in the main room".
The staff would also have made my sister try on her wedding dress in the menswear department had we not mention that she too was a bride, and had made an appointment.

During the fitting my 14 year old daughter was harshly scratched with one of the pins, leaving a nasty red mark that was sore for days afterwards.

The staff showed no interest in my sister whatsoever.
They did not tell her about having any ribbons or anything put into her dress so that she could put it up during the reception.
They did not show us how the dress was to be fastened up.

We all left the store fuming with the service my sister received....a huge amount of money had been spent, and she didn't even get a smile from the staff.

When the dresses were collected they were going to put the wedding dress in a bin bag "because you haven't purchased a dress bag", there was no communication beforehand that this had to be purchased.

My sister was told to "hold your arms out", where the staff dumped the dresses onto her arms.
She was not helped out of the store.

The final straw came when the dresses were put on and they did not fit properly....they had screwed up the alterations big time (which my sister had paid a lot of money for on top of the price of the dresses).

I would strongly advise all future brides to steer clear of Pronuptia in Manchester.
Laura Bradbury - 10/10/2013
I have left it until after my daughters wedding to post this review as I did not want to jinx her dress but here goes. My daughter ordered her dress and three bridesmaids dresses from this store. Her dress was in store and only needed altering, the bridesmaids dresses were ordered 4 months in advance and we were quoted that they would be in store 4 to 5 weeks before the wedding.

Three weeks before the date we contacted the store to find out what was happening. The manager, Elaine, was not available and they would call us back. No call. 2 weeks before the wedding we managed to contact Elaine who was very defensive saying she had been in hospital and whoever had given us the 4-5 weeks estimate was wrong. Asked when the bridesmaids dresses would be in we were given no definitive answer, we were advised she would call us. No call We called every day after this to be told, by Elaine, that she was contacting the supplier. We were not kept informed
at any stage.
10 days before the wedding the dresses came in, one bridesmaid was in Liverpool, two in Nottingham which we had already told the manageress.

The two bridesmaids in Nottingham were unable to travel to Manchester in view of their jobs and we were accused by Elaine of making these bridesmaids unavailable for a fitting.

We eventually collected the dresses from the store and were left to fit and alter them in Nottingham. Throughout this time Elaine, the manager was obstructive, unhelpful and dismissive.

Considering we spent well over 1000.00 pounds in this store the customer service, particularly from the manageress, was very poor, even to the extent that when my daughter went to pick up her wedding dress they charged her 15 pounds for a dress bag.

I would avoid this store if you want your dresses in time to be fitted properly, the brides dress was altered beautifully but the bridesmaids dresses were last minute and two were not fitted or altered due to their late arrival. The manageress was ineffectual, uncommunicative, and at times downright rude. I asked for a Head office number but was told as this was a franchise

This was some of the worst customer service I have ever encountered, it made what should have been a great experience one long nightmare. Do not give them your custom if you don't want a lot of stress, rudeness and no support leading up to your big day.

I actually got in touch with Citizens Advice who told me I could take them for breach of contract but I really can not waste any more time on a very poor service, perhaps I should have.
Vivienne Watson - 12/09/2013
Thank you all so much you made my dream day come true
Fantastic service with my gown my maids and my lovely groom and his best man etc
First Class
Caroline - 15/08/2013
not happy    
I ordered my dress at the beginning of January and was told it would take 26 weeks. I received a phone call in may telling me that most dresses were arriving into store 4 weeks early. I began to contact the store at the beginning of july to be told my dress might arrive around the 20th. so after the 20th had been and gone I contacted the store again, they informed me that my dress had not arrived yet and could not even give me a date. after another call days later I made them contact the manufacturer, they told me they had contacted the manufacturer and was awaiting a reply. at this point I began to panic as my wedding date is the 23rd aug. finally on the 2nd I got the call saying my dress was ready so on the 4th I went to pick it up. I asked if I could try the dress on to see if it fit before taking it the assistant was not happy but let me try it anyway. it was then put in a large plastic bag. I now have just over 2 weeks to get my dress altered as it was too long and a bit loose at the top, I refused to use their services as I wasn't sure if they could sort the dress in time, the assistants in this store don't seem to be bothered all they say is don't panic and for a bride not to know where her dress is 3/4 weeks before her wedding is a nightmare. I will never recommend this store to any one
jo - 05/08/2013
bridal gown and suit hire    
Thank you all so much you made everything so easy your advice was excellent my day was fantastic all the best Stephanie
stephanie - 17/06/2013
Couldn't Have Been More Satisfied - Absolutely Brilliant!    
As I now live in Italy I came home to the UK in October with the intention of shopping for my wedding dress and other accessories. Pronuptia Manchester was the second shop we went into and I found my 'dream dress' on the sale rail! however it needed altering - when I explained that I was flying back to Italy in 6 days time they arranged for an alterations fitting for that same afternoon and really pulled out all the stops in terms of the alterations - it was ready for the day before I flew back! The service was exceptional and the staff were outstanding! Thank you, you made what could have been a very stressful week, very enjoyable.
Barbara Yates - 16/11/2012
plus size dresses    
made a phone call to the store to see if they stocked plus size dresses in the shop to try on. theyasked my size yes they did no problems didn,t need an appointment oh at last i could try and mum trailed down there in the pouring rain etc and all for dress available in my size...huge dissapointment...assured by sales assistant that they would get some and would ring me and let me courtesy call at all very dissapointing very wste of time like most other bridal shops in the area extremely fed up of wasting my time if you are a bigger lady truthfully look further afield.
julie barry - 24/04/2012
Thank You, Thank You    
Thanks again for making it so simple for me. I wanted everyone to know that my experience was fabulous. You weere so helpful and keep me fully informed. I will certainly recommend all my freinds to you guys.
Cathryn Mellor - 08/02/2012
Men's suits    
I have three suits from Pronuptia, with various accessories, for my work as a Registrar and marriage/civil partnership celebrant. The quality is first class and service always excellent. I go back from time to time to see if there are any new styles. Gladly recommend to anyone to take a look and see.
Stephen Poole - 17/07/2011
Where is my dress?    
I ordered my dress from Pronuptia in Manchester in January 2011. It arrived in the shop about five weeks before my wedding, however instead of being 2 inches longer than the standard dress as requested, it was about 5 inches shorter. Pronuptia have sourced another dress but it is not being delivered until the 7th of June, three days before my wedding! I suggested to the store that they fit the store model of the dress to me, which they have agreed to do, but not until the 31st of May. Every time I email them to enquire about the situation they ignore me. This is the worst experience customer service that I have ever experienced. Avoid this shop at all costs!
annoyed - 19/05/2011
Over The Moon    
After beginning my search for a dress we visited Pronuptia and a number of other stores. Once we had done the rounds we had no hesitation in going back to Pronuptia. Not only was the choice of dresses excellent but more importantly the advice was always freindly and professional. Having now got married I can also say that this great level of assistance continued the whole way through. I will be recommending you to all my freinds. Thank you
Mandy - 18/02/2011
Wedding Dress    
My daughter got married a couple of weeks ago and ordered her dress form Pronuptia Manchester. The dress didn't arrive in the shop until the Tuesday of the week she was due to get married. This caused us a lot of stress and inconvenience in the run up to the big day so I would not advise buying a dress form these people unless you have nerves of steel!
Angry Mother! - 17/02/2011
Far too cool    
I've bought my dress from Pronuptia and now I get married in 3 weeks but still don't have it! They just keep telling me that there is massive demand with the designers and are very calm, even casual about it but I feel sick. They've always been v polite and were v kind when I tried my dress on but since I just get fobbed off with "we'll call you" and "sorry the person you need to spk to isn't in". They said it would be here in November when I ordered it.
Laura - 08/12/2010
Thanks For Your Help    
Pronuptia really saved me, I was let down on the delivery of my gown and the store came to my rescue. We had already ordered bridesmaids and menswear. I ordered a gown of the internet and it was a fiasco but Pronuptia managed to get me a brand new dress in the size and colour I needed at short notice. The seamstress also di all the work required to make it fit perfectly. I would highly recommend them as the service was first class.
Kate H - 02/12/2010
I am getting married in two weeks and i have still not had my dress!!!! They said it would take six months from January when i ordered it and i still don't have it. Got only a week to get my dress altered thats if it comes in their delivery today!!! Really not happy with the service, the staff are very unhelpful and just laugh at you when you say you are panicking about when the dress will arrive. I was originally told i could have the dress altered by their in-house seamstress, now because i can't get down in the week for the fitting i no longer can!! This is a nightmare - i thought getting your wedding dress was the best part!!
Sophie-Jane Goldrick - 12/08/2010
Bad Service    
I ordered my dress from Pronuptia in January for my September wedding. I was told it would take six months but so far it has been seven and I still have no dress. I'm getting amrried in 4 weeks!! When I have rung the shop, the staff have been rude and not offered me any help. At this rate I will have no time to get alterations done. I will never shop at this shop again and recommend others avoid it.
n/a - 11/08/2010
What Great Choice    
I had been to a few shops but can say that I am glad I went to Pronuptia, great choice and they help give me exactly what I was looking for. The staff were helpful and the dress I orderd from the Coco collection could be modified just how I wanted it to be. Next visit I plan to get my bridesmaids, thr colur change looks great.
Jackie - 17/03/2010
So Pleased    
I visited and bought my dress from Pronuptia Manchester. I could not have been more pleased and the bridal and bridesmaids dresses looked great and arrived when then promised. With everything under one roof my menswear also was easy to organise. I would 100% recommend them to anyone. Really Really grateful, they made me us feel special.
Mimi - 12/01/2010
I found Pronuptia extremley unhelpful. They are only bothered about a sale and the terms of their contract mean the dress is a "standard" size and not made to measure. Whilst this would not normally be a problem, their contract also states that they are only obliged to deliver the day before the wedding and it is not their fault if delivery is delayed. When asked about alterations, it can cost nearly 200 and they did not leave me enough time to alter my dress. If you do decide to proceed with them as they do have some gorgeous dresses, please bring forward your "weding day" to avoid the problems I had
Mrs A - 27/11/2009
Pronuptia manchester    
The staff (Anna and Sam) are very friendly and helpful and gave me honest feedback about the dresses. It was no problem for me to try 6 on and bring several of my family/friends for support! They were not pushy at all and made the experience a happy, enjoyable one. I am going to buy my dress with them. Great selection and prices. Thanks!
Claire - 27/06/2009
10/10 For Pronuptia    
After going to Bride Be Lovely and being quoted 1300 for a dress, underskirt, and veil I went to Pronuptia and was very impressed with there range of dresses. In the end I managed to chose a stunning dress plus veil for 738 as well as getting a discount for a bridesmaid package and a free suit in the menswear package. The staff were so patient and lovely, I would definately reccommend them. After having my measurements took I paid a tiny deposit and arranged a payment plan which I wasn't offered at Bride Be Lovely. I can't wait for my bridesmaids to try their dresses on and to see the final result :-)
Rachel - 01/06/2009
I bought my dress from pronuptia manchester last week, the manageress was completely lovely and convinced me that the 800 alfred angelo dress i wanted didn't suit me as much as the one with 75% off in the sale!!! absolutely love my dress and she wasn't at all pushy, i spoke to the seamstress about having a lace up back put into it and was quoted 65.

I had a really good experience with them and highly recommend.
heather - 11/02/2009
Pushy sales manager but great selection    
When I first arrived the Manager approached me and she seemed quite pushy to get me trying on the dearest dresses there was, luckily a lovely sales girl took over and she took time to show me the huge range of dresses and let me try on a number of them.

I did find the changing rooms cold and the shoes I was given to get a real feel of the dress were filthy but they did help me complete the look and give me an idea of what the dress looks like with the extras.

I didn't buy my dress from here but only because I ventured out and found another one in a different shop that really was the one.

Pronuptia Manchester is worth a look as they have a huge range of dresses and some of the girls were lovely and patient.
B2B Lucy - 05/02/2009
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