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Address: House of Brides
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Highly recommend site!    
Really like the site very much. I was told by my friend that this site offer many good choices about different fashion style and free worldwide shipping service and most important is the price.
At the begining inquiring the dress details via email and phone. She is so helpful and I think you all can talk with her if need. Outfit is very close to the picture and fit like a glove. Very nice!
moranteselisa - 29/06/2012
prom dresses    
You can choose ANY colour you like for the dress you want and they'll custom make it for you. is a Greatwedding website. Dress is lovely, very very pretty, loving the sparkles, can't beat a bit of bling!
mndjb d - 27/08/2011
A nightmare!!!!! Worst shop experince ever.    
We order a wedding dress with more than 3 months in advance through their website. After a month of placing the order we receive an email informing that they did not received the information on time therefore they could not completed the order on time, when they actually have everything they requested and I actually prove to them. I place a formal complain and they didn't any solution. Two months after I still waiting for refund o even an answer to my counteless emails.

So if you do not want to go through all the pain and stress i would not even think about buy anything to them, people who does not respect anything about their clientes, people who do not know anything about ethics and respect.

LAC - 27/05/2010
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