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Address: Wedded Bliss
  Beaulieu Road, Dibden Purlieu
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Amazing experience!    
I visited Wedded Bliss recently after going to several other bridal shops and feeling very down hearted! One of my colleagues recommended them as she had bought her dress there the year before. From the second I walked in the door I new this would be the experience I had expected when shopping for my wedding dress! The shop is lovely, the staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and the gowns are gorgeous! It is the only place I went that offered be honest, no other shop offered so much as a glass of water! Loved everything about it and found the most amazing wedding dress!
Sami Locke - 19/11/2013
Abysmal service    
After reading the last review on this site of Wedded Bliss, I can say I am not surprised in the least at the level of service. I have recently visited the store after making an appointment (weekday), as they have the designer in stock that I'm interested in. The woman was very pushy as to where I had been looking, and if I'd found anything elsewhere that would be suitable. I got the distinct impression that as I was shopping around (like most people!) and hadn't gone there first, I wasn't worth the time of day. I explained I had a budget, so she pulled out the ones that might fit the bill (whilst expressing that my budget narrowed down the selection somewhat). I was left to my own devices in the fitting room, and then made to stand on the box in front of the mirror. So unfriendly it was very difficult to focus on the dress I was wearing (stood there as if to say 'hurry up') When I asked if they could pin the dress (I was being held in position at the back quite roughly!) so I could walk around, I was informed that wouldn't be an option. Very stand offish and bored looking woman, I was in there for all of 10 minutes (as opposed to two hours elsewhere!). I swear I was even nudged in the back towards the fitting room at one point! When I asked if she could write the details of all the dresses I tried on, this was met with a roll of the eyes. No mention of trying things on with accessories i.e. veil, and no interest whatsoever. I was informed that 'when I've done what I have to do, then perhaps you could come back.' Not a chance!! Taking my well earned business elsewhere I'm afraid. Abysmal service, sincerely hope this isn't the owner as if she treats everyone like this, they'll go out of business fast in a recession! Complete contrast to Brides of Southampton, impeccable service.
C Rundel - 13/08/2012
Supplier's Response
Interestingly, we keep details of every bride that walks through our door and we do not have any details for this person on record or in the diary. We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide and know from the hundreds of happy brides we see that we always go that extra mile. We are one of very few shops who offer refreshments, be it tea, coffee, water or champagne and if we have the dream dress or not all brides are special to us. I take this review very personally and would welcome the opportunity to speak with Miss Rundel. If you are a future bride reading this, please come and see us and find out how we work for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!
Wedding Dress    
I visited Wedded Bliss recently after a couple of girls I know recommended them to me. I have been to a few shops in Southampton and was getting very despondent has I could barely try anything on due to most shops only having small sizes. I am a curvy size 18 so didnt think it would be so hard. When I arrived at Wedded Bliss I was met by a very friendly lady who chatted to me about my style of wedding and what type of dress I was after. She then helped me choose and try on several dresses which were all in my size, and a few were even too big which made me feel great! I found my dream dress and it was so easy and such a lovely experience. I was beginning to think I wouldnt find anything at all but I have to say the selection at Wedded Bliss was very good and the lady that helped me put me at my ease and was so helpful and lovely. I will be recommending Wedded Bliss to all my friends.
Marie Draper - 20/07/2011
Excellent Service    
I was really surprized to read the previous review and felt that I should let brides know my experience at Wedded Bliss. I am a size 26 and at only 5 foot tall that makes me quite hard to dress! I have had an aweful service from all of the wedding dress shops in Southampton and left most of them in tears. A work colleague got her dress from Wedded Bliss, so in desperation I thought I'd give them a try. For obvious reasons, I was very nervous but was put at ease the minute I walked through the door. i was greeted by Tara and Andrea who I believe own the shop and they made me feel very welcome. We sat down and had a chat about what I wanted and where my wedding was etc. The shop is lovely and spacious so I didn't feel that I was being watched by other skinny brides like in other shops! I tried on at least 7 dresses which at my size was a first and I'm happy to say found my dream dress! From start to finish I felt like they made me feel very special and was never made to feel different at all. Infact my size was never mentioned. I would highly recommend Wedded Bliss to brides big and small!
Sam Locke - 15/06/2011
Disappointing and very upsetting    
This was my first attempt at finding a dress, and the first ever bridal shop I went in. I arranged an appointment for a midweek lunchtime. When I arrived, the lady seemed very put out that I was there, and was quite stand offish. She asked me what I thought I wanted, and not having been into a dress shop before, my answer was quite vague (nothing too fitted, nothing too meringue and unsure about strapless). She told me to go into the back and undress.
She passed through a dress and told me to step into it. I did so, but was unable to get the dress over my thighs, so she told me to put ot over my head. Again, being large busted, it wouldnt go over. She passed me another dress, and again, I couldnt get into it. I began to feel even more self conscious and began to feel very upset. As she walked away with the 2nd dres, I heard her say to herself (she thought) 'Well, if you cant get into that one, then you wont fit in any of these'. I was mortified. She then bought out another dress which I was able to wear, it wasnt 'the one', but it was a suitable option if I couldnt find anything else.
I then got dressed and went into the main shop. She asked when the wedding was, and I told her, and explained that I was planning on losing weight before the wedding to which she replied ' Are you one of these brides that just says that, or are you really going to lose weight?' I was shocked and began to look at the bridesmaid dresses she had there as the shop is handy for myself and one of my bridesmaids. I went to ask her about a particular dress, but after seeing the expression of utter boredom on her face, I said my thanks and left.
I know that I am a curvy bride (size 18 in normal clothes), and that alot of dresses are not going to fit me, but the whole attitude of this particular lady was appalling. I was so upset and devastated and put off dress shopping for the next 8 months.
Sam Windsor - 17/02/2011
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