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Address: Js Couture
  39 Blandford Street
  London Central
  W1U 7HD
Tel: 020 79354242
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Loved the service but most all LOVED my dress    
Thank you so much Thushari and Giedre for all your patience and guidance in finding me my perfect dress!!!!

Js Couture was the fifth shop myself and my mum had visited that day - It was a relief to remove our shoes and get full attention from two lovely passionate ladies. I knew this was the shop I wanted to buy my dress from. You made me feel very special and hope all other brides-to-be will too.

I absolutely 'LOVED' every minute of my big day. I know it sounds corny but I really did feel like a princess. Everyone commented on my dream dress especially the two different looks.

I'm going to miss my little visits for fittings but will pop in with photos and the promised bottle of bubbles and not forgetting some cake for Jessie.
Alexander Simms - 19/02/2016
Amazing dress shop and amazing service! Highly recommend!    
I had the most amazing experience with this shop as I found my dream dress the first time I visited. Giedre was amazing! I described what I liked and what I definitely didn't want and she chose 5 dresses for me to try all fitting my requirements. Giedre was very knowledgable and really helped guide me to the perfect style for my petite frame. I was unaware that lace could differ so much and found that I needed a very thin delicate lace so that it didn't overwhelm my body. Giedre was great in guiding this process. The dress was made for me and fitted almost perfectly at my first fitting. After a few small adjustments, it fitted like a glove. Giedre helped me choose a veil to go with my dress and even though I ended up going for one of the most expensive, I never felt at any time pushed towards the more expensive items. Giedre provided a very friendly, fun and comfortable environment for wedding dress shopping and I would highly recommend her and her shop to buy your dress from.
Emma - 16/10/2015
Couldn't recommend higher    
I couldn't recommend JS Couture more highly. The team were absolutely brilliant from my first visit until the last. The whole process was totally smooth and I had complete faith in them - they took so much pressure off. I couldn't have been happier with the dress - thanks to Jessie and the team it fitted me perfectly and I got lots of compliments on the day! I'm a very satisfied customer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
jess - 25/07/2015
Great service, beautiful dresses    
I bought my wedding dress from JS Couture for my wedding in May. The sample dresses were in very good condition which really helped visualise how my actual dress would look- whereas I found dresses in other shops were quite dirty.

Jessie looked after me but after choosing the dress and two fittings I got to know Giedre a little too and both of them were really lovely. Enough flattery to make me feel very confident in the dresses but also telling the truth and making helpful suggestions.

The first time I went to try on *my* dress I thought "eeek!" it seemed too big. Actually it had to be that size to fit over my widest parts- but after the alterations, it was perfect- it fitted like a glove all over and, despite being strapless, held up to ~6 hours dancing (including lots of swinging) on the big day. It also had a very low back so I couldn't wear a bra with it- but Jessie added enough support inside so that I felt completely at ease.

I have already recommended this shop to two of my own bridesmaids who are getting married in 2015 and would recommend to anyone else reading this site.

(also I got my dress in an October special offer so it was 10% cheaper than it could have been= bonus)
Lola - 05/11/2014
The ladies at JS Couture were brilliant. I visited a number of bridal shops and used JS in the end because of the great service they offered. Jessie was so friendly and helpful and gave honest advice rather than the cooing you get in a lot of bridal shops. I felt like her friend at the end of it. She even spent ten minutes untangling my necklace for me! I dont normally write these sorts of things but i cant recommend JS Couture highly enough.
Kate - 03/01/2014
Bridal Gown    
I visited JS Couture last year initially to look at bridesmaids gowns and whilst there I came across the wedding gown of my dreams - whilst I didn't have an appointment to try gowns on, Giedre was so accommodating and very helpful. The gown didnt have shoulders, but Giedre arranged for more silk flowers to be made and between her and Jessie they created a stunning gown.

At the time of making my the appointment for my bridesmaid I did see some of the negative comments, but all I can say is that if you want a proper service then turn up on time otherwise you are going to run in to someone else's time and with regards to removing your shoes - wouldnt you do that at home! They have a beautiful boutique with cream plush carpet that they obviously want to stay nice.

During each of my visits all I can say is that Giedre and Jessie were lovely and made me feel special and I would certainly recommend them.
Deborah - 10/07/2012
Fantastic experience and service!    
I also found Giedre and Jessie to be extremely helpful, calm and full of valid experience and advice which when you are baffled as a virgin bride, its nice to be pointed in the right direction. They listened to what I was looking for, they were patient with my indecisiveness and when the dress came and I had the first fitting, I couldnt believe how it actually fit like a glove. I bought accessories there and was also offered a discount. I was made to feel like a princess and thats exactly how it should be!

I would definitely recommend this shop to other people. Prices may be on the high side, but thats London! And to be honest, I was so happy with the service, it was worth every penny!
Rachael G - 08/07/2012
Amazing service    
I bought my dress from JS Couture and was so impressed by the level of service. Both Jess and Giedre are kind, calm, professional and so helpful. They went to great lengths to help me find the look I was trying to achieve by coming up with many different options for me. The shop is professional and warm and not overcrowded so you get the attention you need. The whole process was enjoyable and calm, the way it should be for every bride. I highly recommend JS Couture, my dress was beautiful!
Helen - 22/06/2012
Faultless and a most enjoyable experience    
I had a fantastic experience at JS Couture and I want people to know as think it is important given some of the negative reviews they have received. I can honestly say that JS Couture were absolutely superb. From Day 1 Jessie and Giedre were incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful. They were very patient and accommodating when I bought in my friends/bridesmaids for fittings and I cannot fault their service. I bought my wedding dress from JS Couture, had it made to measure and even ended up buying a few of my accessories from the shop, overall a very enjoyable experience Ė as it should be. My dress fitted beautifully and it arrived in plenty of time. In my opinion, worth paying a slight premium for given the central London location and faultless service.
Josephine Coltman - 24/02/2012
AWFUL - This shop ruined by wedding dress. Avoid at all costs    
I don't know who has been writing some of these reviews as I can't believe anyone would ever have a positive thing to say about this place!

In short, they ruined my wedding dress. One week before my wedding I was left with no dress. I never received a word of apology or any compensation. Jessie and the other girl are rude, patronising and incompetent.

I bought my dress from JS for my wedding in July of this year. I had 6 fittings and each time I went back they still hadn't made the changes I had asked for. Then when I went for my last fitting one week before my wedding it wasn't finished. The bolero had not been made, the sash was too short, the train still needed hemming, and to top it off the skirt had been cut inches too short on one side. I had to buy a new dress one week before my wedding (from Pronovias - they were amazing).

This shop should not still be in business.
Kate - 14/12/2011
Great shop, service!!    

I've just got there my amazing dress- Evanna, it's just out of this world and they are the only one outside USA who has this dress. It's my dreams come true!!! Girls in the shop very very friendly and honest, no hard sell, they even told me to go and have a think about time, but I knew its my dream dress. Looking forward to my fittings in June next year and maybe getting my bridesmaids dresses from them as they have offered discount as I've purchased my dress, so very good shop and worth coming and enjoying your dress search!!
Angie - 12/09/2011
Incredible service, i felt a million dollars    
I cannto praise JS Couture enough. From my 1st appointment i never had a bad experience. I bought my dress, headband and my mums outfit from there. Gierde is amazing, so friendly, remembers stuff you have said and asks you about it when you go back months later. I looked forward to every appointment and left feeling absolutely on top of the world. Cannot praise the shop highly enough. You might find a dress cheaper elsewhere, but buying your wedding dress is an experience, not one cash transaction and i didnt even bother shoppping around as i felt so comfortable on my first visit that i wouldnt have wanted to go anywhere else.
Nic - 17/06/2011
excellent. lol
Gwendolene - 11/11/2010
AMAZING SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Happy bride- Jessica - 14/10/2010
High Mark Up    
By all means if you want to find a beautiful bridesmaids or bridal dress go and try a few on but be warned their prices are Significantly marked up! I tried the exact same dress in Knightsbridge (not a cheap area) and JS wanted to charge me an extra £99 pounds! after finding bridesmaids dress i wanted i found another store in london that stocked the designer for almost half the price!
Chloe Lewis - 28/09/2010
Great service ... but more expensive    
I went to JS Couture on the weekend, after having read the mixed reviews so wasn't really sure what to expect. Plus I am a bit of an awkward bride, really not sure what I am after. But the service was brilliant. The lady (I can't remember her name unforunately!) made me feel very relaxed, was very good at suggesting ideas, got me trying on heaps of dresses I wouldn't have chosen and really made the whole experience a great time. I found a dress I fell in love with (wasn't expecting that) ... but the only thing is they are charging £299 more than other shops. So sadly, I won't be ordering through them though as I say, the service was top notch.
bella - 06/09/2010
Best dress, best service, best experience! Fact!    
Obviously every one has their own opinions but I find it hard to believe what I have read in these reviews!

From the first time that I visited Js Couture I fell in love with the girls and the dress that I found. Yes it's true you have to remove your shoes but isn't it nice that they make sure there is no chance that your dress will get ruined before your big day? This demonstrated to me that they truly want to make you feel like they will take care of the most expensive piece of clothing you will probably every buy!

I lost 5 stone before my wedding and the team at Js gave me the opportunity to have several appointments to be measured and allowed me to order my dress at the last minute giving me more time to lose the weight. When the dress arrived they altered it to perfection and it fitted like a glove on my wedding day.

I had visited other shops and was told they didn't have anything to fit me. The team at Js Couture never once made me feel insecure about my size, they were always sensitive and extremely discreet.

I always enjoyed my appointments as the girls were always asking about the wedding and getting excited for me. They made me feel very special and I would highly recommend this shop to any bride to be who wants to feel like a princess!
Lois - 23/08/2010
Best Service    
Welcoming from the start and friendly, helpful staff. Got to know me and what I wanted for my big day.
Great selection for bridesmaids dresses, you are bound to find something to suit all of your girls.
Recommend a visit!!!
Cristina - 22/05/2010
I am actually very surprised at the bad reviews here. I went to JS Couture with the intention of buying my bridesmaids dresses but i was so impressed with the service from the moment i walked in that I ended up buying my wedding dress and accessories as well from there.

The girls made me feel extra special and they were very helpful and patient while i was trying to figure out what dress suited me best. I went to the store a total of 4 times for fittings and collection and got the same 'extra special' service.

They have a large collection from different designers and a variety of fabulous styles so you can be sure to find a dress that suits you.

I definitely felt like I had made new friends when I left the store and would be recommending this store to as many people i know that are getting married!

Ify - 30/04/2010
Excellent Service!    
Having come back from a 3month honeymoon and had to tell the world about this great bridal boutique called Js Couture.

Jessie and her amazing team created my dream dress which was all made to measure by Marianna Hardwick, so it fitted like a glove! Worth every penny that they charged.

My 4 high powered bridesmaids wore long Lazaro dresses and Jessie done all the fittings on the bridesmaids aswell as mine. One of my bridesmaids flew in 48 hours before the wedding and Jessie still did the fitting and she turned it around without any problems. So Professional!

Claire, the Manager made my wedding jewellery too.

To finish it off, Jessie personally dressed me and my bridesmaids at Claridges.

I just can't thank Jessie and her team enough for all the help for making my wedding day so amazing and special. I and my bridesmaids loved every minute in the boutique. Great experience and will recommend them to every bride.

Glenda 21st April 2010

Glenda Brampton - 21/04/2010
Rude and NOT helpful    
I would have given them NO stars if that had been an option.

I went to JS to try to find my wedding dress. I was running late, so I called them. When I arrived she walked up to the door looking at her watch. Yes, I knew I was late. The first thing she said was you are late (duh!), so I don't have much time for you. NICE! I understood she had other appointments, but I still had 30 min to look. I wasn't planning on going over my original allotted time. It was really not a great first impression.

She then made us remove our shoes, which I found very strange. I understand not wanting to track dirt in, but it just felt weird to have to remove my shoes at a shop I am planning on spending thousands of pounds. It is not a welcoming feeling.

I had an idea of what kind of dress I wanted, (I had been shopping for a dress for a while), but when I described what I was looking for she just rolled her eyes. Yes, she honestly ROLLED HER EYES! She didn't assist with helping me find dresses that fit my description. She just told me to take a look. A suggestion would have been nice.

She asked where I had been looking at dresses. After the eye roll, she started slating one of the other shops I went to. I understand pushing your shop, but you don't need to talk poorly about someone else. I just didn't think that was professional at all.

Once she realized I was picking the high-end dresses her demeanor completely changed. She was oh so happy to be nice to me. She was still not what I would call friendly, but it was better.

I didn't like that she didn't want to help me find that perfect dress. I'd try on something, and she would dash off to do something. She never asked how does that feel or what do you like / dislike. She would just hand me the next dress that I thought would look nice. Not once did she suggest any dresses.

The whole experience was horrible from start to finish. I did like one of the dresses, but as I walked I knew I would never go back to give them my business. I couldn't imagine spending 5 quid there, much less the 5000 pounds I ended up spending elsewhere.

Don't waste your time at JS. You will find higher quality dresses for the same prices, as well as people who will cater to you.
Katy - 16/04/2010
Dont ever go here    
If you want to buy a beautifull dress come here but dont expect them to measure your properlly or to give you any apologies for the amount of un nessecesarry hassle it will cause you after. My dress was ordered a size to small for me.If fact 3 inches smaller then my waist was measured. I was 5lbs heavier when i was measured then what i was when i collected it and its only just managed to be done up. It was so close to my friends big day - i had to have it take out. If you want any apogies expectit. They will only blame the dress makers. It says on the sheet to allow 2 inches of breathing space, the staff in the shop just add that to your measurement rather then say get a size bigger. This has cause so much stress when it was not neeeded. I insisted when i brought my dress i would never fit in comfortably into a english size 12 as i am a 14 but they insisted i needed a 12. What a waste of time and money. They were too quick to rush me out of the shop and take my money which had led to this mistake. I wouldnt have minded if it had came up slightly bigger ( which I said when being measured ) If a dress is bigger it is much easier to take in with out loosing the shape. Its such a shame as the dress was amazing. I would never recommend this store.
clare - 17/03/2010
July 2010 Wedding    
Having read some of these reviews - are we talking about the same shop ! The staff have been lovely, couldnt be more helpful !! We have ordered 5 bridesmaids dresses and the wedding dress so far. Everything has been very professionally handled - i would recommend JS Couture to anyone planning a wedding !
beverley attinger - 07/03/2010
A big disapppointment    
I went to visit JS Couture for a first appointment to try wedding dresses. I was not impressed with their services. Not only they gave me inconsistent and confusing information, they are also very expensive. They tried to sell me a wedding dress 25% more than the normal retail price. I eventually found the same dress more than 25% cheaper in another store in London. Be aware...
Karen - 22/12/2009
Fabulous fabulous Fabulous
My wedding was Aug 09
I too had been to many many shops and can honestly say I was so at ease in JS couture.
Also their selection is varied and elegant.
They are honest about styles and what is best for the bride-I saw them do many fittings and trys while I was there and there is no desire to JUST SELL!
They gave sound advice were very professional and my dress arrived on time and short of the few standard alterations almost perfect.
I was also given discount which is always needed when paying for a wedding.
I am genuinely surprised at some of the bad reviews.
I cannot recommend this store highly enough.
All the staff were so friendly and genuinely interested in my well being.
Emma - 11/10/2009
the best service possible!    
Having ordered my bridal dress & 6 bridesmaids dresses from this store. All I can say is that Claire, the manager has been fantastic!!!!!!! She has made my whole bridal experience - EASY & ENJOYABLE!(what it should be.)

I ordered my dress which Claire advised on made to measure and I just needed a bustle and a hem so my alterations came to £75 plus vat.

4 out of 6 of my bridesmaids needed alterations which we expected and their alterations came to £400 plus vat but Claire came me a discount. So I only paid £250 plus vat. Plus I got my veil for free which was £299.

When I collected my dresses - they had labelled all the dresses and had steamed and packed the dresses in suit carriers! So Professional!!!

I know that there has been bad reviews about this shop but I went in with an open mind! So my advise to all brides and bridesmaids out there is: DON'T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHATS ON THE BLOGS YOU HAVE TO GO WITH AN OPEN MIND. IF YOU ARE HAVING A BAD DAY DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON THE SHOP STAFF AS THEY WERE MY SAVING GRACE!

Rhea Jhas - 27/08/2009
yet again ordered the wrong size!    
I went to collect my bridemaid dress from JS Couture. When I tried it on I said to the lady, its too tight, what size have your ordered. She told me she had ordered the smallest size possible, a size 0. I told her that there was no way by bottom half was a size 0 and that I had made that clear when my measurements were taken. Most bridal shops take your measurements and order to the largest part of your body but JS Couture took it upon themselves to order a smaller size "as the fabric was stretchy!" I was furious, as was the bride. The service is sloppy, the assistants unhelpful.there is no way i could wear the dress in its current state and will have to spend more money having it altered. Thank God i am sort enough for it to be altered from the waist up. If they took as much care over ordering the correct size dresses as they did obssessing about making everyone remove their shoes the second they walked throuhg the door (the carpet is very stained anyway) they might provide a half a decent service. it must be run by a load of old spinsters who want to ruin everyone else day!Do NOT ORDER FROM THIS SHOP
Sam - 25/06/2009
Avoid JS Couture at all costs    
I went to JS Couture to collect a bridesmaid dress at the weekend. Before collecting the dress, it was extremely difficult to get through as the phone is rarely answered. When you do get through, staff are very vague about when the seamstress is on site. When we did find out, the seamstress was booked up.
On arrival, we asked an assistant if there was a seamstress in the area that JS Couture could recommend (if a bridal shop is unable to make alterations, it is standard practice to help the customer and recommend somebody else). The assistant replied 'yes, there are lots in the area. The manager will be able to help you'. When the manager brought the dress out she told us she couldnt recommend anyone as she was so busy with her own business she has never used anyone else!
As for the dress itself - I had been for a fitting before ordering the dress and the manager couldnt have gotten it more wrong. Anyone in the business worth their salt should have been able to figure out roughly what american size I would have been as Im a fairly standard shape and size.
Two of my sisters have gotten married in the last two years, therefore, I have a lot of experience with bridal shops. I have to say that this shop has the poorest service and most unhelpful, insincere staff I have ever encountered. It was really so shocking that I felt I have to warn other brides as its hassle and upset you can do without when organising your big day.
Emer - 18/05/2009
I went into lots of bridal shops in London and i found them very intimidating apart from Js Couture. The staff made me feel very comfortable from the minute the door opened.

After trying on lots of dresses i found my dream dress, veil and shoes - all in 1 shop.

I was told by the sales lady to go for the made to measure package so i trusted her judgement. so i was a little bit afraid before the fitting and the lady did asure me that i will not need any other alterations. So i went along and YES A PERFECT FIT - No EXTRA ALTERATIONS the dress was READY TO GO!

SO a very BIG thanks to the Js Couture girls!
ps i had a Great Wedding!
Alison Luke - 18/03/2009
Unhappy bridemaids...    
I too had a bad experience with JS couture. I provided very precise measurements for 3 young bridesmaids, aged 9, 7 and 3. They ordered the same size dresses for all of them despite there being a big size difference between the 3 and 9 year old obviously. The owner Jessie was pretty rude and refused to refund us or even re order a smaller size from Dessy as they said it would take too long. They never phoned back when they said they would and altogether put the mum of the youngest bridesmaid through a lot of unecessary stress. I would not go near them again.
I also went there as a bridesmaid myself for a friend and the assistant was not very friendly or particularly clued-up. She seemed bored.
Howard - 17/03/2009
Js Couture - not the best service    
I haven't been happy with the service at Js Couture in Central London. These are the reasons why:

1) When trying on dresses for the first time there the assistant was fine, but not especially helpful and we weren't offered much help or made to feel especially welcome. However, I went back to try on a dress again and had a much better experience the second time with a different assistant (to be fair to them).

2) I ended up ordering my dress from there and also - for ease - my bridesmaidís dresses for my two sisters. They ordered my sister - who is a UK size 8 to 10 - a size 0 dress... We questioned it but were told it was definitely right... When it arrived it was far too small - she couldn't do it up... To make it fit it was taken to two different places for alterations and even now it's too tight - but she can squeeze into it... One of them was very rude when I called about the problem, but the owner Jessie was ok and did say she would try to get extra material or a new dress even though time was tight. This was very stressful for me...

The other BM dress was ok in terms of size, but needed letting out at the bottom and taking in at the top. This time Js did the alterations. They took out the bottom - but then the top needed taking in - so it had to go back for alterations to take in the top. We picked it up last week and I took it home for my sister to try on. It was far too tight at the top!! We are now desperately trying to find someone who can fix this as very short notice.

Both BMs are now feeling bad about their dresses. None of us are happy.

3) My first dress fitting was cancelled at 6pm the evening before it was supposed to happen as the dress hadn't come in. It had been due in two weeks before. I'm not sure why they left it this late - but I had booked precious leave from work and so had my friend - would have been nice to be given some notice.

4) I went for my first dress fitting two weeks later - all of the things they said I would need doing they said didn't need doing... and decided I only need a few alterations - to be honest I just hope that it's still ok when I go for the second fitting.

5) They charge more for Dressy bridesmaid dresses than other London shops - I found one that sells them for £100 cheaper :(

6) Alterations - we got one BM dress done in Harrogate for £8. The other BM dress cost £129 for alterations that aren't even right - the dress cost £189!...

7) It has made the whole experience stressful - to the point where I feel depressed when I go there and then I feel I don't like my dress. I wish I'd picked somewhere else...

I may need to add to this review as I haven't finished dealing with them. I plan to write to them about the issues I experienced once I have collected my dress.
Sarah - 16/09/2008
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