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Address: Perfection
  Exeter Street
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Shocking Service    
I drove 40miles to visit several bridal shops in Plymouth during the one day and Perfection was our second point of call. My bridesmaid and myself were instantly put on edge by the multiple posters listing all the behaviours that weren't tolerated (such as noisy children, food and drink, photo's etc.), and all the reasons why fittings could be cancelled if you turned up without certain items.
The sales lady treated us in a very patronising manner and when I described the style of dress I wanted, tried to talk me out of it. I later realised that this was probably because she only had 2 dresses in this style.
She then pressured me into to trying something on that I really wasn't keen on before asking me (in front of my bridesmaid) whether I was out with my mother in law to be!! My bridesmaid is only 12 years older than me, so at a push, could have been, but surely it would've been safer not t make assumptions that could (and did) hurt someone's feelings.
After that remark, we made a hasty retreat, but before leaving mentioned that we were going to a rival store later that day. The Sales assistant then made several disparaging remarks about how I really shouldn't bother as they had a very limited range there, & that it wouldn't be worth the effort, etc etc....
In my opinion this was incredibly unprofessional, especially as the shop in question had much more choice in the style I wanted. They treated me like a princess and I ended up spending my 900+ there instead.
Would not recommend to anyone!
Lisa T - 21/05/2013
Terrible customer service    
I have been into this shop a couple of time and each time received very bad customer service. The first time was with my friend who had just got engaged. When we walked in the shop it was empty and it took a while of us browsing before anyone bothered to come and ask if we needed any help. The lady asked when the wedding was to which my friend explained that it would be the following summer but no exact date had been set yet. To this the Lady suddenly didnt seem interested anymore. She offered us no assistance and we had to ask to try a dress on. They didnt help my friend so I had to do the dress up for her and when I asked if she could try one on from the model she was told no and to come back when they have set the date. Another bride and her mother walked in at this point and they couldn't have been more helpful to her and completely ignored us.
When I got engaged I booked an appointment at this shop. When I walked in they looked me up and down as if judging me form my appearance. I look very young for my age and I suspect they thought I wasn't being serious. They let me choose two dresses and offered no assistance in helping me get into them and made me stay in the changing room and wouldn't let me out onto the shop floor to look in the main mirror on the pedestal. After trying two dresses the assistant said have you had enough now? To which I replied I would like to try on another I liked. She didnt seem happy about this. When we finished we decided to look at the bridesmaid dresses. Everyone I touched a snobby older assistant came over and tidied up the dresses whilst huffing under her breath as if I was being a nuisance to even dare to look at them. At this point we decided to leave and as we walked out I said thank you and goodbye to the sales assistants to which they just ignored me whilst looking me up and down again.
I used to work in a formal dress shop and we had so many customers coming in complaining about the customer service at Perfection formally known as Pronuptiua. From my experience unless you look your age or if your with your mother they don't want to know. Its their loss though as I bought my dress for 1200 from a wonderful shop called Prudence Gowns who couldn't have been more helpful.
Felicity Mills - 02/12/2009
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