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Address: Bridal Bliss
  St. Georges Road
  Manchester Area
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Bridal Bliss Bolton    
I fell in love with a wedding dress here. When I went back to try it on again, I found they were selling the shop sample at a reduced price. They told me they had someone coming in that afternoon to buy it, so if I wanted it I had to pay a deposit there and then (High pressure sales).

I asked if there was any damage to the dress and was told 'No - it's only reduced because it's a shop sample,' so I paid my deposit. When I went to pick it up I was asked to sign to say it was received in satisfactory condition, so I examined it. I found a number of loose beads, the ribbon had become detached in two places and it had a 2" tear at the back.

I was THEN told that this is why it had been reduced in price and they wouldn't make any further reductions. I said that if I had known, I wouldn't have paid a deposit and would prefer to order the dress to be made as usual, but was told that since I had already paid my deposit, the dress was now mine and I HAD to pay the balance.

They pressured me into buying, they lied about the condition of the dress and they conned me into buying their damaged shop sample.
Sally Moss - 02/12/2009
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