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Address: Wedding Belles
  53-56 Parson's Street
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They were very polite to start couldn't have faulted them , until finding when getting home the dress had tares in multiple places . I went back to show them all they would do is repair it . I bought an expensive designer dress for my daughter expecting it to be perfect . They would not give a refund and expected me to be happy with them repairing it ,which if anything it should have been lowered in price should have been lowered if this were to happen.
They are very good if they want you to buy their wedding products, to get them out of the shop. But as soon as there's a problem they are the worst of people , save your money and go somewhere that really do care .
P - 28/04/2017
Highly recommend    
I bought the perfect dress for the day we depart for our honeymoon! Cannot wait.. and the measurements were perfect! Would buy again from
Semon - 29/12/2016
Not for us!    
I was pleased to read that some customers were happy with their bridal shopping experience but for us it was most disappointing. We booked an appointment but girls were popping into the shop to look at dresses 'just for fun'. There were so many dresses there - all crushed tightly on rails. No proper changing room just a curtain to stand behind at the back of the shop. Worst of all there was a body odour problem in the shop. We made a quick retreat
M hope - 01/08/2015
Amazing experience - please ignore the bad reviews     
I went into Wedding Belles unexpectedly after having the most horrendous experience at Katherine Allen (please read my recent review and don't go there)!
We were greeted with smiles and excellent customer service. I explained the experience we had had at Katherine Allen and the lady in the shop said that she might have the perfect dress for me... At first I thought, here we go, not sure if she will, but when I tried the dress on it was absolutely amazing. She had thought about my shape and the detail I wanted on the dress and I instantly loved it!
They had a massive collection of dresses in a huge variety of sizes and prices so there really is something for everyone! The customer service has continued throughout so far and I have been really happy!
I would advise everyone thinking about wedding belles to try it, they are great! Thank you wedding belles!
Lauren Quinn - 26/04/2015
Lack of honesty or customer after care!    
I had a good experience in store leaving with my perfect dress and at an amazing price in the sale! However, when I was there for my first visit, my group noticed tiny flaws on the bodice which we were happy to deal with and also told that the stores seamstress could help with if needed. As soon as we leave and enquire in the future about these- no one is interested! I then go to try my dress on recently and under all the layers find some fabric that has been damaged very badly that we wouldn't have spotted on the day under all the layers on top but I can assume that your team knew about! I'm very annoyed and disappointed as this could have been discovered first on my wedding day!! Flaws should be labelled on stock pieces - at least then people can know what they are dealing with and decide if they can fix them! My bridesmaids will be giving Wedding Belles a miss!
Kelsey - 21/02/2015
Don't visit here as your first experience    
I had already visited a couple of bridal shops so had an idea of what I was looking for. Heard about their 150 dress sale on the radio so drove over an hour just to have a look. Staff were friendly on arrival and showed us the sale rail saying "have a look for what you like" so my mum and I browsed and we picked out a couple, upon showing them to the staff I was told I'd never fit into one of them as I was too big...which left me feeling very annoyed. We were then led to the back of the shop where a curtain was pulled across and I was told to get I did other customers were walking through to the room at the back, while I was stood in my underwear! Very embarrassing! Anyway tried the dresses on and found the one! Was very pleased with dress but we were very much ushered out once we had decided to buy! Plus an extra 20 for a crappy quality dress bag.

So even though I did find my dress here, my experience was horrible, wasn't made to feel special or valued and being put down by the staff regarding my size was very rude. Having other customers walk through the changing area while I was in my underwear as well just shows how unprofessional they are. Make sure this isn't your first experience of looking at dresses, will put you off visiting better shops!
Lizzie Stroud - 23/01/2015
Absolutely amazing!!     
I went to Wedding Belles today and had the most amazing service I've experienced in any shop ever!
The staff were all brilliant, they couldn't do enough to help me or my bridesmaids! They offered great advice and weren't in any way pushy, they gave us time alone to discuss what we thought of the dresses. We felt like we had all the time in the world to decide what we wanted. Also their sale is AMAZING! I left with the most perfect dress and would definitely recommend this shop to any one who is looking for their dream dress!
Sasha - 30/08/2014
Wasn't sure before I went as heard mixed reviews and wasn't overly impressed with the website.

My first visit, I was assisted by Jo who was amazing and helpful, and just brilliant. Found the dress of my dreams. On collecting my dress, saw someone else who reluctantly allowed me to try my dress on again. On getting the dress home, I tried it on to show my dad and discovered fake tan finger prints along the ribbon. Considering I have never touched fake tan in my life, and that the lady at the shop was covered in it I presumed it was her. I phoned up and complained, and to be fair they were apologetic and said they would get a replacement one in.

2 months later and still hadn't heard anything, phoned up and they said it was in the shop so I could go and collect it. On collecting it, the two shop assistants were in the middle of a private conversation at the cashier desk, I said what I was there for and they passed me my bag without so much as a smile or thank you.

On leaving the shop, I discovered that the ribbon was the wrong one - too short and too thin. Thankfully my mum had come to the rescue, and we have rescued the original ribbon.

As another person had said, they are great until they get your money. Just pleased I love my dress!!
Becky - 26/08/2014
Thank you, thank you, thank you.    
Picked up my dress today from wedding belles after final alterations. I live in Devon but after the fabulous experience my sister had 3 years ago and with family still living in Oxfordshire decided to try wedding belles for myself. Not only have I got the most amazing maggie dress for my big day but my experience has been perfect, from choosing it, trying it and having my alterations done. I had to have it taken in a far amount due to weight loss, this experience in itself was fabulous. I decided to buy and order the dress in the size I was at the time incase the diet didn't go as attended, I was reassured if I lost enough to make a difference to the dress size they would help me sort it and they certainly lived up to this promise, it was taken in so quickly and at a great price along with some other small alterations. I have certainly enjoyed my time choosing, buying and sorting my dress out. I have been recommending wedding belles for 3 years from when my sister got married and I will certainly be continuing to do so. The staff have been so kind, patient and helpful. Thank you so much all and I now look forward to wearing my beautiful dress on my big day. So happy !!!!
Rachel - 19/04/2014
So Very Happy!!!    
This was the part of my wedding planning I was most excited about and Wedding Belles made it the perfect experience. Holly, who was my personal shopper, was an absolute star! Without her help I wouldn't have found my dream dress, which I'm still smiling about.

So thank you Wedding Belles, you have a dress to suit every budget and a staff team who will treat you like a princess! Perfect :)
Kimberley - 15/02/2014
Thank you Jo    
I must be honest, quite a few of people had told me not to go to Wedding Belles in Banbury when looking for my wedding dress, because they had had bad experiences, but I went anyway!
I had a great experience thanks to the lovely lady in there called Jo, she could not do enough to help, she was simply fantastic, and even though I needed some alterations, Doreen (their seamstress) was on hand to give invaluable help about the best way to do them.
Thanks girls, just want you to know you were fabulous, would recommend you two any day of the week :-) xx
Jo - 12/12/2013
poor customer service    
Went into wrong shop (as had appointment with Just Weddings). Told them I had appointment to try certain designer dress. They told me not in stock but would try dresses on me. I told the assistant the name of person I had appointment with and she didn't have decency to tell me that there was nobody there of that name. Felt extremely pressured by assistant when I tried on certain gown and ended up going home with dress which is biggest regret. Called them to say I was going in for refund to which she then told me she would not give me refund. Wasn't told this prior to buying dress that refunds would not be given. This company have ruined plans for my big day
Kerty - 01/10/2013
Once paid rude    
The lady on reception is only after your money. Once you have paid your money she was so rude. I asked if she would keep the dress her answer was a straight no, it is yours. When I asked about having it taken up and price she was very blunt and Said a straight no. Very rude after paying a large sum of money!
Karen vinyl - 08/07/2013
Great while you're looking but terrible once they have your money...    
Very mixed experience at this shop. When I was looking for my dress they were extremely nice and helpful and stocked a really good range of dresses. I chose a dress with a lacy hem and asked about cost of alterations as I was worried they would be expensive. I was assured their adjustments were very reasonable and it wasn't worth paying 100 extra to have the dress ordered to length. My dress was due to arrive 9 months before my wedding and I asked if they'd be able to keep it at the shop. They said possibly not for the whole time but they'd do their best. When my dress arrived I was asked to come in and was somewhat surprised to see the fitter was there as they hadn't asked me to bring my shoes or anything - fortunately I did have them. The dress fitted well which was a surprise as I'd lost 2 inches off pretty much everywhere since ordering it. I was told that it was because I'd ordered a zip rather than lace up back - hmmm. They then quoted me 300 for alterations! When I said I wasn't sure about paying that much I was hustled out the shop as soon as possible, told I couldnt leave my dress there as I'd paid for it and it was no longer their responsibility and charged 20 for a bag, which given that the dress cost 1000 I really thought was a bit much! I've since had my adjustments done for 100 elsewhere and that shop is handing my dress to me the day before my wedding freshly steamed. In summary they're great whilst you're looking but after they had my money I found them unprofessional, untrustworthy and they definitely tried to screw me over with the cost of alterations.
Rachel - 17/06/2013
Horrible experience ... would never purchase there!    
Initially, I was quite excited about visiting the shop to try on some wedding dresses - the website looked very professional ect.

Upon arriving, this would clearly not be the case - the staff were far too relaxed - felt I was in the market, not in a bridal shop!

Nevertheless, thought I would try on a few dresses - the dresses were so big, I couldn't see my shape at all and they didn't tighten them up. I was also asked to stand on a pedestal - obviously adding on unrealistic height.

Quickly left - the Alfred A dresses felt really cheap and horrible - definitely save your money and go to a 'real' bridal shop with cream carpets and white walls ... you'll have much better memories!
Sarah - 14/06/2013
Amazing experience    
I went into wedding belles today after looking in other shops for my wedding dress. As soon as I walked me and my chief bridesmaid were greeted with open arms. We were helped with choosing the dress and they gave us there opinion on the dresses we tried on. I am so greatful that they made the experience so good for me. They also done me a great deal, which was an added bonus. I will be recommending wedding belles to all of my friends. Thank you so much Jo and Anita. Thank you!
Hayley Connor - 24/05/2013
Great Value    
I have now been to this shop twice with two of our Daughters and once for myself, we all come away with our perfect dresses at a smidgen of the cost from other shops that we tried. The ladies were fab, and yes maybe they do sound a little abrupt but keep in mind that these ladies have been selling wedding dresses for a long time and they know there stuff, and just by looking at your shape they can show you dresses that you would not normally look at but will look absolutly fab on, I know this because that is what happened to me. Keep up the good work and great prices ladies.
Maxine - 08/05/2013
bad experience     
i have been to a few bridal shops to find my perfect dress, i decided to try wedding belles as the website looked nice, i went in and told them my budget a lady helped me choosing out dresses in the style i like i tried a few on i found one that i quite liked but would have needed a few changes, they quoted me a good price for it, but i didn't want to buy straight away without my family seeing it, i asked if they could reserve it and they said no, we also wernt allowed to take any pictures, the owner or manger of the shop i felt was rude and was pressuring me into buying the dress she kept saying this dress will be gone by tomorrow, before leaving i asked if i could take the style number and designer of the dress, she rudely replied i don't know what it is. i just felt really awkward in the shop, and so my search for the perfect dress continues.
katie - 26/01/2013
Great Experience    
Had a great time today finding my wedding dress, everybody was brilliant and friendly, definitely recommend it, must of tried on 6 dresses at least and none of the staff minded they were all helping untie and tie me in, thank you very much for helping me find the right dress (loved the sparkly silver nails) x
Sasha Barham - 19/01/2013
The best day ever    
I was nervous about looking for my dream dress as soon as I arrived at this shop I was instantly made to feel at home by all the lovely ladies there, as soon as the first dress came out I fell in love with it I was helped in and out the dress I was so comfortable with my whole experience in this wonderful shop, I'd defianately recommend to all bride to be's thanks for a great time xxx
Kirsty m - 15/10/2012
Worst Experience of my life!    
I went along to wedding belles with my sister in law and asked if I could try on some dresses to see what styles I liked on me they asked how long until I got married I told them. I said I'm between sizes at the moment as I'm trying to lose a little baby weight but was almost there, the response I then got was well why don't you come back when you have lost the weight and we will see what we can do I went to another bridal store and was treated much nicer I will NOT be going to Wedding Belles or even be recommending them to anyone ever worst experience of my life I have never been made to feel so awful in my life ever!!!!!
Cindy Lingwood - 25/09/2012
Made a Great Experience    
I was made to feel very welcome from the start, the lady who assisted me listened to my dress requirements and picked out some amazing dresses for me to try.

As a larger bride I had expected to be trying on dresses much smaller than my figure, but they have a good range of sample sizes.

The dress I ultimately chose was perfect and I was offered the sample at a very good price.

Thank you for making what could have been a daunting experience a wonderful one!
HP - 30/07/2011
Bargains to be had    
I heard about their one day sale of all dresses 150 on the radio and thought I would go along and have a look

I had visited a number of shops and have to admit the service here was poor but mainly because they were busy so it was look, try and buy

I tried on 2 dresses and they both looked amazing and no one know the true cost as they were originally in the hundreds and much cheaper that what I had considered before

It did show me that you didn't need to go mad and if your on a tight budget you could still look like a princess and hopefully only Mum & I will know the real price I paid for it!!!!

Worth listening out for I think they do them regularly
JP - 21/03/2011
Bad experiance    
I went to this shop and was quite happy at first they were kind, that was until I put a deposit down on my dress then the kindness changed.They were rude and arrogant it was a very stressfull experiance they push you for payment and charge a ridiculous amount to have your dress altered I will NEVER recommed this shop to any one keep well clear unless you enjoy being stressed.
Mrs johnson - 26/07/2010
Great Experience    
I went into the shop today after hearing an advertisement on the local radio with regards to some special weekend were all dresses in a certain collection were 150 in all sizes.

I tried to search online but couldn't find a site (reason for 4 not 5 rating) or did I cach it on the radio ad so decided to visit the store but wasn't expecting much and thought they would have no time for me or any decent dresses but how wronmg I was.

They had a great selection of beautiful dresses not daggy or old fashioned at all.

The staff were welcoming and had lots of time for me even though they seemed busy, I was welcoomed and asked to just browse around until a member of staff was free this took around 20mins but this flew by and by this time and had a few dresses in mind.

I tried 3 on with many accessories and then found the one and yes it was 150!!!

So happy with the whole experience and my dress

Great shop with nice friendly staff who obviously love their job and help making the bride (and my mum) feel special

A complete joy xx
Rebecca - 23/05/2010
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