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Address: Prudence Gowns
  2 Saltash Road, Keyham
  PL2 1QT
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Minor critic     
Mum of bride, we went for second viewing of the dress, the girls made us very welcome, beautiful dresses the only small criticism I would make is that when you pay nearly 1000 for a dress any slight alteration which would need to be made once final fitting is done, I would have expected the shop to have attended to this, not something I thought you would have to do yourself, however I may have misunderstood that the dresses are not made to measure at first point of order and probably in small print, apart from that we are excited to receive the dress in the summer.
Deborah - 16/12/2017
Exeter store.     
I don't understand how anyone can say the staff are rude. Every single member took the time to say hello and ask how I was and make conversation with me, my friend and even my babies. I found my dream dress here and they helped me find a way to pay for it! Will recommend to every bride to be! Thank you to Sonya for all your help!
Kerry Byford - 01/01/2017
Lovely Experience    
My daughter and I had an appointment booked today for her bridesmaids to try on some dresses. My daughter has already found her wedding dress in the Exeter branch. We were greeted by a lovely lady, who was very attentive, she offered helpful advice and nothing was too much trouble. We will be going back to place our order soon. Thank you Prudence.
Lisa Gummer - 04/09/2016
Excellent service    
How anyone can say that they are rude here need to have some customer service experience with some bridal shops I have tried to shop in! At PG the girls were very helpful and went above and beyond. 3 visits and I have found my perfect dress with lots of help, patience and understanding from several members of staff. Lizzy and Trudy were above and beyond helpful and I would recommend this bridal experience to any bride not only for her dress but also bridesmaid dresses and especially if you are in need of curvy couture range. A brilliant selection and they don't look down their nose at you which was my experience in other shops. Thank you again ladies xxx
Angela - 23/07/2016
Lovely Staff    
Was recommended Prudence From a friend and was not disappointed, walked in without an appointment and was warmly welcomed. You straight away could see that they were very busy but still did not stop them all from giving me a very walm welcome as I walked in. This beautiful girl walked over to me and was very helpful called Kylie and helped me find the right dress for me. I tried on a handful of beautiful dresses and have booked another appointment to go back. Was a stunning shop and looks very high end inside! Strongly recommend!!!
See you soon Prudence Gowns 5* :D xx
Paula - 01/04/2016
Absolutely WONDERFUL     
I'm finding it very strange to read the comments here about the rudeness of the staff at Prudence Gowns,After visiting a handful of bridal shops in Somerset where I live I fell in love with a dress only to be told that the dress doesn't come into the country until April, we were now in November, I went online that evening & i came across the dress being advertised on Prudence Gowns website, so the next day I called the shop & was told yes they definitely had it there, so I booked an appointment to travel the 2hrs down to Plymouth & was greeted by the proprietor Sonya who welcomed myself & a friend, along with my young daughter with a glass of bubbly for us & a soft drink for my little one !! I was given my dress to try on & Sonya helped me into it & I came out of the fitting room & she could instantly tell by my facial reaction that I didn't like the dress, she then told me not to worry & did I want to look there for another dress to which I replied I did as I felt comfortable with her, I tried on lots of other dresses & finally along with the help of everyone who was with me & Sonya's assistance finally found the dress of my dreams, I also chose an accessory to compliment my dress & was told that I wouldn't be charged for this as she'd like to give it to me as a gift ( she didn't have to do this) this was in the February & I returned in October to retry the dress & place the order along with 50% of the price of the dress & was told it would be 4-6 months before it arrived in store , to which it was spot on the 4 months & I'm due to visit again in May for my fitting appointment ready for the day I get to marry my best friend after being together for 24 years, Thank you Team Prudence for a truly wonderful experience, I look forward to seeing you again in May xx👍😀

Bev - 27/03/2016
A wonderful experience    
I visited Prudence Gowns on the 17th of February and the experience was magical :) this was my first time trying any wedding dresses. Holly was brilliant she was so friendly, helpful and seemed to show a genuine interest. The dresses are gorgeous, the whole experience was 5 out of 5 and to top my visit of I found the dress I'm going to walk down the isle in. Thank you xx
Adele - 18/02/2016
Very Helpful    
We knew of a few Bride and Grooms who used Prudence so we went along to see them. Very friendly and helpful staff. Would recommend using them.
Kerry Graham - 09/10/2015
Having visited several bridal shops & tried on numerous dresses, I was getting to the point that I thought I'd never find the right dress. Having visited Prudence gowns & picking several dresses myself to try on, Sue suggested a few other dresses that may suit me. I tried on these dresses & found the one! I found the staff most helpful, even when we turned up early, & would definitely recommend this shop to everyone.
Viv Venning - 22/09/2015
Luck of the Irish    
My first visit to Prudence Gowns was slightly unconventional as I went on my own-after months of trying on dresses too small and hearing people tell me they all looked amazing, I was gratified to find that prudence gowns has a "plus size" section and that I was immediately made to feel at home and comfortable by the lovely Haylea. She understood that I didn't want a typical white dress and was experiencing "white-out"! She found me something completely different and that I felt was true to myself. I was made to feel very special and like I was their only customer! At my first fitting with my mum and sister, Sonya was so kind and more importantly realistic. Overall I find their business ethos to be honest and accommodating and would thoroughly recommend them-but book an appointment!!
Sarah - 06/05/2015
Am shocked !     
I'm actually shocked at some of the reviews here! Are you sure you went into the right shop??
I found the staff at prudence helpful, polite, knowledgeable and not at all rude !
I , for one, love the payment plans, means every time I have a bit of spare cash, I can whack 50 off my dress instead of finding a massive lump sum.
Maybe it's because im not a brideZilla I found my whole wedding dress experience relaxed and easy . :-)
Emma - 21/02/2015
Excellent service     
I visited the shop while staying at my mums in the area . They were very professional friendly helpful and honest . This was my first bridal shop I visited and was extremely impressed with the service I was given the privacy to wander round and choose the dresses I liked !! And best of all I found the one !!!! Highly recommended to all with andutely stunning variety of dresses !! 4/5
Charlotte - 15/08/2014
Wedding attire    
Excellent service today thank you , felt we were the most important family in the shop we could take as much time as what was needed
Good robson - 15/08/2014
In Response to Rude    
dear Charlotte,

I would like to respond to your post regarding our service. I have checked the diary prior to your post and cannot see that you have made an appointment at any point, any Charlotte that had booked appointments have already bought from us. I can therefore assume that you have not had an appointment when you visited. As we are a busy bridal boutique it is highly recommended to call prior to your visit and book a time with one of our consultants. None of the staff here at Prudence Gowns are rude but as I am sure you would understand that if everyone is busy with brides who have booked, these ladies are ultimately our priority.

With regards to Facebook, I have checked all comments, questions etc prior to a month before your post and cannot see any comment that would be construed as sarcastic. If you would like to highlight both your visit and facebook comment to me via email I will of course be more than happy to address it.

Kind Regards
Sonya McKay - 19/04/2014
Wonderful service, felt like one in a million!    
I am very surprised by some of the opinions expressed on here. I have been to Prudence today and found it to be a great experience. I had 2 apts today and Prudence was my 2nd. I am a large lady and when arranging the appointment with the other boutique I asked them if they stock plus sizes and they assured me they did. I got there and found only 1 dress that would even fit over my head and left within half an hour in tears.

My apt with Prudence however was fantastic. They made me feel at ease and at no time did I ever feel like a 'fat bride' (which I always thought I would). I tried on at least 6 dresses and eventually after a recommendation from the owner found what I believe is 'the one'. Both Haylea (my consultant) and Sonya(the owner)were attentive, very knowledgeable and incredibly professional at all times. They made me feel completely at ease and I really enjoyed myself. They never once made me feel that they were giving any sort of 'hard sell', and I was never pushed to even discuss payment. I cannot recommend Prudence highly enough. Make an apt you will not be disappointed!

PS I did cry in Prudence.. tears of happiness when I saw myself as a bride in 'the dress!'
Helena Doyle - 14/03/2014
I came in here felt they were rude with the exception of one girl who was really helpful the others didn't even say hello! I also asked a question on their Facebook page and got a sarcastic response!

Although the dresses and shop are lovely I feel they prejudge people and make you feel uncomfortable...will not buy from here out of principle! I gave it a 2 as the stock is great but if your like me and except people to be professional and not rude then Id get your dress from another shop
Charlotte - 08/03/2014
Supplier's Response
I would like to respond to your post regarding our service. I have checked the diary prior to your post and cannot see that you have made an appointment at any point, any Charlotte that had booked appointments have already bought from us. I can therefore assume that you have not had an appointment when you visited. As we are a busy bridal boutique it is highly recommended to call prior to your visit and book a time with one of our consultants. None of the staff here at Prudence Gowns are rude but as I am sure you would understand that if everyone is busy with brides who have booked, these ladies are ultimately our priority.

With regards to Facebook, I have checked all comments, questions etc prior to a month before your post and cannot see any comment that would be construed as sarcastic. If you would like to highlight both your visit and facebook comment to me via email I will of course be more than happy to address it.

Kind Regards
Happy mum of bride    
As a mother of a bride who's wedding is next August, we went to Prudence Gowns and may I add several other bridal boutiques also. The appointment was made, we were made to feel welcome as we went in the shop. Yes we were given the discs to place on the dresses we were interested in, which my daughter did. Holly then proceeded to help my daughter into her own personal bridal show! Some dresses were not for her ( didn't have the wow factor) one was lovely. All the time whew were there Sonia, ( the owner) kept coming to have a look. On the way out there were a couple of dresses in the window. My daughter decided to try on. With that Sonia suggested trying on a dress that she said " looks nothing on the hanger but is stunning on" my daughter put this on and Sonia pulled her into it! We found the one.
We paid a deposit and were told that the dress would only be ordered when 50% of the total price of the dress is paid. We also ordered the chief bridesmaid dresses and two little flower girl dresses the two little ones we cancelled as found what we really wanted else where. This was not a problem as they had not been ordered. We have received a discount, we are all going in this week for final fitting.
I can only speak from experience and so far the service we have received has been first class. My daughter is a curvy figure and was never made to feel uncomfortable. All bar one of the other bridal stores we visited made us feel as if it was too much trouble one never even moved from the desk to ask if we needed help. Needless to say we walked out.
The opinion of the staff at Prudence gowns we listened to and for us it helped. After all they see these gowns on daily so know what shape dress suits the brides shape.
Well done Prudence.
Julie Williams - 11/11/2013
Absolutely First Class!!!    
I cannot believe the horrible reviews I have just read!!

I bought my wedding dress from Prudence Gowns after a glowing recommendation from a very good friend who had also bought her wedding dress from the shop. I found all the staff to be absolutely fantastic whenever I visited, which was more than half a dozen times for fittings, etc. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I was made to feel like I was the only person in the world that was getting married! The shop owner, Sonya, even ordered in a tiara I had seen on the internet and fallen in love with, even though it was not from a range the shop normally stocked!

The service was so good, I went back to Prudence Gowns to buy my dress for my evening reception and received the same first class service.

I therefore had no hesitation in taking my son to Prudence Gowns for his prom suit and again he received absolutely wonderful service.

How can anybody possibly say Prudence Gowns doesn't accommodate larger ladies when they have a range called "Curvy Couture" only available in sizes 14 - 32???

I am a size 18 but was never, ever, ever made to feel as though I was "different" because I wasn't a perfect size 10. In fact, I was told the dress I had chosen could only be worn by more curvy brides which made me feel a million dollars!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Prudence Gowns to anybody!!

Fiona Watt - 22/10/2013
Looking for a special dress    
If i had seen this review site before searching i would not of wasted anyone's time . Was not happy or felt a special person to own a special dress from here ,Had make up foundation streeks in one dress on sale rail was a 1000 dress also - when asked i would have to pay for cleaning to correct it
Had an uncomfortable not happy overwheming special visit.
Rude and unprofessional result.
Would not recomend true apologies
-Young- - 24/09/2013
Frustrated Staff Member    
I read the wholly innacurate report that Keira has posted recently and felt I had to respond.As a member of staff at Prudence Gowns I am deeply offended for myself and the rest of the staff regarding Keira's wedding experience with us.
Firstly, may I just point out that "holding your money and gaining interest" is not what occurs here, all Brides and any other customer are offered an interest free payment plan that helps them spread the cost of a somewhat expensive event in their lives, this service is very popular as the majority of people especially in the recession we are currently in are able to break down the outlay over a period of time in the run up to their big day.As for not ordering the dress for months, all Brides are made aware of the lead times for ordering as Keira very well knew, if she required her dress early she only had to ask and we would have ordered it early.
Orders that are made have a confirmation date, these have to be given as an estimated time of delivery and we take this into consideration when we advise people when to order, its not our fault if the manufacturers are delayed, we just have to take the brunt of someone not understanding.
As far as the outstanding balance is concerned, we have been going through a new and radical change to our computer systems since the New Year and have had to cope with learning something completely new along with the software developers upgrading, this had caused us a massive headache with our customer files and Keira's along with some others unfortunately suffered some misunderstanding in this area, we had also explained this to her and every other Bride on our books to bear with us and we always, always had apologised if we had caused any unintentional stress to them
As far as the Menswear goes, I was personally offended at the comments here because THE MEASUREMENTS WERE NEVER LOST!!, I head that department and clearly stated to the Groom and the Brides father that the measurements for the Groom alone concerned me and to err on the side of caution advised him to pop into the shop so I could see him and confirm his measurements FOR HIS WAISTCOAT ONLY!!, all the other guys suits were perfectly fine and the Groom didn't say a word to me about any of this, in fact, he was very pleasant and polite and said he totally understood why I had asked him to come in to be re-checked, by the way, showing him the amendment on the original measurement sheet that was not lost.
So, am I to assume that in calling in someone for re checking that I am in the wrong for caring enough about getting it right for you and avoiding a disaster on your day, because that would make sense!!NOT
It infuriates me that we are slammed in this way when we do nothing but our very best to see someone through to their big day, thankfully we have many many lovely Brides who use us and appreciate what we do, we love our jobs and love what we do, so, please, if you are a Bride to Be researching your Bridal shops, I say, come see for yourself, we would love to meet you and prove that we give an outstanding service.
On a last note, as we cannot reciprocate or respond to poor reviews other than this way I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the lady that owns Prudence Gowns and keeps me employed, I'm sorry for my outburst but every now and then something just gives, thank you for giving me the best job ever!!
Trudi - 08/09/2013
This shop has messed me around soooo much. First I paid a deposit for my dress and they didn't order the dress for months so just had my money lying around earning interest in their account. Then I wanted to order a bridesmaid dress from them, it wasn't in the shop so they kept saying come back in a week and it still wasn't in. Then they promised that if I went to their show it would be there. Dragged all the way out to their show where they had about 10 bridesmaid dresses there, none of them being the one I wanted. Every time I asked how much it would be, they told me massively different prices but was always told I would get discount. No discount was offered when I went to purchase the dresses and it had taken so long that I managed to source it from somewhere else which was 45 per dress cheaper! Had my final fitting and they have no record of me paying for the balance of my dress so now they are asking for yet another 600. The menswear has been another nightmare, they have managed to lose the measurements so the men had to go back it to be measured again and after first promising me that if I got the menswear from them they would be able to exactly match the cravate etc colours to the bridesmaid dresses, now all of a sudden after us paying for the most expensive package, they can't match it at all and can't even remember what colour it is! Disaster, they have only made the process more stressful. Don't listen to them when they promise you the world because they will seriously underdeliver!!
Keira - 15/08/2013
Very happy    
I went to prudence gowns and felt very welcome, didnt feel pushed into buying anything and the girl holly who was helping me try on dresses made me feel totally at ease. With having 5 kids and not long having one and a little worried about my size i was bery worried anout having to change infront of some one. She made me feel very comfortable and was giggleing away with me which made this experiance even more enjoyable. I didnt feel rushed at all and have booked another appointment to try on more wedding dresses as i have to have the perfect one for my special day. The manager has also been very helpful every time iv contacted her anout a question. All in all a defo recomendation from me. All i will say is if you do need time and want to feel like you have one on one id book an appointment so no one can take up your time :)
Naomi - 30/06/2013
Ignored and felt inadequate     
I visited prudence gowns recently with my mum and sister having made a special trip to Plymouth to do so. We arrived just before the appointment, walking into the shop all 4 staff member who were sat on the computer/ laptop ignored us until I said I was there for an appointment. The young girl proceeded to give me 5 tags and vaguely pointed in the direction of the sale dresses and the full price dresses. Myself, mum and sister were then left to pick out dresses, not knowing exactly what I wanted it would have been appropriate for the stag member to help us but it seemed they were all too busy either looking at the laptop or serving 3 other customers who had come in after us but were paying for something. It felt because we were only there to look at dresses we were not worth their time. Having selected 5 dresses we waited and waited, my sister asked one of the staff members what we did next and she replied with 'we're busy at the moment' (there were 2 other customers at this point with 4 members of staff). We waited again and after one of the customers had left the staff member then decided to sit down at the computer before coming over. At that point we had decided to leave as we were made to feel very uncomfortable, there was no customer service and I felt as though they could not be bothered to help us. Further to this I felt the shop itself was very small and the dresses were crammed onto rails so you could not have a proper look at them. I am hugely disappointed as I had been excited about visiting but fortunately I managed to find my dress else where.
Faye - 09/06/2013
Disappointed customer    
My daughter went to Prudence gowns for her wedding dress, she was ecstatic when she found the exact dress she wanted and in the sale as well, how lucky was she? Not very, she was told at the time they would do the alterations at a cost and put right any imperfections also they would clean the gown.
Know 3 months on, with numerous phone calls and vists and three weeks away from the wedding, we now have a beautiful dress.
Nothing was done as promised the cleaning,we foolish thought it would be cleaned properly but apparently they only spot clean " it is in their terms and conditions" the alterations were suppose to have been completed, none of the imperfections had been done and the underskirt and veil my daughter wanted had not been ordered however when the manager heard of our misunderstanding and dissatisfaction she did say "it is in their terms and conditions "but offered to get it cleaned free of charge although she would have to do some wheeling and dealing to ensure it would be done in time and said she would take control of the order from now on, ,the dress was altered at a cost of 200,the veil and underskirt were ordered but still the imperfections were not done, eventually this was completed and we brought the dress home only to realise that some of the imperfections had not been touched by this time my daughter was so distressed over the whole episode and had lost all faith in the company.
I took the dress back, the owner was away on holiday and the woman I spoke to said you are more likely to see the imperfections than we are and after all it is a sale dress and you should have checked it before you left the shop it is in our terms annd conditions but agreed to sort it out, a couple days later I got a call to say the dress was ready but when I got there the dress had still not been done, an area of about 2 inches had crystals missing, again it was our fault for not making it clear, how clear do they need it? I pointed the problem out and she stuck a sticker on it, again I got he quote "it is in our terms and conditions".
The whole experience has been extremely stressful for my daughter, never feeling confident this would eventually reach a satisfactory ending, this should be an enjoyable experience.
It has taken numerous trips from Falmouth, phone calls and sleepless nights to get any satisfaction, at no time has she received an apology and they love to blame anyone else but themselves and I am sick of hearing the quote it's in the "terms and conditions".
I would not recommend this company to anyone they are keen to take your money but not so keen in keeping their end of the bargain.
Mrs Jane Scott - 13/05/2013
Top class professionalism with warm atmosphere    
Bewildered by all that is involved in wedding planning, this was the top on my list of anxiety provoking activities where I thought I'd feel unfeminine, spotlighted and uncomfortable. I was was welcomed by a friendly smile, a stylish irish lady, Sonya- who I now know as the owner.I was gentle guided to the styles and material choices I had already pictured and was encouraged in a safe environemt, to chose alternatives to ensure I was completely happy with my final choice and that is suited my figure. Sonja was amazingly friendly and I whole heartily appreciate her generous knowledge, attention to detail and sensitive approach to my personal situation around my marriage at short notice. Truly top class service from a top class lady- I would struggle to believe any negative experience as a true reflection of all that is Prudence Gowns!
Sam Beer - 25/04/2013
Rude Owner    
Hi, Recently visited this shop and met with the owner who was very rude. I had been really looking forward to this visit for picking a special dress for my day, but was let down by the irish lady i had spoken to. She made me feel as though i was not good enough for her shop. I would say to anybody thinking of going there who are a slightly larger lady. you will not get the service you deserve. Found my dress at another plymouth wedding shop who were all to happy to help. Very disappointed
Emily Taylor - 17/11/2012 response    
As the owner of Prudence Gowns, Sonya McKay, I have been very disappointed by the two negative reviews recently added on this forum. Prudence Gowns strive to offer the best service in the industry, in fact recently we were voted in the top 6 of over 600 bridal boutiques in the UK! It is paramount that every bride is welcomed into the boutique and not left to their own devices as it can be a daunting and unnerving time, the fact that smophlew wanted to be left alone is understandable but I expect all my staff to acknowledge every customer and make sure that they are guided to what they are looking for...the fact alone that she could not find any lace dresses is a prime example as we have over 30 lace wedding gowns in store if she had let the experienced staff guide her perhaps she would have found your dream dress! We never promote on line purchasing as we have had so many brides who have had to purchase a second dress due to shoddy workmanship from unreputable companies, this is Prudence Gowns giving advice from our experience. With regards to E Presleys review, everyone is asked to read and sign our terms and conditions, once a dress is ordered we cannot terminate the contract with the designer after 7 days, your order unfortunately was considerably outside this perimeter. I am sorry that your daughter had to cancel her wedding but unfortunately I could not cancel the order.
Sonya McKay - 06/04/2012
a little pushy     
this was the first shop I had been to to look for bridal dresses. As soon as I went in I felt uncomfortable and watched. I wanted to have a look around for a general feel. They kept asking me if I wanted help, I said politely no thank you. Then they said if you are looking for bridesmaid dresses then go down there. I just wanted a general look. Plus I wasn't keen on any of the dresses as I am after lace and none of them seemed to be. As I left the shop two women were stood by the door and asked me a few questions. When I said I was thinking of buying from an online shop they were very negative and became quite snubby with me - even though I told them none of the dresses were what I was looking for. They said that they look different on. Not particularly a friendly atmosphere. Wont be going back.
smophlew - 12/03/2012
truly wonderful experience from start to finish    
My sister is getting married in march in Zimbabwe, she didn't know what dress she wanted at all so we booked an appointment at prudence gowns. we were seen to straight away with warm smiles and a very welcoming approach. we had the entire shop to ourselves which was lovely. the staff were brilliant and really helped her pick the perfect dress and veil. She tried on soo many dresses and then found the one she looked stunning. they did her alterations there and then and even helped her pack her dress in to a suitcase to take back home with her in Dubai. We spent a while in the shop we bought our bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride outfit all at the same time too. we loved prudence it was the best shop we had been in by far. Im getting married next year i cant wait to book my appointment with prudence gowns, i already have my eye on the dress, i think! fab fab fab xxxx
kelly b - 08/01/2012
very rude manager    
When I first went into this shop i felt that the staff were very helpful and friendly. When they realise you do not want to buy anything or give them any money they totally change (especially the owner sonya). I found it very hard to get hold of her and she ignored my calls for 10 days. Each time I went into the shop there seemed to be a problem. Either a 'misplaced' 3000 dress or a dress that had been altered wrong or even a missing hat. I feel that this shop has bitten off more than it can chew and has got rather greedy putting making money way before customer service and satisfaction. I would also warn brides to turn over the piece of paper that you sign because there are terms and conditions on there that they don't tell you about. There are a lot more honest and more friendly bridal shops out there so I would give this one a miss.
E Presley - 03/10/2011
Amazing shop and staff    
I have recently been to prudence gowns to start looking for my wedding dress and found my visit was a very enjoyable experience from the minute i walked in the door. I had been to a few wedding shops in Plymouth before my visit to prudence gowns and did not have the same welcome or time spent helping me in any other one.
Sonya, the owner, was an absolute star and helped me in every single way she could. The other staff i saw on that day were all very friendly and well presented.
The shop itself was clean and looked very professional compared to most i have visited.
I am very happy with everything that this shop has had to offer me so far.
I would advise anyone looking for any sort of dress to visit this shop. I am sure you will have a delightful experience all round just like i did.
Miss Pascoe - 17/05/2011
I went to prudence gowns 3 months ago with my bridesmaids I didn't have an appointment but was able to try on 4 dresses with veil and side tiara , I felt very well taken care of and was not rushed at all as I did not want to take the dress off I felt lovely in it , Sonia the manager helped me in and out of dresses and actually picked the one I later brought it suits my height and shape perfectly and can't wait to see mine in a couple of months . I have already recommend prudence gowns to my friends it is a lovely shop with the best choice of dresses I've seen .
Samantha Owen - 15/05/2011
Lovely staff and enjoyable experience    
After having some bad experiences in other bridal shops I booked an appointment with the hope I would have an enjoyable experience. The minute I walked in I was greeted by the lovely manager Sonia who couldn't have been more helpful. Her assistant then took over and let me choose 6 dresses to try on. After trying these on she then chose more dresses for me that she thought I would like and luckily one of those she chose was the one I bought. They dressed me up in all the accessories and let me stand there in front of the mirror for ages without hurrying me up. They offered my mum and sisters coffee and then let us have roam of the upstairs of the shop to look at the bridesmaids dresses, suits and mother of the bride outfits. We were never rushed at any point and the staff were not only professional but very friendly, lovely and honest. I couldn't recommend this shop enough it is definitely the best bridal shop in Plymouth.
Felicity Mills - 02/12/2009
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