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Address: Terrinton Burchett LTD
  5 Withambrook Park
  NG31 9ST
Tel: 01476 574 446
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Fantastic service for my precious wedding dress    
So I'm on a budget and have bought a beautiful luxurious designer dress for far less than half the usual price! I'm delighted with my purchase but having made my purchase in the sale I now learn it will have to be professionally cleaned as my dress has been used in a cat walk show, hence it now being on sale...

The Bridal boutique advised me contact Terrington Burchett LTD as my dress is silk andoreeds very careful looking after.

So I search for info via google and read some great write ups and wonder if they are really true? I read on the Terrington Burchett website that my dress will be collected, they will call upon receiving it and they will call when it is ready and have it delivered back to me, all for an extremely reasonable price,wow!

Now I am very dubious and concerned after contacting the company and arranging my collection of said precious wedding dress, bearing in mind that the wedding has not been yet and is in fact in Jan 2010, I start to fret about it going missing or that I'll never see it again?

Well, ket me please assure any of you ladies who may share the same concern... the Terrington Burchett service it's outstanding!! I can only praise them on carrying out to the letter all of their promises. My dress was collected perfectly on time, I received a phonecall from a wonderful lady who assured me they would take good care of my dress and that they know how important it is to each and every one of us girls! Exactly 10 days later I receive another freindly call telling me my dress is ready, they confirm my delivery address and asked which date would be best for me to receive it?

Honestly gold stars are rewarded from me for such a fantastic and valuable service. I could not have had my dream dress at the normal cost price and due to this fab service my dress was returned in perfect time, it looks amazing, no marks left from the cat walk usage what so ever! It arrived on my chosen date and in a brilliant delivery box at no extra cost all wrapped in lovely tissue paper.

I am stoked and now cannot wait for my big day to arrive so I can wear my dress and marry the man of my dreams.

Thank You Terrington Burchett LTD with all of my heart!!
Pauline - 23/09/2009
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