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Address: Confetti & Lace
  Thurrock Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock
  RM16 12L
Tel: 01708 890353
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JUST PERFECT! Thank you Brogan!     
Confetti and Lace was my first & last bridal shop which I visited. There were a few in between but none compared to the exceptional service I received at Confetti & Lace, and thatís all down to Brogan.

Brogan is VERY good at her job, she was friendly, very professional, & nothing was too much trouble, I tried lots of different styles on my first visit to Confetti & Lace but I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision for my special day, I booked a second appointment a week later to go back & see Brogan.

Upon my return to Confetti & Lace I knew exactly what I wanted. Brogan brought me exactly that. Cannot praise & thank Brogan enough for her support in helping me get the most perfect dress.

I would highly recommend Confetti & Lace Lakeside to anyone wanting to find the perfect dress. Everyone in store made me feel so welcome. A very special thank you to Brogan you are AMAZING, Big thank you for helping me on my journey to find the perfect dress.
Ashleigh - 21/01/2018
My daughter wedding dress     
I came with my daughter to shop to look for her dream wedding dress the people in the shop greeted us with a nice friendly and warm way sue who help my daughter to pick her dream dress was so nice and lovely cannot do enough for her she found her dream dress she look beautiful thankyou sue for all your help to make
Val Andrews rachelle mum - 17/09/2017

Where do i even start.........when i chose my dress and the sales staff wanted to get commission from a sale everything was nice. The only disapointment was that i had an image of trying on dresses whilst enjoying a glass of champagne. What actually happened was after i had decided on a dress we got half a glass of premixed bucks fizz.
It was once my dress came in that it all went wrong.
I made my appointment for my first fitting and nothing out of the ordinary was mentioned when the appointment was made. We arrive and the shop is heaving. There are camera crews everywhere. Male cameramen walking in and out of the changing rooms, cables everywhere. I tried on my dress whilst skyping my mum who lives abroad. We were encouraged to go out to the shop floor to try on vails and get a better light.
A few weeks after this i get a call from say yes to the dress asking if i want to be on the show. Turns out Confetti and Lace have given them my personal details without my permission. I said i did not, under any circumstances, want to be on tv. I ended up with another 3 calls from the production team trying to get me to be on the show. Each time i said no.
Second dress fitting i got messured for the dress. Same thing, nothing mentioned about filming when i booked but arrived to a busy shop full of cameramen. All was going ok until i asked to see the material i had paid them to sow under my skirt. It was the wrong material. They apologised, said they didn't have the right material to hand but they did order the right one.
Final dress fitting.....surprise, suprise i am told they are not filming that day...when i turn up a shop full of cameramen.
Dress comes out, i am trying it on. I feel rushed, there are people rushing in and out, men everywhere making me feel uncomfortable and we keep getting interrupted.
I ask why my dress doesn't fit right around my bust and i get told it's the best they can do. I also asked why i can see sequins through the train of my dress, i get told it's because the train is against the floor. As i rush to get changed i say i haven't had time to try my vail on. I get told not to worry about it and don't even get to see it.
A few weeks later my mum comes to visit. I ask if i can try my dress on to show her and they say no because i have had my allocated fittings.
A week before my wedding i settle down with my husband to watch say yes to the dress as it was filmed where i got my dress. What i was expecting was to see myself at my first dress fitting. I am in my dress, vail, shoes, head piece the lot. You see me from the front and then again from the back. My husband to be saw EVERYTHING.
I was heart broken. The following day we went straight to the shop. They brushed me off, said it was nothing to do with them, they didn't give my details out they let the production company have access to their systems. The best i got from them was sorry you are frustrated.
From here we started a complaint with say yes to the dress.
We are now less than 24 hours before the wedding and i am collecting my dress....
What else could possibly go wrong.
I collect my dress and they have got the completely wrong vail for couldn't be more different from the one i ordered and paid for. After some panic they had one out the back. An hour later we are finally leaving the shop.
I get to my venue where i am staying the night before. Get my dress out and they have sowed completely the wrong layer to the skirt of my dress. I was heart broken.

I spent thousands of pounds on my dress and hundreds of pounds creating the perfect, relaxed day/night before the wedding and it was all ruined.
Carly Hatley - 02/07/2017
Poor Customer Service and Alteration Services    
If you buy a dress here beware of the alteration services. After 3 visits the dress still did not fit or the bolero jacket I had made. A week before my wedding and a final fitting the items arrived via post and still did not fit. I returned the bolero immediately and the whole experience completely ruined my wedding day. I did not have my outfit despite promises and overselling by Confetti and Lace. I have not even received a response to my letter. I would not use this company.
SKB - 23/06/2017
I said yes to the dress, thanks to Rose!    
I would just like to thank Rose so much for her help whilst finding my dress. Confetti & Lace was the first wedding dress shop I went to and Rose was my consultant. She was extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Rose made me feel relaxed and comfortable and also managed to pick out my perfect dress. I cannot believe out of all the dresses I picked, Rose knew me more than what I knew myself and found my dress! It was a stress free process and I could not thank Rose enough for her help and patience with me! I would definitely recommend Rose to my friends and family and anyway who visits Confetti & Lace!
Rachel - 29/04/2017
Sue is the best!    
I had my first ever bridal appointment today at Confetti and Lace, I was anxious and fairly nervous! I went along with my Mum and Sister as soon as Sue starting chatting to us she put me at ease she was right on my wavelength! I told her where I was getting married and what I had been looking at online I showed her a picture of what I thought was going to be my dream dress! So we looking around picked a few gowns and Sue also picked a few out for me (respectful of my budget!).

I felt very comfortable and open with her when it came to getting in the gowns as of the effort she had made to build a rapport with me and my entourage! We were laughing and joking the whole way through! I tried a similar gown to what I had pictured myself in and it was not for me at all!! Sue made sure I went on a dress journey trying different elements that I thought I liked and trying different gowns on which I am so glad she did!

When I found my gown I was in love but we kept trying other dresses to see if we could beat it, and I'm so grateful to sue for that as it made me realise how much I loved my gown and how it didn't compare to any others! I finally said yes to the dress along with the perfect veil, treated with bucksfizz. cuddles and pictures!

The whole experience for me was amazing! I'm normally very picky and hard to please when it comes to clothing and dresses but Sue was so attentive to my wants and needs she nailed it on the head and enabled me to find my dream dress in the first try!!
Also really great value for money!

Aimee Hinson - 16/03/2017
Amazing service by all the team especially Danielle     
Had a fantastic experience and have just put a deposit on an amazing dress! Very exciting. Would highly recommend this shop to all. Thank just you Danielle my lovelyou assistant who is so extremely knowledgeable funny and friendly.

Visit this store for the perfect dress. Promise!
Louise Flynn - 18/02/2017
Amazing service!    
I came here in December, confetti and lace was the second bridal shop we came too after an awful experience at one of the bridal shops in Hornchurch. The lady was insistent with what dress I should be wearing regardless of what my taste and preference was. I came with my mum, mums partner, sister, cousin, aunty and a friend so there was seven of us altogether and this wasn't an issue what so ever some places can be picky about the number you bring with you, but they were fantastic offered everyone complimenty tea and coffee etc.

I had a lady called Kim at my dress fitting and she was amazing I showed her a picture of a dress idea I had in mind as I was getting married on the beach so I had a few specific requirements. Kim wasn't fazed at all and went straight to the rack and picked me a beautiful dress that was almost exact to the picture I had shown her. She then allowed me, my cousin, sister and friend (the younger people of the group) to go an pick any dress we wanted for me to try on. We picked around 12 in the end and I only tried on 3 before I decided which dress was for me.

Now I liked 2 dresses but different parts of the dress and Kim suggested that I have a custom made one so I picked the initial dress that Kim had shown me from the very beginning and I added a few alterations from another dress to be added. So I put a illusion panel with lace and a glass train so I actually had layers taken out as I didn't want the dress to be heavy due to getting married on the beach.

I am about to go from my first fitting with my custom made dress and I can't wait all of the staff have been nothing but a joy to talk to whenever I have called to check in on how the delivery of the dress is going. Even Jill the manager is such a pleasure to talk to she is always around to help with anything you need. I really recommend this place brilliant service and they actually listen to what you would like as a bride they don't try to convince you what you should wear, but if you ask for their opinion they offer any advice you need!

Thank you so much for everything you are an amazing team!
Kelly Shepherd - 03/06/2016
AWFUL.......avoid like the plague!!!!    
Rude, incompetent, inconsistent staff, who only care about sales, who are also compulsive liars. Ladies do yourself a favour go somewhere else!
Kate - 26/05/2016
I feel like a princess!!    
I want to thank you so much for all of your help with making the experience from start to finish with my wedding dress amazing! Max has been absolutely fantastic with any alterations and has just been so lovely as has Gill also. The shop is just stunning and everyone in there is just as excited as you about your wedding making it such a wonderful experience. I would highly reccomend anyone going there, if you want to look amazing on your day, that's the place to go.
Aimee Baldwin - 01/05/2016
Excellent service     
We visited this bridal shop after a disappointing fitting at David's bridal our consultant Danielle was such a caring person, she listened to my daughters requests, was very patient with her as her son whom is 11 months old was teething. Danielle was very knowledgeable in all the dresses that would possibly suit my daughter. After two hours with Danielle we all came to an agreement with the ideal dress. Once my daughter had made her mind up all the terms and condition were explained to her professionally. I wish them all the luck for the future in their business
Tonia Walker - 16/04/2016
Lisa was fantastic from start to finish!     
Had a great experience yesterday shopping for my wedding dress. Nothing was a bother and she really spent alot of time with me.... 3 hours almost! Great customer service, lovely girl and just an all round brilliant experience. Cant wait to be back for my fittings! Thank you to Lisa at Confetti & Lace Lakeside!
Gemma Darroch - 05/04/2016
Thank you very much Danielle    
I went here today after my bad experience at Davids Bridal to try on dresses with only less than 5 months before my wedding. I came in with my mom, two younger sister aged 12 and 7, and my daughter aged 4. They are very child friendly, they all complimented the kids for being quite and polite all throught my appointment.

Danielle, my consultant was amazing, she started by taking some details and asking what i would want and not want on the dress. Given that i am very vague with my description. She managed to pull out 3 amzing dresses of her recommendation. I also added 2 dresses that i picked. Although she said i only have to try on 5 dresses, theres one dress on the window display i really wanted to try, even this request was no trouble to her. She helped me put on all the dresses, very professional and you can tell she has a lot of experience already.

After days of worrying about getting the right dress. I finally found THE ONE, thank you again Danielle.

I went home with a huge smile on my face.I then start searching for reviews for Confetti and Lace, am very suprise to find tons of bad reviews. I guess despite the bad reviews you have to come to this shop with an open mind. Every bride has a different story i guess. Will be updating my review after my first fitting! Cant wait till May!!!
Almira polintan - 02/04/2016
Saved my day     
Confetti and lace were amazing. The whole bridal team are brilliant. They make the experience very magical and personal. There isn't anything they can't do for you. After a terrible experience with David's bridal, confetti and lace fitted me in on the day I called and found me the most amazing dress. I couldn't be happier. They are so kind, helpful and above all professional. Would highly recommend. Also Danielle my assistant was the best. Such a lovely girl who felt more like part of my bridal party than my assistant. Brilliant experience. Xx
Rebecca Campbell - 14/03/2016
Out of this world service    
I had my first appointment in Confetti and Lace on Thursday 16th February and was greeted by the fabulous Sarah. I explained that I wasn't planning to get married until April 2018, however I didn't know what style of dress I wanted at all. So she gladly help me and my Mum pick out a variety of different styles for me to try on. However, there was one dress on a model by the fitting rooms that caught my eye, it wasn't a problem at all for me to try it on. I knew when I tried this dress on with my dream cathedral length veil and the addition of a belt. Instantly both me and my mum knew this was THE ONE. I decided to leave the shop so I could weigh up the options about the dress, to ensure I was 100% certain about this dress. That night I couldn't sleep whatsoever, so on the Saturday morning I phoned the shop as soon as I knew it was open to book another appointment for Tuessday 23rd February so that I could see THE ONE again, so that I could show my Grandma to see what she thought & she loved it. I asked when booking the appointment if I could again have Sarah because she is just simply fabulous. After trying it on again I knew that it was THE ONE! So there and then I looked at my Mum and she knew that I really wanted to put a deposit on the dress!! I had a few questions to ask and it was to do with alterations and it was no problem for Sarah to get the seamstress Maxine, who was extremely happy to assist with my enquiries as was Sarah. When placing my deposit I also got to meet with Gill the manager who also was able to assist with my enquiries too! The service was totally out of this world, I would recommend this shop to every bride in the hunt for THE ONE!
Charlotte Sinfield - 23/02/2016
Lisa Lou    
Today I picked my amazing wedding dress with the help of the wonderful Lisa, I had no idea what style I wanted & was guided with care & utter professionalism of Lisa. She was kind, honest & wonderful from start to finish, I wasn't rushed or felt at any point that I was anything other than her top priority. She is an asset to Confetti & Lace. Not forgetting Gillian, a woman who knows her stuff!! Thankyou Gillian & Lisa X
Samantha Shelton - 24/01/2016
Excellent service    
I booked an appointment at Confetti and Lace in November 2015, having already had two unsuccessful visits to other bridal shops. I met Danielle and explained that I didn't want to try on hundreds of dresses when I already knew what I didn't want! She asked me questions about what I would/wouldn't like and reassured me that we would only try on 5 dresses (which sounded ideal). We chose 5 dresses together and tried them on. The shop was clean and organised and I had a private viewing area and changing room; we were also offered refreshments. Danielle was very personable and made me feel at ease - she chatted away to me like a friend, asking me about my wedding and my fiancť. She was more than happy for me to be honest and I told her when I didn't like things. I ended up finding my wedding dress within an hour thanks to her! The experience was not stressful and I was relaxed, completely opposite to the other shops I tried. Most importantly, Danielle listened to my requirements and didn't try to sell me anything that I didn't want or need. Overall, an excellent service. Thank you Danielle.
Katy Gibbins - 26/11/2015
Stunning shop and lovely staff    
I booked an appointment to find a wedding dress on the 23rd October 2015. I had been to a few other shops and found the dresses & shop to be very dated. i was introduced to Lisa who helped me pick out a few dresses. I was actually suprised how many i did choose to try on. they were all so beautifull. I then found THE ONE !!!!!!!!! there was no way i could have walked away from this one. Lisa was so so helpfull and made the whole experience special i liked the fact she was young so i felt like i had a friend with me as well as my mum and sister. Lisa was very knowledgeable about all the dresses and was very professional. THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA xxx
Rebecca Jordan - 16/11/2015
My first experience!    
I popped into confetti and lace just on the off chance that they have availability to fit me in to try on a few dresses to get an idea of what I wanted and what would suit me!!
The ladies in the shop couldn't be more welcoming and friendly! Sue who I had my appointment with was absolutely amazing, she could see I had literally no idea what I wanted, but with her knowledge and experience I found the absolute perfect dress for me!
The whole experience was relaxing from start to finish and an amazing time for just myself and my mum to have together!
I would recommend confetti and lace to anyone planning their big day!
Claire abrey - 22/10/2015
Beautiful wedding dress shop    
I went to confetti and lace last Thursday 1st October with my maid of honour just for ideas as I am not getting married until August 2017. My consultant was Sue and she made me feel extra comfortable and knew exactly what I liked which in turn I found my dream dress! I can't wait to go back to try it on. Sue was so helpful and understanding and made extra time for me for my mum to see the dress! Would highly recommend to any bride. Thank you!
Elisha whiten - 06/10/2015
Unique Experience and Outstanding Service    
I had my appointment with Kim, and I must say, having visited two bridal shops before, Confetti & Lace + Kim provided me with an experience far beyond experienced and expected. The shop is modern, spacious, well-light and both elegant as well as laid-back, generating an unprecedented atmosphere & excitement. With Kim's and my mom-in-law's help, I was able to pick out 7 dresses and Kim was fabulous at both dressing me up, as well as giving me a real feel of being a bride.

A day after having settled for a beautiful dress by Madam B. I have started having doubts (you know how it is when having too many choices) whether I have made the right decision.

To my surprise, Confetti and lace proactively asked me to come back in and to try my dress back on, so I can give myself a peace of mind. It was then Sue who has generously helped and advised me on making the right decision, and hence, here I am with a new dress that I am 200% happy with, and I cant wait for it to come!

Changing the transactions wasn't a hassle and I can only highly recommend any future bride-to-be to give Confetti & Lace a visit and be taken aback by their large selection of beautiful dresses and genuinely kind staff.

many thanks to KIM & SUE
Julia Lu - 30/09/2015
Lisa and Alesha    
Yesterday I had a fitting with Lisa and I cannot thank her enough. I picked out 5 dresses to try out she was honest with me and I 100% agreed with her opinion.
I found my perfect dress after being with Lisa for 2 hours. She was very patient and personal.
After thinking about my dress all day I went back to the shop to ask to try my dress one more time. Alesha made a fitting room available for me to do this.
It was an amazing experience to go back and have my dress on one more time. Emotional to say the least everyone crying when I put the dress back on.
I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone she is amazing at what she does and just knows what suits your body.
Thank you so much.
Leanne xxxx
Leanne elliott - 27/09/2015
Fantastic service!    
I can't thank Danielle enough for helping me find the perfect dress when I was torn between two. She was more than patient and was not prepared to let me settle for something I wasn't 100% happy with providing an honest and genuine opinion. She really went beyond her needs to make me feel like a true bride and now I have found my dress I can't wait to go back for my fittings once it arrives.
Both myself and my mum were made to feel comfortable and relaxed in the store making the experience all the more enjoyable

Thank you Danielle you really have contributed to our big day and you are a credit to the store.
Siobhan - 12/09/2015
Lovely experience    
I've bought my bridal gown at Confetti & Lace and had my fitting with Kim. Kim was ever so patient (with my mum on Skype and all the sorting out that came with it) and lovely as I've never tried on a wedding dress before that. I have found THE dress (Kelsey Rose) on the day. After my first fitting I then also ordered a long veil with it and when I picked up the dress it was Kim who handed it over to me, which was so lovely!
Kerstin - 08/09/2015
I went to Confetti and Lace this weekend with my mum and my maid of honour. I was warmly greeted by Danielle. She is amazing I absolutely loved her she was so kind and so down to earth I could not of asked for more!! She helped me try on lots of dresses and she found me my Dream dress. She made me feel wonderful I felt so beautiful and so emotional. I cannot thank Danielle and the whole team enough they have made my wedding dress shopping experience amazing! Thank you so so much!!!
Hannah - 09/08/2015
Myself and my Mum had an appointment booked at Confetti & Lace and we are so glad we went. I found my perfect dress all with the help of Georgia. She was amazing very Friendly and professional nothing was too much for her. She made me feel
At ease straight away. The service from all the staff I couldn't fault they made me
Feel very special and gave great advice about all the gowns in their store. I can't praise this shop
And its staff enough. Thank you so much for finding me my perfect wedding dress.
Gemma Cross - 21/07/2015
I'm so excited!!!    
Great experience at Confetti and Lace today. This was the fourth dress shop I went in and was the best by far. Very professional, helpful and friendly. Lovely and spacious there and a lovely selection of dress private rooms for each party of guest. Sue helped me and she was just brilliant understood exactly what I wanted and helped pick me some great dress to try. I couldn't believe that I found 'THE DRESS'. We then got to celebrate with some bubbly! I'm so excited and just want to get married now!!
Thank you so much to Sue you was fantastic xxxx
Kirsty Samuels - 20/07/2015
Fantastic Experience    
Confetti & Lace was the first wedding dress shop I entered... and the last! My initial intention upon my first appointment was to maybe try one or two dresses on for myself (as the bride) but mainly i wanted to get my two bridesmaids to try on a few dresses and get them sorted first. We were greeted by Sue who was bubbly and very friendly with a great sense of humour. She encouraged me to try on some dresses first although i felt a pang of guilt as my mum was on holiday and was not there to see me try them on. 'oh well' i thought, 'its only a few dresses for fun and i'm highly unlikely to find 'THE DRESS'. How wrong I was! After trying a small selection of dresses on (only 3 I think)I tried a gorgeous Christine Dando gown that wowed not only my bridesmaids but me too. I totally did not expect to find my dress so soon and it's weird how you just know its 'the one'. So, having put a deposit down and leaving the shop i was eager to get my mum along as soon as she returned from holiday. I rang sue a few days later thanking her for her help and advice on the day and explained that i would like to visit again and try just a few more dresses on as i felt i had stripped my mum of the mother / daughter wedding dress shopping experience. Sue couldn't have been more understanding and accommodating. She said bring your mum in and we'll go through the whole experience again and make your mum feel special. We agreed that i would try a few more dresses on and that sue would throw a few others in there so mum wouldn't know which was the dress I'd chosen. Sue was true to her word and my mum had an amazing experience and luckily enough for me, my mum loved the exact same dress as much as i did and agreed it was the one, without me even having to hint that that was it. Thank you Sue for being so lovely and helpful - Can't wait for my dress to be ready now!
Louise - 02/07/2015
Found my dress!    
I'm not going to lie, I did not expect to find the perfect dress in Confetti & Lace but I did and I am so excited for my big day now!
Alesha was the lovely lady who helped me and she was great, very helpful and friendly and she made me feel like a princess.
The shop has a great variety of dresses too.
Thank you for all your help.
Kelsey - 04/06/2015
wedding dress    
Today I found my perfect wedding dress. We had the help of rina. She was absolutely amazing. My mum julie and I couldn't have done it without her. The shop itself was beautiful. Everyone in there was wonderful. I am a bigger girl and some of the samples were too small but I was made to feel like a million dollars. Nothing was too much effort for the staff. I cannot wait to go back and try my dress on. Thank you once again to rina.

I can now say I said yes to the dress :-)

becky - 19/05/2015
Lovely Experience    
Confetti and Lace is a beautiful shop which oozes quality and elegance. My daughter had looked at loads of other wedding dresses in different shops but none gave her that special feeling of finding THE dress. We were welcomed into the shop by Rina and from then we knew we were going to get the right assistance. She had a friendly but very proffesional approach and nothing was too much trouble for her. She encouraged my daughter to try on different types of styles to find the one that suited her best. Then she assisted her in the dressing room, offering her advice about accessories etc.Needless to say THE dress was found and we were so pleased. We would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a lovely experience when looking for their wedding dress.
Linda - 11/05/2015
dress hunting...!    
I visited Lynsey at confetti and lace she was so so helpful. And suggests dresses that I didn't think would suit me but did. Would highly recommend - lovely lady xx
chrissie - 28/04/2015
Wedding dress    
Had a lovely time trying on dresses, found my perfect wedding dress. Rina was our sales assistant and came over very friendly and welcoming, she made me feel very comfortable in trying on the dresses.

We will definitely recommend this shop to all my friends for the future.

Thank you

Hannah johnson - 29/03/2015
Simply the best!    
After visiting several shops and not being able to find 'the dress', I was feeling a little despondent and not really enjoying what is supposed to be a fun and exciting part of planning a wedding. My mum knew how upset I was getting about finding a dress with the wedding date approaching fast, so she took a day off work to help me. We got an appointment on 27th January at Confetti and Lace, and like I said, was feeling quite down about finding a dress that I felt comfortable in and was within budget.

From the moment I was greeted by Alesha, I was put at ease. She made the whole process from selecting the dresses to trying each one on a really enjoyable experience. She knew exactly what styles would look good and how to accessorise each dress to show it off to its best so I felt a million dollars in everything I tried on. Alesha's customer service was second to none, she had a great, friendly attitude and helped me to make a decision on a dress (anyone who knows me knows how hard it is for me to make a decision about ANYTHING!).

All in all, the whole experience was a pleasure - something I didn't think I would be saying after all the other shops I tried! The shop itself is friendly, welcoming and stylish with just th right hint of glamour, and what can I say about the staff? Absolutely first class. I even joked with the manager that she should give Alesha a pay rise - but I meant it! Thanks Confetti and Lace, and thank you Alesha! Can't wait to get my dress now!
Luisa - 24/02/2015
Simply Amazing    
I came into Confetti & Lace after a bad experience at another shop in Essex and I was absolutely thrilled. The service and expertise was outstanding and I FOUND THE GOWN! All the staff were very friendly and welcoming and my consultant Sue was amazing! I can't wait for my next visit here.
Victoria Leach - 07/02/2015
Perfect dress and amazing bridal consultant!    
Asides from the dress being absolutely stunning the reason I wanted to leave this review is my Bridal Consultant Danielle @ Confetti & Lace. She made the experience fun and exciting and has a genuine passion in making sure the bride gets the right dress. I came in with a set list of things I thought I didn't want and she did a brilliant job of opening up my mind to the possibilities of what would look good, my dress is the opposite of what I was thinking to get and I couldn't love it more. I quite frankly can't believe it's me...! Thanks so much.
Abi Haque - 19/01/2015
Been to this store twice now and each time have received great service from Lisa and Hannah. Both extremely helpful and friendly and made me feel at ease.
The service is great and even keep in touch by email.
Found my perfect dress! Thank you girls!
Robyn - 15/01/2015
Sue was amazing!    
Amazing service , friendly , professional and made my bridesmaids feel like princess .
This store has a great atmosphere and all if the staff are more than happy to help you .

Recommend this store . Nothing is too much trouble ...
Lisa reeve - 10/01/2015
A great experience    
I was very nervous when I first visited the shop however Sue was very friendly and welcoming and me feel very comfortable while looking for my dress, she helped me work out exactly want I wanted from my dress and I even found my perfect dress on the first visit! I also got my Bridesmaid dresses on that day. I would definitely recommend confetti and lace.
Nicola Monro - 07/01/2015
Stunning shop and beautiful dresses    
I visited Confetti and Lace today and found my dream wedding dress. My bridal consultant Sue could not have been more friendly and helpful. I didn't really know what I was looking for but she narrowed it down after trying on just a couple of different dresses. Then she pulled out 'the one' and I knew before she even laced it up that I loved it. I cried with happiness. All the staff were so happy that I had found the dress and my bridal party all got a glass of Buck's Fizz to celebrate. I was left to strut around the shop in my dress until I was ready to take it off. I tried on various veils,tiaras and hair accessories with no pressure to buy anything. The staff explained the payments and alterations service very clearly also. I could not fault this bridal shop and they made finding my gown just as magical as I had hoped it would be. So thank you.
Anne-lise hooper - 04/01/2015
Great experience!!    
I visited Confetti and Lace on 30th Dec, and was booked in with Alesha who provided a great experience and helped find my wedding dress! I attended the appointment with my mum, sister and my cousin and we all said how lovely the customer service was, which just added to the overall experience.I can't wait for my dress to arrive in a few months time! I would most definitely recommend the shop.

Andrea - 02/01/2015
Staff at Confetti And Lace.    
Everyone at the shop was very friendly and helpful, especially Danielle who helped me find my perfect wedding dress. Margaret who fitted my dress was very approachable and very nice, she made sure my dress fitted me perfectly. I would highly recommend this shop.
Mrs S Sans - 15/12/2014
follow up review    
So it has been a little over 6 months now since I ordered my wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, I received a call on Sunday to tell me that all of my dresses had arrived!
Since placing my order i had to visit the shop 3 times just to get my bridesmaids measured and never had a problem making the appointments. I have also made a number of other appointments to try on the sample of my dress, again never having a problem, I even turned up too early for one once and they still fit Me in. What I would say is it's a bridal shop, a very large busy one and if you just turn up on a Saturday when it's pretty busy, the chances are they won't be able to see to you or devote the time and attention that a bride deserves. I don't know one bridal shop where you can just turn up and spend hours with an assistant. I have dealt mainly with Danielle who is just fantastic! But have also dealt with others at the shop who are also good. I feel totally comfortable around the girls here as did all of my bridesmaids and I am so glad I got my dress from here and wasn't swayed by the bad reviews! I cannot wait to go and see my dress! Despite knowing that I won't be having my alterations done at the shop the service i have received has never faltered! They are even storing my dresses for me until I'm ready to collect them! I'll be upset when I don't have a reason to pop into the shop anymore!
Thank you all so much for your time and effort and making my dress shopping and amazing experience!
Alesha Galea - 15/12/2014
Lovely afternoon with a lovely lady called Kim     
I had such a lovely afternoon came with my sister and my consultant was called Kim, she is so lovely made me feel at home. I didnt intend to buy my wedding dress that day but i did! She knew exactly what i wanted. She was so helpful.
The shop it self is gorgeous so so many gorgeous dresses. Can not wait to seemy dress again next year, been dreaming about it every night!
Thank you Kim! Xx
Robyn meloche - 04/12/2014
Amazing lady, so friendly and made me feel so comfortable.
Devon helped me find dresses I felt great in and I found my dress that day, and it ended up being a dress that Devon found and fit with my theme. I would never have looked at that style of dress, and now I'm in love with it, all thanks to her.
Devon has helped so much, as I wanted my dress short, she pinned it all up to show me it could be done and after seeing it like that, I knew it was the one. Than you so much
Rebecca - 01/12/2014
buying my wedding dress    
I am renewing my wedding vows and will be 59 when I do it. Kim helped me findJean Clark the perfect dress and made me feel very special.
She is a lovely lady and has made my special day even better. I cant wait to go for my first fitting I would recommend this store to everyone.
There was so much to choose from and Kim was patient but also knew exactly what would suit me. thank you so much Kim looking forward to seeing you soon
Jean Clark - 29/11/2014
Fabulous experience    
I visited the store last Saturday & had a fabulous afternoon.

All of the ladies working in the store were lovely & made my sister & myself feel very welcome. Danielle who was my lovely assistant was fantastic. She knew exactly what I wanted just by having a quick chat. She made me feel completely at ease.

I did find my amazing wedding dress & I cannot wait until next year to pick it up.

Michalla - 18/11/2014
What a wonderful shop and staff    
I would just like to say what a beautiful shop and a wonderful experience we had when we visited on Wednesday 5th of November. Not only did we find my sisters dream dress but the whole experience from start to finish made our visit special. We had tea when we walked in then a girl called Rina was appointed to us and she was excellent she made the whole thing wonderful. My sister found her dress and Rina made our day very special and how a bride to be should feel looking for her dress, not only did my sister feel special but we did too. I would recommend this shop to anyone thankyou all so much.
kerry - 07/11/2014
One happy bride...    
I went to Confetti and Lace yesterday and was over the moon with the service I received. I was helped by a lovely consultant called Hannah, who made me feel completely at ease and very beautiful in each gown she had picked for me (I picked a few myself but she really knew what style would suit my body shape).

I had already tried on dresses in another store but Hannah helped me pick 'the one' - the dress that truly made me feel like a bride and brought a tear to my eye...along with my mum and sister. She was very considerate of my budget and even went to ask the seamstress to come and see me about a few changes I want to make...honestly she made the whole experience a very happy and memorable one...Even though I spent my appointment with Hannah, the manager and the other ladies in the shop were also very friendly and helpful.

Would definitely recommend Confetti and Lace to anyone looking at buying a beautiful dress and having a lovely time doing so :) THANK YOU!
ASHLEY PRYER - 02/11/2014
Lovely experience.    
I ordered my dress from here this afternoon and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from both Shannon and Gill! Shannon helped me find the perfect dress which I wouldn't have picked out myself, and I am very thankful. I highly recommend this bridal shop to any brides looking for their dream dress and great service.
Grace Horvath - 01/11/2014
The Perfect Experience.    
I visited Confetti & Lace in Lakeside last sunday and had such a lovely day. i went with my mother in law to be and as soon as we arrived we were offered a choice of tea, coffee, water or buck fizz. The shop itself is beautiful. I have been too quite a few over the last couple of weeks and i thought the changing rooms were ideal. Its nice to get put into a dress with a member of staff and then walk into a private larger room where your guests are waiting once your all sorted. Hannah the bridal consultant was so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. She wasn't snotty about the amount of dresses i put on and never once did i feel like she was just pushing for a sale. After trying on around 6 dresses she then let me try on my two favourite ones again and added a veil, head piece and bouquet and lets you go into the mirror in the main shop where the lights are brighter. All in all it was such a fun experience and all the ladies that worked in there seemed lovely especially hannah! Would recommend any one to visit this shop when looking for their perfect dress as it has such a wide variety!
Annie - 29/10/2014
Perfect from start to finish    
I can't praise this shop and their wonderful staff enough! Having visited a few boutiques before, this store is in a league of it's own for dress selection, staff manner and knowledge, and basically making you feel like a princess for the day! I had the most amazing day with Gill who runs the store, and i couldn't have asked for anyone better! I brought my mum, sister in law and niece with me and the staff went out of their way to make sure they were indulged and involved as much as I was. More importantly, this team are experts in what they do. Their honesty, taste and knowledge of the stock never failed to impress me, after trying a few dresses on and getting a feel for what I liked they worked with that to pull out as many suggestions as they could, they got me to try things I wouldn't haves done otherwise, and in fact I bought a dress picked out by Gill rather than myself! I had a fabulous day, bought a dress I absolutely love, and can't wait to go back to try the bridesmaids dresses!! I will be recommending Gill and her amazing team to everyone I know!
Hannah Newton - 27/10/2014
Bluewater wedding fair.     
I just wanted to say that I visited your stand yesterday at the bluewater wedding fair. The team you had there were amazing. Sian helped me with my dresses and she was amazing. And when you put on a dress and your staff have tears in there eyes and say that they want to see my mum and sisters faces when I walk out is just what a bride to be needs. I went away to have a think and needless to say I brought the dress. They even all knew who I was when I came back to see them. Your whole team were fantastic commenting on how beautiful and stunning I looked. Take it from a person who had tried on 10 dresses at different stands and events. No one was as kind and helpful as your stand.
Thank you and I can't wait to get my dress from you. X
Tracey Catterick - 21/10/2014
Great service    
Can only speak as I find and I must say that I was a bit shocked by the reviews my daughter had a great service from the girls in the shop,very polite made us feel like it was important to them that we got the perfect dress was never ignored and it was no trouble to them what ever we wanted the dress arrived on time alterations were done to a very high standard by a loverly lady called Margaret would recommend this shop to any one
Denise - 20/10/2014
AMAZING experience    
I visited Confetti and Lace with my best friend looking for a wedding dress. From the moment we walked into the store we were made to feel special. Gill was the first to greet us with a warm smile. Gill then went on to serve us and was amazing - kind, caring and yet honest about what suited my friend. My friend found 2 styles that looked amazing, Gill was brilliant at making suggestions but standing back and letting us enjoy the moment. The whole experience was faultless. Please, please visit this stop - it is the best in Essex by far.
Zoe Blaskey - 20/10/2014
finding the perfect dress!     
The service I received at confetti and lace was outstanding I was made to feel like a princess while looking for my dress as well as my mum and maid of honour being looked after and kept in the loop. The staff were all friendly and approachable I didn't feel under pressure at all, the lovely young lady Rina was professional and very genuine I felt at ease especially trying dresses on in my underwear after having a baby. I was given the opportunity to try different accessories on with my dress and nothing was too much to ask. I could not fault Rina and the other staff at all! I would recommend to any friends that get married in future. We all 'celebrated' together when I found the perfect dress.
Gail Saunders - 19/10/2014
Exactly what a bridal shop should be!    
I have been looking for my wedding dress for 6 months now and in this time I have had some god awful experiences with bridal shops. In fact I have been to 5 shops now (along with plenty of wedding fairs) and up until I went to confetti and lace in lakeside I had only visited one shop that id feel confident in ordering my dress from!

So last week my friend popped in and spoke with Sue who was very helpful to her despite knowing she was not going to be buying a dress at all. The next day I booked an appointment with my mum to go down and have a look.
My appointment was booked in with Danielle and from the word 'go' we did not stop smiling! I even dragged along my aunt without telling them and they didn't bat an eyelid (unlike other shops I have done this in). She made every effort to make everyone very comfortable and involve them in the experience. She was so helpful with selecting the dresses with me and pointing out other styles and details I would have normally stayed well away from but that really suited me.
Needless to say (after 3 full hours and an unwavering smile from Danielle) I have finally found my dress and it was actually something she made me try on instead of something I picked out myself. She also knew I was very conscious about my chest being too revelling so she managed to match up a bolero from another dress absolutely perfectly!

I have gone over budget by about £500.00 but I still couldn't be happier! Danielle and all the staff in there are so lovely and I would defiantly recommend this shop to anyone looking for their wedding dress.
Sophie - 17/10/2014
Big Mistake,HUGE    
I purchased my wedding dress from this shop (why I don't Know). On my first visit they were lovely, then again course they were they wanted a sale!!!!!
I have lost both my parents so picking a wedding dress and imagining a wedding without them is very hard, I told Confetti and Lace at the time this situation, but yet every member of the team kept saying "your dad will be so pleased to walk you down the isle". After purchasing the dress and ordering a bolero using the same lace in the dress to make it, they said it will be ready in about 9 months, after a year and still no word I called them to say my wedding which was due in July had to be postponed. now I ordered the dress January 2012 so dress should be ready around October 2012 I phoned January 2013 to be told that the dress is still not ready and they will call me, the women was very very rude on phone. in April 2014, yes 2014!!!! they called me to say dress is ready when I got there they said "what do you want to try in on, thought you were just collecting it". when I went into fitting room to try on dress the bolero was not made it was a square peace of netting in the bottom of the bag, they said what do you want us to make it then. In August 2014 I picked up my dress without even trying it on..... This store really doesn't care about you as a bride.... with them its all about the sale....I would never recommend anyone going to this store in fact I have stopped people going an absolutely horrible experience. picking my dress was a hard day for me anyway knowing my mum and dad would never see me in it....I Wish I never got my dress from there...
Vicky Clift - 15/10/2014
Such a lovely relaxed experience    
I had an appointment and was greeted by a lovely lady Kim. She was so so friendly from the start and made me laugh straight away x
She got a very good idea of what sort of thing I was after very quickly and made some beautiful suggestions.
She was very honest when I was trying the dresses on and I found 'the one'
Highly recommend this wonderful shop x
Laura Hayes - 13/10/2014
The worst experience of my whole wedding     
The WORST bridal shop in the world! In the run up to my wedding I suffered from alopecia and lost 75% of my hair and had to wear a wig. I visited this shop looking for a wedding dress with my sister. I told the (ogre) sales lady i wanted my sister to help me try on dresses. I did not feel comfortable taking my wig off in front of a stranger. She was very unhappy about this and was most rude! We had been in the changing room for a short time, so I was half dressed (no wig) and the saleswoman/manager (ogre) ripped apart the dressing room curtain in front of the entire shop and came in asking how we were getting on, with an attitude that suggested we were up to something because i didn't want her help!!! No apology from the woman even though it was pretty clear to see why I wanted privacy!! I wrote to the confetti and lace head office about this disgusting incident and they didn't even bother to reply! PLEASE do not spend your money here!! There are far nicer shops.
Sarah - 13/10/2014
One satisfied and happy bride!!!    
I would like to the thank all the staff at Confetti and Lace, Lakeside. Without then I wouldn't have found my dream dress. I would especially like to thank Aleesha. You were there for me and helped me in every way, with paymemt methods and just for a general chat. I would definitely recommend this branch and Aleesha if anyone is planning to get married. The variety of dresses are beautiful in each and every way. There's a dress for everyone xxx
Selma Medanovic - 08/10/2014
Couldn't have been better.....    
Confetti and Lace was recommended to me by a complete stranger once she could see my panic at not having a dress and getting married in 3 months! From the second we entered the shop I felt at complete ease. Gill was the first person we saw and she immediately made me and my mum smile ensuring us that we would not leave the shop without having a dress! Gill introduced us to Danielle who was equally as delightful and was an absolute dream when it came to helping me pick out dresses. From start to finish my experience was amazing, everyone was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and you could see there was genuine warmth and excitement in what they do. Thank you so much to everyone at Confetti and Lace for making my time with you so special, particular thanks to Gill and Danielle who are wonderful!! Warmest regards, Anna Burgess (and Mum) x
Anna Burgess - 01/10/2014
Perfect Wedding Dress Shopping Experience    
I would like to thank Sue and the team at Confetti and Lace for giving me and my family the best wedding dress shopping experience we ever had.

The service throughout was incredible. The changing rooms are immaculate and huge! I had never been to a shop where there were multiple areas for Brides and their families to sit and try on the dresses. We were served tea and coffee and I was also able to walk through the shop with each dress on so that I could look at it in a different light.

I never felt pressured and Sue gave me some great advise. She was so friendly and knowledgeable. It was wonderful to be served by someone who clearly loves their job. We were also surprised to receive a lovely glass of bucks fizz to celebrate our purchase!

I am so happy to have bought my dream dress from this shop and I cannot wait to come back and try it on again for fittings! Thank you
Kimberley Thurgood - 29/09/2014
Felt Special Customers    
My Daughter and I had been to various bridal shops and were treated like good customers, but none can surpass the treatment we were given at Confetti and Lace , every member of staff made us feel like celebrities. Amyone looking for a truly memorable experience . I would recommend this bridal shop the best. THANK YOU SUE X
Carole - 27/09/2014
I attended Confetti & Lace on Friday 5th September 2014 to just have a look. I was greeted straight away by a friendly member of the team and asked if I wanted an appointment that day and when I would be getting married. I confirmed an appointment and returned at a later time. Sue greeted me when I returned for my appointment and took all my details. I described the type of dress I would like and she helped me select a few and gave good advice on what may suit me. Sue was helpful when putting on the dresses and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. I tried on several dresses but did not see anything that I like until I saw a picture of a dress on a woman in the dressing room and I asked if they had that dress in store. Sue went and had a look on the shop floor for the dress and to my surprise it was there. I tried the dress on and fell in love. I walked around the shop for maybe 30 minutes and loved it even more. I told Sue I would be returning with my mum and I will not let her know that I have tried it on. I called later that evening to book an appointment with my mum for Monday 8th September. When I arrived Sue was fantastic and acted as if I had not been in before to try it on. We picked out several dresses again and tried them on and when I tried on the initial dress again my mum loved it. Sue was very helpful and made the experience very special for my mother and I. We all celebrated with a glass of Bucks Fizz and we put a deposit down for the dress there and then. I could not fault the dress or the service. I loved the experience and Sue made it even more special with her positive/helpful advice and service. I am so excited to wear it on my wedding day and go in for future fittings. Thank you all for making that moment special and easier than expected.
Nicola Sabaroche - 09/09/2014
No customer service whatsoever!    
Visited here today with a friend who's getting married in August 15. Walked in, was ignored by sales assistant. Started to look at dresses when a sales assistant came over to us - been here about ten mins by now - god forbid she was going to acknowledge us though, she just came and took the dress we were looking at! After about 25mins i asked an assistant if there was any chance of trying something on today and she said no everyone was busy but we can call and make an appointment. THAT WILL NOT BE HAPPENING!
Lisa was just wonderful today helping me pick my wedding dress - nothing was too much trouble and her approach was lovely: calm, encouraging and just what I needed. She deserves praise for her efforts and I would highly recommend confetti and lace at lakeside to any bride looking for huge choice and excellent service in a fantastic environment.
Kate Elliott - 15/08/2014
Faultless service andLovely staff    
This was the first and only wedding dress shop I visted. I was wary of online reviews but decided to give them a go. Visited the shop exactly 12 months before my wedding and was given a questionnaire to fill in before I tried on five dresses oft choice. I didn't like any of them but the girl suggested a
Dress she had not on shop floor that would suit my figure. It was totally what I wanted and even had a little tear because I loved it so much. I tried on veils and tiaras and
Chose those too. The dress was delivered to the shop in June before my sept wedding. Despite being told to order a dress 3 sizes bigger (they do come up smaller) I ordered one size bigger and lo and behold it fit me perfectly. The only alteration was to add a button and loop to my train which cost £25. I picked my dress up today, tried it on with the veil and tiara and the girl showed my friend how to lace up and help me into it. I cannot fault the service I recieved. It's both stressful and brilliant finding THE dress and all the staff totally got that. I believe they are under new managemt and staff since the bad reviews and I'm grateful to them
For making this experience stress less. You spend. Lot of your hard earned wedding budget on a dress and this experience has been a painless and good one. The dress
Is worth every penny it is beautiful. The staff are brilliant.
Laurajane - 15/08/2014
couldn't fault them one bit    
H visited confetti and lace on Sunday, with only a rough idea of what I was looking for. The shop has a very wide range of dresses and is set out nicely. My assistant Daniel was brilliant, she was so patient and g felt really comfortable with her. Whilst I was trying on dresses another assistant was helping a bride with her final fitting who she was going to putin our mirrored area, the owner told her to go to the other area so that we could have our own area and take our time, I thought this was very good. I was in the shop for 2 and a half
hours and both the owner and Danielle were very very patient, polite and helpful. I'm going back this Thursday to order my dream dress and order the bridesmaid dresses. I cannot wait. My wedding isn't until July 2016 but I wanted to make sure I left enough time to find the dress and for any alterations etc. The owner said that they like around 12 months for dresses. So it may be worth noting that. They also offer free storage in an off site lock up that is very secure and is insured. I am looking forward to picking up my dress and couldn't fault confetti and lace at all.
Alesha Galea - 11/06/2014
so relieved!     
After reading so many terrible reviews, I was understandably really worried about getting my dress. I originally bought the dress at the national wedding show in London, the staff were really helpful and lovely. After reading reviews online I was so worried but I went to pick my dress up yesterday. Its absolutely beautiful, its definitely made by the designer, the quality is amazing, the staff were really helpful. I had only made an appointment to collect the dress as getting alterations done elsewhere but when I said I wanted to try it on they just asked me to come back in an hour so they would have the time (completely understandable).
Trying it on was great, they gave me loads of time, I tried an underskirt with it which I then ordered. They were quite busy with appointments, walk ins and phone calls, but I didn't see or hear anything rude or bad at all. They obviously work very hard.
There was another bride in there who was trying her dress on that day and she was saying how relieved she was (presumably after reading all the reviews)
Try not to panic reading the reviews, just keep calm, be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.
Sherri - 10/06/2014
Really rude horrible staff!    
Was interested in a dress but was told I could not try without an appointment an that would be £25 pounds the way the member of staff spoke to me was discusting and they have now lost a sale, it made me so angry I felt I had to review the shop and it's not a surprise to see the so many other negative reviews. Having run a business myself for nearly 20 years I have learnt that once the customer is through the door you do everything you can to sell them something, if it was my shop I would get rid of the staff and start fresh.

Anon - 29/04/2014
Do not shop here!    
This shop nearly ruined my wedding, and certainly ruined the run up to it. Ordered bridesmaid dresses in November for April wedding. I thought I was cutting it fine, but was told no problem, dresses would be in no later than Feb, leaving me plenty of time. Started phoning in March. Was told repeatedly no problem, "we have lots of boxes in today that we haven't had time to process". I was fed this exact line a total of 9 times. At the end of March I demanded an exact date, whilst crying on the phone. I was finally told that the dresses were due to arrive 1 WEEK before my wedding. I was in pieces, but what could I do? They offered me free alterations, but how could I possibly organise 4 bridesmaids, in one week, all who live in different places, all who work? Pointless gesture. So I just wanted my dresses. I picked them up as planned a week before. No apology, no one even seemed to know who I was, and when I was asked " so when shall I book you in for your alterations?" I cried again. I had lost total trust in this shop, so took my dresses and ran. The two who I had measured myself were a close fit, but the two measured in store were both two full dress sizes too big! And none of them were even hemmed. My poor mum stitched for two full days to try and adjust them as best she could, but my pictures are terrible and my bridesmaids spent the morning of my wedding crying at how awful they looked. C&L gave me £200 off after a hell of a fight, but I had no problem paying full price for fitted dresses on time. Luckily we all had a fabulous day, and my husband and I realised that this was more important than spending the day upset over this. I have refused to let the best day of my life be marred by the terrible service and lies of this disgrace of a retailer... I suggest you don't even give them the chance to try to do it to you. All they care about is the money they gain from their alteration service; your day means nothing. Be warned.
Janine Dowdall - 24/04/2014
If you want your wedding ruined - definitely choose this shop!    
I'm not going to go into long details.

The short of it is through their errors they left me without a wedding dress for my day.

Order in a year and a half ago, got the date of my wedding wrong, then put the order in late (cash flow problems), order then came in in the wrong size.

No apologies, rude staff, making you feel like you're an inconvenience to them.

Managed to get my deposit back but nothing back for the veil I chose to buy with that dress.

The good reviews on here are definitely by a member of staff.

This shop had me in tears for months and almost ruined my wedding.

Grace - 15/01/2014
Update to previous review    
Further to my review back in May this year of my experience with this shop, I just wanted to update others on what the outcome was.

Just before my Wedding day, I received papers in the post stating that Confetti and Lace were taking me to Court to pay the rest of the balance of the dress that I refused to pay the rest for as it was not fit for purpose.

We filed a counter claim against them to get our deposit back. We went with all of our evidence, photos, emails, measurements and I was made to try the dress on in Court. The judge stated that the dress was not fit for purpose, struck off their claim and awarded me my full deposit back plus court costs. I won't go into the details of the hearing, but some of it was literally beyond belief and totally inplausible.

Please do not let this shop bully you. You are paying a lot of money for these dresses and of course you expect to get what you pay for. You have the right to receive a well fitting dress.

I'm really hoping that this Court experience will make them stop and think about how they are conducting their business and treating their customers.

A business needs customers to survive Confetti and Lace so treat them with a bit more respect! PLEASE do not put another customer through what you put me through, during what should have been the happiest time of my life. I can never have the run up to that day again and instead of letting me enjoying it you made my life hell.
Lucy - 27/09/2013
Fantastic friendly personalisd service    
Like many brides to be I approached a few different bridal shops in search for my perfect dress and none of these even came close to offering the high level of service that Confetti & Lace delivered.

Their friendly service and eagerness to make the whole dress shopping experience unforgettable was outstanding.

I could not have wished for a better experience, the staff were truly amazing.

One very happy bride to be

Naomi Cash - 27/08/2013
I ordered my 2 Bridesmaids & Flower Girls dresses from this shop, the initial experience was quite good but once they have your money customer service goes straight out of the window. I'd fully paid for my dresses on time as & wanted to see them, was told that were in the shop so went to see them. On arrival at the shop & being kept waiting for 30 mins & was told they had "gone missing", Another 30 mins later & I was informed that the dresses had been sent for alteration. I was told that the girls must have come in & tried them on, the girls did not know the dresses had arrived let alone try them on. Eventually I was told the dresses had been tracked down & I'd be able to view them a week later. Arrived at the shop & again kept waiting whilst they were locating my dresses, surely if they knew I was coming the dresses would be easy to locate. When I eventually got to see the Bridesmaids dresss, the Flower Girl dress was still being sent back from the alteration place, they were really screwed up & looked like they had been stored on a floor somewhere. I expressed my concern that 1) the Flower Girl dress was not there & 2)the state of the dresses, I was informed that the F.G dress would "arrive soon" & that the others would be pressed when I wanted to collect so I arrange a date to collect all 3 dresses. This date arrived & I was disgusted that after being kept waiting for 20mins that my F.G dress was the wrong dress & the other dresses were in a worse state then before. I was kept waiting again for a good 40 mins whilst they tried to call the Manger. They could not locate her & I was told that she would call me that next day. No phone call was received so again another trip to the shop where the Manager told me that she "was just about to call me". Was told that my dresses would be pressed so I arranged to collect them later that day & that my F.G dress would have to be reordered. I'm convinced they ordered it wrong & that's why it was sent to be altered. Another trip to the shop & I finally collected my Bridesmaids dresses with no apology for the grief that I'd had. I eventually got a call to say my F.G dress had arrived & I arranged a date to collect it. When I got back to the shop it took them ages to locate the dress & I thought it had been lost, eventually they it was in my hands but again the dress was so screwed up, they knew I was coming to collect so why was it not pressed, no explanation given. I just wanted to take the F.F dress & get out of the shop as I'd already spent a good 5hrs in there trying to resolve my issues. The Manager was there when I collected my F.G dress & all she said "well it is the correct dress" when I questioned the state of it. Thankfully the seamstress that altered all 3 dresses professional steamed them so they looked amazing on the day. 1 of my friends went into the shop last month just to look some accessories & within the 10 mins she was in there 2 Brides came in to complain about their dresses & they appeared to be treated with the same contempt as I had been. Be warned this shop looks fantastic but the staff seem more than happy to take your money but do very little to assist when there is a problem I really would go elsewhere.
landyc - 25/08/2013
Good Experience    
I was horrified reading the reviews online after purchasing my wedding dress from this store, and if I had read them before, I wouldn't even have gone to look at the dresses here but my experience was actually really positive.

The only issue I had was, when I ordered the dress I was told it would be in the store by May, but when I called to check up (worried from these reviews!) I was told it would only be in by August. However I explained I had been told May originally and asked if it could be bought forward and they called the designer and had my dress in by the beginning of June which I was very pleased about.

Other then that, the dress was ordered in the right size and the woman who did my fitting was great and did a brilliant job on the small alterations I needed. So for anyone reading these reviews and freaking out as I did, it can work out perfectly for you! x
Fiona - 18/08/2013
My sister ordered a wedding dress here and they were so nice to here while she was choosing her wedding dress so polite and obviously when she gave the deposit they gave us champagne, we then went back to go buy bridesmaid dresses there, they lady who served us then felt like she was impatient waiting for my sister to make her mind up, my sister then ordered long dresses and she definatly didn't want short ones. My sister bought the bridesmaid dresses so in advance because one of the bridesmaid were going back to uni in Liverpool and then no coming back till the wedding.

When my sister finally made an appointment to have a fitting with her dress and bridesmaids when we got there they had ordered the wrong bridesmaid ,dresses they were ordered short!!! my sister burst into tears as ordering more would probably not be back in time, she then went to trying on her wedding dress with the fitting lady (who was French) then just walked away and left my sister for half hour just standing in her wedding dress when I then went to ask for help with the fitting lady she was seeing to someone else, you don't make an appointment for your fitting lady to be seeing to someone else, anyway when she came over my sister said she didn't feel like it was sitting correctly the lady then just SHRUGGED her shoulders, I was gobsmacked this lady is meant to be helping my sister and asking her if it feels comfortable, worst service I have ever had, I wanted to burst into tears for her.

when me and my sister left the store the manager said she could get the dresses in for the 1st September and she could have free alterations on all the dresses, my sister had read all these reviews by then and decided she just wanted to take her dress home and get someone else to do it.

they rung her a couple of days later and said if they re ordered the dresses they wont be back till the 20th September by this time it will be too late because the other bridesmaid goes up to Liverpool by then and the wedding is less than a month away and the lady on the phone also said she had nothing written down for the free alterations anywhere!! absolutely shocking!

I want to complain to head office and can not find it anywhere can anyone help me? I am so shocked how people can be so rude and get an order so wrong when your spending so much money!!!
Stacey - 06/08/2013
Perfect dress    
I have just picked up my dress from confetti and lace lakeside, and I am absolutely thrilled with it!! I honestly spent 9 months petrified about what was going to happen after reading all the bad reviews on here after I had already bought it! I had nothing but a good experience, my veil initially arrived with a hole in it and they quickly sorted out this problem with no fuss and got me a new one, and my dress fits perfectly after being expertly adjusted by Amele, thank you so much.
Laura Stansfield - 29/07/2013
Dreadful customer service - shouldn't be allowed to be business!    
I'm getting married in 8 days time. I placed my order with the the second time round as the first time round they lost my order and the dress was discontinued this was July 2012!
However, I found a new dress and was told I takes 11months to make it so just in time for the wedding.
I placed the order for my dress and the veil paid had of the dress off as they told me to.
The fitter Lisa told me that alterations were £150 and could be altered up to and down to 3 sizes. I asked that the flowers were to be removed before the fitting she assured me they will be. She told me alterations turn over is 1 week.
June 2013 I receive a phone call that my dress is ready. Before I was allowed to book a fitting appointment I had to pay the remaining balance.
I try it on and it's too big on top, small on bottom and the flowers I asked to be removed were still on there!
I asked about my veil - veil hasn't arrived will be in soon.
I paid £195 for alterations.. Big shock seeing as I was told by Lisa £150.
My dress came back two weeks and still no veil.
The alterations for my dress were done but not to great standard and the dress still didn't fit! I took it away anyway as I'd had enough of the poor service and lack of communication from them!
The stress of the veil not being here and the dress not fitting has caused me to lose the weight so now it's a loose!
8 days before my wedding still no veil an no time when veil will arrive.
Please avoid this shop they're rude and a nightmare to deal with! The manager is never wrong and it's the customers fault!
Avoid avoid avoid
Clare - 18/07/2013
Best experience!    
Had a great experience with Confetti and Lace Lakeside. Carly was always very happy to help in anyway she could. Finding my wedding dress was definitely the hardest thing about getting married for me, but once I tried on my dress it became the easiest thing to deal with. I can't speak highly enough of Carly who has been a great support and a laugh the whole way through. It was such lovely touch to be given a glass of Champagne and told 'you can stop looking now this is your dress you look amazing!' Was a great end to weeks of worry and stress looking for the right dress.
All the way from buying the dress to having it fitted with Amel was a walk in the park.
Thanks Carly & Amel!!!
Zara Shaw - 12/06/2013
They couldn't care less about their customers    
I purchased my dress from this shop despite reading the TONNES of bad reviews as it was £150 cheaper than elsewhere.

If I could go back I would pay far more than £150 to another store to avoid the absolutely terrible customer service I recieved. They do not care about you at all. When things go wrong they leave it up to you to sort it out.

The worst thing they did (there were so many I could spend all day writing this review) was that the manager completely avoided me when I was in the store near tears after receiving my dress. She stayed in her little office rather than coming out and trying to resolve the situation.

I know they're cheaper but you get what you pay for - avoid at all costs!
Ms Mace - 03/05/2013
My Dress - The One :-) Confetti and Lace    
Wow, I've just picked up my dress and I am over the moon. It's perfect, just what I'd envisioned. I cannot wait to wear it. I would like to thank all the staff at Confetti and Lace in Lakeside, especially Carly who has been unbelievably helpful, in fact the ladies collectively picked out my dress when I came in looking for something. Seeing all the dresses in the shop can be overwhelming and confusing, so I told them what I wanted and they picked it out for me. The moment I put it on, I fell in love with it. The staff suggested I went for a walk around the shop floor to get a feel for the dress and made me feel so special. I feel like a princess and cannot wait to marry my prince now :-) I'll be back with pictures. THANK YOU xxxx For some reason I cannot get the PC to select 5 stars, but Confetti and Lace are indefinely 5 STARS and above xxx
Claire Dowie - 20/03/2013
Measure for Dress - came in far too big!    
I really didn't want to have to write this and was hoping that mine would be a happy outcome as they have indeed got a new manager and some new staff. I had hoped that they were making an effort to change it's terrible reputation.

For info, I am a size 12 trouser, size 14 top.

I was measured by their 'expert fitter' on 17th November 2012 and told I require a UK20/US18 dress. The shop sample dress I had tried on was a US12 and it only needed to be a couple of inches bigger so I found this very odd. I have a photo of me in the shop sample dress, showing the back and the front, so it is quite clear that it was only a little too small.

I insisted I wasn't going to go 3 sizes bigger so we agreed at 2 sizes bigger, as the fitter was in possession of the manufacturer's measurements and compared them against mine so I had no option but to go with her 'expert opinion'. I was told that the next size down would be too small. I had to sign for the size to be ordered and pay 50% of the total cost which was just under £600.

When the dress came in I received a phone call and I arranged the fitting for a few weeks time on 8th March 2013, surprise surprise, it was a size too big. They said not to worry as they could take it in a whole dress size for £195. I was not at all happy about this. I knew that alteration costs existed as they were on the paper that I signed, but as I am a standard shape, not apple, not pear etc and I never have problems with clothes fitting me that the only alteration I would need would be to take up the length. I am a seamstress so I would have done this myself. Had they ordered the next size down then I believe the length is the only thing that would have required altering but it was a good 2" too big on the waist and bust. The bust is heavily boned and I felt that then alterations they proposed, after putting pins in, completely distorted the bust of the dress and I was not prepared to have these carried out.

I asked for the smaller size to be ordered but was told this was not possible as it would take 6-9 months. Strange as this dress had only taken less than 3 months to come in. My wedding was just 7 weeks away. I was asked to pay for the dress in full plus the cost of the alterations before they would touch it, so that the 'dress was my property and not theirs' (their words not mine). All I could assume from that was that if it went wrong, who took the blame? I asked this question and was repeatedly told 'it won't go wrong'. But what if it does? It won't, over and over. I had absolutely no confidence in letting them alter this dress when it would have effect been a £1400 dress after the alteration costs.

I said that I was not prepared to pay for the dress that day and that I needed to think about what I was going to do.

I rang the manager the following day, 9th March to discuss my fears about the dress. It is a beautiful dress but the thought of it being altered so drastically at such a cost when I could have had the correct size in the first place played continuously on my mind. At the end of the phone call I still didn't know what to do.

I drove the hour journey to the shop on the following Monday 11th March, after having a lengthy conversation with Trading Standards and discussing what my rights were. Trading Standards stated that they had absolutely no right to hold onto my deposit and that it should be returned to me as they had failed to provide me with a dress fit for the purpose made known under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. The manager again reiterated that they could not order the smaller size in in time for my wedding. I said in that case I would like my deposit, or a reasonable amount of it, refunded so that I could purchase another dress in time for my wedding. She refused. I asked her to take it further.

The following day, Tuesday, I went to a wedding dress retail outlet and bought a shop sample off the rail, size US14 which fitted perfectly. I had a limited budget as Confetti & Lace still had my £600

On Wednesday 13th March, the Manager at C&L Rang me to say she had spoken to her director and that they would be sending me the correct size dress over, in time for my wedding. I was absolutely gutted as I had bought a replacement the day before after having been told twice by the Manager at C&L that there was no way that they could get a dress in in time.

I have today (15th March) received a reply from the Manager, stating

"As you have already purchased another gown from another company, you have shown a clear indication that you have changed your mind in regards to the dress you ordered with us, so we are willing as a third gesture of good will to cancel your order with us at Confetti and Lace, which will mean you will lose the deposit you paid for the gown. If you choose to continue with your order, we will require the full balance for the gown."

To say I am devastated is an understatement! My fiancee and I chose this dress together with our 2 daughters. It was the dress he wanted to see me walk down the aisle in. I was told I could not get the correct size in time so I informed the shop that I would have to buy another. The wording that they have used is totally untrue and unfair. I have not changed my mind at all! I am left with an ex-sample off the rail wedding dress instead of the dress of my dreams. The stress that this has caused me is unbelievable and totally unnecessary!

I have now taken it back to Trading Standards and the have reconfirmed that the company is indeed at fault and that I am entitled to my full deposit back. I have now started proceedings to do this.

Anyway, the moral of this story is, I should have read the reviews first so please do the same and make your own mind up

Incidentally, I mentioned the reviews to the manager regarding dresses being ordered too big and was told that those staff had been sacked. I mentioned another review as recent as 27th February and she said she knew who that was and that lady had completely exaggerated. As no doubt I will be accused of doing. I can state honestly with a clear conscience that I have not exaggerated at all.

Lucy - 15/03/2013
If you don't mind being put through a complete nightmare or deal with rude disgusting people then this maybe the place to get your dress. If your looking for somewhere with good staff and customer service who are there throughout then do not go here. We wish we had read the reviews before going to the store as we would of never of gone there!! All the positive reviews are clearly lies. They cannot deal with any problem without either putting the phone down on you or being very rude. My fiancť was told when she bought her dress that it would be in store in November 2012 but was still trying to find the dress in February 2013. We contacted the designer directly and finally got the dress delivered to the store ourselves. As you can imagine the stress this caused as the staff and management never dealt with this issue. No once did the animals have the decency to apologise.

Kevin Keenan - 10/03/2013
Awful - Avoid!!!!!!!    
It's funny how all of the positive reviews have been written in a similar layout and most have one word in CAPITALS - similar style of writing to the Store Manager.... coincidence, I don't think so.

Worst customer service I have ever seen. I will not rest until this shop is closed down for good.

No bride should go through what my sister, and these other girls have gone through.
Samantha - 27/02/2013

My sister-in-law recently visited this shop to buy her wedding dress. She has received the most awful service throughout, the details are too numerous to even list.

My main point is the inconsistency of reviews.

It seems like a lot of the genuine customers have posted a rating of 1 out of 5 while most of the 5 star reviews I suspect are written by the same person, most likely an employee or relation of Confetti and Lace! They appear to have a very similar use of language, grammar and layout. They mention the shop ďConfetti and LaceĒ and also like to use the shop assistants actual names, "Dawn", "Phillipa", etc. The 5 star reviews also seem to use the word "lovely" a lot. Also a few of the 5 star have a very similar layout with the paragraphs and sentences slightly stunted.


Rob - 27/02/2013
Awful experience, do not use this shop.    
This shop is awful and ruined the experience of buying my wedding dress. If i could give it less than 1 out of 5 I would.

Ever so helpful while you're choosing a dress and ever so professional. Then you choose your dress and out comes the champagne. Pay the deposit and leave it all in their safe hands. What follows is months of waiting and no news. When the dress did arrive I had the 'accounts' department call me from a mobile number requesting full payment as soon as possible despite the three week paying preiod. When I went to try the dress on for the first fitting the bolero had not been ordered. The shop assistant disappeared leaving me to get my bridesmaids to try to get me in the dress. The assistant then came back saying they would order the bolero for me then disappeared again leaving me in the changing room in tears with my bridesmaids to get me out the dress.
We paid the full amount for both dress and bolero after assurances that the bolero would be delivered asap to my parents. Two months later still no bolero.

The staff have loads of excuses for everything but they are full of rubbish and turned rather nasty when they realised I was going to carry out the full discussion about their incompetence in the middle of the shop despite other customers... thankfully they left and will not go through what I have.

I urge you, do not use this shop, no bride should be left in tears in their wedding dress due to their incompetence.
Anyone with a story I would urge to report to Watchdog, there are so many negative stories on here they need to be stopped from trading.
Sue - 08/02/2013
Nothing but brilliant    
I'm due to be married in January 2013 & decided to visit Confetti & Lace a matter of months ago. I was terrified going in, as I'm not a 'dress' kind of girl & certainly not a size 12!!! Also after reading the reviews I was really wary. My god how wrong could I be. The staff were so professional, friendly & caring. They made me feel so relaxed. I was certain they wouldn't have anything to suit me, but they knew exactly what to put me in & I felt really happy. From Philippa, who knew exactly what to add to my dress, to Denise, who kept me updated over the phone, I can't fault them. Considering I only ordered my dress a couple of months ago, they have bent over backwards for me. I will recommend them to everyone I know who is looking to get married.
Clare - 28/12/2012
wedding dress    
this was the 2nd bridal shop I visited and loved the experience me,my mum and future mother in law received very welcoming and dawn explained everything and we choose some dresses and she explained what dresses will suit my body shape and then I found my dress and she was brill at showing if off at all different angles I would highly recommend confetti and lace just can't wait to pick up my dress now. I have had a lovely experience with them :)
Maria side - 29/10/2012
Dont do it - go somewhere else    
I am getting married in a couple of weeks time and after speaking to so many people in the profession I have to share my experiance as I am clearly not a lone.

I would only recomment this store to go and look and try on dresses - please, please find alternative stockest to purchase your dresses from and make sure you get refunded your £25. It's not easy!!

Firstly it took me over 3 months to have my money refunded back to me for the booking deposit fee they take from your account. Many visits, phonecalls, bank statements and offical complait to have my money refunded back to me.

Thankfully I never order my bridal dress from this store - and after the experiance I went through with Bridesmaid dresses I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T.

Customer Service - ZERO
Store Manager - WASTE OF SPACE

They dont ring you, cut you off, never their problem.

Please, please think twice - I recently heard about brides leaving in tears due to staff being to so rude.

I am currently drafting a letter to their Managing Director listing my complaints and the lack of service recieved.
E - 05/10/2012
Anyone saying amazing service is LYING! The staff are told to write those reviews to try and boost t    
This store is HORRIFIC!!! Christine, the owner, has mental issues and just screams down the phone at you if there is any problem with your dress, WHICH THERE WILL BE. She is a very rude, bitter old lady who does not know how to speak to paying customers. They will lock you out of the store if you come to speak to her directly. They are known for mucking up orders and that is excatly what happened to me and now I am looking into taking legal action against this crazy, unstable woman. DO NOT BUY YOUR DRESS FROM THIS STORE!!!!!!!
D. Parrish - 10/08/2012
I walked past the store and from the outside looked lovely, had beautiful dresses in the window, so went into the store and saw the most amazing dress straight away. I had a fitting, and it needed a few adjustments.
I told staff I would prefer the straps to be removed and adjust the bust, I was told by staff the dress would be ready end of May, as my wedding was July 7th, My dad paid half the money of the dress there and then, I was told that all adjustments would be done and my dad could pay the rest once the dress had been altered.
So it comes to end of May, I ring the store, asking if my dress is ready, they tell me no nd now it will be beginning of June, so i ring beginning of June, and staff kept fobbing me off, and i was promised on several occasions i would get a call back and didnít, i had to keep ringing, at this point i was starting to worry as time was running out till the wedding and had no dress, eventually I was told to come in middle of June for my final fitting, So i turn up to the appointment with my bridesmaids and family, Staff could see we were waiting, and then i was asked why are we all here? so i said my final fitting, she disappeared and without a word nearly an hour later returns, no apology for the wait, she calls us through, i go into the changing room and see
my dress and NO alterations had been done at all, the straps were still on, I was fuming, i had been kept waiting over and waiting and then they had done nothing, so i kept asking staff why nothing had been done, they stood there clueless, so I called for a manager, She was the most rudest patronising person i have ever met in my life, I put the dress on anyway, all my family were there, the manager came up to my as i was crying, and i asked her why my dress was still the same, she had no explanation, she just said we know your worried, its not our worry, and thatís the design of the dress, I said what!!! Im your customer how can it not be your worry? and i knew what the design of the dress was, but why wasnít it altered?? she didnít answer she then turned to my dad and had the audacity to tell my dad he needed to pay the full price upfront for the dress before any alterations could be done, if so why were we not told before, my dad refused and became very emotional as did myself and the rest of my family, the staff just stood there and watched they didnít care less, the manager then started comparing a wedding dress to buying a car, I was so angry and humiliated how dare they treat me and my family this way, the dress werenít cheap either, the manager then said if we give the dress back they will do the alterations for free, i said no way! probably would never get it back, if i didnít like the dress so much, i would have got a full refund and went some where else, but i loved the dress, so we just paid the rest and took it to get altered somewhere else. As we were leaving one of the other members of staff said have a nice wedding, but very sarcastically, i wanted to punch her in the face, I really cannot believe how I was treated they took no responsibility, and were unbelievably rude and unhelpful, luckily i got the dress altered somewhere else and the dress looked amazing on the day, but choosing your dress should be an amazing experience, as most people only get married once in their lifetime, the staff at confetti and lace turned it into a nightmare, please donít ever go there, its just not worth it, there are beautiful dresses in other shops, and im sure they would treat you a million times better, even after reading this review if u do decide to go in the store, and happen to fall in love with a dress in there as I did, please please get it altered independently.
Victoria Hemmaway - 08/08/2012
Terrible service,     
When i found my dress a year and a half ago they were lovely and polite. After I paid...different story.
I ordered some heels which I wanted dyed, they didn't put it through properly and never bothered to contact me until I chased it up. I rang and was told they would ring back, which they never did. They came about 3 months later STILL not dyed.

My dress came in to short so I had to buy some flat shoes as well.

Luckily I didnt need any major alterations except that I wanted a hook so put my train up during the wedding. When my bridesmaids went to do this in the evening there was no hook to be found (probably my fault for not checking).

I made an appointment to pick up my dress at my second fitting. When I arrived they had no record of my appointment and left me stanidng around waiting. They hadnt bothered to steam my dress (there was a huge crease that I wanted ironed out) then they lied and said they had, clearly they hadn't. After standing in the middle of the shop and crying because they were saying that they had no spaces to fit me in before my wedding to pick up my dress, I was promised that a manager would ring me the next morning. I made myself available at work and what a surprise...NO PHONECALL. My fiance went to the shop that day and managed to get an appointment for me quite easily.

They were horrible and made you feel like you were wasting their time even though you have just paid a ridiculous amount of money for a dress.

Another incident, my friend who was engaged went in and went to the bridemaid dresses first, she heard an assisstant say to another - are you going to serve her? the girl replied - no she is only a bridesmaid! I am please to say that my friend gave her a big glimpse of her engaement ring on her way out. Should have listened to her!!

Stay away from them. I got my bridesmaid dresses from Stanford - Le - Hope, they were wonderful and sooooo helpful and much cheaper for the same quality. Wish I had gone their first!!
R Storey - 07/08/2012
Excellent service - cant faul them anywhere!    
After reading these bad reviews after buying my dress from confetti and lace I was slightly wary and nervous
of how my experiences would turn out. I'm pleased to
say that after collecting my dress today I could
not be happier with the service I recieved throughout. All the staff was very friendly, the seamstress I saw was excellent was very skilled and experienced and offered good advice. The shop let me borrow their veil for my hair
trial whilst mine was on order.

Thank you very much- would definitely recommend.
Seren - 23/07/2012
How to take the shine off your wedding day with a dress which STILL did not fit properly after 4 fittings. They do not have a clue. Nice and polite when they are selling the dresses but unprofessional when they have your money. Upon arriving for a 3pm appointment and was told the girl was at lunch, the girl then arrived AFTER at 3.10pm, no apology. The dress stitching was all coming undone and poor quality alterations. They said it was the brides fault for asking for agreeing for the dress to be taken in. They are supposed to be the experts. The staff walk round like they are better then anyone else and left many customers waiting. With 5 days to go before the wedding the dress was still not ready with no apology. They were also awkward about appointment times. DO NOT BUY YOUR DRESS HERE OVER PRICED RUBBISH.
Yvonne Ellis - 05/07/2012
Brilliant Service    
I received absolutely brilliant service from these guys cannot believe some of these bad reviews are about the same shop, as it makes it seem I brought my dress from a rubbish place when in fact they are amazingby far the best I visited in the area . I was superbly looked after by Philippa who was lovely nothing was to much trouble and she was really helpful all the other staff were equally friendly and polite, they gave me the best service ever and I strongly reccommend you make your own mind up as there are always to sides to every story .
C Smith - 14/06/2012
Amazing and lovely staff    
Confetti and Lace was my first stop for dress shopping. I was very nervous and wasn't even sure if i wanted to try anything on. Then we met Dawn... she put me at ease straight away and made me feel a million dollars. I ended up trying on 4 dresses,2 of which are main contenders for the big day. She gave enough advice on things i would need to consider before i bought my dress but also allowed me and my MOH to have some time together to discuss the different dresses... perfect service.

No one jumped on me when i came into the store which i liked, it gave me time to have a look around first and see what i liked. No problems with sizing, you should expect the dresses to be pinned! and there were dresses in a whole range sizes, they were also more than happy for you to try accessories to get the full look.

I am so glad my first visit was there, I now feel so much more comfortable shopping for 'the' dress and its all thanks to Dawn at Confetti and Lace.

Gemma - 08/06/2012
The most horrifying service    
I had the worst experience in this shop. The staff are rude, and liars. They go back in their word and it was soo disappointing so close to my wedding date. They said they didn't have a head office which I later found out they did.

I am in the process of contacting tvshows to broadcast their poor service. They shouldn't be in business. Fact.
Jessica - 22/05/2012
I found ''the dress'' in January 2009 and I knew I had till June 2010, I felt I had plenty of time to order it and not have to rush the experince. This was with a different shop, in Hemel Hempstead, so I paid the deposit and went on my way full of excitment that I''d found my dress, I went back in august for a fitting and got told then that my dress would arrive in the shop in the first week of January 2010, so as you can imagin I couldnt wait for the phone call to come and try it on again........................but sadly the phone call never came, the shop had shut and didnt tell anyone, not only did they have my dress but my deposit too.

In a blind panic and so so upset I rang all my local bridal shops asking if the stocked my dress, no one did but Confetti and Lace said they stocked the range, so I booked an appoinment. I went to my appoinmet and explained the whole situation and the look of horror and sympathy on the sales assistances face was clear. The ladies in the shop were so so helpful I couldnt be happier, they oredered in my dress for me and took £100 off the full amount. They said it would be in the shop at end of April and all the alterations would be done then, well my dress arrived beginning of march and all the alterations were done by mid march, I was so happy to have my dress I took it home there and then!!

I couldnt thank the ladies in Confetti and Lace enough for all there help in getting me my dream wedding dress.

I had a fantastic experience trying my dress on and recieveing the finished dress!!! so so so happy!!
Suzie - 19/05/2012
Good Service    
Had a good service here at Thurrock, lovely staff. Great shop and very helpful people.
Amazing choice of dresses.
katie - 18/05/2012
Rude unhelpful avoid at all costs    
I took my 18 year old daughter to look for bridesmaid dresses we entered the shop and stood around for a couple of minutes before a girl came to see us. We explained we were looking for 3 bridesmaid dresses and that we had brought my daughter along to look at what they had . We were then given a book to look through and the girl then went somewhere else. My daughter is six foot tall and a plus size so when another assistant came out we asked if they had anything she could try on as the pics were of all skinny 5 foot brides and a dress would look different on my daughter. Their response horrified me she looked down her nose at my beautiful nigellaesque daughter and sneered oh no we don't do THAT size in here she then said she could order one in though at our cost! I replied I think not and walked out. How dare they judge anyone not everyone is a size 10 we brought dresses at deisys in Gillingham and they couldn't be more helpful.
Avoid the store at lakeside at all costs rude judgemental and not profesionl.
Tracy Gardner - 17/05/2012
Just collected bridesmaids dresses from Lakeside branch where staff were all helpful and happy making all our c
visits there very enjoyable. They are true professionals and would recommend anyone to go there because they will have you all looking stunning !!

Many thanks to all members of staff!!

Mrs J Brown
Mrs j brown - 16/05/2012
Wonderful shop and service.    
I have read some of the reviews for this shop and decided to go there and look at wedding dresses for myself. I found the staff and the shop to be nothing other than helpful and in every way attentive to make my visit perfect. The shop was the most amazing shop I have evcer seen in my life and the whole setting is fabulous. the staff were friendly and very helpful and offered me wine/tea/coffee on arrival. I looked through all I can describe as being the biggest and best selection of dresses I have ever seen and tried lots of lovely styles.
The choice was so vast that I came away loving several dresses and needed some time to think about it. At no point did I feel under any presure and was given the details of all the dresses I liked and thanked for coming in.
The staff were very professional in helping me and I will certainly be buying my dress fron Confetti and Lace. I would recommend any girl to go there and look for herself.
Thank you Philippa for making my visit so specail. I will be back soon to buy my dress from you.
Julie Mulryan - 14/05/2012
I absolutely loved my time at Confetti and Lace - Dawn was so helpful and let me try every dress on for over 4 hours! They then had the dress i liked specially made for me in a colour that the designer did not usualy do.

Dawn and Paul were stunning - told me the truth, even when i didnt want to hear it and frankly was some of the best customer service i have experianced.
emma Proctor - 14/05/2012
Total lack of product knowledge    
After months of searching for the right dress I finally found it in Confetti and Lace Lakeside. The sales staff were lovely and helpful and as I wanted a big princess dress style dress they got me to put on a big petticoat under the dresses i tried on. As it was quiet all 3 ladies in there were helping / involved with my appointment. Was so happy and arranged to go back with mum and bridesmaids for measurements to be taken and to decide on veil / tiara.

BUT it now transpires that the designer of the dress i love will not reproduce the dress to a longer length. (which is needed because of the petticoat).

staff obviously do not know their products!!! As they happily put the petticoat and this dress together!!! Saying that I would just need it ordered in a longer length...I am absolutely gutted and so upset that I am back to searching for my dress.

But after reading these reviews maybe I have actually been saved - as it sounds like their customer after care is even worse than their incompetant sales approach.
Amy - 18/04/2012
Don't even consider the place!     
I really do not see how this "shop" is still trading!!

I feel sorry for anyone that does not read these reviews first as they are in for a shock and wedding disaster.

The staff start off very friendly and helpful then once they have your money their true colours show, they donít listen, they donít care, they are dam right disgraceful oh and not to mention they donít delivery the product that you order!!!! They are also not acting within Trading Standards and have been reported for it and I really hope something is done about it soon before they mess up someone else wedding.

From reading all the reviews below it seems that their disgraceful behaviour and mess ups are just the norm in this "shop". I can not urge you enough to stay away from this place!!

Its a shame you cant give them 0 out of 5!!
Rose Dawson - 17/04/2012
Appalling, Shocking and Disgraceful Service    
Please please please do NOT order from Confetti and Lace!! They are nice as pie once they have your money in their pocket but turn nasty and vile if you aren't happy with the product you have ordered.

My friend ordered 4 bridesmaids dresses at a cost of over £600 and two arrived at the shop with snags in the material. What followed from here was an appalling, shocking, utterly disgraceful display of customer service from the staff there, point blank refusing a refund, any type of compensation or a simple apology!!

Phrases like 'You ordered them, they are your dresses now', 'lifes too short to be fussing over dresses' and 'you've still got 3 weeks till your wedding, why are you panicking?' are just a few of the disgusting things they dared to say to a bride a month before her wedding. They refused to let her speak to the manager and displayed a blatent disregard of trading standards by not offering any type of compesation or refund for faulty goods.

I cannot stress enough how awful this shop and staff are towards it's customers that aren't happy with the service. It seems that they could not care less about anyones feelings as long as they have your money. It shocks me how a bridal business can run like this when they are supposed to be catering for the most important day in a girls life??

Please please please AVOID this shop at ALL costs... do not be fooled into placing an order with these people, you will live to regret it!!!
Hannah - 15/04/2012
Rude and wrong order    
Rude staff

No listening skills

Messed up my order

And now will not accept fault or rectify their mistakes!

Avoid like the plague
Olivia Jackson - 15/04/2012
Do not enter this store    
Rude staff, awful service and we wish we'd never set foot in this store!

I'm getting married later this year and thank god i started planning / ordering dresses early even though I wish I could just have a refund and have nothing more to do with this shambles of an organisation again!

Michelle blatter - 15/04/2012
Please take note! I wish I did!     
Please do not use this company! I have been in tears because of their mistakes! I never write reviews but definately feel this is necessary this time! I couold list 15 reasons but 1) They ordered the wrong dresses 2) Refused to give refund 3)Rude, promised calls that never happened. 4) Tried to 'fix' the wrong dresses but made them faulty (this was without any communication with me first) I wish I had read reviews first! I have learnt the hard way!
Gemma - 13/04/2012
Rude service and complete liars!!!!    
I'm getting married this year and went to confetti and lace in lakeside last July and found my dream dress I was served by Charleen who seemed really nice, I bought my mum and dad a couple of weeks later to show them the dress and put a deposit down for my dress, my vail and tiara!was also told by Charleen that she would throw the hoop in for free for me !happy days!
Anyway got a phone call in February this year to say I needed to come for a fitting and that I needed to bring my shoes and the underwear I'm wearing for my wedding with me! So arrived for my fitting and the lady behind the counter said are you ready to try your dress on and I said yes walked in the changing room and there was just my dress no vail no hoop no tiara I asked the lady where the rest of it all was and she replied what do you mean you only ordered a dress !!! I said no I ordered a veil , tiara and wad told I would have the hoop thrown in for free, well off she trotted came back and said no you haven't ordered all the rest and you will have to pay for all of it now!!!!!!! I took my dress off too which needed alterations only a slight one and she said it would be £85 plus I had to pay the whole remaining amount for all of it now otherwise they won't get it sorted!
I came out fuming, the staff are so rude they seem to be all friendly and nice but once they have your money in the till they are different towards you.
I can't even fight my own corner as it's there word against mine , I would highly recommend for people getting married to defiantly avoid this shop and I never ever write reviews but felt I had to if it stops another poor bride this hassle it's worth it!
Leanne - 10/04/2012
wedding dress disaster    
We went with our daughter & niece to Confetti & Lace to place an order for a wedding dress & one bridesmaid dress in October 2011 and paid a deposit of £800. The wedding is at the beginning of June 2012 & the first fitting was arranged for the end of March 2012. The shop contacted us the day before the first fitting to cancel and re-arranged a date in mid-April 2012. The shop has just contacted us to cancel again and we are now waiting for a date for the first fitting. This is extremely upsetting and we do not seem to have any logical explanation on why they are doing this to us.
keith - 10/04/2012
Awful.......AVIOD AVOID AVOID    
Please avoid this shop.

When I first entered this shop I should have realised how awful it was then. I am 1 of 9 bridesmaids for my sister, I couldn't try any on any at first as I was 5 months pregnant. The rest tried dresses on but only came in a few sizes(small) with hardly any different colours, probably 1 colour. So you couldn't really see what you wanted.
I next went back 6 weeks after having my baby as they said they needed to order it in, the wedding is in May 2012. Obviously after just having a baby I didn't feel that great, but I still got measured. My sister ordered me a smaller size dress as I was going to loose weight.

I went with my sister who had her fitting on the 16/03/2012 for her wedding dress. The staff had already annoyed me by telling me not to put my buggy wheels on the carpet so I had to stand, even though there were pins left everywhere for my 6 year old daughter to play with. My sister was told the bridesmaid dresses were in, we asked if I could try mine on to see how I was doing, as I had lost 18LBS in weight. Apparently they wasnt in the shop they were kept elsewhere, so I asked her to measure me again, so I could compare measurements from last time, to my horror I measured bigger, to when I was first measured.I was obviously a bit stressed out and the lady said don't worry we can add more material, not once did she say it may be fine. I really did not like her attitude, your meant to feel happy and excited, not made to feel horrible. She told me to come in 2 weeks to try it on but as I couldn't put my buggy wheels on the carpet and had no childcare I couldn't go.
My sisters dress needed alterations and was told to go back on the 13th April 2012. She asked if I could go then with my daughter who is also a flower girl, but was now told there was no appointments left for any of the bridesmaid fittings. Great 9 bridesmaids, no appointments left. Didn't mind taking my sisters money though. When my daughter was measured for her dress(she is a small 6 year old) they told her she was tall and needed extra length, which I was surprised about.

My sister had to pick up the dresses as there was no appointments left. When she brought them round to me to try on, mine was big on me so there was no need for them to make me feel so awful when they measured me. My daughters dress was about 12 inches too long, we stood her on a stool and the dress still touched the floor, so much for her being tall. When my sister mentioned this to them all they would say is, that she signed for the measurements, to which my sister replied that they were the professionals and she took notice of what they said.

There was also a dress missing as one of the flower girls is 2 years old, so we didn't want it fitted, just to be ordered and we would sort it out. What a surprise this dress was missing even though it should have been ordered. They said no docket was done for it, obviously not as she wasn't there to be measured but the price they gave my sister, this was included. My sister also had to add on some extra material to make some straps for one of the dresses, this was also missing. We was meant to have diamantť applied to flower girl dresses but they obviously just wanted a sale, and not worried what happened after.

I can honestly say that my experience in this shop was awful, they are rude, insulting and only after your money in buying the dresses, once this has
happened, they are too busy for fittings etc.My sister is now so worried that she has picked up her wedding dress to be altered elsewhere.

Customer service.......there isn't any!!

This is meant to be a really happy time, but if you go here, the excitement will disappear.

Be warned!!!!
Mrs. Cheal - 05/04/2012
Amazing service...until you place your order : (    
I get married in a few months and cannot discourage you from going here enough.the staff lie with false promises to get you to order with them,then don't fulfil them,don't phone or email you back and cause far too much upset so close to your big day.I read the bad reviews on here but was blown away by their fantastic service as I found my dress with them...but it has all been downhill from there and its still not sorted : ( go to Belissima in South Woodham Ferrers or Special Occasions in Stanford..cheaper with impeccable service xx
Diane - 29/01/2012
I recently went into Confetti and Lace in Lakeside on the off chance I could get some dress ideas for my wedding in September 2012. I was greeted by a lovely assistant (Janice) who I would highly recommend. She was not only extremely helpful and understanding, but I also went away feeling relaxed. I will definatly be back to book an appointment to try on wedding dresses.

Thank you very much Confetti and Lace.
Hollie - 16/01/2012
Awful people...awful shop    
I see from more recent reviews that unfortunately my experience with this bridal boutique 9 years ago was not isolated. The list of errors they made was endless. To cut a very long story short, I was told by the manageress to go on the Atkins diet or i would have to pay 600 pounds to have my dress altered. And she was not particularly pleasant about it! How dare she. In the end I got a beautiful dress from Monsoon. I refused to pay for them getting their measurements wrong. I am afraid to say I have heard nothing but bad reviews about this place.
Sian Saunders - 12/01/2012
Absolute disaster    
Went there to look at bridesmaid dresses. Picked one, measured etc. Explained THREE TIMES that alteration would be required to the assistant, Janice was her name (meant to be the top assistant there and most experienced HAH). Not told about any extra cost for alterations despite three chances!!! Came away and then later ordered dress and paid in full. Then received written order which had to be signed for that is when they hit you with price for alterations!!! 75 Quid for one alteration for a dress costing 160 Pounds which can be bought on the internet for under 90 pounds which could then be altered. Dress paid for in full but not signed for. Refused refund despite their written order saying 'NO VERBAL AGREEMENTS WILL BE HONOURED OR ACCEPTED' Phoned many times. promised to phone back. Received no phone call. Phoned 3 times in one evening told manager in meeting. phoned 4th time got hold of Owner of Company. She said I was rude to her on the phone and promised a full refund because in 26 years they had not had a problem. Well we had not gone to them in last 26 years!!!! Once was enough and never again. BEWARE FUTURE BRIDES OF THIS SHOP. HIDDEN CHARGES. NOT TOLD.
Jackie - 10/01/2012
I was getting married in October 2011 and I went to Confetti and Lace in Lakeside on 2nd January 2011, with my Mum, to have a look at dresses to get an idea. This was the first appointment I had made. From the outset the people working there were helpful and very patient when I tried on so many dresses as I had no idea what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing the second dress that I tried on and a gorgeous headband, and absolutely loved it. My dress then came in in the August and did need altering, which all were done to specification. I also purchased a veil about 8 weeks before my wedding.

I would say the only downside was contact, as I had to call them a few times with regards to querying a few things that I should have been called on, but I have to say at every fitting and appointment the staff were extremely friendly and helpful and listened to what I had to say.

All in all I got married in my dream dress and wish I could go back and relive that day (and I hve only been married just over 2 months!).
Charlene Wakerell - 03/01/2012
Terrible and upsetting experience    
I would not recommend this shop in a million year!

My partner and I are having a budget wedding and I set a budget of £200 for my dress. I couldn't find any dress that I wanted to wear on our special day so decided to buy a dress of my dreams and use the credit card. I walked into Confetti and Lace in Lakeside and was ignored, then a lady called Janice approached me. She was pleasant and assisted me to find the dress I wanted. We settled on a dress and I gave her my email address, my telephone number and home address . I paid an Extra £100 to have my dress made within 3 months. I had asked if it was sufficient time to order and have the dress made, to have it altered if it required and she replied that it was fine as I'd paid (£100) to have my dress fast tracked.
I was asked what size I thought I should have and I stated a 12-14 uk dress size. One of the dress alterers came out and sat next to me saying that I needed an 18 uk dress size. I as you can imagine said no but she said that I needed an 18, slightly shocked they ordered me an 18.

A few weeks later it occurred to me that I needed a veil and some decoration on my dress. I rang and asked about these extras and I went back to the shop and spoke to Sophie, she assisted me and I purchased a veil and the decoration I wanted.

So up until now I was happy with the service so far.
My wedding is 3rd December but I told them it was the 26th November as I wanted the dress ASAP.

7th November I rang to find out where my dress was as I'd not heard anything. I was told that my dress was at the shop and had been since 20th October; that an email had been sent stating that the dress was there. I explained that I had not received an email and asked why I hadn't been called on my telephone.
This is the beginning of my horror....
Two days later I was trying on 'my dress', it was over sized and looked terrible. I was seen by Ann. I had come with my 8month old daughter, as my mother was at work and Mother in law to be was unavailable at short notice.
I was really upset that the dress was so big and I looked ridiculous. Ann said that most brides feel like I did and proceeded to say that my mum should have pulled a sicky and come with me as it was an important appointment; through gritted teeth I explained that I hadn't been informed that my dress was at the shop and that due to the fact that I have a 8 month old baby, a full time job, that I needed this appointment ASAP to get the alterations done ASAP.
Ann then said that if it was her daughter she would of taken a sicky....she then went on to say that she was pulling a sicky that coming weekend to see her daughter in Spain ( it was one of the islands, can't remember which one). I was bemused...she had just insulted my mum!
During my fitting I'd received a call regarding a family member who had been taken into hospital.
After my fitting I asked to speak to the manager Sally, she came along and stated The reason I had not been informed that the dress had arrived was due to a mistake inputting my correct contact details for my email address. I explained that I wasn't happy about paying for £100 for a dress to be fast tracked to then not be told it was at the shop either by email, phone or letter....18 days after it had arrived in the shop.
The regional manager Denise then came out with a chip on her shoulder and obviously hasn't had much contact with customers in a while, she said ' so, basically your complaint is that your not happy that we missed out one number on your email address!' Denise proceeded to talk down to me to the point of a verbal altercation.
Denise then stated that because she hadn't seen my alteration requirements that she thought I should go....yes... 3 weeks to my wedding day take my oversized dress and go.
I took my clothes off put my tent of a dress on , cried my heart out and apologised for complaining about their poor service. I was held to ransom, continue to complain and leave with an awful dress with no idea of how to rectify the situation or shut up accept the terrible service, procedure of notification and the abuse that Denise had just given me. I shut up. I needed to get into central London to hospital and I knew that was more important than argue with this unprofessional lady.

I left the shop in tears and I did not recover until the following day after my partner bought me some kalms.

I went back to the shop the following week and to my horror the dress was poorly altered by Ann. Luckily she was still on her pulled sicky; Paula took over alterations. She was fantastic and professional. She Identified the follow alteration flaws; one inch difference in the length of the dress, the underskirt was two inches out and poorly stitched and that the wrong decoration was put on it and also wonky!
She stated she would rectify these problems..... I came back today to collect the dress and it's fine, Paula's did a great job, although Ann tried to say she'd done the alterations which made me laugh.
I accepted the dress with relief.
I paid just under £1000 for the dress, shoes, veil and the add on fees. It is the worst £1000 I have ever spent and I'd rather burnt my hard earned money than have given it to them.
By the way, it was my dad who was ill with cancer... Him knowing I was being treated like this has not helped his recovery and my stress levels are through the roof.
C jackson - 23/11/2011
Lovely Service    
Please do not be led by the poor reviews on this website about Confetti & Lace in Lakeside!!!
I visited the store recently with my sister in law, who had found her perfect dress and was so happy with the service provided during her time there, to get my bridesmaid dress. We were taken into a private area and were given some folders to look through for some dresses we liked. The dresses were provided and assistance was given with trying these on.
Drinks were provided to all attending while I tried the many dresses on. This was something that my sister in law had not received in another local dress shop!
Lisa in Confetti and Lace could NOT have been more kind and caring as well as giving her personal opinion of the dresses which I was trying.This was much appreciated!
Am looking forward to going back to the store to try the chosen dress on again in the summer!

RMatthews - 09/11/2011
Thank You Ann    
I loved the service that I was given. Ann was very attentive.
I didnt have to wait very long until I was seen and once I began speaking with Ann I was instantly at ease.
Thank you for all your time and effort.
xx - 14/10/2011
Most sressful time of my life so far, please don't go there.     
I went to Confetti and Lace in lakeside with my mum in april 2010 after visiting a few other bridal shops. I am very indecisive and had tried on quite a few beautiful dresses, but none had stood out for me. I turned up for my appointment with my mum and was seen to promptly.I was told to go and pick what dresses I wanted to try. I was hoping to be advised and given their expert opinion on what would suit my bodyshape and age, as I look very young, am quite petit, and honestly not very good at picking things for myself. I didn't really get that so I picked out quite a few. After trying many dresses finally I found one that I really liked, which I had spotted on another girl trying dresses at the same time. I wasn't sure if it would suit my shape but tried it anyway, I loved it because it had so much sparkle which is what I love, and so does my mum. I still was a bit concerned that it didnt really compliment my figure though, but my mum loved it, and the lady in the shop insisted that it looked stunning because she knew I liked this one. Personally I cant speak for everyone, but id rather be told if something doesn't suit me or do any justice for my slim figure, even if I do really like it, than to be lied to and made to believe it does look amazing when really it was a beautiful dress but something very different would suit me so much more. Anyway the dress and skirt as it was came to £1800 without the fittings costs on top. I said it was more than I wanted to spend and looked elsewhere. Still nothing stood out so I was convinced into going back to the dress that I did like in confetti and lace. It was late in the evening when I went back, very rushed in there so when it came to ordering my dress the lady wrote down my measurements on a sheet of paper, and handed it to me to sign. VERY FOOLISHLY I didnt read it as they were so busy I didnt want to be a pain, and didnt realise as it was never pointed out to me, that this was actually a contract. I had to pay 50% non refundable deposit, £875 and the contract stated, that the dress had to be paid for in full when arriving instore, even before its finished. Now I dont know about anyone else, I can only blame myself for not reading before I sign, BUT.... I would expect to be told to read through this piece of paper, as it has their terms and conditions on it. The fact that your spending so much money I would like to think they would make you very aware and sure your comfortable with their policy of paying a 50% nonrefundable deposit before making you sign.

I regretted from the minute I walked out of the shop, that I had spent so much money on a dress that I did love, but wasn't sure if it even really suited me. My fault I know but I felt like you should get their expert opinion and end up with a dress that makes YOU look amazing.
Next morning I call up less than 24 hours asking to cancel as I was having second thoughts,and wasn't sure that my partner would like it especially for £1800. After being fobbed off for ages and having to keep ringing and pesturing them, I was told that cancelling was not an option, I had signed a contract which was legally binding.

After much stress and many sleepless nights, thinking is the dress going to suit me as it may look lovely when it fits properly? My dress finally arrived in Decemeber. I had my first fitting in January. I took my mum and mum inlaw with me. We was taken in by a not very friendy woman, she put the skirt on which fitted ok apart from being a bit too long, and then put the top on. Oh my god it was massive I couldnt believe that they had even measured me as the cups were about two sizes too big at least. Now this didn't make me feel very good..... I am a size 8/10 clothes I used to be a 32a bra size until I had breast implants, am now 32d. So I never expected to have the problem of my boobs not being big enough again. I really wanted to cry. The top was almost like a real sweetheart corset, so it should have given me a good cleevage and I shouldn't have needed a bra. It was so big the woman put artificial cups in it, and made me look like Dolly Parton still with no cleevage. You could have drove a bus through it. Then as she is trying to fit it, instead of pushing the cups in towards the middle, shes pulling in the sides of the top to make it fit, which is pulling the cups even further apart, making the straps of the dress go underneath my armpits. By this time I think all 3 of us are really panicking. My mum inlaw points out that its miles too big and what shes doing looks even worse! Is this dress ever going to fit me properly? To which the woman says "well I dont know im not the seamstress im only a fitter." She had no clue. After about an hour, a day off work, and long journey I was told it was too big a job Id have to go back and see the manager.

Id had an email assuring me from the managing director, that Paula their fittings manager was amazing, could make any dress fit me like a glove, and make me look fit for the red carpet, she had every confidence in that.

By this time I had been pointed out to read the reviews, which are mostly awful, and it seems that so many seem to have exactly the same problem, they all get measured and the dresses come in completely the wrong size, and sometimes dont even fit at the end of it.

I had my fitting with Paula, who to be fair was very nice to me unlike the other woman. Unfortunatley she was having the same troubles as the woman before, the cups were miles too big, too far apart and because the top was boned and had soo many crystals, there was absolutley no way that dress was ever going to be made to fit me how it should, and how a nearly £2000 dress should fit, and she even said so herself. To which I replied, then I would like my money back!

To cut my very long story short, my only good experience with this shop was my very first appointment. I felt that I had been not very well informed from the start. Awful customer service, coming from someone who works with the public, I pride mydelf on good client care, so I know what customers can and should expect and I felt very let down. The worst I have ever experienced. After a long time lots of emails and loads of perserverance, I finally got my money back, and was able to find a new much cheaper and much better dress, even though I was cutting it very short for time. I feel that the only reason they gave me my money back,(because after reading the reviews I know alot of people went through worse and never managed to get their rufund), was because I wasn't prepared to let it drop. I did loads of research i.e trading standards and sales of goods act, and luckily knew someone working for solicitors who could advise me without spending hundreds, and who actually contacted confetti and lace so they knew I meant business, and did actually know my rights. Otherwise I dont think they would have refunded me without taking them to court. I can honestly say that this was the most stressfull time in my life so far, everything that a bride doesnt need, and I plead with anyone who reads this, please dont go to that shop, I really dont even know how they are still open. But I promise you yes they do have some really beautiful dresses but it is so not worth the stress!!!!

laura - 10/10/2011
good experience    
i went to this shop a couple weeks ago as i wanted to try on some dresses to get an idea of what i wanted for my big day! the lady who served me was VERY helpful family were offered champagne while i tried all sorts of different dresses on! the lady was very chatty & helpful while i was trying my dresses on! they were not rushing me or pushing me into buying any of the dress... i eventually found the perfect dress & bought it!! the lady then went on the explain everything to me about fitting dates etc she also went & got some bridesmaids dresses from upstairs for my sister to try on to. over all a very good experience so far........ but i will keep u posted when i have my fitting next year lol
spooner - 07/09/2011
Terrible Customer Service!    
Im getting married in May 2012 and am on the hunt for my perfect wedding dress. On a recent visit to Lakeside I come across this lovely looking bridal shop and popped in for a look, first impressions seemed ok, a staff member did ask if I needed any help and I told her of my requirements. Being a larger lady Im aware that some styles wouldnt suit me and that them being the professionals maybe they could recommend some styles as im totally open minded at the moment. This didnt seem a problem to her and even said I could try some dresses on there and then which at the time I thought was great but unfortunately I didnt have the time so I asked to book an appointment which she gladly did. Excitedly I informed my Mum, mother-in-law-to-be and my 3 bridesmaids that Id booked a wedding dress try on and that id like them to join me. The day arrived, I rallied the troops together and we made our way to the shop, all excited and eager to see the lovely dresses, infact we were hoping to make a day of it, get some lunch after and have a 'girly' day. On arriving at the shop it was in total darkness and completely empty with a sign on the door saying they had relocated a little further up the mall. So we made our way down to their new location. As we got there the shop was closed and obviously 'mid move'. A staff member came to the door and barely opened it enough to stick their face through and asked what we wanted. We told them we had an appointment and she rudely replied we havent got any appointments today! I showed her my appointment booking slip, I was then told someone contacted me to tell me my appointment was cancelled! They did no such thing, complete liars and really really rude! Basically we were told where to go! Its truly disgraceful how unprofessional this place is and they completely ruined what was meant to be a lovely day for me and my girls. Im totally disappointed.
Bexta - 28/05/2011
One saving grace!    
I have been meaning to write this for 6 months...
As with most of the brides on here I had a wonderful first experience in this store. We were offered champane, lots of lovely gowns to try on and friendly fantastic help.
That all changed once they had my deposit, I had 16 months till my wedding and wanted to revisit the shop just to look at my dress and remind myself again of it. I did this twice and both times unfortunately the attitude of the staff had changed dramaticly. Smiles were no more, we were made to feel like a nuisence just for looking at the dresses.
7 weeks and 5 days before the big day I had my first fitting, my fitter was horrible from the start. There was no friendly approach like before. My dress was a top a skirt, she kept saying this won't fit as she was dressing me, she put the skirt so high up it wouldn't do up. After I had pointed this out and put it on my waist it fit with ease. The top was a different matter, she couldn't seem to do the lacing on the back and got someone else to do it up. The 2 sides were 7 inchs apart and looked rediculous, I was starting to panic, I had no reasurance, just this lady talking down to me. At this point it looked like the sample size I had tried on all those months ago which was a size 8 not the size 12 I had ordered. They kept teling me the lacing up was ment to look like that (7 inchs apart all the way down my back) they wouldn't listen until I said I'm not getting married like this. So decided to take my measurments again.
The method to her measuring me was entirly different to when I first bought the dress 16 months before, she left the tape very loose, whereas before it had been pulled so tight I could bearly breath. I did question this at the time and was told this is how it was meant to be done. So now the measurements were different, they told me I had put 4 inchs on my bust, I wish! I've had the same bra size for 10years, and had lost lots of weight through hard work in the lead up to my wedding, my size 12's were too big, but I was being told I had put on weight! Cheek!
By now I was in tears as I was told nothing would be done, I had spent £2000 on the dress and fittings and left looking stupid. The thing is the fitter pointed to another signature on my first fitting, saying that there was a witness to over see the first girls work. This wasn't true, she had worked alone. Maybe if the correct procdure had taken place she would have been told not to pull the tape in too tight and maesuered me properly.
Leaving the shop after being told "we don't make mistakes" I decided to look at the reviews, I was horrified to hear so many similar stories so I wrote an e mail of complaint to the area manager, the next day I got a call from her saying they will order another top and have it with me in under a month. Safe to say I requested another fitter.
I got Paula their head fitter, who is their ONE SAVING GRACE! She was wonderful and even came and put me in my dress on the day. So bright, friendly, calm amd polite. She gave me the expirence I had alawys dreamed of.
The top fit straight away and the skirt which was the same one had to be taken in! Also she had oreded the panel for the back that hadn't been recived before.
To sum this shop up, which seems to have a bad reputation in the wedding market is that yes you are more than likly to have a great first experience before you buy your dress but after that its down hill. I was lucky I got my beautiful dress and in the end a happy time and out come. If you have already seen your dream dress in there and feel disheartened or paniced by the bad reviews don't, just ask for Paula to be your fitter! Hope this helps and good luck.
Sarah Foreman - 08/05/2011
After reading many many bad reviews i decided to look in here anyways....I was getting the men suited and booted for the big day and i decided to have one last look in a wedding dress shop before i put my money down on a dress .... I walked into to the shop and they were utterly fantastic... Im a bigger bride and they just made me feel amazing. I thank them so much for this.. As other shops made me feel ugly. I tryed a lot of dresses on and ended up with the same one as i looked at in another shop. Also .. they matched the price of the other shop and took a few pennys off while they were there. I was sooooo happy with them ... A HUGE thank you to them :-)
Elouise Gould - 23/01/2011
no need for rating scale     
I visited Confetti and lace on Wed 29th Sept 2010 after much deliberation after reading the harsh reviews on this site.

I was persuaded to make an appointment and make up my own mind. I visited the day before to check that my appointment had been made. The assistant was very courtesous and asked if I would like to look round to get some idea ready for the next day.

I returned in the morning first appointment at 10 am. I was very impressed right from the start, we were offered a drink,whilst we waited for my personal assistant called Lisa to come through.

Lisa was just a few mins after, she was a very pleasant young lady down to earth but also made me feel very special.Being a mature larger bride there was no making me feel I shouldn't be trying on a full wedding dress on.

I was offered appropriate underwear if I felt I needed it, I was also asked what size shoes and given a pair of shoes to put on. I was also given a hoop. I was so impressed with the service I am so glad I decided to go and make up my own mind.

I was able to choose which dresses I felt I would like to try on and away we went...... I was made to feel like a woman and special. Nothing was to much trouble for Lisa,the other assistants were very helpful too. I was extremely impressed with the service and friendly helpful staff...

Thank you so much to Lisa and other staff at the shop

Jan - 30/09/2010
Am i the exception?    
I have been to this shop twice and received excellent treatment both times. The second time was particulalry good. it was the week before Christmas so nobody was in there and we got the full works. Champagne and juice and a team of assistants to help. the staff were all lovely and constantly going to pick other dresses for me based on what i said i liked and disliked. i didn't buy my dress from here so can't comment on aftersales but customer service at my end was faultless!
AJ - 28/07/2010
Terrible service!!    
We went to Confetti and Lace last September, and I picked my dress ONE year in advance, to avoid any unneeded stress. Having a small daughter and a very relaxed wedding aboard I wanted the same from choosing my dress.
There service has been nothing but stressful!! I wanted a bolero, and from the start stressed this! With three months to go, they told me it would be 6 months to make!!
My dress was supposed to be back in Jan 2010, when i phoned them to ask when it would be back, the middle aged lady i spoke to was rude, and told me when MY wedding was!
It's now 8 weeks to go, after 6 visits to the shop I've just had my 'first fitting' and I have left the shop in tears because they just seem to take our money and are as helpful as a chocolate tea pot!
They also advertise as being great with plus sizes! This is a total lie!
On the plus side, the younger staff ARE nice, but they cannot help with anything. Such as wanting to try on shoes, you needed to pay for them to actual get shoes from there other store.
In conclusion I am just so upset we have wasted our money, the gown may be beautiful, but it's not worth the upset, which should be a happy experience!!
Carly - 26/07/2010
avoid the shop, because it is just not worth it.     
i am planning to get married in june 2010, and i was started to looking at the dresses already in september.

i went to Confetti & Lace in lakeside, i wish i have not done that. when i went there for the first time, the lady who was working there was so rude to me and she completely ignored me till i approached her, but she told me that they can not anything unless i have an appointment with them. i booked my appointment after a week, i came but the service which i received was just horrible, but the sales lady made me feel like they are making me a big favour by selling me a dress, but i was very happy, because i found the dress, so i decided to ordered.

in january, i received a letter from the shop, saying that the dress is here, i was very happy and i went to see the dress. when i tried it on, my dress was 2 sizes to big and had a black stain on it. i was not very happy about, but the shop manager told me that they will take it till the next time.

after 4 months, i went to pick my dress to take it to the authorisations, but when i saw my dress, my dress STILL HAD A BLACK STAIN, BIG HOLE IN THE DRESS AS WELL BIG GLUE STAINS ON THE DRESS. the reply which got from the shop manager was it is JUST a dress and i don't have to worry about it. i got so upset and i told her i don't want it anymore. they told me also that they can not do anything about it, it is just a human error. they did not even offered anything to make me happy and to keep the dress. after 2 hour of talking, i said that i want a refund of the dress and thats it. but she told me that she will not do that, because there is NOTHING wrong with the dress.
After that my mother in law to be spoke with the area manager, the lady was very polite on the phone, she apologies and said that she is very sorry, but still it did not change the fact that the dress was ruined. She to told the area manager, that i would like to have refund on the dress.
After another 2 hours of talking, they agreed to give me the refund.

i felt horrible, because my wedding is only 7 weeks away and it means that i need to find another dress.

which i did and i found much nicer and much beautiful dress.

All the brides to be if you have chance just avoid that shop, because all the dresses which are there are just not worth it.
inese - 07/05/2010
Lovely dresses, really bad customer service    
We decided to get married while pregnant with our second child and planned the wedding for 3 month after she was born. I went to confetti and Lace with my mum and was very excited, at this time I only had a very small bump so figured I'd be about the size I'd be at the wedding. We were the only ones in the shop but the lady ignored us, I approached her and explained I'd be getting married in August and wanted to get a dress soon as I was pregnant. She looked me up and down and said I'd left it very late and may struggle to find a dress in time (I was looking 8 months before the wedding!). I said I was looking for a bit of advice as to what style of dress etc but she ignored me. She then handed me a leaflet on a bridal sale they were holding at a local hotel and said I may find looking there a bit better. I burst in to tears when I left the shop, I didn't have any budget for my dress and would probably have bought from there. I have a good job, I'm in my mid thirties, but the lady made me feel inferior.

I did however visit the bridal sale and the girl there works in the lakeside shop and was quite horrified when I told her what had happened. She was great and bought me about 20 dresses to try on and was very patient. I walked away with a dress on the day but was very worried about having the fittings at the shop. The seamstress was lovely and very friendly as were the girls working in the shop on my fitting days. I think the problem is that one lady who obviously has some sort of idea on who should buy the dresses. I didn't get my bridesmaid dress from there as my bridesmaid was 15 and I didn't want her to feel like I did. I found a great shop at Stanford le hope where the service was excellent.
Dawn Clark - 05/05/2010
Absolutely Appalling - don't EVER go here    
I decided to use this shop for my bridesmaidís dresses, what a mistake....

Firstly, the "rush cut" I had to pay for was £50 per dress, then after the measurements were taken, the "consultant' informed me that the alterations were £65 EACH. This is obscene. I have my bridal gown being altered at Jodi's Bridal in Maidstone, for £45, which involves a lot more work! After questioning her twice regarding the sizes she calculated, she ordered 2 x size 12 and 1 x size 2. The size 2 was for my sister who wears a regular size 10/12. The consultant continued to assured me it was correct, even though she didnít seem to understand the conversions from US to UK (This was terrible considering what she does for a living and is from the states!) So we ordered and I paid half as a deposit.

5 weeks later the dresses arrive, but I only knew this buy phoning up and asking. I then asked about appointments for alterations should we need to, to be told with a rather abrupt attitude, they only do appointments mon-fri 9 - 5, which is ridiculous. We all work 9 -6! So I told her we wouldnít be using them for alterations
I got into the shop the following day (Saturday)to pick the dresses up, to be told that I have to make an appointment to pick them up, then, after about 10 mins, a nice lady comes from the back and says she can have them ready in 20 mins for me to pick up.

So I went back after 20 mins, to pick up the dresses. First of all they seem to be under the impression I'd only paid £192 deposit and they wanted over £600 from me. I corrected them, told them to take the alteration cost off, and told them what the balance was after my 50% deposit paid 5 weeks ago. They seemed to have a lot of trouble figuring this out, and I had to show them their receipt and my credit card receipt to prove what I'd paid. Then they finally told me what the balance was after I'd told them 10 minutes previously! I paid the balance, took the dresses and left very quickly.

Only to get home and find the size 2 was too small for my sister. Fortunately, I have very helpful parents and future parents in law. We got the other girls to check their dresses and they were fine. So once my mum called the shop, they insisted on seeing the dress on my sister. That evening my parents drove my sister to the shop, and the dress was fitted onto my sister. Two assistants were "helping". One said it was too small, the other saying she was "a perfect size 2". I'd like to mention, that my sister couldn't breathe, let alone keep the dress on for any amount of time. We are getting married in Mexico, so this clearly isn't good enough for a hot climate. The assistants were very detrimental towards my sister during this time, talked around her like she was just a mannequin. My sister and parents left the shop be assured that they will sort it out.

The next day, my mum called the shop and tried to speak to the manager 3 times. Once she finally got hold of her, the manager said that her ladies said it was a perfect fit, and she's have to see my sister in the dress to make her own decision after my mum argued it was too small. So we had to arrange to go to the shop again.
After hearing how this upset mys sister, the way they treated her, and the fact that she got so upset, it made her cry, I've decided not to take the dress into the shop again. Itís just not worth the pain and stress. We've since been speaking to Jodi's in Maidstone to see if they can help. Not only are they helping out, they have offered for their seamstress to come to my parents house to pin the dress, at a time that's convenient for us. How different the customer service is? I believe the only reason confetti and lace are still in business is due to no repeat business. I definitely wonít return and I will be advising everyone I know about their awful service.
I just don't trust confetti and lace to correct the problem, even if they offer, I think it would be a mistake giving them the dress to correct, given that I have less than 5 weeks before we leave for Mexico.
I will be complaining formally to the management and the head office. Any further updates, I will post.
So please, please, please, don't waste your money or time with this shop. They are exceedingly unprofessional, rude, and do not make the experience what it's supposed to be: fun, friendly and stress free.

Alison Ruck - 25/02/2010
Rude & Expensive    
Clearly this shop has never encountered a civil partnership...they wanted us out of the shop ASAP. We tried on some dresses, fell in love with one but they didn't ask if we wanted to buy it.

I am slightly larger so they didn't let me look around they just picked out ones that might fit and forced me into them...despite my protests that I hated halternecks I ended up in one. I felt really humiliated.

They are so expensive, the dress my partner loved was £300 cheaper at a shop 10 miles away and they charge a basic fitting fee of £160 for minor alterations (hem etc) which doesn't include costs if you lose/gain weight.

They were snotty and rude and I would not give them my business - they missed out on a 2 dress event!
Katy - 02/12/2009
Not worth it!    
I went into this shop as soon as i booked the date of the wedding..this was around March time..and i am getting married next September..nobody asked if i needed assistant and when i was enquiring about a particular Alfred Angelo dress i had seen online they said they hadnt heard of it..altho it is on their own website as well..the woman didnt seem to want to give me the time of day unless i made an appointment which would set me back £25!! I wouldn't mind paying but other shops dont charge you to try dresses on...also why would i want to go there when they didnt have the ones i liked in stock and couldn't get anything out of them...they also told me not to lookf for dresses until a year before the wedding to save dissapointment which was quite good advise but i dont feel like it was portrayed in the right way!!

they are rude and snotty as another post said..and id rather spend my money elsewhere!!!

i was shocked to hear that my boss had had a really good experience at this shop and recommended it..that was 5 years ago though and must have changed a lot since then!!
Lindsay - 07/11/2009
snooty ,unhelpful staff - avoid this shop    
I wish I had read reviews before going to this shop. It took ages for the staff to acknowledge my presence and they look you up and down before asking your dress size. They made me feel that I was huge (I am a size 14) and said we don't really stock that size.

Horrible staff with rotten attitudes who really know how to make a bride to be feel bad.
Lilly - 06/06/2009
I've popped into this shop twice in the past 2 months. The first time I wanted to ask about a dress that was on display in the window - the lady looked me up and down and proceeded to tell me that it was an 'exclusive' gown and I wouldn't have heard of the designer (Alfred Sung).

I went in again a few weeks later (egged on by my mum who wanted to look). We spent about 10 mins browsing - nobody asked if we were ok or if we needed any help. They were not busy - there was 2 staff members just stood chatting the whole time we were there. Also, the dresses were very grubby and in a poor condition.
Lottie - 11/05/2009
Terrible shop    
I made a special trip to Confetti and Lace with my hsb's mum and sister in law 2b, I live about an hour away.

I came away from the shop feeling so let down. This was my first bridal shop experience and after visiting many more I can truly say this is the worst shop by far.

The staff's attitude was very snotty and the whole atmosphere of the shop was very cold.

I felt very uncomfortable, asking for advice seemed like I was asking far to much !!

Please avoid this shop and spend your hard earned money somewhere where you will be made to feel like a princess !
Sarah Sainsbury - 04/01/2009
Fantastic shop & staff    
I can't believe the other reviews are of the same place. I have just picked up my wedding dress from here and the staff were fantastic. You can only have fittings Mon-Fri 10-4pm but that was made very clear when I ordered the dress. They only charge £25 if you DON'T turn up for an appointment but that is to stop time wasters and keep appointments free for brides who really do want to try on dresses.
They were professional and friendly; they have a fantastic range of dresses and have made buying my wedding dress a very special experience.

Suzie - 29/10/2008
Looked at the website and thought that their selection of dresses would be worth a trip up to Lakeside. On ringing for an appointment I was informed to come in and try on dresses incurred a £25 fee which could be taken off the dress I bought. I explained it was unlikely I would buy a dress at this point and was unhappy about giving credit card details over the phone. They were not very helpful so i decided to steer clear! No other shop has charged to help you choose your dress as that is surely what the assistants in a bridal shop are there for!
Susie Williams - 25/10/2008
Customer service does not exist    
I have had 2 experiences at this shop. The first was when my sister was looking for dresses a couple of years ago..........

We had a dress trying on session arranged and she started looking at dresses and tried a few on that the assistant suggested. My sister was a size 8 and 5ft so wanted a princess line. She was told that they don't do that type of dress in there in a very snooty way and perhaps she should go to Berkertex and it was said as if there was a bad smell under her nose! We left with my sister in tears and found a lovely shop locally!

I went in there in June to check out accessories: veil, shoes but after wandering around for a while and looking not one assistant bothered to help. They seemed to want to ignore me as it was obvious I was not going to be spending 'dress amounts of money'!

Customer service training is needed here!
Carole - 15/09/2008
Nice Dress, Bad Customer Service    
I thought this would be a great shop to buy from as they are always busy at Lakeside so thought they must be good, I was very wrong.

My intial dress try was amazing the 3 ladies in there spent alot of time with me & I tried on many dresses & found the dress that I wanted. Now my wedding was still over 22 months away(I was only looking to see which style suited me best) & I was worried about buying it so early but I was told that it wouldn't be ordered till 9 months before my wedding. I was very shocked to get a letter just 3 months later telling me dress was in & they wanted the full payment straight away. After alot of phone calls & going backwards & forwards they agreed not take funds send this dress back & ordered my dress at the correct time. I was very shocked again to find out that my dress had arrived 12 months before the wedding again. I agreed to keep this dress but not pay till the Sept when it was supposed to come & we had budgeted to pay for it then.

When I first ordered my dress I advised that I could only come for dress fitting in the evening or on a saturday, which they agreed would be ok. I was very shocked to find out just 8 weeks before my wedding that I could only go between Mon - Fri 10 till 4. With such a short time to go I knew I couldn't book the time off work, I had already paid out for my fittings which was £160. I asked for refund & my dress there & then so that I could find someone else to alter it. I was even more shocked to be told that my dress was in a holding center & it would take another 2 weeks for them to get it in which would leave me & another designer just 6 weeks to get my dress altered in time.

The attidude that I got from the staff in there was disgusting & it was horrible that everytime I went in there, they had a different manager(must have been 3 - 5 in a 2 year space of time), I was lucky to find a lovely lady that altered my dress in just 2 weeks but I could have done without all of this stress so close to the wedding.
Catherine - 14/09/2008
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