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  Wellesley Road
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Shouldn't even been opened    
Hi I got married in October 2010 had a bit of what I wanted but didn't get my car I paid for / or my photos very sad about the photos family and friends gave me a few but still not the same as what I wanted nealy 3 years on still very upset about the photos :-(
Bets - 20/08/2013
On TV!     
Just seen them on Cowboy Traders (channel 5) - probably on catch up if you missed it
Lucky we didnt go there
Lucy - 04/04/2012
I was one of the lucky ones    
I bought my bridemaid dresses from Brides of Ashford paid the full price in May of last year and was told they would be in for August. No problem as I was getting married in October. I also ordered my veil from them. Started to hear some rumours so we phoned the shop and was told it was all rumours and there was nothing to worry about. I actually went into the shop and met Sharon and she tried to tell me that an ex-employee was spreading rumours and she was in the process of going through her Solicitor. I felt a bit more at ease but asked them to get my dresses sooner. They called Ronald Joyce and ask them to confirm to me that the dresses would be in in August but as it was on loud speaker the lady at Ronald Joyce said the dresses needed to be paid for the lady took it off loud speaker rather quickly. I was disgusted as I paid for those dresses in May. We had one dress arrive and then I got told the other one would not be here until end of Sept, we were flying to Malta end of September so that was of no help at all and considering I ordered them at the same time I really couldn't understand why there was different delivery dates. Then the other arrived no long after but they had steamed it and it had steam marks all over it. I was in such a mess and so upset I just took the dresses and walked out. I found the whole experience with them so distressing and would not want anyone to go through the same experience. I would stay away from this women. Totally unprofessional and wouldn't know customer service if it jumped up and bit her in the bum. This is such a special day and she has no consideration at all.
Mrs Pearson - 14/06/2011
find me a dress    
Im angry,devestated and above all i feel stupid that i could ever trust them.

My main priority right now was to find myself something to wear down the aisle, it was an absolute pleasure to find Signature Brides in Hythe who have just simply been amazing (what a contrast). Ive got a dress and had an experience that i now know every bride deserves.

Call or email them from their website and at least you can start getting excited about your big day AGAIN! I wish all of us the best of luck in persuing this!
Kaitlin - 27/05/2011
Lies lies and more lies!    
I had a phone call on Sunday from Brides of Ashford, and they said they had gone into liquidation but if i went to their SITTINGBOURNE store , I could pick up my dress. Do i trust them? NO!

I rang the manufacturer and they have no record of my order. Dont trust them ladies. They lie all the time.
Jenna - 25/05/2011
please do not go to this shop. I too have paid them over 4,000 and have not received a thing. I can not believe how stupid I was to even set foot inside this shop but thought the package was a reasonable price.
Lies, lies and more lies and i suggest everyone get in touch with trading standards and consumer direct to put your claims in.
They have messed with the wrong people here as luckily my fiance to be is a lawyer.

good luck everyone.

if we all pull together we will salvage something from this terrible shop.
katie - 23/05/2011
51 high st sittingbourne    
Hiya, just to let you all know that we went to the Sittingbourne shop today to be greeted by the Police and Sharon the former owner of Brides of Ashford.The police told us and others in the queue that Sharon would speak to all of us if we remained calm otherwise we would be arrested. We was able to choose goods to the value of our 435 already paid as part payment on a wedding dress.So if anyone else has been taken for a mug then please get yourself to 51 High Street Sittingbourne asap and try to recover your loses as best you can. Hope this info helps!!!
Paul Newman - 23/05/2011
How could she    
I like all the other girls booked a wedding package with this company, although the girls were very nice and helpful when it came to dealing with the owner she was rude, not at all heloful. I have given this company 1200 so far for the package, and when we arrived on Friday 20th May to finalise the oredering of the bridesmaids dresses (brides already ordered) we found the shop to be closed, stock gone along with fixtures and fittings. There was no note on the door to say that they have moved.
I understand that they have opened a new shop in Sittingbourme, well take a warning from me and do not go inside the shop. I have spoken with the KM group along with many others I understand, and shall be talking to trading standards and consumer protection on monday.
A last word on this is they made a big thing about not being able to cancel this contract, contracts have 2 sides and I am not the one who has broken it.
Sue and Tony Theobald - 22/05/2011
They are at 51 highstreet. Sittingbourne. Checked it myself. Closed today tho. Apparantly the shop went into liquidation which 'apparantly' means they dont have to give us our stuff. According to the lady who owned brides of ashford...we WILL be getting our stuff. Thats what she told me today. Good luck everyone.x
emma - 22/05/2011
Really pissed of...liars    
I went into brides of ashford on the 9th November 2009 found the dress of my dreams and ordered it then they told me it would be in this may!! And I got a phone call today telling me they had gone into administration on Monday so now I've got NO dress no bridesmaid dresses no suits no cake and no photographer car veil tiara flowers I'm absolutly discusted with them I've payed 6500 for what....nothing!!! But trustee I ain't gonna let this lie
Jayne - 22/05/2011
awful shop    
My wife to be paid a deposit for a dress back in January, we knew by April we were never going to receive the dress and felt disgusted, I have evidence and proof of their deception and lies and we would love to get out money back but now I'm more interested in making sure other brides days aren't ruined by this sickening people. How they are still going and how the police can say it is a civil matter is beyond me. This is quite clearly fraud and deception, with some people being screwed over for 3000.

Please, if you are like myself and my partner and have been lied and deceived out of money for an item then get in touch, I am trying to build a case and references for the polce so the crime invesigation unit can go at them for fraud. They need to be shut down and stopped.

If you know anyone that has been screwed over by them and never received an item that has been paid for then get them to email me please so I can have more evidence for the case for the police.

Email :
Punishment Isdue - 22/05/2011
disgusting - should be ashamed !!!!    
Took hundred pound deposit off of us for a made to order Prom Dress for my daughter, paid extra to have it done quicker - phoned last week and told dress ot in they would phone me back - which they didn't! i rang again days later to be told would be in Wednesday 18/5/11. I rang today to ask if it was in (slightly worried) as had her from someone that they had shut down and done a runner - which I now know is true !!!! My thoughts go to all those poor brides out of pocket with no dresses.
Sam B - 21/05/2011
just found this if it helps anyone, they seem to have two websites

Claire - 20/05/2011
awful buisness    
So upset and angry to hear they closed I got a car and a photographer package booked for my wedding in july dont know where I stand now or if I will ever get my 700 pound back not sure if il get photographer 10 wks before my day cant afford it anyway jus had my 2nd baby to so as if life isnt tireing and stressful enough at the mo. Worst buisness ever!!!!
naomi - 20/05/2011
pissed off    
I am having same problem, i am an emotional wreck at moment, i paid the shop final payment of over 900 on saturday. got none of my 7 dresses. have called the police and trading standards, I cannot believe this as if getting married was not stressful enough!! all i can say is they wait till i ever get my hands on them!! I am truly deverstated.. i feel for everyone going through what i am going through x
sharon walker - 19/05/2011
PAIGE THOMPKINS - 19/05/2011
Well this shop has now closed down, which is much disstres to me as i have payed 500 deposit but no dress! i think every1 i know has had trouble with this shop, iv herd she opening 1 in sittingbourne on saturday- eeeerrrrr i dont think so and i dont see how she can be aloud! PROTEST i think if she does!
angrybitch - 19/05/2011
This has been the worst experience of my life, they have got 4 thousand pounds of my money and i have NOTHING, she has taken all her stock and re-opened a shop in sittingboune hight street due to open Saturday, ive gt 3 weeks till my wedding i have nothing and she has all my money, sharon and steve have been 2 of the biggest liars i have ever met nobody trust them
Maria - 19/05/2011
wedding day shambles    
This shop is a fraud, they took money of my sister for her wedding dress, we made so many phone calls no reply, got through last thursday and they said the dress is on its way, well what bollocks was that, today we find out no shop, we contacted trading standards etc, contacted another shop, which tells us no order has been made, if i get my hands on them, i'll wrap a wedding dress around their necks, how could anyone be so cruel to take money of u when they know u aint gonna get ur wedding dress, this has spoilt my sisters day, when found the shop owners should be put in a room with all the brides, c how they like that
b anon - 19/05/2011
Stressful day    
Today, Thursday 19 May, my daughter was supposed to be collecting her dress for wedding on Fri 20th. Shop closed and no contact number. By luck we found that the owners were opening a new shop in Sittingbourne. We went and found owner and family fitting out the new shop. When confronted she admitted that our daughters dress was at her home and claimed she had no way of contacting us. She attempted to lay the blame on othesr for her lack of contact info, despite having all details on the original order. She said she would deliver the dress to my home but I gave her one hour to get the dress to the Ashford store where I could pick up, thankfully it arrived but I am sure that unless I hadn't confronted her we would not have seen the dress.
This womoan is a serial offender, having several wedding companies "go under" only re-opening under another name. Do a company name search at Companies House and you will get her name and home address.
We have got both Radio Kent and the Kent Messenger on the case and I would encourage others to contact the media to shame this woman and her business practices.
Once our wedding is over we shall be taking this issue further with hopefully ensuring this woman never operates a business again.
Mike Davies - 19/05/2011
GONE OUT OF BUSINESS 17/05/2011    
penny flisher - 17/05/2011
I got my wedding dress from this shop 2 years ago and im very suprised they are still in business!!! a young girl helped me get the perfect dress and i couldnt fault her at all but i paid for my dress on the day i chose it,they promised we would recieve it before we got married 4mnths later,about a month before my wedding i phoned to see if it was ready but they hadnt even ordered it,i got told they forgot and will drive to wherever they get them from that week to pick it up,so i phoned a week later and still they forgot,by this time i was in tears as there was no way i would be able to get another dress or afford another 1 in time.2 days before i got married my dress arrived!!but needed fitting which the manager said would be free of charge because of all the hassle theyve caused,so went that day to get it fitted and guess what?they charged me 80 to fit it and if i didnt pay i wouldnt get my dress.i paid the money as it was just a relief to actually get my dress. If i could turn back time i would never ever ever go near that shop,i hope they have changed for the better and if you are getting a dress from them be prepared for dissapointment!!!!
Be aware    
Understand the shop closed today but was told it is opening another one in Sittingbourne. Brides to be in Sittingbourne need to be aware of the reviews for this shop and not have their day ruined.
portus - 16/05/2011
Using this shop has been the worst experience of my life. They have lied about the delevery time of the dress and with twelve days to go to the wedding, ive had to purchase a different one.They have fobbed us off for eleven months yes thats right eleven months for one may 1 2011 was the latest delivery time we were given another lie as I've been unable to get in touch with them.Please please please do not use this shambles of a shop unless you want to ruin your wedding and have months of worry, no dress & refund at the end of it.
Leanne - 01/05/2011
So shocked    
I can't believe the awful experiences you ladies have had.
I loved the customer service I received here, was treated like a real princess and made the experience a real pleasent one not just for me but for my Mum & chief Bridesmaid too.
Nothing was too much trouble, I tried on many dresses some on their advice that wouldn't have even dreamt of trying but they looked fantastic on.
They did go on to talk about their packages, they weren't pushy at all just general information about what they could provide, I didn't go with one myself as I had alot already booked and some family friends doing special prices so was saving us money.
But overall the experience was good,nice customer service from older ladies!! and nothing pushy or dodgy for us and a great dress.
Only thing I read on here that I completely agree is with thats a let down in finding parking spaces :-( but we survived and made it to the shop.
Mrs Smith - 25/04/2011
Dont whatever you do go to this shop, the manager is a complete nighmare, she has no clue in how to run a business and has ruined my whole experience of getting married.
The staff there are fab and really helpful, i cant imagine how they continue to work with a smile when i have heard her speak to them ALL with such disrepect.
Everytime I have visited the shop it has 'sale' sign on the window, does that not tell you something!
Anon - 23/04/2011
Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
Please don't shop at this awful experience os the same
As everyone else lies lies and more lies been waiting ten months for dress. Have less than three weeks before wedding and still no dress.also managed to contact dress manufacturer were we found the order for the dress had never been placed.are currently taking them to court.please don't shop here they are thieves
Lee well - 06/04/2011
This has to be the worst Wedding Shop in the world! I am actually disgusted that the Designers continue to list them as a recommended stockist of their dresses. Shame on you too designers!! They take money from you and dont deliver the product you have ordered. They seem to ignore their own Terms and Conditions of Sale. The customer service is appauling, infact its the worst i have ever know from any company i have ever dealt with in my life. They extend the dates originally given to you as to when the products will arrive in the shop. Broken promises, lies and not returning your phone calls are their speciality. Order and commit to them and you are almost gaureented to become their last victim. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. This woman should be locked up for Fraud. I have reported the company to Trading Standards and Kent Police. Trust me, all these bad reviews are true, dont be fooled by their fancy shop and broken promises.
Em - 12/12/2010
PLEASE PLEASE DONT USE THIS SHOP !!!!! thier staff are rude and aggressive even the manager sharon,they lie and fob you off never return your calls or call when they say they will,they are threating,they promise time scales that they dont follow through and eventualy you get the truth that theyve lost your dress 9weeks before your wedding but you cant have your money back because they promise for the 10th time it will be traced PLEASED DONT BE FOOLED YOUR REGRET IT!
Bev - 20/09/2010
If you want a hassle free wedding do not use    
Booked two full wedding packages in July 2009 for my daughter's weddings - May 2010 the other in June 2010.
Well all the problems which were mostly sorted out but contributed in me having a small stoke at the begining of June before the 2nd wedding (fortunatly I was OK for the day).
The Photo's for one of the wedding are mostly unprintable as over exposed and too dark and in the second wedding a guest ameteur photograher's photo's where better than the supposed professional.
Ask to see their qualification as I don't know if they are all qualified ???
The Brides dresses were both lovley, as were the shoes and the cakes but customer service is not just appalling it is non existant.
Lies excuses and more lies or excuses.
Just not the wedding experience you need or want my advice is to pay more for the peace of mind that all is going to be OK on your big day.
Nikiki B - 15/08/2010
Oh My God!!!!!    
What a disgrace, all the people that have commented on here, Sharon the owner of the shop who actually thing she has the biggest selling bridal shop in the UK (i think not) said that all your reviews are slanderous, lies and fabrications of the truth, well girls i just want to reassure you that i told her that from my own experience with this shop i am more enclined to believe all of these reviews rather than some jumped up big haired fake tanned bimbo!

Stay away from this shop if you are thinking of using them. After 20 odd phone calls i am still missing Bridesmaids dresses and am not holding my breathe on ever getting them from this circus of a shop. All the phone calls i have made TO THEM (the staff don't know how to return calls), i have either been lied to or fobbed off.

I have a few more issues with this shop than i am mentioning but for now the below message will do.
Abi - 21/07/2010
Very dissapointing    
I found a dress i loved in this shop and the service seemed to be great at the time. We paid a deposit in November 2009 and was told the dress would be there the following in May. After hearing nothing in May I called to discover the dress had not been ordered by accident but they assured me I would have it by the middle of August. As my weddind is in September this worried me!!!! Then last week they called and said the dress could no longer be made by that designer as it was out of line!!!!! So 2 months before my wedding I had no dress!!! Very upset. They offered a full refund which we excepted but the stress of it was barely accounted for. Luckily Wedding World in Folkestone saved the day by rushing a dress through for me and I have every faith in them. It is a shame because it seemeed good value for money at the time.
Maria - 09/07/2010
Wonderful Service    
My wife and I have just got married. We were looking to find the best value for money, as things are tight. We went for one of their packages and couldn't beleive what you get for your money. The whole experince was amazing, my wife was treated like a princess from the initial meeting all the way to the end. She looked stunning in her dress and everything from the morning suits to the photography was first class. I couldn't speak more highly of them. Thank you Brides of Ashford for making our day so special.
Nick - 09/06/2010
Did I goto the same shop??    
I had a lovely experience was treated like a VIP, nothing special but general good customer service from a lady (over 18).

I tried many dresses on and was offered all the accessories to get the full look and when I found the one the process was smooth and I had the dress and alterations done 2 weeks before my big day.

I didn't go with any packages as we had a family friend doing the photos and quite enjoyed arranging our big day ourselves but they seemed reasonably priced.

Overall a great service and only dropped a rating as I too did find it hard tp find a parking space,

I also have no other experiences to compare it but I walked away happy.
June bride2010 - 18/05/2010
Wedding dress horror    

I origanally order my dress with them on the 4th july 2009, then the beginning of october went back to the shop as i had realised i had made a mistake and it wasn't the right dress, they were very helpful and i was able to change my dress at a cost of 100 for a cancelation fee. However when the manager Tony was making the phone calls to the designers it did seem as if he was doing a fake phone call. I was told my new dress would turn up in jan so he said give it till the end of jan and it should be here. I phoned them at the end of jan to be told that because of the christmas/new year shut down it was delayed, I phoned them back about 4 weeks later to still be told it wasn't there, I was then told that it would be there at the end of march. I again phoned up the end of march to be told that it was in transit at last i thought, I phoned them the following week to ask how it was doing and they said it would be there by saturday and they would phone me to let me know, saturday came and went no phone call no dress, this went on for 3 weeks i then phoned the manager who told me that my dress did come in in jan but was in the wrong colour which i was never told, he told me that he has spoken to the designer and that it will be here in 5 to 7 days, it actually took 14 days to come.

I do have my dress now but the company are terrible to do business with all they do is palm you off with excuses. When i actually went into pick my dress up i had to put it on myself all they done was do it up, then i went down to the mirror and the girl just disappeared we went and got veils ourselves to try and then had to find the girl to help me undo the dress.

When my friend asked them if i could get any sort of compensation for all the stress i have been put through the managers wife said that she didn't know there had been any problems, she was very rude and because my friend got a little bit angry they then told her to leave the shop as she was upsetting the other customers don,t worry about how i was feeling.

I would NEVER recommened this company to anyone i know and will be posting on other sites to make other brides aware of there business.
lucy smith - 09/05/2010
Wedding dress    
My fiancee was measured by their staff and the dress ordered was much too big. They wouldn't let her see the dress until all the instalments were paid. She complained and was fobbed off and told to get a secoond opinion. We did this, which confirmed it was too big, and that the quality of dress was poor. Went back to ask for a refund. This was refused. We have also paid for a veil which we haven't had. We've asked for this by email, recorded delivery and hand delivered letter but they've ignored everything.
Recommend NOT to use this shop
Peter Winstanley - 02/05/2010
We are in the process of going to small claims court. The dress ordered is way too big. We have asked for a refund and they refuse.

Quality of service was very poor.

We will be adding to this later.
P - 29/04/2010
i recently had my wedding and went through brides of ashford with one off there packages. The staff were very friendly and never pushed me into choosing anything that I didn't want too. All the girls in the shop helped me with everything. They informed me when everything needed to be ordered so everything came on time. They phoned me when my items were in and phoned to check to see how everything was going. I had a meeting with the photographer, who was very polite and did exellent photo's on the day. I think he is new to the shop. I never saw the man that the other ladies spoke about, maybe he is know longer part off the shop? Yes the girls are young there but they are very friendly and polite and VERY helpful. My wedding day was exellent and I want to thank brides of ashford for all there hard work and help!
Amanda - 15/04/2010
biggest mistake ever    
1- staff average age 18 so if you want advice.... you dont get it
2- very quick to take money but whole service and experiance very shabby
- i arranged 4 appointments to see the 'managing director' who was also our "wedding planner" he did not turn up to any so i was left with a few girls who were juggling their time with other customers and phone calls, so the help i needed i didnt get this happen to me 4 times.
- when i went to sort out bridemaids dresses my wedding planner had not mentioned it takes 5 months and that it was too late!!!! surely a weddingplanner who is in charge of the clothing wooul tell the bride this so they could get them sorted in time!!
- MY 'WEDDING' planner i might add has not once called me!!! instead they avoid you like the plaque ( oh i did get a voicemail once asking for more money!)
- they told me you get photographer all day, actually 1.30 -4.00pm which for 3500 package a absolute joke
-when i complained about the service i got they were very apologetic but refused to let me take my dress and walk away from the package, instead i am now 2000 iout of pocket no dress nothing and got 4 months till i get married!
- they call me friday the 20th to apologise for me be unhaoppy and wanted to try sort it out, i said i just didnt feel i could trust them to do my photography and cake and mens wear and everything beacuse they had messed up so much before, they still wouldnt help me or refund my money, i just got home to find a letter from them saying that they will not have me in the shop or accept any calls from me as i have been so rude and aggresive to their staff and all communications have to go through a solictor... scare tactics---- i think so.

This is my wedding planner! i am not bridzilla at all and would never be rude to anyone! i just mentioned my concerns to them!

D - 23/03/2010
Odd experience    
Firstly, I had trouble finding somewhere to park. I called twice to get some help, and each time I was told to park somwhere different. I found my own space eventually and were were late, but they were fine about that to their credit.

The sales assistant was very helpful and friendly. There were a large selection of dresses but many were adorned with crystals and many were strapless, so if you are looking for something a bit different this is not for you. They are mostly under a grand so okay if you are on a budget. There were no less than 6 other brides in the shop at the time, plus a groom party came in looking for suits.

In order to get a proper look at the dress, you had to go down to the end of the shop - in front of everyone else - and stand on a podium in front of a large mirror. Shoes are not provided. There were several other families there with their brides, and it made me feel very uncomfortable and impersonal. It was also a little embarrasing as some of the dresses didn't quite do up at the back.

Whilst standing in front of the mirror, a man advised me on what veil to wear. It made me look like a chiwahwah. He thought it looked lovely. This man does work at the shop by the way, seems to be in charge.

A part of the shop smells like cat pee.

Overall I would describe it a bit like the McDonalds of Bride shops - a quick in and out and 'yeah that does the job' - not for me I'm afraid. But the assistant was lovely.
Claire - 18/01/2010
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